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Avery, Agnes and Robert

  • STAC 5/A32/34 - B A Rr C I D - 11 Eliz - Devon - Agnes Averye. Robert Averye v Roger Gottam, Christopher Galimor, Dennys Bennett, George Raynsbye, Thomas Rosse, Edward Bynford
  • STAC 5/A6/21 - I D - 11 Eliz - Devon - Agnes Avery, Robert Avery v Dennis Bennel, George Randesbie, John Burford, Roger Gotham
  • STAC 5/A27/26 - B - 15 Eliz - Agnes Averye, Robert Averye, v Edmond Gowden, John Mylles

Avery, James

  • STAC 5/A48/27 - B - 17 Eliz - James Averye v Thomas White, Richard Harris, Richard Hayne
  • STAC 5/A10/9 - I D - 17 Eliz - James Averye v Robert White, Thomas Harris et al
  • STAC 5/A35/25 - A Rn Rr - 17 Eliz - James Avery v Thomas White, Richard Harries, Thomas Freeman et al

Avery, John

  • STAC 5/A43/38 - I D - 25 Eliz - John Avery v John Love, Thomas Pellam, Richard Day
  • STAC 5/A52/25 - Sussex - B A Rn Rr - 24 Eliz - John Avery v John Love, Thomas Pelham et al

Avery, Michael

  • STAC 5/A18/22 - B - - Michael Avery v Martin Rodgett, Richard Roberts et al
  • STAC 5/A12/11 - B - 22 Eliz - Michael Avery et uxor v John Pascowe, Henry Alman et al
  • STAC 5/A32/13 - B - 20 Eliz - Michaell Avery v Richard Roberts Jr, Henry Alman, Henry Cosen et al

Avery, Richard

  • STAC 5/A56/25 - A - 31 Eliz - Richard Avery v Gregory Seley et al
  • STAC 5/A40/9 - B A - 5 Eliz - Richard Avery v Robert Avery, John Ley

Avery, Robert

  • STAC 5/A41/24 - B - 29 Eliz - Somerset - Robert Avery v Gregory Sely, Hugh Warman, Thomas Davye et al
  • STAC 5/A47/15 - B A Rn Rr - 29 Eliz - Robert Averye v Lord Edward Seymour et al
  • STAC 5/A38/15 - I D - 29 Eliz - Robert Averie v Sir Edward Seymoure
  • STAC 5/A3/21 - B - 32 Eliz - Carmarthen ? - Robert Avery v John Piddeley, James How, Edward Payne et al
  • STAC 5/A52/39 - A - 32 Eliz - Carmarthen ? - Robert Avery v Edward Payne et al
  • STAC 5/A12/23 - Rn - - Carmarthen ? - Robert Avery v Edward Payne et al
  • STAC 5/A31/28 - I D - 32 Eliz - Carmarthen ? - Robert Averye v Robert Paine, James Rogers

Bevan Case Index

  • Avery v Avery - STAC 5/A40/9
  • Avery v Bennett - STAC 5/A32/34, STAC 5/A6/21
  • Avery v Gowden - STAC 5/A27/26
  • Avery v Love - STAC 5/A52/25, STAC 5/A43/38
  • Avery v Pascow - STAC 5/A12/11
  • Avery v Payne - STAC 5/A3/21, STAC 5/A12/23, STAC 5/A31/28, STAC 5/A52/39, STAC 5/A32/13
  • Avery v Rodgett - STAC 5/A18/22
  • Avery v Sely - STAC 5/A56/25, STAC 5/A41/24
  • Avery v Seymour - STAC 5/A47/15, STAC 5/A38/15
  • Avery v White - STAC 5/A48/27, STAC 5/A10/9, STAC 5/A35/25

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • STAC 5/A38/15 Edward Seymour. 50 pound obligation.
  • STAC 5/A3/21 - Robert Avery farmer of the vicarage of Newton St Clears in ?Carmarthen
  • STAC 5/A52/39 - Answer of Edward Payne one of the defendants - very short
  • STAC 5/A32/34 - Commission. 2 x Interrogatories. Vast amounts of very legible depositions, taken in Exeter. Rejoinder of Gottam, Galemore, Binford, Rosse, Bennet, and Ranesby. Answer Thomas Rosse. Replication of Agnes and Robert Averie. Answer of Bennett and Raynesby. Answer of Gottam, Galemore and Birford. Bill of Agnes Averie widow of Richard Averie (who died intestate) of Marsh co Devon and Robert his son. inheritance dispute, Devon
  • STAC 5/A6/21 - Imp: whether you did know Richard Averie late of Marshe in co Devon deceased. Questions about the will. Agnes Avery is the widow.
  • STAC 5/A41/24 - Robert Avery alias Rydhill of Enmore? co Somerset yeoman. Sir Henry Berkley as sheriff of Somerset raised large sums of mony for the Queen’s use. Six pounds charged upon the lands of Sir Richard Rogers knight to be levied by way of distress.
  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 27r. Perjury in the spiritual court stayed until the precedents were sought to warrant the proceedings. Averie, plaintiff; Gotham et al: perjury committed in the spiritual court, search of the precedents ordered to be made whether this court had punished any perjury committed in any spiritual court before the statute of perjury made in year five of the Queen, to the end this cause might be punished. Trinity 13 Elizabeth (kk)