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Undated 1566, 8 & 9 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 41 are here [1]

  • TNA SP 12/41, 54. Questions in theology, natural and moral philosophy, law, &c. to be argued at Oxford.
  • TNA SP 12/41, 55. Another paper of questions propounded at Oxford. 1566 In Cecill's hand.
  • TNA SP 12/41, 56. List of questions, arranged after the manner of Bellarmin; to be discussed at Oxford. 1566
  • TNA SP 12/41, 57. Notes, should the Company of Merchant Adventurers, returninf to the Low Countries, to repair to Antwerp
  • TNA SP 12/41, 58. Notes, by Cecil, of the inconvenience of extending the power of bringing more wines into the realm
  • TNA SP 12/41, 59. Answer, town of Shrewsbury to the petition of West Chester to have a staple of the cottons and friezes
  • TNA SP 12/41, 60. Certificate, Lord Mayor of London, foreigners subsidy collected, Merchant Adventurers in Flanders exempt
  • TNA SP 12/41, 61. Notes, customs, scavage, and other duties, payable by strangers
  • TNA SP 12/41, 62. Leter, Abel Sylvius to Cecil, compliments him on his virtues, and solicits his patronage
  • TNA SP 12/41, 63. List, Judges and principal officers in several Courts of Law
  • TNA SP 12/41, 64. Note, of the rents of Thomas Robinson, Warwickshire, ?wardship
  • TNA SP 12/41, 65. Orders, by the Earl of Warwick to be observed in the Office of Ordnance
  • TNA SP 12/41, 66. Warrant,to release those deprived for non-conformity from payment of first fruits
  • TNA SP 12/41, 67. Treatise, on the well government of a Commonwealth
  • TNA SP 12/41, 68. Account, of the Bailiff and Collector of the manor of Howton, in the county of York
  • TNA SP 12/41, 69. Grant, Hugh Councell and Ambrose Earl of Warwick, concealed lands
  • TNA SP 12/41, 70. Commission, by the Queen to, for taking up money for her service
  • TNA SP 12/41, 71. Reasons to move the Queen that orders may be appointed for the redress of many things concerning the Posts
  • TNA SP 12/41, 72. Ordinances for the order of the Posts and hackneymen, between London and Dover
  • TNA SP 12/41, 73. Table of the wages of the Posts northwards, from 1558 onwards
  • TNA SP 12/41, 74. Wages of the Posts from the Court to Berwick
  • TNA SP 12/41, 75. Petition of artificers and labourers to the Parliament, for export of leather and raw hides be restrained
  • TNA SP 12/41, 76. Notes, Cecil's hand, definition of "vagabond;" and clauses against exporting grain; and for preservation of woods
  • TNA SP 12/41, 77. Notes, the Act prohibiting any one to use any trade or art unless he has been apprenticed to the same
  • TNA SP 12/41, 78. Re-grant to Robert Earl of Leicester, manor and lands of Cleobury Mortimer
  • TNA SP 12/41, 79. Allegations, Queen of Scots, against the Lady Katharine [Grey] and touching the succession
  • TNA SP 12/41, 80. Petition, inhabitants of St. Katherines to Cecil, to prevent the sale of the liberties to the Lord Mayor of London
  • TNA SP 12/41, 81. Petition, Leonard Bates to Cecil, for possession of Welby manor, minority of Lord Dacre. 1566, wardship

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