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  • STAC 5/W15/22 - B A Richard - 8 Eliz - Surrey - The Bailiffs of Wanborough v William Peterson et uxor, Thomas Brynd et uxor et al

Notes, Additions and Corrections

Wrongly catalogued under Surrey - Original document has been checked and it relates to Wanborough in Wiltshire.

National Archives (TNA) Discovery catalogue has the following entry :- SP 46/44/fo76A Description: Deposition of William Peterson on the debt of the late Thomas Brind to William Darrell and the bargain made between Darrell and Amys, widow of Thomas Brind, to settle the debt. Date: 1579 Nov. 25 [London] The Darrells and Brind are very much a Wanborough Wiltshire name Although this reference is 13 years later

The SP State Date is very close to a C 142 - Chancery: Inquisitions Post Mortem which relates to William Peterson C 142/186/22 1578 -9

There is a PCC Will - PROB 11/60/474 Description: Will of William Peterson, Haberdasher of London Date: 04 October 1578 which would seem a good option. The images are on but there are no Wanborough references.

This William Peterson might be the same one as listed in another TNA document below WARD 2/58/215/22xxx Description: Copy of an acquittance of Simon le Buck, merchant of Antwerp, to Henry Sharington of Lacock, Wiltshire, for £200 in full satisfaction of an award dated 26 June 1556 (indented by George Leton and William Peterson, citizens and merchants of London, and Bartholomew Campagny and Charles Remiaini, merchants of Florence) for lead received by Sir William Sharington, knight, deceased, of Roger Cooke, mayor of Bristol, on 20 March 1551, by warrant of Sir Richard Sakevile, knight, then chancellor of the Court of Augmentations. Date: 1556 July 9