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T1298 A: Compensation for damages to ship sustained in service to the king by maritime custom. [1]


H1304 A: Taking of 3,000 boards meant for roofing and repair of the king's houses in Scarborough castle. Rex & John Constable constable of Scarborough castle v. Robert Beaufrount, John his brother, Geoffrey Boyse, & Henry his son, & Roger son of Alan le Charetter. [2]

T1304 A: Leaving tenements by will according to the custom of Scarborough. Robert Sumer of Scarborough & Agnes his wife & Matilda daughter of Walter Wisman of Scarborough v. Isabella who was the wife of Walter Wisman & Master Adam de Roston of Scarborough. [3]

M1315 A: Rex v. Adam de Fulstowe, Henry and William his brothers, Ralph de Beautre, John de Hummanby sr, Richard le Tollere, Robert Hamond, John de Folkeston, William le Corder, Robert Tuckere, Geoffrey de Folketon, & Jollanus de Wandesford. Talifer de Tile and John de Rolleston keepers of the town and the king's castle of Scarborough and Robert Waweyn king's bailiff of the town bought a certain part of the timber for repair of the castle and wanted to take that timber to the castle. The defendants made off with that timber. The keepers and bailiff wanted to attach them, but they resisted and assaulted them. The defendants then forcibly besieged and invaded the castle. [4]; [5]


M1328 A: Petition of the burgesses of Scarborough concerning two hospitals in Scarborough. [6]; [7], [8]; [9]; [10]; [11]; [12]

H1349 A: Yorkshire. Presented that Henry Coroner and William de Aton bailiffs of Scarborough released from jail without satisfaction first made to the king John son of Simon le Bakester of Scarborough, who was excommunicated and imprisoned by them at Scarborough by virtue of a royal writ significavit at the suit of Alice Page of Hundemanby; they released him for gifts received from Alan de Cleghton. [13]

H1349 B: Yorkshire. Presented that Richard de London of Beverley sequestrator of the archbishop of York in the East Riding together with other ministers of the archbishop vexed and continuingly vexes the burgesses of Scarborough against liberties granted by the king; they cite them in temporal causes not touching wills or marriage against the royal prohibition. They also cite the burgesses to appear ex officio in the chapter outside the borough by 15 miles. [14] rcp

H1349 C: Yorkshire. Presented that Richard de London of Beverley sequestrator of the archbishop of York in the East Riding and other officials cited the burgesses of Scarborough to the extreme limits of the diocese by taking 40s for the probate of wills, sometimes more sometimes less at their will; they customarily had paid only 30d for the probate of a single will according the synodal statute late approved. [15] rcp

H1349 D: Yorkshire. Presented that William vicar of Willardby had a letter from the archbishop of York to inquire within Scarbrough whether Alan de Cloghton and others in the town had communicated with a certain John son of Simon le Bakester of Scarborough who was excommunicated. The vicar without any inquiry certified by his sealed letters to the court of the archbishop that they had so communicated, whereby they were put to great loss of goods and were fatigued before the archbishop daily to their damage of 6 p.s. [16] rcp

H1349 E: Yorkshire. Richard de Ingeland (tenant in Neubald of John de Wynwyk prebendary of the prebend of Kirkhalle in Neubald in the church of St Peter, York) v. Henry Coroner, John Ython, and Adam Semer bailiffs of Scarborough and the community of the same town. While he, as tenant of the prebend by royal charter should be free of tolls and the king had so ordered by prohition to Scarborough, in 1347 they distrained him by two horses worth 30s and sold them and detained the money and at other times took 100s by name of toll. [17]