TNA SP 12/1, 18

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TNA SP 12/1, 18

Transcribed by Helen Good

[f.47] Sir because this bearer semeth to make haste in retorninge aunswer of his message. Hit maye lyke you to be advertised that inasmoche as by the Lawes of this Realme the prince hath no propertie in anye of the possessions of anye Lunatyque whom the Lawe alweys construeth to have quedam lucida intervalla, thordre of the comyttinge and custodye of anye suche hath been only by Indenture, wherein the Commytee emongest many other covenantes especially is bounden for the aunswering of the surplusage of thole profittes that shall remayne above the convenyent findings of hym self the said Lunatique his house, and famylie, to thuse of his heires, executors, or assignes: For that hit is taken that when he enjoyeth soche tymes as the Lawe taketh hym to be sane mentis Then he maye make a Testament, assygnement, or anye other bargayne in somoche as a fyne levyed by suche one, before anye of the Justices byndeth his heires. And thus for haste of the messenger I can enlarge the same no further unto you presentlye but within a daye or two I will wayte on you, and declare the same more at length which thaunswer of your letters receyved yesternight. From the whitefriers this present second of December 1558. Your . . .

Frauncys Englefyld


[Address] To the right honorable Sir William Cycell knight Secretorye to the Quenes majestie

[Label] L Talbot Lunatique 1558