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M1301 A: Sheriff sued for imprisonment justifies as imprisonment for arrears on farm of bailiwick of Bradford. [1]

T1307 A: A composition of 51 Henry IIII between the abbot and convent of St Peter, Shrewsbury and the burgesses of Shrewsbury concerning three horse mills and a windmill within Shrewsbury and three horse mills in the suburbs. [2]. Certiorari for the record: [3]. Jury order T1312: [4]; [5]

H1314 A: Rex v. Community of Shrewsbury. Inquiry as to whether the fair at Shrewsbury is a nuisance to the fair in Overton. [6]; [7], [8]; [9], [10]

H1314 B: Abbot and Convent of St Peter, Shrewsbury v. Community of burgesses of Shrewsbury. Again concerning the four mills, but also another twelve mills within Shrewsbury. [11], [12], [13]

M1319 A: Shrewsbury market as nuisance to market at Overton. [14]