Trespassory Rape 1350-1354

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H1350 A: Norfolk. John Mayn v. Thomas Dru de Sadelbowe. Trespassory "rape" of Cecilia his wife at King's Lynn and taking of goods. [1]

E1350 A: London. William Yellyng of London v. John de Wilton chaplain. Trespassory "rape" of Isabella his wife at London and taking of goods in 1350. Wilton pleaded not guilty. [2].

E1350 B: Leicestershire. Adam Longchampe de Bocherston v. William Zouche de Shepesheved and John de la Mere de Baggeworth. Trespassory "rape" of Alianora his wife at Bagworth and taking of goods. [3] rcp

T1350 A: Lincolnshire. John Heryerd v. John Robertssone Denissone de Osgodby together with William his brother. Trespassory "rape" of Margaret his wife at Long Owersby and the taking of goods worth 200 p.s. in 1350. Defendant pleaded not guilty as to the taking of goods and that he did not rape Margaret. mainperned. [4], [5], [6] rcp

M1350 A: Hampshire. Geoffrey atte Pette of the Isle of Wite v. Roger atte Hide of the Isle of Wite and Richard de Cokham of the Isle of Wite and Matilda his wife. Trespassory "rape" of Mabil his wife at Moterston and taking of goods. [7], [8], [9] rcp

M1350 B: London. William Langford v. John Passe de Blikelyng chaplain. Trespassory "rape" of Rose his wife at London and taking of goods (cloths, jewelry etc) at damages of 100 p.s. Passe pleads not guilty. [10] rcp

M1350 C: London. William de Hyngle v. Roger de Codynton currier. Trespassory "rape" of Margery at London Holbourne in 1350 and taking of household goods worth 100s. Codynton pleaded not guilty. [11] rcp


T1351 A: London. William de Grantham citizen of London v. Alan Everard Jonesprentistapel. Trespassory "rape" of Katherine his wife at London and taking of goods in 1350. [12], [13], [14] rcp

T1351 B: London. Herlewin de Houweton v. William de Northwell cleric and John de Ussyngton cleric. Trespassory "rape" of Amice his wife at London and taking of goods. [15], [16] rcp

T1351 C: Northamptonshire. John le Walsh de Toucester v. John Ine de Toucester jr, John Ine de Toucester sr and Agnes his wife, John Breyd chaplain. Trespassory "rape" of Joan his wife at Towcester and taking of goods. [17] rcp

T1351 D: Sussex. Walter le Taillour v. John Davy de Sydelstroude. Trespassory "rape" of Matilda his wife at Rusper and taking of goods. [18], [19], [20] rcp

M1351 A: London. William de Boxle de London brasiere v. Richard Gervays cleric. Trespassory "rape" of Juliana his wife at London and taking of goods. [21] rcp

M1351 B: Lincolnshire. Simon de Wyveleseye de Swynesheved v. Richard son of Thomas de Herdewyke de Sotyrton, Robert Malyn de Sotirton, Roger de Fiskemere de Sotirton, William Herynge de Sotirton, Peter le Reve de Sotirton. Trespassory "rape" of Cecilia his wife at Swineshead and taking of goods. [22], [23], [24], [25], [26] rcp

M1351 C: Kent. John Martyn de Halgheste v. John de Cliston de Halgheste. Wife: Alice. At Halgheste, 1351. Goods: clothes, household goods, jewelry. Defendant pleaded not guilty. [27], [28], [29] rcp


H1352 A: Bedfordshire. William Bray v. Robert Hynkele and William Hynkele. Wife: Margaret. At Tempsford in 20 Edward III; household goods. Plea of not guilty. [30], [31], [32], [33], [34] rcp

H1352 B: Norfolk. Robert de Foxle v. Adam de Hoo de Shelfanger. Wife: Matilda. At Folsham. [35], [36], [37], [38] rcp

T1352 A: Hertfordshire. Robert Fraunceys v. Thomas son of Robert Basset de Cumberlowe and William the brother of Thomas, and John son of Robert de Cumberlowe. Wife: Isabella. At Rushden in 1351. [39] rcp

T1352 B: Lincolnshire. Elias son of Robert de Dunstal v. Thomas Barette de Bereton. Wife: Agnes. At Bereton. [40], [41], [42], [43], [44], [45], [46] rcp

T1352 C: Northamptonshire. John Pork de Wotton v. John Muleward de Wotton. Wife: Matilda. At Wotton in 1352; with the taking of clothes and jewelry. Plea of not guilty. [47] rcp

M1352 A: Sussex. John atte Novene v. Thomas Shobury. Wife: Alice. At Lewes. [48], [49] rcp

M1352 B: Hertfordshire. Henry de Mellesop v. Nicholas Ledreth cleric and John Nevill de Kyngeswalden. Wife: Matida. At Twyng. [50], [51], [52], [53] rcp

M1352 C: Suffolk. David de Norwiche v. John de Tilneighe. Wife: Emma. At Ipswich in 25 Edward III, with clothes and jewelry; damages alleged at 1,000 p.s. Plea of not guilty. [54] rcp

M1352 D: Cambridgeshire. John de Wykham v. Thomas de Fourhowe Carleton, cleric. Wife: Elena. At Cambridge. [55] rcp

H1353 A: Essex. John Hoop' de Hatfeld v. Roger de Whaddon. Wife: Isabella. At Hatfield Broad-Oak. [56], [57] rcp

E1353 A: Northtamptonshire. Roger de Bondon v. Henry Tychemerch. Wife: Margaret. At Northampton. [58], [59], [60], [61], [62], [63], [64], [65], [66] rcp

T1353 A: London. William de Ludham of London v. Thomas de Totenham. Wife: Katerina. At London in 1353; clothes and jewelry, damages of 100 p.s. [67] rcp

T1353 B: Essex. John Gynour de Rumpford v. Thomas Chaunveler de Writele. Wife: Agnes. At Writtle. [68] rcp

M1353A: Worcs. John son of William Pope v. Henry de Belleye. Wife: Margery. At Kings Norton. [69], [70] rcp

M1353 B: London. John Baker de London v. Thomas Fletcher of London Bridge. Wife: Joan. At London, with clothes, household goods, and jewelry. Damages alleged of 200 p.s. Plea of not guilty. [71] rcp

M1353 C: Huntingdonshire. William Brangwayn v. John Chounesone de Ogerston & Matilda late wife of Edward de Pabenham with Gilbert Bele de Folkworthe, John Dengayne de Stelton, and Adam de Wassingle. Wife: Margaret. In 1353 at Wassyngle, with goods, jewely, clothes; damages alleged of 4,000 p.s. Plea of not guilty. [72] rcp

M1353 D: Northamptonshire. Ralph de Whittenham de Helmynden v. Robert de Weston Turville. Wife: Juliana. [73] rcp

M1353 E: Derbyshire. Nicholas le Chaloner de Wyrkesworth v. William del Hogh de Brasyngton. Wife: Alice. At Wyrkesworth. [74], [75] rcp

M1353 F: Bedfordshire. John Sadelere de Bedeford v. John Cornewaill. Wife: Beatrice. At Bedford. [76], [77], [78] rcp

M1353 G: Yorkshire. John Sourdewale v. Robert Freboys de Rodestane and Adam de Cropton with Robert Yortsone. Wife: Alice. At Rodestane in 1353, with foodstuffs (cloths and household utensils inserted). Not guilty plea. [79], [] rcp

M1353 H: Lincolnshire. Roger de Blith of Lincoln painter v. Ralph Rynet of Lincoln. Wife: Beatrice. At Lincoln in 1353, with clothes and jewelry; damages alleged of 100 p.s. Plea of not guilty. [80] rcp

H1354 A: Worcestershire. Peter de Solleye v. John de Rowell parson of Stokton. Wife: Matilda. At Stokton. [81], [82], [83], [84], [85] rcp

H1354 B: Kent. Thomas Whitberd v. John Clerk de Plumpstede sr. Wife: Cristina. At Plumstead. [86], [87] rcp

E1354 A: Suffolk. Roger de Welde de Shodicampes v. William Tyngewyk, Alice Tyngewyke, Reginald Williamservant Tyngewyke, Thomas Capole, Robert Croce. [88], [89], [90], [91]. rcp

E1354 B: Lincs. William Baron spicer v. John Sherman of Boston and Robert Broun de Hamerton. Wife: Alice. At Boston. [92], [93] rcp

E1354 C: Kent. Thomas Clay de Canterbury v. John Jorge chaplain. Wife: Isabella. At Canterbury Westgate in 1353; clothes, household goods, jewelry; damages alleged of 200 p.s. Plea of not guilty. [94], [95], [96] rcp

E1354 D: Kent. John Hanecoke v. Gilbert Chapman de Magna Monnyngeham. Wife: Alice. At Magna Monyngeham. [97], [98] rcp

T1354 A: Derbyshire. Elias de Rome v. Thomas Lombe. Wife: Amice. At Derby. [99], [100], [101], [102], [103] rcp

T1354 B: Northamptonshire. William Cade de Thrapston v. John Breteville chaplain. Wife: Alice. At Thrapston. [104], [105], [106] rcp

T1354 C: London. Henry de Daventre cordwaner v. John Lyndraper de Bishopsgate. Wife: Cristiana. At London St Lawrence Jewry in 1352; clothes and jewelry; damages claimed of 1,000 p.s. Plea of not guilty. [107] rcp

  • T1354 D: Derbyshire. John son of John de Shene v. John son of Adam de Aysheby. Wife: Joan. At Tyddeswell. [108] rcp
  • M1354 A: London. Nicholas Perpount v. Richard Broune cordewaner. Wife: Margery. At London. [109], [110], [111], [112], [113] rcp
  • M1354 B: Sussex. Adam Hebbe de Seford v. John Dranke de Seford. Wife: Margery. At Seford. [114], [115], [116], [117], Pleaded, offence in 1353, with clothes, jewelry and household goods; damages alleged of 200 p.s.. Plea of not guilty. [118] rcp
  • M1354 C: London. Roger de Bixle v. Nicholas Carpenter. Wife; Juliana. At London. [119], [120], [121] rcp
  • M1354 E: Oxfordshire. Adam Shepherd de Teynton v. Henry ate Bolde chaplain. Wife: Alice. At Teynon. [131], [132] rcp
  • M1354 F: Buckinghamshire. Nicholas Davy v. John Burnel de Hodenhull. Wife: Joan. At Lillyngston Dayrel. [133], [134], [135]. [136] rcp