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B Bill of Complaint Dr Demurrer A Answer Rn Replication Rr Rejoinder C Commission I Interrogatories D Deposition

Heron, Edward

  • STAC 5/H54/8 - B A - 35 Eliz - Edward Heron v Edward Wynike
  • STAC 5/H3/11 - A - 36 Eliz - Edward Herron v Edward Wymarke
  • STAC 5/H28/24 - I D - 36 Eliz - Edward Heron v Edward Wymarke
  • STAC 5/H23/27 - B - 37 Eliz - Edward Heron v John Pinchin, Lawrence Jervais

Heron, John

  • STAC 5/H73/3 - B A - 31 Eliz - Northumberland - John Heron v Edward Charleton, Jeffry Robson et al. Transcribed STAC 5/H73/3

Heron, Margery or Margaret

  • STAC 5/H81/28 - B - 40 Eliz - Margery Heron, Reignold Heron v Henry Bowes, Thomas Arrowsmith et al
  • STAC 5/H52/7 - B A - - Margaret Hearon v Thomas Arrowsmith, Christopher Thompson et al

Heron, Oswald

  • STAC 5/H79/35 - B - 31 Eliz - Northumberland - Oswald Heron v Thomas Erington, Thomas Clavering et al

Heron, Reginald

  • STAC 5/H53/21 - B A Dr - 33 Eliz - Northumberland - Reynold Heron v Mark Erington, William Fenwick
  • STAC 5/H4/16 - B A C - 33 Eliz - Northumberland - Reginald Heron v William Fenwick, Mark Crimpton, William Fenwick Jr, Thomas Fenwick et al
  • STAC 5/H68/5 - B A C - 34 Eliz - Northumberland - Reignold Heron v William Fenwyck, Michael Erington et al
  • STAC 5/H31/18 - I D - 33 Eliz - Northumberland - Reginald Heron v Mark Erington, Randalph Fenwich
  • STAC 5/H77/5 - B - 42 Eliz - Reignold Hearon v John Pygott, William Halsay et al
  • STAC 5/H35/24 - B - 43 Eliz - Northumberland - Reynold Heron v Roger Woderington

Bevan Case Index

  • Heron v Arrowsmith - STAC 5/H52/7
  • Heron v Bowes - STAC 5/H81/28
  • Heron v Charlton - STAC 5/H73/3
  • Heron v Errington - STAC 5/H79/35, STAC 5/H31/18, STAC 5/H53/21
  • Heron v Fenwick - STAC 5/H4/16, STAC 5/H68/5
  • Heron v Pigott - STAC 5/H77/5
  • Heron v Pinchin - STAC 5/H23/27
  • Heron v Widdrington - STAC 5/H35/24
  • Heron v Wymark - STAC 5/H54/8, STAC 5/H3/11, STAC 5/H28/24

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • STAC 5/H73/3 - John Heron of Chipchas[e], Northumberland. Answer of Edward Charleton. Assault at Bellingham, Northumberland.(dk)
  • STAC 5/H79/35 - Oswald Herron of Chipchasse, Northumberland & John Dixon of Humsaughe [Humshaugh], Northumberland. Messuage in Humsaughe.(dk)
  • STAC 5/H4/16 - Northumberland. Reynold Heron of Chipchase, Northumberland. Forcibly entering a barn, threshing and carrying away corn from Prudhoe, Northumberland.(dk)
  • STAC 5/H35/24 - Reynold Heron of Chipchase, Northumberland & Margery Heron, widow, late wife of John Heron decd, mother of the said Reynold, & Margaret Heron of Chipchase, sister of the said Reynold. Theft of threshed & unthreshed wheat, barley, rye & oats at Birtley & Chipchase, Northumberland. Deft Roger Woodrington is late of Dilstone, Northumberland.(dk)
  • STAC 5/H31/18 - Interrs refer to the breaking into a barn at Prudhoe, Northumberland, and threshing and taking away corn. Also to breaking doors and/or walls at Prudhoe Castle, and attempt to deprive the complt of his possession of the castle. Part of STAC 5/H4/16(dk)
  • STAC 5/H31/18 - Deponents, 16 May Anno 33 Eliz: Marke Errington of Pontyland Northumberland gentleman, Randalle Fenwicke of Newcastle upon Tyne merchant (dk)
  • STAC 5/H53/21 or STAC 5/H4/16 - Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 52r. The privilege granted to a defendant and his costs by reason of his arrest. Heron plaintiff Fenwick defendant a writ of privilege to discharge the defendant attending the prosecution of the cause and the plaintiff committed therefore and ordered to pay the defendant all such cost as he hath sustained by the said arrest. Easter 33 Elizabeth (kk)