TNA SP 12/1, 27

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SP/12/1, 27


The Chardges of Sir Thomas Carwerden knight for himselfe and one hundred men servinge in the tower of London from the xixth of November Anno Domini 1558 untill the xith of December bothe inclusive conteigninge xxiiijti days

In primis for his owne Diet at xxs per day . . xxiiijli

Item for one lieuetenannt or petie capteyne to the said bande at ijs per diem . . xlviijs

Item for one Sergeaunt for the ordringe of the same Bande at xijd pe diem . . xxiiijs

Item for one Clarke to the same Bande at xijd per diem . . xxiiijs

Item for one Droomme and one fife to the same Bande at xijd per diem to eche of them the somme of Bothe . . xlviijs

Item for one hundred of men at viijd per diem to eache of theme for the same tyme of xxiiijti dayes . . lxxxli

Summa totalis over and besides one hundred and five conlec and as many furnytures amounteth to . . xxjli

Sm Cxxxijli iiijs

M’d that I have receyved of the Lorde Williams of Tower . . Cli


Sir Thomas Cawerden At the Tower

Thaccomptes and rates of thentietey [ . . . . . ] of Sir Thomas Cawardin Sir Edward Warner Sir Robert oxenbridge and their bandes serving at the Tower of london at the tyme of the Quenes comming to the crown 1558