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Ely, Nicholas

  • STAC 5/E17/9 - B - - Nicholas Elye v Richard Rogers, Robert Breckstone et al

Ely, Bishop of

  • STAC 5/E1/22 - B A Rn Rr - - Cambridgeshire - Bishop of Ely v Robert Gibson, Simon Davyes, Robert Hill, Richard Ennell et al
  • STAC 5/E1/23 - B A Rn Rr - - London - Bishop of Ely v Thomas Blacwall, [blank] Beste, [blank] Castell, Richard Olyver
  • STAC 5/E4/16 - I D - 3 Eliz - Bishop of Ely v Thomas Blackwall, Richard Oliver

Ely, Dean and Chapter of

  • STAC 5/E11/1 - B A C Rn I D - 31 Eliz - Dean & Chapter of Elye v Thomas Manne, John Martiall, Thomas Pechie et al
  • STAC 5/E9/6 - I D - 30 Eliz - Dean and Chapter of Elye v Thomas Mann, John Martial et al
  • STAC 5/E2/17 - Rr - 30 Eliz - Dean and Chapter of Ely v Robert Webb, Ambrose Ashwell, Thomas Man, Thomas Coates et al
  • STAC 5/E2/25 - I D - 32 Eliz - Dean and Chapter of Ely v John Kendal, Robert Huske, John Parkins
  • STAC 5/E3/12 - I D - 30 Eliz - Dean and Chapter of Ely v Richard Maye
  • STAC 5/E9/21 - B - 30 Eliz - Dean and Chapter of Elye v Thomas Mann, John Marshall et al

Bevan Case Index

  • Bishop of Ely v Blackwall - STAC 5/E1/23, STAC 5/E4/16
  • Bishop of Ely v Gibson - STAC 5/E1/22
  • Dean of Ely v Kendall - STAC 5/E2/25
  • Dean of Ely v Mann - STAC 5/E9/21, STAC 5/E11/1, STAC 5/E9/6
  • Dean of Ely v Maye - STAC 5/E3/12
  • Dean of Ely v Webb - STAC 5/E2/17
  • Ely v Rogers - STAC 5/E17/9

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • STAC 5/E1/22 - Bill Wisbech Fen or Wisbech high fen a great waste ground in co Cambridge, belonging to the Bishopric of Ely but time out of mind the inhabitants of Wisbech have commoned there at all times of the year fowling, fishing. Robert Gybson of Tyde Symon Daynes Robt Hill Richard Gunnell Henry Day John King Thomas Makepes John Rawlins James Halder Simon Tompson Thomas Rede and many other named persons invaded the fen to take the fishing and fowling from the people of Wisbech.
  • STAC 5/E1/23 - Ely Place Holborne London. forcible entry.
  • STAC 5/E9/6 - Boundaries of a piece of ground called Townemore. Whether the tenants of the manors of Lakinghethe and/or Mildenhall, both Suffolk, have rights of common.(dk)