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STAC 5 - 'lost' documents

  • STAC 5/B67/8: In this bundle are also the following, which would appear to relate to STAC 5/O8/22:
    • Interrogatories to be administered to Robt Ongley on the part of John Osmore, complt;
    • Interrogatories to be administered to John Smith on the part of John Osmore, complt.

STAC 10 - unmatched Elizabethan (or near) references:

  • STAC 10/1/41: 1550 - 1603. Katherine Nychollys of London v Charles Wolman, gunpowder maker. Forcible ouster and damage to a house and refusal of rent, London.
  • STAC 10/1/61: John Spenser, son and heir of Richard Spenser of Winchester, clothier v John Godfrey of Winchester, mercer. Compelling a sale for a trifling price of a tenement under the pentice in Winchester, Hampshire.
  • STAC 10/1/63: Petition of John Bradstreet of Creeting, Suffolk, to examine charges of rebellion and other violence on which he is imprisoned.
  • STAC 10/1/72: John Arundel, esquire v Nicholas Hamblye, Grace his wife, John Daniell and others. Cornwall.
  • STAC 10/1/77: 1598. Edward Coke, esquire, attorney general v Alice Tibby. Riot, unlawful assembly, breaking of ditch
  • STAC 10/1/78: John Bowser v Alice Trowte. Debt.
  • STAC 10/1/79: 1600. Edward Coke, esquire, attorney general v Henry Lathome and others. Assault on John Jenkins and David Jenkins, Lancashire.
  • STAC 10/1/83: Sir John Hele v John Layton, and others. Conspiracy to disinherit Hele of a messuage and house by false lawsuits.
  • STAC 10/1/87: Draft of interrogatories concerning the will of Peter Tibbreghen. Details of parties to suit unknown (Imperfect )
  • STAC 10/1/90: Gloucestershire. Unknown v Tymbrell and Throckmorton. Deposition of Robert Hitchcock, of Prestbury, Gloucestershire, gentleman
  • STAC 10/1/100
  • STAC 10/1/101: Thomas Morgan, esquire v Jevan Thomas and others. Breaking of enclosed land at Abercorn.
  • STAC 10/1/104
  • STAC 10/1/109: Incomplete deposition of Harry ap Harry, concerning an alleged assault and riot in Flintshire
  • STAC 10/1/129: Depositions of John Price, Robert ap John Velainth, Robert ap Jevan Grice of Llanthervell [Llanderfel] a Forest, labourers, concerning enclosure and assault with stones on an unnamed plaintiff.
  • STAC 10/1/141
  • STAC 10/2/8Sir Henry Cheyney v Ralph Shepparde, Thomas Pedder and others. Perjury, Todington, Beds.
  • STAC 10/2/10: 1603. Thomas Brakin and Richard Brakin v Thomas Thurgood and Richard Cootes. Marriage dispute and kidnap, Ware, Hertfordshire.
  • STAC 10/2/11: 1603. William Chafin v Francis Powleton and Anthony Barefield. Suborning a jury.
  • STAC 10/2/32: Thomas [Unknown] and Elizabeth his wife v William Horton. Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. Fragment of an Answer
  • STAC 10/2/38: A draft bill where the defendant is J Rossel: also mentions John Scoles and Wilby Rawlson
  • STAC 10/2/40
  • STAC 10/2/43: Damaged sheet of interrogatories mentioning Thomas Hanford, Thomas Waringe, William Whitney, John Vernon, Robert Cotton, and John Hedworth. Concerning bond debt
  • STAC 10/2/44: Damaged replication involving John Combe, Thomas Goodwin, and William Willye, concerning forcible entry, riot, and ditch breaking
  • STAC 10/2/45: Damaged deposition, taken by commission in Lancashire. Deponents include Cuthbert Clyfton, esquire, of Westby, James Davy of Ribby, James Bradley, gentleman, and others. Relates to land on the banks of the river Ribble
  • STAC 10/2/60: Damaged interrogatories concerning ditch breaking and forcible entry in the manor of Ellesborough, Buckinghamshire. Edmund Erye is mentioned

TNA Catalogue Elizabethan Star Chamber Refs

  • PRO 30/38 Title: Gifts and Deposits: Star Chamber PapersDescription:Registers of writs issuing from the Court of Star Chamber, arranged chronologically. The names of the parties to the suits and of the persons to whom commissions were issued are given. There are also a few miscellaneous documents. Date: 1580-1633
  • E 101/682/20 Description:Fines and Amercements: Fines in the Star Chamber, etc. (co. Derby).Note:1 mm.Date: 44 Eliz. I-1 Jas. I
  • PRO 30/27/16 Description:[Public Record Office.] Star Chamber, Proceedings, and Chancery Proceedings.Date: [Henry VIII] -19 James I
  • E 137/215/48 Description:Star Chamber: Fines, co GlosNote:copyDate: 23 Eliz I
  • E 101/682/19 Description:Fines and Amercements: Fines taxed in the Star Chamber.Note:1 mm.Date: 42 Eliz. I; 2 Jas. I
  • E 133/3/552 Description:Suits brought against various persons, in the Exchequer, Common Pleas, and Star Chamber, by Edmund Huddy (Hodye). The arrest of Anthony Bonner and Thomas Wrenckmore. An execution levied upon the goods and chattels of William Cutler. Information brought by John Strowde against Thomas Pile, for usury. A piece of ground called Ashewoode, in Ashe Priors, Som, mortgaged by Robert Stephens to Pile, and afterwards sold to Huddy. Midd & Som.Date: 21 Eliz. Easter
  • E 137/215/49 Description:Estreats Star ChamberDate: 33-34 Eliz I
  • E 163/15/38 Description:Bonds for appearance in the Court of Star Chamber (22mm)Date: 44-45 Eliz I
  • PRO 30/26/79 Description:Star Chamber. Anthony, Bishop of Chichester (as Queen's Almoner), v. Thomas Cornewall, esq., and others, concerning the estate of Richard Gryndley, husbandman, of Staunton, co. Hereford, felo de se. Bill, with note of answer.Note:5 ff. Presented by Messrs. Hodgson and Co., auctioneers, in August 1927. For other documents presented by them at the same time see PRO 30/26/58/1 - PRO 30/26/58/6.Date: 41 Elizabeth May 17
  • DL 41/533 Description:Exemplification of a decree in the Star Chamber in a suit between the Bishop of Ely and his tenants of Wisbech, Cambs, and the queen's tenants of Sutton, Lincs

Note:1m, fragment of sealDate: 4 Eliz I

  • E 101/616/6 Description:Fines and Amercements: Note of fines in the Star chamber.Note:2 mms.Date: 39[Eliz.I]
  • E 101/123/25 Description:Account of fines in the Star Chamber.Note:3 ms.Date: 34 to 42 Elizabeth
  • E 101/682/18 Description:Fines and Amercements: Fines imposed in the Star Chamber.Note:1 mm.Date: 42 Eliz. I
  • SP 46/53/fo267 Description:George Ireland v John Daniell 1589 - 1598: File concerning appearances in Star Chamber.Date: 1593-1594
  • C 4/27-1/62 Description:Robert Parsons v. Edward Heron: referred to Chancery from Star Chamber on certiorariDate of document: 1594 Feb 8Date: 1594 Feb 8 - 1594 Feb 8
  • SP 46/56/fo162 Description:Star Chamber decree in suit Attorney-General v John Daniell, on a charge of forgery and extortion practised against the Countess of Essex.Note:Draft.Date: 1601 June 17
  • SP 46/56/fo319 Description:Articles of a bill to be sued in Star Chamber by John Daniell against the sheriff of Cheshire and others, alleging corruption in the processes made against him in Cheshire.Date: [1601]
  • C 107/112 Description:Rich v Poole: Deeds and papers (including Star Chamber proceedings) relating to manors and livings in North Cerney, Rendcomb and Woodmancote, GlosDate: 1594-1683
  • SP 46/47/fo139 Description:Deposition in Star Chamber by Thomas Swindell on Williamson's assault when the writs sued by Sir Thomas Stanhope were served on him.Note:See ff. 116-121.

Date: 1593 May 18

  • SP 46/45/fo188 Description:Injunction in Star Chamber concerning the dispute, for appearance of William Darrell and valuation of cattle seized [Hyde v Darrell].Date: 1574 May 14
  • SP 46/54/fo213 Description:John Daniell v Thomas Aston and others: Order in Star Chamber for the Solicitor-General to consider whether Daniell's bill against Aston should be considered there or referred to the Court of Exchequer.Date: 1602 Apr. 28
  • SP 46/45/fo210 Description:Order in Star Chamber for the Chief Baron to enquire whether Darrell has answered Hugh Stukeley's questions fully enough [Darrell v Stukeley].Date: 1580 June 23
  • C 4/57/11 Description:Pleading in court of star chamber with mention of James PenserDate of document: 39 Eliz IDate: 1596 Nov 17 - 1597 Nov 16
  • PRO 30/38/1 Description:Description available at other catalogue levelDate: 22 Eliz I Hil-25/26 Eliz I Mich vac
  • C 2/Eliz/B17/43 Description:Thomas Brandyarde of Norton Curlieu, Warwickshire, yeoman v William Comaunder and his wife Frances. Suit in Star Chamber against plaintiff on bond for debt. Two bills, commission, answer. Short title: Brandyard v ComaunderDate: 1595
  • E 133/8/1188 Description:The queen's tenants and the inhabitants of Walsall, Willenhall, Bloxwich, Darlaston, Shelfeild and Bentley, v. John Lane and others. Right of common in a parcel of land called Bentley Hey. Suits in Chancery and the Star Chamber, brought by the defendant against several of the plaintiffs for frivolous matters. A bond to be entered into by William Fleming alias Greene and William Brindley, foregoing their right of common in the said ground, if it should be found that it would not cause their copyholders, which they held from Sir Walter Leveson, John Gifford and others, to be forfeited. Staffs.Date: 37 Eliz. Easter
  • PRO 30/38/2 Description: Star chamber writ books Description available at other catalogue levelDate: 26 Eliz I Hil-28 Eliz I Easter vac
  • PRO 30/38/9 Description: Star Chamber writ books Description available at other catalogue levelDate: 39 Eliz I Hil vac-41 Eliz I Hil vac & others in 30/38 …..
  • E 133/8/1255 Description:Edward Vernon v. [blank]. Contempt of a decree made in a suit between the said Edward Vernon, plaintiff, and Richard Herbert, Watkin Morrice and others, defendants, concerning the rectory of Llanvair, claimed by the plaintiff under a lease to Ralph Bowyer, and by the defendant Herbert by a grant from the queen to Lawrence Manley and Thomas Ellys, from whom it passed successively to Hugh David Lloid, and to Edward Herbert, the said defendant's father. A suit in the Star Chamber between the said Vernon and others, plaintiffs, and the said Morrice and others, defendants, concerning misdemeanours in gathering the tithes of the said rectory; and another by the said Herbert against Cadwallader ap David Lloid. Alleged exemption from service as soldiers, of persons favourable to the cause of the defendants. Mont. Note:^^See also E 133/8/1184, E 133/8/1185, E 133/8/1294, E 133/10/1661 and E 112/62, Mont. no 25Date: 38 Eliz. Trin.
  • E 133/4/665 Description:Depositions for Thomas Gervoyes for the queen against William Chaunce concerning an assault alleged to have been made on the under-sheriff of Worcestershire, while endeavouring to enter into a house and grounds called Westfieldes, in Northfield, of whichhe was to deliver possession to Robert James, to be held until ú100, forfeited by Mr Churchman for non-appearance at the Star Chamber, should be paid to the queen. Assignment of Westfieldes to Sir John Littleton. Worcs.Date: 28 Eliz. Easter
  • C 2/Eliz/A7/38 Description:Richard Acton senr. of Sutton Valence, Kent, clothier v Sir Thomas Fane. Claim for costs incurred by litigation for slander against plaintiff in Star Chamber, King's Bench and ecclesiastical courts. Bill, answer, replication Short title: Acton v FaneDate: 1598
  • E 133/10/1465 Description:Robert Dawson for himself and the queen v. John Readinge. [Duties on] cochineal and velvet. Referring to a bill exhibited in the Star Chamber by the defendant against the plaintiff, Robert Dawkes, Richard Yeamons, John Wainwright and William Merrick. [London.]Date: 43/44 Eliz. Mich.
  • SP 46/58 Description:Reskymer papers. Correspondence of John Reskymer, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 1602). Described at item levelGresham papers. Correspondence of Paul Gresham, of Tickencote, Rutland, official of the Auditor's Office, Court of Wards. Described at item levelDate: 1543-1623
  • E 133/7/989 Description:Concerning misdemeanours by John Dover offered unto the queen's farmers and under tenants of the lands of Robert Gray, recusant; subpoenae served by him upon them, at a court held for Peter White, the queen's farmer, at Berry Hall, in Ellyngham; a bill exhibited in the Star Chamber by him against them and others. Denying that he had kept courts or received rents, for the two parts of the lands of the said Robert de Gray divided and set forth for the queen, but only for the said manor of Berry Hall, and the manor of Baynardes in Haddeston and Bunwell, alleged by him to be set forth for the third part of such lands, as are by the queen demised to William Huggarby, by procurement of Lady Hunsden, and assigned over to Francis Woodhowse. Lease made to him by the said Robert de Gray, of lands in the said manor of Berry Hall. Alleged contempt of an injunction directing the sheriff of Norfolk to put the said Peter White in possession of that manor. Norf.Date: 33 Eliz. Easter
  • WARD 2/55/187/22 Description:Letter to John Danyell (Daniell), esquire, from Ralph Wilbraham, regarding the outcome of the case against him in the Star Chamber, and the punishment of the pillory. Date: 1601 June 23
  • E 133/2/278 Description:The management of the possessions of John Smith during his absence beyond the seas. Fine imposed on him by the Star Chamber. Whether Leonard Sandell was his feoffee? Money received and paid by Richard Pease, bailiff of the manor of Moulden. Essex.Date: 17/18 Eliz. Mich.
  • C 1/1421/61 Description:Short title: Draycott v Draycott. Plaintiffs: Anne, late the wife of Mark DRAYCOTT, and Richard their son. Defendants: Henry DRAYCOTT, eldest son of the said Mark. Subject: Frivolous suits for customary lands in Horsley held of the manor of Horestone, after disclosure of title in this court. Star Chamber Proceedings, Philip and Mary, IV, 44. DerbyshireNote:

See C1/1115/73Date: 1556-1558

  • SP 46/56/fo89 Description:Instructions given by John Dutton to John Daniell, whom he appoints as his attorney, for suits to be had in Star Chamber and King's Bench against Sir George Calveley, John Darport and others; with notes by Daniell on action taken. Instructions include anote on the cipher to be used in correspondence.Date: 1575 Apr. 4
  • SP 46/55/fo117 Description:(i) Petition from Jane Daniell to the Lord Treasurer complaining of allegedly corrupt behaviour by the sheriff of Cheshire, and requesting that John Daniell may sue in the Star Chamber without charge in law. (ii) Memorandum at foot, signed by Lord Buckhurst, stating that the debts were unlevyable, and asking advice whether Daniell may sue in forma pauperis. (iii) Memorandum at foot from Francis Bacon [queen's counsel], confirming the request, given certain conditions.Date: (i) 1601 Dec. 18 (ii) 1601 Dec. 22
  • SP 46/51/fo489 Description:Thomas Brooke v John Daniell and the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford: File abstracting the salient points from bill, answers, replications and rejoinders, and from the depositions in both Chancery and Star Chamber with a state of the cause between the parties.Date: [c.1595]
  • SP 46/55/fo156 Description:(i) Petition of John Daniell to the Lord Treasurer explaining his difficulties in proceeding with suits in the Star Chamber against those he accuses of wrongful dealings with his property. Requests the return of his obligations, etc., and intervention with the queen to obtain pardon. (ii) Memorandum at foot from Lord Buckhurst, stating that Daniell must produce evidence for his accusations, that the dispute with his bonds has already been heard, and that his liberty will be considered.Date: (i) 1602 Apr. 27 (ii) 1602 May 1
  • SP 46/53/fo198 Description:George Ireland v John Daniell 1589 - 1598: Examination of John Daniell on the interrogatories to George Ireland, plaintiff, in Star Chamber.Note:See SP 46/53 f. 201. Copy.Date: 1592 Apr. 16
  • SP 46/53/fo185 Description:George Ireland v John Daniell 1589 - 1598: Demurrer and answer of John Daniell to the bill of George Ireland [in Star Chamber].Note:Copy.Date: [1592]
  • SP 46/53/fo181 Description:George Ireland v John Daniell 1589 - 1598: Replication of George Ireland to the answer of John Daniell, certified by William Mill [Clerk in Star Chamber], with Daniell's rejoinder.Note:Copy.Date: 1592 June 12
  • SP 46/184/223 Description:List of rents and fines paid by [Richard Goldsborough, Arthur Johnson, etc] for properties, trespass, etc relating to land in Leathley, Farnley and Walton Head, paid at York, the Star Chamber, King's Bench, etcDate: c 1572?
  • SP 46/53/fo279 Description:George Ireland v John Daniell 1589 - 1598: Answers of William and Brian Palmer to the interrogatories of John Daniell [Star Chamber].Date: 1593 July 6
  • SP 46/53/fo290 Description:George Ireland v John Daniell 1589 - 1598: Council letter for Daniell to enjoy the tithes, and for the Earl of Derby to certify the Council in Star Chamber concerning the suit.Note:Copy.Date: 1592 Nov. 21
  • SP 46/53/fo62 Description:George Ireland v John Daniell 1589-1598: Petition of John Daniell to the Privy Council: whereas he obtained their letters to the Earl of Derby, Chamberlain of Chester, to discharge him from the proceedings in the Exchequer at Chester, the earl died soon after and nothing was done. Asks discharge from the order there, or stay of execution until the proceedings be examined in Star Chamber. Endorsed with a recommendation by Julius Caesar.Note:SP 45/53 ff. 62, 64, 66, 68, 69, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, 84, 86, 87, 100 filed together
  • SP 46/55/fo164 Description:(i) Letter from John Daniell to the Attorney and Solicitor General regarding his dispute with Mr. Aston over his property. Requests counsel to aid him with his bill in the Star Chamber. (ii) Memorandum at foot by Sir Edward Cooke [Attorney General] describing his proposals to support Daniell.Date: (i) 1602 May 3 (ii) n.d.
  • SP 46/188/22 Description:From John Boune to [Nicholas] Williamson regarding some special things touching Williamson which he would have set down in the bill for the Star Chamber. he wishes to confer with him before doing anything...Note:in English and LatinDate: 1593 Nov ?8
  • SP 46/53/fo189 Description:George Ireland v John Daniell 1589 - 1598: Petition of George Ireland to the Queen in Star Chamber, against John Daniell, the Dean and Chapter of Oxford and others, for compensation, and alledging riotous removal of tithe corn by John Daniell and others.Asks for a subpoena to be issued against John Daniell, the Dean and Chapter, Thomas Penkethe and Thomas Pickeringe [sic].Note:See SP 46/53 ff. 181 and 185. Copy.
  • SP 46/52/fo12 Description:John Bligh to [?George Ireland]. Concerning plate seized; the writ of elegit will not stand in law. Daniell has replied in Star Chamber, and Bligh discusses the probability of obtaining costs.Date: [1584] June 23
  • SP 46/56/fo238 Description:Petition of John Daniell to the Queen, rehearsing the means by which he proposes to pay his fine [ff. 179-216], and alleging corruption on the part of the Commissioners, Edward Vaughan, William Swayne, Richard Shepherd, Ralph Bell and others; asking for the issue of a subpoena for their appearance in Star Chamber.Date: [1601]
  • SP 46/56/fo87 Description:Leases, by John Dutton to John Darrport of Ludlow, of lands belonging to the manor of Dutton, with notes on payments for the same and a memorandum on a process to be sued in Star Chamber for the forging of deeds.Note:Copies [made c. 1575].

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