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Thank you for completing and correcting my transcription and translation of the E1508 A case in the "Cases of Interest" section. Both will help me on the next document I try to read! I see that you also made the transcription and translation titles into active links. If you will explain how to do that and where to put the transcriptions and translations, I may be able to do it correctly next time.

Thanks. I received your "User talk" reply. I had not initially understood that the double brackets created a link. Per Robert Palmer's suggestion, this case has been moved to the Kent Miscellaneous Documents section. The Cases of Interest section is for documents with an interesting legal, social, economic, religious, etc., issue. I had started with this simple debt case to get some experience using the wiki and reading Latin court documents from this era. I think it is helpful to see several transcribed and translated documents for learning to read such material.

Thanks again, I cleaned up the entry so that it now shows just your most recent transcription and translation.