TNA SP 12/1, 31

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TNA SP/12/1, 31


xijmo die Decembris 1558

Saltepetre - ClM weight conteyned in the boke of provisions rated at iiijli iijs iiijd the Cth amounteth . . vjM CClli

The price demaunded by Dominico [Erigo] and Mark Anthony at xd the pounde viz iiijli xiijs iiijd the Cth amounteth . . vijM li which excedeth our price in every Cth xs and in the hole vijClli

Saltpetre - CM weight at iiijli iijs iiijd the Cth iiijMlxvjli xiijs iiijd

Serpentine powder - l lastes at iiijxx li the last- iiijM li amountinge in money . . viijMClxvjli xiijs iiijd in the hole which excedeth the some of viijM li as above

And yet wanteth of our proporcion remembrid in the boke of Forran provisions Viz

Saltepetre - lM weight Corne powder - xxx lastes and Serpentine powdre - x lastes amountinge in money . . vMviijCiiijxxiijli vjs viijd

M’d the hole proporcion remembred in the said boke of Provision is right meane as we thincke to serve her majestes navie and other places of the Realme wherin Ireland is emonge other to be specially remembred and also a good store to be left in the Tower wherwith at all tymes to defend her majestes roiall person and all other eventes as Invasions, tumultes yf any shulde chaunce as god defende and other accidents as decaies or losses upon the sea or lande by battell or otherwise. All which thinges it maie please her majestie with thadvise of thonorable Councell to considder and foresee/ For better it is to have then wantinge to wishe /

These parcels folowinge are also to be remembred in the forren provision / Viz

Sulphur or Brymstone - lM weight at the Cth Harquebuttes complete - iiijM at xs the pece . . MMli Copper - CCM with at xls the Cth . . iiijM li Cullyn cliff.s - vjM at ijs the pece - vjC li


Dagges well chosin with there furniture vM at xxs the pece . . vM li

Sum of the forren provicions over and besides the viiiM li within remembred . . xvijM iiijC iiijxx li vjs viijd over and besydes: lM weight of Brymstone wherof fynding it so dere and excessive we dare sett no price

Provicions for Tharmarie Corslettes complete in store vjCiiijxx To be provided at the Quenes pleasure by thadvise of thonorable Councell

Murrions and Burgonettes in store . . MMiiiCl To be provided vt sup

Halberdes plaine in store CCCl To be provided as above in Flanders or in England iiijC at vjs viijd the pece . . Cxxxiijli vjs viijd

Armarers wages Empcons of lether Buckles Armyng nailes and sondrie other neccesaries for Tharmarie . . CCli

Sum for Tharmarie CCCxxxiijli vjs viijd


1558 A Memorial of the forren provicions drawn out of the great Boke conteyninge the provicions to be made in Flanders and in Englande