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Undated 1568, 11 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 48 are here [1]

  • TNA SP 12/48, 67. Letter, Dean and Chapter of Christ Church Oxford to Cecil, admission of Glasier to Holy Orders
  • TNA SP 12/48, 68. Catalogue of books recently published
  • TNA SP 12/48, 69. Form of subscription, Justices of the Peace, Act for Uniformity, Common Prayer administration of the Sacraments
  • TNA SP 12/48, 70. Note, papers in the State Paper Office, for preventing and diminishing the plague in London
  • TNA SP 12/48, 71. Licence, for the Stillyard to export up to 8,000 pieces of cloth
  • TNA SP 12/48, 72. Note, parcels of land as Lord Monteagle has promised that Mr. Pelham should purchase of him
  • TNA SP 12/48, 73. Pedigree of the family of Fitzwalter, deduced from Anselm Lord Fitzwalter, temp. William 1st, to 1568
  • TNA SP 12/48, 74. Inventory, goods of Anthony Herwegs, citizen of Cologne, taken by pirates
  • TNA SP 12/48, 75. List, ports in the West of England and other parts, to which Customers are appointed
  • TNA SP 12/48, 76. Note of the demand of money claimed by the Genoese, Luccoys, and Spaniards, as it was laden in Spain
  • TNA SP 12/48, 77. Note of the light horse certified in South Wales and North Wales
  • TNA SP 12/48, 78. Accompt of pelts and skins carried out of the realm by Merchant Strangers of the Low Countries
  • TNA SP 12/48, 79. Extracts from the registers of the Archbishops of Canterbury, Lincoln is under the jurisdiction of Canterbury
  • TNA SP 12/48, 80. Petition, Barrington to exchange certain lands and manors
  • TNA SP 12/48, 81. Genealogical memoranda probably relating to TNA SP 12/48, 81
  • TNA SP 12/48, 82. Petition of Robert Nele to PC, Complains of John Dyon of Grymsby for religion in the reign of the late Queen
  • TNA SP 12/48, 83. Petition from the coasts of Norfolk and Suffolk to PC, to export fish duty free

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