Warlike Conduct 1525-1549

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  • H1530 A: Leicestershire. Presented before the keepers of the peace that William owygh de Rothley husbandman,Thomas Pachett of Rothley husbandman, John Duston of Rothley husbandman, John Otteson of Rothley wright, Roger Topela of Rothley laborer, Nicholas Repyngall of Rothley husbandman, Thomas Tayller of Rothley husbandman, John Olyffe of Rothley husbandman, John Sherplusse of Rothley husbandman, James Moley of Rothley butcher, Robert Skrevener of Rothley sherman, William Harbard of Rothley laborer, John Spenser of Querne smith, John Freman of Rothley husbandman, John Whatenolle of Rothley weaver, William Whatenoll of Rothley weaver, William Wyer of Rothley laborer, Richard Bram of Rothley tailor, Robert Parsons of Rothley laborer, William Martin de Rothley laborer, Robert Bromson of Rothley laborer, William Hyll of Rothley weaver, Richard Willowes of Rothley laborer, William Lander of Rothley husbandman, Robert Hoby of Rothley husbandman, John Hoby of Rothley husbandman and Robert Wryghte of Rothley laborer and around 40 other disturbers of the peace in warlike manner on 1 February 1528 arrayed for war broke the close of Andrew Nowell armiger at Rothley. [1]. A similar occurrence on 4 February [2] and on 27 January [3] and on 31 January [ http://aalt.law.uh.edu/H8/KB27no1074/aKB27no1074fronts/IMG_4445.htm] rcp
  • M530 A: Presented that John Peryn abbot of St Mary and St Rumon Tavistock, John Hamlyn, Phillip Wyliam, John Corter, Robert Growdon, Richard Gregory all co-monks of the abbot, John Yeo of Tavistock gentleman, William Hawkins of Tavistock merchant, John Amadas de Tavistock yeoman, Richard Mayowe de Tavistock merchant, William Tankarde de Tavistock merchant, John Gardener of Tavistock yeoman, Nicholas Barrett of Tavistock yeoman, William Hamlyn of Tavistock yeoman, Nicholas Master of Tavistock husbandman, Nicholas Walche of Tavistock smith, Richart Westcotte of Tavistock yeoman, Phillip William of Tavistock glover, Ralph Foster of Tavistock husbandman, William Hamadas of Tavistock husbandman, John Terell of Tavistock toker, Robert Toker de Tavistock toker, Richard Rose de Tavistock husbandman, Richard Blakealler of Tavistock weaver, Roger Counter of Tavistock husbandman, Richard Stone de Tavistock weaver, John Kegell of Tavistock miller, John Wattes of Tavistock tinner, William Coystenton of Tavistock husbandman, Walter Browne of Tavistock weaver, John Body of Tavistock tailor, John Alen of Tavistock tanner, John Rawe of Tavistock smith, William Rawe of Tavistock smith, Stephen Hamly of Tavistock toker, Walter Harry of Tavistock husbandman, Stephen Mychell of Tavistock tanner, John Gilbert de Tavistock tanner, John Newton of Tavistock taner, Robert Kympston of Tavistock tanner, Robert Venton of Tavistock husbandman, Richard Coke of Tavistock yeoman, John Wyll of Tavistock tanner, John Potter of Tavistock laborer, John Hogen of Tavistock toker, Thomas Whote of Tavistock weaver, John Brusy of Tavistock butcher, William Hall of Tavistock yeoman, John Stonton of Tavisock tooker, Richard Drake of Tavistock husbandman, Roger Colyn of Tavistock smith, John Frankelyn of Tavistock butcher, William Frankelyn of Tavistock tailor, Nicholas Ruby of Tavistock capper, Walter Ruby of Tavistock yeoman, John Growdon of Tavistock groom, William Soper de Tavistock hellyer, Nicholas Castell of Tavistock weaver, John Wyllyams of Tavistock merchant, Walter Rawe of Tavistock husbandman, John Dane of Tavistock laborer, Edward Ball of Tavistock carpenter, John Stubbe of Tavistock smith, Stephen John of Tavistock tailor, Richard Toker of Tavistock tailor, Christopher Glover of Tavistock glover, Thoams Ewyn of Tavistock smith, Richard Foster of Tavistock butcher, Thomas Lanbroke of Tavistock tanner, John Williams of Tavistock glover, William Colyn of Tavistock laborer, John Glube of Tavistock tanner, John Gubbe of Tavistock corsyer, William Drake of Tavistock miller, John Grylles of Tavistock tinner, William Preston of Tavistock yeoman, William Landyer of Tavistock yeoman, Walter Maister of Tavistock yeoman, John Venton of Tavistock husbandman, John Prowte of Tavistock husbandman, Walter Basseley of Tavistock husbandman, John Bassley of Tavistock husbandman, Simon Baselegh of Tavistock husbandman, John Rawe of Tavistock husbandman, Richard Randell of Tavistock husbandman, John Coche of Tavistock husbandman, Richard Weryng of Tavistock husbandman, Robert Hawkyn of Tavistock husbandman, Thomas Hawkyn of Tavistock husbandman, Stephen Palmer of Tavistock husbandman, Richard Haweke of Taistock husbandman, William Myna of Tavistock husbandman, Nicholas Longer of Tavistock husbandman, Richard Todd of Tavistock husbandman, William Lavers of Tavistock husbandman, John Harte of Tavistock gentleman, William Priour of Tavistock mason, John Peke of Tavistock husbandman, John Browne of Tavistock husbandman, William Canell of Tavistock groom, William Browne of Tavistock toker, John Browne of Tavistock toker, John Cavell of Tavistock husbandman, William Nycoll of Tavistock husbandman, John Dovell of Tavistock husbandman, Thomas Coche of Tavistock tinner, Robert Brent of Tavistock tailor, John Coche of Tavistock toker, Roger Wynsore of Tavistock husbandman, Thomas Wynsour of Tavistock husbandman, Thomas Burges of Tavistock husbandman, William Paynter of Tavistock groom, John Skerryt of Tavistock merchant, Nicholas Rutter of Tavistock sadler with many other wrongdoers to the number of 200 on 10 June 1527 in warlike array assembled at Gullywere or Gullyhaches, Cornwall and riotously went then to Hokemore Yeate in the parish of Calstock where they joined to themselves John Martyn of Calstock sr husbandman, John Martyn of Calstock jr husbandman, Reginald Store of Calstock yeoman, William de Colyn of Calstock husbandman, Geoffrey Newte of Calstock husbandman, John Hornebroke of Calstock husbandman, Roger Honycombe of Calstock husbandman, Richard Honycomb of Calstock jr yeoman, Phillip Honycombe of Calstock husbandman, Richard Mathewe of Calstock husbandman, Roger Streke of Calstock husbandman, John Toker of Calstock husbandman, Goerge Toker of Calstock yeoman, Walter Bealbury of Calstock yeoman, John Bounde de Calstock jr husbandman, Thomas Purdowne of Calstock husbandman, Thomas Streke of Calstock husbandman, John Honecombe of Calstock husbandman with other wrongdoers to the number of forty; they all in warlike manner broke into the house of John Brandon at Latchley to the great terror of Brandon and Ane his wife and beat and mistreated them etc. Afterwards they were pardoned. [4] rcp