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1360-1379 to Abingdon Officials 1550-1599
Abingdon Officials 1600-1649 to Aveton Court Records
Aveton Data Tables to Belper Court Records
Belper Data Tables to Bradford-on-Avon Accounts
Bradford-on-Avon Charters to Burton Data Tables
Burton Documents to C78 1798
C78 1799 to CP 152, 154
CP 152, 154. 1560 May 24: Letter, Thomas Randolph to the Duke of No... to Castle
Castle Cary Accounts to Cleobury Mortimer Researchers
ClerkTest to Coville
Coward to Doncaster Data Tables
Doncaster Documents to Elwards
Elwes to Gainsborough Accounts
Gainsborough Charters to Harrow Documents
Harrow Researchers to Holywell Charters
Holywell Court Records to Kingsbridge Researchers
Kingsbridge Tables to Linton Charters
Linton Court Records to MONTGOMERYSHIRE Documents
MONTGOMERYSHIRE Researchers to Milton-Abbas Charters
Milton-Abbas Court Records to Newenden Accounts
Newenden Charters to Old Sarum Court Records
Old Sarum Data Tables to Pleaseley Court Records
Pleaseley Data Tables to Reach Documents
Reach Researchers to SP 1559 June
SP 1559 May to STAC 5/C11-C15
STAC 5/C14/9 to STAC Antrobus
STAC Antys to STAC Bickley
STAC Bicknell to STAC Buckler
STAC Buckley to STAC Child
STAC Childers to STAC Dale
STAC Dallamine to STAC Ewes
STAC Exelby to STAC Gorson
STAC Goslett to STAC Hewetson
STAC Hewett to STAC Kellond
STAC Kelstorne to STAC Madstard
STAC Maggs to STAC Nightgale
STAC Nightingale to STAC Plurett
STAC Plymouth to STAC S names
STAC Sabern to STAC Stanney
STAC Stansall to STAC Tresythin
STAC Trevanion to STAC Wetley
STAC Wh names to STAC county Hertfordshire
STAC county Huntingdonshire to Shrivenham Documents
Shrivenham Researchers to Stafford Officials 1400-1449
Stafford Officials 1450-1499 to TNA SP12/1, 25 1558/9 Feb 18: Muster certificate, Kingston upon Hull
TNA SP12/1, 26 1558 Dec 11: Letter, Edward Turner to Cecil to Toddington Court Records
Toddington Data Tables to Warenmouth Accounts
Warenmouth Charters to Whitchurch Data Tables
Whitchurch Documents to Woolwich Data Tables
Woolwich Documents to Z^