Trespassory Rape 1360-1379

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  • H1360 A: Essex. Thomas Love de Magna Horkisleye v. William Sprout de Magna Horkysleye. Wife: Anges. At Horkesleye in 32 Edward III with clothes and jewelry. Plea of not guilty. [1] rcp
  • H1360 B: Cambridgeshire. John Croft v. Alan Syward de Overe. Wife: Margaret. At Over. [2] rcp
  • H1360 C: Northamptonshire. William son of Richard de Wymyngton v. Ralph Stevene de Hegham Ferrers. Wife: Alice. At Wolaston. [3], [4]; Pleaded: in 27 Edward III with clothes and jewelry. [5], [6] rcp

  • E1360 D: London. John Poignaunt spicer v. Thomas David spicer. Wife: Goda. At London. [7] rcp
  • E1360 E: London. Thomas Tydeman de Brackeleye v. Adam Roberdesprest of Nottingham. Wife: Katherine. At London. [8] rcp

  • T1360 A: Essex. William Asplond v. Richard de Borham of Colchester. Wife: Margaret. At Colchester. [9] rcp
  • T1360 B: London. William Herman carpenter v. William atte Felde fishmonger. Wife: Agnes. At London in 33 Edward III, with clothes and jewelry. Plea that Agnes was a common servant whom Felde hired for fifteen days to serve him, whereby she came willlingly according to the agreement. Jury summons. [10] rcp
  • T1360 C: London. John Squyer v. John Ibbe parson of Little Paunton. Wife: Agnes. At London. [11], [12], [13], [14] rcp
  • T1360 D: Northamptonshire. William son of Richard de Wymyngton v. Ralph Stevene de Hegham Ferrers. Wife: Alice. At Wollaston. [15] rcp
  • T1360 E: London. Robert Burghbrige tailor v. Simon Gosfrave glover. Wife: Margery. At suburb of London. [16] rcp
  • T1360 F: Huntingdonshire. William Puttok v. Richard Garlaund de Eynesbury. Wife: Matilda. At Eynesbury. [17], [18], [19]; Pleaded: in 34 Edward III with clothes and jewelry. Plea of not guilty. [20] rcp
  • T1360 G: Lincolnshire. Ralph May v. John de Sutton fisher. Wife: Matilda. At Saltfleethaven. [21], [22] rcp
  • T1360 H: London. Thomas Duyke v. William Lumbard spicer. Wife: Agnes. At London. [23], [24] rcp
  • T1360 I: Nottinghamshire. Rex v. Thomas de Ikham chaplain, Master Thomas de Clipston, Master Richard de Boule, Master Robert de Coventry, and John Heyn de Henton notary. The king had recovered the presentation to a prebend of Northwell in the collegiate church of Southwell against William late the archbishop of York. The defendants procured prejudicial instruments. [25] rcp
  • T1360 J: London. John Chapman v. Richard le Swon and William de Oxenford. Wife: Katherine. At London. [26], [27], [28], [29], [30], [31] rcp rcp
  • T1360 K: Kent. Geoffrey de Wendeston v. Thomas Copyn of Sandwich. Wife: Alice. At St. Margaret at Clive by Dover. [32], [33], [34], [35] rcp

  • M1360 B: Cambridgeshire. William Boteler de Cambridge v. Robert Mortymer de Cambridge. Wife: Alice. At Cambridge. [43], [44], [45], [46], [47] rcp
  • M1360 C: Dorset. John le White de Melebury Abbess v. Nicholas Durneford cleric. Wife: Alice. At Melebourne Abbess. [48], [49], [50] rcp
  • M1360 D: London. Robert de Ramsden v. William de Patryngton mason. Wife; Joan. At London. [51], [52], [53] rcp
  • M1360 E: Bedfordshire. John de Redbourne v. Roger Lamberd chaplain, John Lamberd chaplain, and Thomas Bele. Wife: Petronilla. At Wotton by Kempston. [54], [55], [56], [57] rcp
  • M1360 F: Middlesex. John Musehatche de Kyngesbury v. Robert Wrench de Kyngesbury. Wife: Katherine. At Kingsbury. [58] rcp
  • M1360 G: Dorset. Thomas Brounloke v. Clement Kete de Portland. Wife: Cristina. At Forton in the Isle of Portland. [59], [60] rcp
  • M1360 H: Cambridgeshire. William Boteler de Cambridge v. Robert Mortymer de Cambridge shepherd. Wife: Alice. At Cambridge. [61] rcp
  • M1360 I: London. Lawrence Paynel v. Rolland Goldsmyth and Hardewyn his brother. Wife: Joan. At London in 34 Edward III with clothes and household goods. Plea of not guilty. [62], [63] rcp
  • M1360 J: Derbyshire. Henry Gare v. William son of Gilbert Gray de Spondon. Wife: Agnes. At Spondon in 34 Edward III with clothes and jewelry. Plea of not guilty. [64] rcp
  • M1360 K: Hertfordshire. John de Reynhome v. William Savage de Hitchin. Wife: Agnes. At Hitchin. [65]; Pleaded: in 33 Edward III, with clothes and jewelry. Plea of not guilty. [66] rcp
  • M1360 L: Warwickshire. Nicholas Marcher v. Walter de Pulteneye and Michael son of Ralph de Fifhede. Wife: Margaret. At Moryvall. [67], [68], [69], [70] rcp
  • M1360 M: Sussex. Richard son of John de Ernele v. John son of John Hampton. Wife: Lucy. At Sidelesham. [71], [72], [73], [74], [75] rcp
  • M1360 N: Suffolk. John Roys v. Richard Braky de Wytheresfeld. Wife: Margaret. At Withersfield. [76] rcp
  • M1360 O: Middlesex. Richard atte Hatche of Chiswick v. Walter Gybon, Ralph Dod, and John Puryman. Wife: Joan. At Chiswick with clothes, vessels, and jewelry in 34 Edward III. Plea of not guilty. [77], [78] rcp
  • M1360 P: Staffordshire. Thomas le Coupere de Boterdon v. John Gretton tailor. Wife: Joan. At Grendon. [79], [80], [81], [82] rcp
  • M1360 Q: Devon. Roger de Norden v. John Cantelo, Adam Cantelo, and John Scote. Wife: Cristina. At Norden. [83], [84] rcp
  • M1360 R: Northamptonshire. William Boltesham v. John Stoke. Wife: Joan. At Kildesby. [85], [86] rcp


  • H1361 A: Dorset. John Bromhil jr v. Richard Dusneford parson of Winfred Newburgh. Wife: Margaret. At Winfrith-Newburgh. [87] rcp
  • H1361 B: Northamptonshire. Thomas Couper de Bristol v. William Richer shepherd. Wife: Matilda. At Towcester. [88] rcp
  • H1361 C: Kent. William Whytyng baker v. John son of Thomas Penylande de Wodecherche and Thomas the brother of the same John and Henry de Shiteryngdenne. Wife: Laurencia. At Woodchurch. [89], [90], [91], [92], [93] rcp
  • H1361 D: Wiltshire. Hugh Plecy v. Henry Papenay. Wife: Edith. At Ambresbuy. [94] rcp

  • E1361 A: Yorkshire. John de York jr v. John de Kirkeby de Fourneys sr and Henry de Scaresbrek. Wife: Isabella. At York. [95], [96], [97] rcp
  • E1361 B: Northamptonshire. Roger Huberd de Pateshull v. Hugh Maundeville and Stephen his brother. Wife: Isabella. At Pateshull. [98] rcp
  • E1361 C: Dorset. John Pyk de Wodekesworth v. John Edlop, Joan late wife of John de Wodemanton and John son of the same Joan. Wife: Margaret. At Wodekesworth. [99] rcp
  • E1361 D: London. Richard de Peteworth v. William de Aumberdale. Wife: Joan. At London, in 30 Edward III, with jewelry. Plea of not guilty for the seizure; plea that some of the jewelry have already been subject to another recovery. [100] rcp
  • E1361 E: Suffolk. John Abekyn de Thelnetham v. Dennis le Clerk de Thelnetham. Wife: Katherine. At Thelnetham. [101]; Pleaded: in 34 Edward III, with crops, clothing, and utensils. Plea of not gulity. [102] rcp
  • E1361 F: Essex. John Gourneyes v. William Basely de Fynchyngfeld. Wife; Joan. At Finchingfield. [103], [104], [105], [106], [107] rcp
  • E1361 G: Wiltshire. Robert Wydenhale v. Thomas Arnold and Robert Cokerel. Wife: Joan. At West Welde. [108] rcp
  • E1361 H: Dorset. John Brounhill jr v. Richard Durneford parson of Winfrid Newburgh. Wife: Margaret. At Winfred Newburgh. [109] rcp

  • M1361 A: London. Henry Goderich de London girdeler v. Roger Fote. Wife: Ellen. At London. [110], [111], [112], [113] rcp
  • M1361 B: London. John Stannere v. William Yakesle cleric. Wife: Englena. At London in 35 Edward III with clothes, silver, jewelry, household goods. Plea of not guilty. [114] rcp
  • M1361 C: Cambridgeshire. John Cheseman of Cambridge v. Richard Martyn of Cambridge. Wife: Joan. At Cambridge, in 35 Edward III, with clothes and jewelry. Plea of not guilty. [115], [116] rcp
  • M1361 D: Kent. Robert son of Simon Mainware v. Geoffrey atte Coton. Wife: Joan. At Cotton. [117] rcp


  • H1362 A: London. Robert Prest of London goldsmith v. Robert de York of London cordwainer. Wife: Alice. In London in 25 Edward III with clothes, jewelry, and household items. Plea of not guilty. [118] rcp
  • H1362 B: Essex. Mathew Serle v. Richard Dygge. Wife: Margery. At Elmedon. [119], [120] rcp
  • H1362 C: London. William de Fordham v. John de York dyer. Wife: Juliana. At London in 35 Edward III with clothes, jewelry, a scarlet blanket etc. Plea of not guilty. [121] rcp
  • H1362 D: Kent. William Sugge de Burghham v. Richard Carpenter. Wife: Dionisia. At Burgham. [122] rcp

  • E1362 A: Hampshire. William Abbay v. William de Malmesbury. Wife: Emma. At Ewen? [123] rcp
  • E1362 B: Essex. John Henry v. John Pepyn de Colne and William Huchoun de High Rothing. Wife: Nichola. At Great Caneford. [124] rcp
  • E1362 C: Cambridgeshire. Richard Imworth v. John Sefford knight, Walter of Clere chaplain, Thomas de Glemesford, and Robert Godrych de Glemesford. Wife: Joan. At Swansey. [125], [126], [127], [128] rcp
  • E1362 D: Sussex. Thomas Sadeler de Lewes v. David Debeneye de Blethynleye. Wife: Felicia. At Lewes. [129], [130] rcp
  • E1362 E: Northamptonshire. John de Coton glover v. Richard de Tysfeld of Northampton dyshere. Wife: Juliana. At Northampton. [131], [132], [133], [134] rcp
  • E1362 F: Gloucestershire. Robert Parke v. Thomas de Frompton. Wife: Agnes. At Chiltenham. [135] rcp
  • E1362 G: Buckinghamshire. Nicholas Davy v. John parson of Lyllyngeston Dayrel. Wife: Joan. At Lillingston Darrel in 35 Edward III with clothes and jewelry. Plea of not guilty. [136], [137] rcp
  • E1362 H: Yorkshire. Robert Coke de Dighton v. Richar Smyth de Thornton cleric. Wife: Mariota. At Dighton. [138], [139] rcp
  • E1362 I: London. John Jurdan v. John Bradele of London tailor and William Romeney. Wife: Isabella. At London. [140] rcp

  • T1362 A: Norfolk. Geoffrey de Hopton of Norwich v. Simon de Colby souter. Wife: Matilda. At Norwich in 36 Edward III with clothes and jewelry. Plea of not guilty. [141], [142] rcp
  • T1362 B: Huntingdonshire. Robert Jurdon tailor v. Nicholas Milner de St Ives. Wife: Matilda. At St Ives. [143] rcp
  • T1362 C: London. Thomas Bateson v. Thomas Chesehunte. Wife: Joan. At London. [144], [145] rcp
  • T1362 D: Cambridgeshire. John Fraunceys de Meldeburn v. Thomas Newlond de Witlesford. Wife: Joan. At Wittlesford. [146]Pleaded: in 36 Edward III with clothes and jewelry. Plea of not guilty. Verdict of guilty; clothes were worth 2s, total damages of 6 marks. [147], [148], [149] rcp
  • T1362 E: Cambridgeshire. John Revill v. William Frogge. Wife: Ivetta. At Balsham. [150] rcp

  • M1362 A: Cambridgeshire. Alan Syward v. Thomas de London de Hokyton. Wife: Alice. At Over. [151] rcp
  • M1362 B: Cambridgeshire. Thomas Snowe de Marche v. William son of Margery atte Newehouse and John Belesone & Hawise his wife. Wife: Joan. At Benewyke. [152], [153] rcp
  • M1362 C: Northamptonshire. John son of Robert Vyncent de Rothewell v. Andrew Broun jr, Andrew Broun parson of Desborough, William Broun de Glapthorn, Joan Vyncent de Rothwell, John Bateman chaplain, Richard le Personesservant de Desborough, and Richard le Personesson de Desborough, together with Joan de Swynford de Rothwell, Joan la Tailloure de Rothwell, John de Glapthorn, and Joan Swynford. Wife: Katherine. At Rothwell in 36 Edward III with clothes. Plea of not guilty. [154] rcp


  • H1363 A: Essex. John Serle de Passefeld v. John Copshef. Wife: Alice. At Passfield. [155]; Pleaded: in 35 Edward III with clothes, jewelry and household goods; plea of not guilty. [156] rcp rcp
  • H1363 B: Middlesex. Sampson Giffard v. John Mareschal and John de Worcester woolpacker. Wife: Margery. At Westminster. [157], [158], [159]; Pleaded: in 36 Edward III, with clothes, jewelry, and household items. Plea of not guilty. [160] rcp
  • H1363 C: Huntingdonshire. John Doo de Rameseye v. Roger son of Alan Cook de Rameseye and Robert Drye de Pynchebek. Wife: Hatherine. At Ramsey. [161] rcp
  • H1363 D: Surrey. John Gerard de Lambhithe v. William Benset. Wife: Constance. At Lambhithe. [162], [163], [164] rcp
  • H1363 E: Bedfordshire. Hugh Cole v. William Pawel de Thornecote. Wife: Emma. At Thorncote. [165] rcp
  • H1363 F: Essex. Robert Sarich v. Adam Bellyng. Wife: Alice. At Inge Ralph. [166], [167], [168] rcp
  • H1363 G: Cambridgeshire. Thomas son of Gilbert Hillary de Wysebeche v. John Sorel and John Wardon de Wysebeche. Wife: Joan. At Wisbech. [169]; Pleaded: in 36 Edward III with clothes and jewelry; claimed successfully for the bishop of Ely's court of Ely. [170] rcp

  • E1363 A: Wiltshire. Henry Proude de Stokton v. John Topette. Wife: Juliana. At Stockton. [171] rcp
  • E1363 B: Huntingdonshire. John Marchall de Welle . John Sperewille de Leighton super Brouneswold. Wife: Emma. At Wollee. [172] rcp
  • E1363 C: Kent. William Grige v. Godfrey Smyth de Northflete. Wife: Amflosia. At Northflete. [173] rcp

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