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T1304 A: Ordinary trespass assault. Robert Baldewyne of Snittefield v. Roger Tancard, Hugh de Netelton, Robert le Porter, Robert de la Hurst, William de Leycestre, William Brayn, Thomas Joce, John de Billesleye, Robert de la Birches, John de London, Richard Aleyn. [1]

T1305 A: False imprisonment. John de Akovere v. Robert Pount de Stretford, Thomas de Codeston chaplain, William le Coupere de Stretford, Richard Kay, Henry de Kemeseye, William Edward, William de Wylarseye, Richard de Alecestre, Robert le Walshe, Richard Iger, Thomas de Hatton, John Chichelot, & John son of John le Whytesmit. [2]

M1305 A: Trespass assault. John de Akovere v. Richard de Tysho, Henry le Peleter, Robert Wylmyn, William Page, Nicholas Haykyn, Geoffrey atte Halle, Alan de Edreston, John le Taillur, John Ryniot, Roger le Myneker, Richard Crupes, William Robertesman, Adam de Budeford, John Streche, John le Prestes, William son of John, Cristiana daughter of Robert le Ponte, Henry Ryniot, William de Basendene, John de Etendon, Ralph de Merston, Alexander le Swete, William le Garlekmongere, Robert de Brome, Robert Kay, Roger atte Thorne, Robert Reynald, Nicholas atte Cornere, John le Portere, John le Spynler, & Henry de Hatton. [3]

H1306 A: Trespass assault. Robert son of Henry de Stretford v. Henry de Bodebroke & Felicia his wife, Thomas and John their sons, John de le Wodehous de Lapworth, & Robert de Shirlade. [4]

E1309 A: Indictments of Nicholas en le Hurne of Stratford, John le Prest, and Henry de Hatton for forestalling. Verdict of not guilty. [5]

H1313 A: Trespass. Matilda daughter of Geoffrey de Compton v. Richard Lytholf of Stratford upon Avon. [6]

T1313 A: False imprisonment. Ralph Love de Alencestre v. Robert Pount de Stretford super Avene. [7]

T1316 A: Statute merchant. William de Rune merchant recognized before John de Gisorcio late mayor of London and William Trent king's clerk for debt recognizances in the presence of John de Merton, Thomas de Stratford, Walter atte Frane, and Roger Skynnere that he owed John Vanne citizen and merchant of London 32 p.s. to be paid 40s at a month after Easter in 8 Edward II, 40s by the octaves of the nativity of John the Baptist, 40s at the octaves of Michaelmas, 40s by Christmas. He did not pay, so the money to be levied against his lands and burgages. Rune held a half burgage worth 10s annually in Stratford upon Avon along with 9s annual rent and 6 acres of arable land worth 4s4d annually. That property is delivered over until the debt is paid, along with Rune's chattels worth 23s4d. [8]


  • E1329 A: Thomas Blauncfrount v. Robert du Vaal; andJohn de Heyford, together with Henry Benet; William Durnassal; William le Eyr; Stephen de Seggesbarwe; William Giffard; Robert de Merston; Simon de Oxshilne; John de Burleye; William Ward; Gilbert de Bele; and Phillip James; and Richard le Fremon (deceased). Conspiracy at Stratford upon Avon. [9]


  • T1334: Oyer and terminer case held at Stratford. [10]


  • T1342 A: John son of John Hobekynes de Warrewyk v. Robert son of Nicholas Geronde de Stratford super Avone chaplain and Richard del Hay de Bromwych barker. Trespass. [11] rcp


  • E1344 A: Warwickshire. Edmund de Staunton v. Thomas de Pykenham de London merchant, Robert Brome, John atte Lake, John Frere, and John Denesone de Stratford. Trespass and imprisonment at Stratford upon Avon. [12] rcp
  • M1344 A: Warwickshire. Edmund de Staunton v. John Denesone de Stratford. Trespass at Stratford upon Avon in 18 Edward III: false imprisonment for two days. [13] rcp


  • T1345 A: Warwickshire. John son of Alan Paynot v. John de Burleye de Snytenfeld warner, John son of Walter de Shokereswell de Ayleston, Henry le Bonde de Athereston chaplain, John le Skyinnere de Ilmedon fleshewere, and Henry de Wilmecote de Snytenfeld together with William Hogges de la Welde. Trespass assault at Stratford upon Avon. [14], [15] rcp
  • T1345 B: Warwickshire. Agnes de Oxenford v. Walter le Prest spycer and Roesia his wife and Thomas le Horsman de Ilmyndon mason. Trespass assault at Stratford upon Avon. [16] rcp
  • 1345 A: Warwickshire. Rex v. Robert Pount, William Gorshawe, John Penne, John de Sauleye, Thomas le Muleward, John Edemay, Gilbert le Coke, and John Frere sr. Margaret quo was the wife of Richard le Persouns of Stratford upon Avon had prosecuted Richard le Taillour for the death of her husband, Richard. He was attached and delivered to the constables of Stratford by the town of Stratford to be taken to the king's jail in Warwick until he was delivered. The defendants forcibly set him free. [17] rcp


  • M1347 A: Warwickshire. Richard de Barre v. Richard le Younge de Warwick. Trespass assault at Stratford upon Avon in 1347. Plea of not guilty and jury summons. [18] rcp
  • M1347 B: Warwickshire. Rex v. Robert Pount, William Borshawe, John de Sanley, Thomas le Muleward, John Edemay, Gilbert le Coke, and John Frere sr. Margaret who was the wife of Richard le Persouns of Stratford upon Avon appealed Richard le Taillour for the death of her husband. He was attached and delivered to the constables to be held in the Warwick jail. The defendants freed him. Jury returned that they were not guilty. [19] rcp The case of Margaret v. Richard le Tailour [20] rcp


E1350 A: Warwickshire. John de Clopton v. William de Welcoumbe chaplain. Trespass at Stratford upon Avon: assault. [21] rcp

M1350 A: Warwickshire. Gilbert Chasteleyn chivaler v. Robert le Masoun de Stratford, Adam le Masoun, Thomas de Caumpeden carpenter, Robert le Norryes, Nicholas Edward, William Leukarden, William Adam bacstere, Richard le Whytare, John Meke, William Skynner, Nicholas de Astone, Thomas Mollyng, John atte Corner, Roger Lodare, William Blobester, Walter Bagger, Richard de Quenton, Gregory le Smyth, William Elianore, Robert Egat, Thomas le Smyth, William Knody, Richard le Whytesmyth, and Thomas Otyngdon de Stratford. Trespass taking of goods worth 100s and assaulting his men and servants. [22] rcp

T1352 A: Warwickshire. Assize of mort d'ancestor. Margery wife of Adam Royne de Stratford upon Avon and Joan her sister v. William Kypemakere, William son of William de Westington, Robert atte Corner, John Filgrene, John Lacy, Richard son of Hugh Ryvet, and John Pydele on the death of William Royne father of Margery and Joan for various rents in Stratford upon Avon. [23] rcp

T1352 B: Warwickshire. Thomas Kaytewayt bailiff of John de la Lee at Clifford was taken by an indictment before John de Stauford coroner in Warwickshire for the killing in 1351 of Alan le Plomere of Stratford. The jury returned that Alan came upon Thomas with swords and bucklers and there were contentious words between them moved by Alan. Alan took out his sword and wanted to strike Thomas, but Thomas fled as much as he was able. Alan ferociously followed him to kill him if he could. Thomas wanted to enter a house in Stratford, but a servant, seeing Thomas coming, wanted to close the door. In closing the door he caught Thomas's left arm between the door and frame, so that Thomas was tightly held. Alan came running up with sword drawn to kill him. Thomas could not get away or save his life, so he struck Alan on the head with the poleax he had in his right hand and thus killed Alan in self defence. [] rcp

T1352 C: Warwickshire. Found by jury between John de Pidle of Stratford plaintiff and Adam Ruyn and Margaret his wife and Joan Ruyn that defendants took goods in 1352 in Stratford upon Avon with damages of 6s8d. [24] rcp

  • E1355 A: Warwickshire. William Bakere de Warwick (qui tam) v. Oliver le Sawyere of Stratford upon Avon and William de Gloucestre. Trespass and contempt. [25] rcp
  • T1355 A: Warwickshire. John de Vaal v. Richard Fille, John Whitesmyth, Thomas Benet, William Welynton, William le Frettere, Thomas de Clopton, Richard le Whytesmyth, John atte Corner, John le Heyward, John le Whelere, Agnes Fille, Thomas Spencer, and William atte Barre, together with John de Stateshurst chaplain, William Blonacre, Richard le Sclattere, William le Wyse, Thomas Bowere, John de Otyndon, William Brid, William le Heyward, and John the Wardeyns Page de Stretford super Avone. Trespass: taking of goods and chattels worth 20 p.s. at Stratford upon Avon and assault on Henry de Norton the servant of Vaal in 1355. Not guilty plea as to the taking. As to the assault, plea that Henry with other wrongdoers assaulted Robert Chapmon de Snittenfield so that hue and cry was raised; Richard Fille and others came with the bailiffs of the town to attach Henry and Henry did not submit but attacked the bailiffs. Jury summons. [26] rcp
  • T1355 B: Warwickshire. William de Cavereswell knight v. Richard Fille and Agnes his wife, John Whitesmyth, Thomas Benet, William Welynton, William le Frettere, Thomas de Clopton, Richard le Whytesmyth, John atte Corner, John le Heyward, John le Whelere, William le Kernere, and Thomas Spenser, together with John de Pateshurst chaplain, William Bolenacre the Wardeyns bailif of Stretford, Richard le Sklattere, William le Wyse, Thomas Bowyere, Walter Midewynter, William Brid, William Fippun, and John Salley. Trespass, taking of goods and chattels (cloths, gold, silver and utensils) worth 100s; assault of servants in 1355. Plea of not guilty as to taking goods. As to the assault of James Eliot and Robert atte Yate, plea that they with other wrongdoers assaulted Robert Chapmon de Snitenfeld; the hue and cry was raised and they came with the bailiffs of Stratford to attach him but he would not submit. Jury summons.[27]
  • T1355 C: Warwickshire. Nicholas de Aston v. Hugh Power de Clyfford chaplain, Agnes le Frettare of Stratford upon Avon, John Farndon chaplain. [28], [29] rcp
  • M1355 A: Warwickshire. John Haregrene v. John Hogges de Admondescote. Trespassory rape (not rape) of his wife Joan at Stratford upon Avon. [30] rcp
  • M1355 B: Warwickshire. Ralph parson of Clifford v. William le Taillour of Stratford upon Avon, Thomas Benet of Stratford upon Avon, Henry le Cooke and John Hickes. Trespass. [31] rcp
  • T1356 A: Warwickshire. Adam Aylemond of Stratford upon Avon and Alice his wife v. John Kyngot fleshewer. Trespass. [32], [33] rcp
  • T1356 A: Warwickshire. Nicholas Saucer of Stratford upon Avon v. Robert Pount of Stratford upon Avon and John Bernard. Trespass. [34], [35], [36]. Pleaded: assault in 1356 at Stratford upon Avon; alleged damages of 20 ps. Plea of not guilty. [37], [38], [39] rcp
  • T1356 B: Warwickshire. John de Insula v. John de Cokfeld of Stratford upon Avon, Richard son of Richard Birmyngham, John Hayward of Stratford upon Avon fleshewere, William le Taillour, William de Pathelowe, John Brounmon, and William Brounmon. Trespass [40] rcp
  • H1357 A: Warwickshire. Isabella late the wife of William de Hatton v. John atte Lake of Stratford upon Avon. Trespass. [41], [42] rcp
  • T1357 A: Warwickshire. Roger de Ludon v. Ralph parson of Clifford. Trespass: assault at Stratford upon Avon. [43] rcp
  • T1357 B: Warwickshire. Master John de Hatton v. William Taillour de Stratford upon Avon, William de Shotride chaplain, Walter Bruhill, and John Bruhill together with John Kemot, John Lacy, John de Wircetre, Thomas Edward, and Thomas Richardeservant. Trespass: in 1356 assault at Stratford upon Avon and taking of clothes, gold and silver jewelry, and crops worth 10 ps, and assault of his servants (John Stratford and Robert le Chaumberleyn). [44], [45], [46] rcp
  • T1358 A: Warwickshire. John de Cokfeld v. John Rygelot of Stratford upon Avon. Trespass. [47] rcp
  • E1374 A: Warwickshire. Attaint on Novel Disseisin: John Pydele of Stratford upon Avon v. Nicholas Lacy of Stratford upon Avon (Nicholas being plaintiff in the attaint). [48]


  • M1377 A: Appeal of felony. Joan late wife of Robert Judde v. Richard son of William Glovere of Stratford upon Avon; John Glover of the same; William Glovere jr of the swame; William Glovere, sr, of the same; Walter Golde of the same; Thomas de Compton of the same; Ralph Saucer of the same; Richard Fylle of the same; John de Yerdeley of the same, draper; Richard Ilmyndon of the same; John Taillour of the same; Thomas Benet of the same; William Taillour of the same; Thomas Benet of the same; William Taillour of the same; Thomas de Etyngdon of the same; John Herryesservant Standich of Clifford; Robert de Bereford of Stratford upon Avon; Hugh Baillyf of Whachurch; and John Baillyf of Shotride. Concerning the death of Robert late Joan's husband, whereof William Glovere sr was the principle felon. [49]; [50] Followed immediately by another appeal in which Margery late wife of Thomas Luffe sued the same parties, but for the death of Thomas Luffe and with Richard son of William Glovere as the principle felon. [51]; [52]

T1387 A: Trespass: taking of goods and chattels and breach of close. Thomas Boydon & Agnes his wife v. Thomas Compton de Stratford upon Avon together with Richard Ilmynton of Stratford upon Avon; and John Pedull, smith. [53]