Warlike Conduct 1325-1349

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  • M1344 A: Suffolk. Presented that Alexander de Walsham, John de Lenne, and Robert Spendlove and others (to the number of 300) in 1343 at Little Yarmouth and Gorleston killed John le Clerk and assaulted many others. Soon thereafter Walsham and others, divided into three parts with three banners unfurled in warlike mode attacked Little Yarmouth and Gorleston, broke the doors and windows and took goods worth 1000 p.s.. They took sixteen people who had fled to the church hostage and took them to Great Yarmouth and detained them. They killed John servant of Richard de Speeshale and drowned two others. They took five great ships that were ready and loaded with necessaries for going to war wherever the king wanted. They took with them 30 small boats, took the tuns and killed the animals. Everyone in the towns fled for fear. [1]; pardon of John Redhode [2] rcp
  • H1346 A: Norfolk. Presented that John de Raveningham, John Tolle, and John de Knockebrigg were the servants and deputies of the bailiffs of Great Yarmouth and were sent to make a royal proclamation in 1345. John brother of Simon de Belton and Thomas son of Richard le Dole de Gorleston and about 300 others from Little Yarmouth with banners unfurled assaulted them and took Raveningham's horse worth 100s. They also boarded the ship called The Bartholomew and took grain worth 47 p.s. and assaulted the crew etc. [3] rcp
  • E1347 A: Lancashire. Presented that Hugh son of Adam Culchith, Richard son of Thomas Perpount, John son of John de Balshagh, John son of Robert de Faryngton together with many others a Liverpool with banners unfurled and in warlike mode feloniously and seditiously in the presence of the justices of oyer and terminer in 1345 killed Adam de Lever, Geoffrey son of Henry de Trafford chivaler, Robert son of John de Ashton, Richard de Trafford son of John de Trafford sr, John and Robert his bothers, Gilbert son of Gilbert de Haydok, Adam de Bradeshagh de Pynyngton, and Henry his brother, William son of William de Urmeston, Richard brother of Henry de Trafford, Robert de Shoresworth, Geoffrey son of Thomas de Barlowe, and William his brother, William le Thrower, Henry son of HEnry de Boterynd, Henry son of Roger de Westleye, Adam Spynk, John de Hulm, Adam Dynemogh, Roger de Atherton, John son of John de Redyforde, Richard del Milnegate, Robert le Wydoson, Henry Jameson de Wilham, and Roger de Ashley. [4] rcp For the same deaths and events, presentment from M1346 of William son of Robert de Yelstones, Adam son of William de Yelstones, Robert son of Adam de Prestwiche, Robert son of Adam de Whulisdale, Alan son of Adam le Grayne, Adam son of Adam de Belefeld, Henry son of Henry de Workeshegh, Geoffrey de Bubbelegh, Richard son of John de Bashegh, Lawrence son of Richard de Knell, John son of Robert de Horneclif, Robert son of Jordan de Tetlowe and many others. [5]. Presentment of Robert son of Geoffrey de Urmeston. [6]. Presentment of Robert son of Robert de Horneclif, Roger de Harewode, Robert de Catlowe, Adam le Procatoursone, William de Shipwalbothum son of Henry del Stoke, John son of Nicholas de Langeto, John son of Simon de Blakay, and Robert son of Robert de Radeclif. [7]. Presentment of John son of Henry Banastre de Walton, Henry son of Jordan del Bothe, Richard son of Adam de Gradale, Nicholas de Neuhouses de Cradale, Thurstan son of Richard de Tildeslegh, John de Notehogh, Jordan de Stretford, and Geoffrey son of Roger de Chaderton. [8]. Presentment of Robert son of John de Legh of Cheshire. [9]. Presentment of Richard de Cudworth. [10] rcp
  • T1347 A: Hertfordshire. John Gerberge knight was indicted for coming in 1347 armed in plate and other armor on horse and clad in warlike mode with sword in his hand and feloniously attacking William de Botelisford of Lincoln merchant and in warlike mode taking and arresting him and holding him until he paid 90 p.s. plus 23 marks in gold florins and other goods. He thus usurped royal power while the king was out of the realm. [11] rcp Prosecution of Peter de Thorpe son of John de Thorpe de Pakenham, who accompanied Gerberge. [12] rcp. Prosecution ofJohn de Lecch and John Riklyng bailiffs of Isabella de Ferariis de Newport, who were along with John Gerberge knight, John de Ravenyngham, John Coo de Great Yarmouth jr, and Alexander Aleyn of Great Yarmouth. [13] rcp
  • M1347 A: Lincolnshire. Rex v. Thomas Homery, William Prentiz ferour and others. Homery and Prentiz and others at Boston confederated together for fifteen days and assumed royal power. They elected Thomas de Okam, tailor, as their captain and mayor. They boarded the ships of John Child of Salthouse and John Dortour of Wrangle and feloniously took grain worth 36p.s. belonging to Walter de Mordon, John Lovekyn, Adam de la Pole, and Richard Sprot, all of London. They ordained a common bell to be run and recruited and coerced various others to join them. Homery and Prentiz here are pardoned. Followed by the same for John Reynald.[14], [15], [16] Likewise for Thomas Page saddler. [17]. [18]. [19], [20], [21].

Related?? [22], [23], [24], [25], [26].

  • M1347 B: Wiltshire. Rex v. John son of Robert de Dalton chivaler, William son of John Trussel de Cublesdon chivaler, Thomas Darderne chivaler, Matthew Haydok chivaler, Edmund de Mancestre chivaler, Thomas de Charnels chivaler, Thomas de Dutton, Robert de Dalton le cosyn, William Whytacre of Warwickshire, Henry Mawaryn, John Broun, Gilbert de Haydok, Robert de Dalton the father, John de Dalton, Sarra Baillof the mother, Robert de Dalton le cosyn, Adam Longbeke tailor of London, William Haydok, William de Whitton, and John de Notebem [from first presentment [27]) and v. Robert de Juyton de Bullyng, William Gerard sr, Geoffrey de Dutton, Henry le Foghelere de Lunt', William de Walkeden, William de Longtre, Geoffrey de Wryghtynton, Hugh de Venables son of John de Venables chaplain, Richard son of Adam de Ryxton, Matthew son of the same Alan, Ambrose de Wryghtyngton, Adam de Holecroft, Thomas de Holecroft, William de Hallum, Hugh Donne, John son of John de Pemberton, Phillip de Wateley, Roger de Goldebourne, Hugh de Tyldesley, Henry de Tyldesleye, Hugh de Clyderowe, William de Holme, Richard de Langeford, William son of Adam de Pemberton, Robert son of Robert de Hyndesle, Robert son of Geoffrey de Urmeston, Roger son of John le Spenser de Halewode, William de Wryghtyngton, Adam brother of Ambrose de Wryghtyngton, Hugh son of Robert de Fasacrelaye, John son of John de Perbourne, John son of Robert Perpound, John son of Simon de Wanre, Simon brother of the same John, Walter le Nappare, Thomas de Horndon, Thomas Poynaunt, Robert Golofre, Thomas Heynes, Robert Alegod, John Kyrseye, John de Norton sr, John le Cotiller, John de Norton jr, Thomas Clerk de Bodicote, John son of John Lyndraper, John brother of the same John, Robert Bereford de Bodicote, Richard Feyrchild, Thomas le Coke, John Stany de Hanewell, William Lyndraper, Ranulph parson of Bastilden, John de Hyndedale sr of Sussex, John de Hyndedale cosyn, John atte Nashe, Richard Pleys, John son of Adam de Holecroft, Thomas brother of the same John, and Roger Goldeborgh (from the second presentment). The defendants with armed force arrayed for war feloniously and traitorously assaulted the manor of Beaumes. killed Michael de Ponynges the uncle aned Thomas le Clerk de Shypton and "raped" (abducted) Margery who was the wife of Nicholas de la Beche, and broke into a room whereby Robert le Hunte chaplain, who was within the room and then sick, died. [28], [29]; [30], [31]; involvement of John de Barnebyt prior of Holland, Thomas de Litherlond prior of Burscough, and Adam de Holcroft. [32]; [33]; same case against Robert de Hueton de Bullyng, Hugh de Cliderhowe, Thomas le Vernoun chivaler, Henry de Tildeslygh, Thomas de Lytherlond prior of Burscough, Thomas Ponyaunt, Geoffrey de Brightyngton, John de Hyndedale sr of Sussex, Richard son of Adam de Rixton, William Gerard sr, Hugh son of Adam de Tildeslygh, John de Notebem, Adam Longboke taillor of London, John de Hyndedale le cosyn, and John de Barneby prior of Holland. [34],[35], [36], [37], [38], [39], [40], [41], [42], [43], [44], [45]. [46], [47], [48], [49], [50], [51] In M1347, order to the coroners of Lancashire to arrest John de Asheton, Robert de Trafford, William de Anderton, Robert de Bradshagh, Gilbert de Suthworth, Gilbert de Yns, Thomas del Both, William de Urmeston de Westeley, William son of Henry de Aderton, and Roger de Bradeshagh for not executing orders to arrest those presented. [52], [53]; likewise to the coroners of Lancashire concerning Adam Banastre del Bouke le pier, Adam Banasre del Bouke le fitz, William de Faryngton, John de Haveryngton le pier, John de Haveryngton le fitz, William de Clifton, Thomas Talbot, John de Alnetame, John de Clegh, Gilbert de Legh, John de Barton, and John Cokayn sheriff of Lancashire. [54]; likewise for the arrest of William Botiller, Peter de Thornton, Richard de Kyghlay, John de Shirbourn, William de Spayth, Robert de Holand, Richard de Holand, William de Lee, John de Haryngton, John de Radcliff, William Lauerence, Richard de Radecliff Werberton, Hugh de Cliderhowe, Robert de Singleton, William de Singleton, Henry de Bikerstaff, and John Cokayn sheriff of Lancashire. [55]. For Robert son of Robert de Hyndesle (in 1361)[56] rcp
  • M1348 B: Yorkshire. Rex v. William de Sutton of Bootham, William Barker de Hoby, William de Somerton de Hoby, Thomas Body de Neuton, William Smale de Shupton, Adam Pacok de Neuton, Geoffrey Redenesman de Hoby, Thomas Smyth de Sutton, and Peter Fleshewer de Stelyngton for felony and sedition. Found guilty by jury. Adam de Walton, king's serjeant at arms, had beensent on royal business in 22 Edward III. They assaulted him at night and burned down the home of Margaret who was the wife of Hugh Gryvell de Easingwold in which he was staying; an eight year old boy named Richard son of Thomas Russell died in the fire. They took Adam into Galtre Forest and killed him. [57], [58], [59]
  • E1349 A: Lincolnshire. Richard de Langwath was indicted together with others unknown. In November 1348 and in 1349 at night at the grange of Gippole and Honington in warlike mode riding with arms uncovered and assuming to himself royal power and having a counterfeit royal commission broke into the grange and took good worth 10 p.s. and is a common thief, and similarly since 1344. [60]