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Abaurt, Agnes

Abbott, Elizabeth

  • STAC 5/A2/35 - B A Rn Rr - 15 Eliz - Yorkshire - Elizabeth Abbott v William Webster, Thomas Tomlyn, Thomas Crowsy, Nicholas Croser et al
  • STAC 5/A14/35 - I D - 14 Eliz - Elizabeth Abbott v William Webster, Thomas Tomlynne et al

Abbott, Henry

  • STAC 5/A35/26 - B A - 42 Eliz - Henry Abbott v John Buckler, John Gollop

Abbott, John

  • STAC 5/A52/10 - B - - Wiltshire - John Abotte v Edward Ticheborne

Abbott, Nicholas

  • STAC 5/A52/33 - B A Rn - 19 Eliz - Herefordshire - Nicholas Abbot v Edmond Hyde, Dynnis Conway, John Bayford, Thomas Cariant, John Cost et al
  • STAC 5/A8/29 - I D - 19 Eliz - Nicholas Abbot v Edmond Hinde, Dennys Conwaye, Thomas Sargeant et al

Abbott, Robert

  • STAC 5/A4/15 - B A C - 43 Eliz - Robert Abbott v Joan Bladen, Margaret Bayly
  • STAC 5/A38/5 - I D - 42 Eliz - Derbyshire - Robert Abbott v Hugh Bladon et al

Abbott, William

  • STAC 5/A53/34 - B - 17 Eliz - William Abbatt v Thomas Chollowill, John Deymand
  • STAC 5/A52/11 - B - 23 Eliz - Cornwall - William Abbott v William Harris

Attorney General

  • STAC 5/A50/16 - B Dr - 40 Eliz - AG v John Abbot, John Rabbetts, George Pike, John Licke

Bevan Case Index

  • Abbott v Bladon - STAC 5/A4/15, A38/5
  • Abbott v Buckler - STAC 5/A35/26
  • Abbott v Chollowill - STAC 5/A53/34
  • Abbott v Harris - STAC 5/A52/11
  • Abbott v Hynde - STAC 5/A52/33, STAC 5/A8/29
  • Abbott v Tichbourne - STAC 5/A52/10
  • Abbott v Webster - STAC 5/A2/35, STAC 5/A14/35

Notes, Additions and Corrections:

  • STAC 5/A2/35 - one Bartilmew Abbott late husbant of the complainant seised of property in Bellessies in Yorkshire v Wm Webster of Flamborough Yorkshire esquire
  • STAC 5/A38/5 - Hugh Bladon of Wynsell in co Darby husbandman
  • STAC 5/A52/33 - Nicholas Abbot clerk of Branfeilde [Brimfield?] in the co of Heref, parson of the parish church of Branfeild as which he owned a plot of land with trees on it. Edward Skegges esquire Servant of the Powltrie abuse of purveyance (is this
  • STAC 5/A52/10 - Suit by John Abbott against Mary Graye widow in the consistory court for withholding rents of the parsonage of Semley co Wiltshire of which he was the farmer. Edwarde Tichebourne was a Proctor in that court.