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Heron, Edward

  • STAC 5/H54/8 - B A - 35 Eliz - Edward Heron v Edward Wynike
  • STAC 5/H3/11 - A - 36 Eliz - Edward Herron v Edward Wymarke
  • STAC 5/H28/24 - I D - 36 Eliz - Edward Heron v Edward Wymarke
  • STAC 5/H23/27 - B - 37 Eliz - Edward Heron v John Pinchin, Lawrence Jervais

Heron, John

  • STAC 5/H73/3 - B A - 31 Eliz - John Heron v Edward Charleton, Jeffry Robson et al

Heron, Margery or Margaret

  • STAC 5/H81/28 - B - 40 Eliz - Margery Heron, Reignold Heron v Henry Bowes, Thomas Arrowsmith et al
  • STAC 5/H52/7 - B A - - Margaret Hearon v Thomas Arrowsmith, Christopher Thompson et al

Heron, Oswald

  • STAC 5/H79/35 - B - 31 Eliz - Oswald Heron v Thomas Erington, Thomas Clavering et al

Heron, Reginald

  • STAC 5/H53/21 - B A Dr - 33 Eliz - Reynold Heron v Mark Erington, William Fenwick
  • STAC 5/H4/16 - B A C - 33 Eliz - Reginald Heron v William Fenwick, Mark Crimpton, William Fenwick Jr, Thomas Fenwick et al
  • STAC 5/H68/5 - B A C - 34 Eliz - Reignold Heron v William Fenwyck, Michael Erington et al
  • STAC 5/H31/18 - I D - 33 Eliz - Reginald Heron v Mark Erington, Randalph Fenwich
  • STAC 5/H77/5 - B - 42 Eliz - Reignold Hearon v John Pygott, William Halsay et al
  • STAC 5/H35/24 - B - 43 Eliz - Reynold Heron v Roger Woderington

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • STAC 5/H73/3 - John Heron of Chipchas[e], Northumberland. Answer of Edward Charleton. Assault at Bellingham, Northumberland.(dk) Transcript STAC 5/H73/3
  • STAC 5/H79/35 - Oswald Herron of Chipchasse, Northumberland & John Dixon of Humsaughe [Humshaugh], Northumberland. Messuage in Humsaughe.(dk)
  • STAC 5/H4/16 - Northumberland. Reynold Heron of Chipchase, Northumberland. Forcibly entering a barn, threshing and carrying away corn from Prudhoe, Northumberland.(dk)
  • STAC 5/H35/24 - Reynold Heron of Chipchase, Northumberland & Margery Heron, widow, late wife of John Heron decd, mother of the said Reynold, & Margaret Heron of Chipchase, sister of the said Reynold. Theft of threshed & unthreshed wheat, barley, rye & oats at Birtley & Chipchase, Northumberland. Deft Roger Woodrington is late of Dilstone, Northumberland.(dk)
  • STAC 5/H31/18 - Interrs refer to the breaking into a barn at Prudhoe, Northumberland, and threshing and taking away corn. Also to breaking doors and/or walls at Prudhoe Castle, and attempt to deprive the complt of his possession of the castle. Part of STAC 5/H4/16(dk)