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  • see STAC Perrott - see STAC Powell - see STAC Philips
  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 41v. Riot (whereon there was no resistance) where Sir John Parratt was plaintiff against Philips et al for the same offences. Michaelmas 27 Elizabeth (kk) see STAC Perrott




  • see STAC Stepneth
  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 30r. Misdemeanor. A sheriff punished for a misdemeanor in returning of false voices for election of a knight of the parliament. Stepneth, plaintiff; Edmund Harris, sheriff of the town and county of Haverfordwest, defendant: convicted for that he returned that the burgesses gave their voices for one Gardons (History of Parliament publications name this MP as John Garnons. For the relevant file, see STAC 5/S79/34) where they gave it for the plaintiff, and for other some who were neither present, nor gave their voices against the plaintiff yet he returned their voices for the said Gardons and for haleing and pulling other some by the cloaks to pass against the plaintiff for which disorder he was committed and fined at £20. Hillary 17 Elizabeth (kk) see STAC Stepneth




  • see STAC Wyatt - see STAC Wogan - see STAC White - see STAC Walter
  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 37r. Wyatt, plaintiff; Owen. The defendant’s answer stuffed with unnecessary circumstances, and his examination to interrogatories referred to the committees to certify what cost the plaintiff had sustained by taking out several copies of answer or examination and the defendant to pay such cost to the plaintiff as they shall certify. Easter 31 Elizabeth (kk) see STAC Wyatt




Welsh names

  • more in A Catalogue of Star Chamber Proceedings Relating to Wales compiled by Ifan ab Owen Edwards, Cardiff U P 1929
  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 34v. Misdemeanor in a high sheriff for neglecting a do execution of a felon after conviction fined. Gilbert Gerrard, Attorney Rex, plaintiff; Francis Langhorne, sheriff of the country of Pembroke, defendant: for misdemeanor in the forbearing to do execution upon a felon convicted for a murder, and keeping for 18 or 19 days after judgement given, contrary to the judge’s charge by word of mouth and letter from him also to that end, for which he was fined 300 marks but not committed in regard he had been imprisoned in the Marches and there fined for the same offence, which fine was ordered to be part of the fine here. Hillary 21 Elizabeth (kk)

  • TNA E159/358 Easter Term, 11 Elizabeth. Fine paid 1569
    • From Thomas a Bowen, sheriff of the city and county of Haverford West: £5.
  • TNA E159/376 Hilary Term, 21 Elizabeth. Fine paid
    • From Francis Lawgherne, late sheriff of Pembrokeshire, gent: 100 marks.
  • TNA E159/379 Easter Term, 22 Elizabeth. Fine Paid 1584
    • From Morgan Phillippes de Picton, Pembs: £26 13s 4d.
    • From John Johnes de Picton, Pembrokes: £5.
    • From Rice Thomas Sayse de Picton, Pembs: £5.
    • From John Phillippes de Picton, Pembs: £5.
    • From Ivo Davyes de Picton, Pembs: £5.
    • From John Gytto de Picton, Pembs: £5.
    • From Henry Hoell de Picton, Pembs: £5.
    • From Henry Price de Picton, Pembs: £5.
    • From Morice Williams de Picton, Pembs: 40s.
    • From Hoell Evan de Picton, Pembs: 40s.
    • From Edward Davye Williams de Picton, Pembs: 40s.
    • From John William de Picton, Pembs: £5.
  • TNA E159/397 Trinity Term, 31 Elizabeth. Fine Paid 1589
    • From Rice Morgan de Kydwelly, Carm, gent: 40 marks.
    • From Morgan David Powell de Tynby, Pembs, gent: £6 13s 4d.
    • From Griffin Lloide de Llanstenham, Carm, gent: £6 13s 4d.
  • TNA E159/418 Michaelmas Term, 41-42 Michaelmas. Fine Paid 1599
    • From Alban Stepneth de Prendergost, Pembs, armiger: £13 6s 8d.