TNA SP 12/1, 28

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TNA SP/12/1, 28


The Charges of Sir Robert Oxenbridge knight for himselfe and fortie men servinge in the Tower of London from the xixth of November 1558 untill the xijth of December bothe Inclusive conteyninge xxiiij dais

Impmis for his owen diett at xxs per diem . . xxiiijli Item for one cclarke to the same bande at ijs per diem . . xlviijs Item for one Serjaunte to the same bande at xijd per diem . . xxiiijs Item for xl men at viijd per diem Sm . . xxxijli Item for xl cotes with their furniture at iiijs the peace Sm . . viijli

Summa totalis lxvijli xijs

M’d Receyved of the Lorde Williams of [Tame] xlli


Sir Robert Oxenbrige for the Tower