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Undated 1565, 7 & 8 Eliz

Digital images of SP12 Volume 38 are here [1]

  • TNA SP 12/38, 30. Certificate, Commissioners for Ports in Merioneth to PC
  • TNA SP 12/38, 31. Certificate, of Robert Elyot, grain bought in Sussex, for the use of the Queen's ships
  • TNA SP 12/38, 32. Note, of regulations for weighing wool, lead, packing leather,
  • TNA SP 12/38, 33. Memorandum, of repairs necessary to be done at the Castle of St. Andrew's, Southampton
  • TNA SP 12/38, 34. Note, of pensions and allowances paid to sundry persons, probably the Council in Wales
  • TNA SP 12/38, 35. Warrant, to pay to Heralds fees for the coronation, and for the justs royal and tourney
  • TNA SP 12/38, 36. List, commodities which may be transported over the sea, and not restrained
  • TNA SP 12/38, 37. Note, on the Queen's grant to the Merchants trading to Barbary
  • TNA SP 12/38, 38. Note, grain to be purchased in various counties, with names of those to superintend
  • TNA SP 12/38, 39. Note, of certain quantities; indorsed by Cecill: grain to be carried into Flanders
  • TNA SP 12/38, 40. Note, of the prices of grain to be delivered at the ports in England
  • TNA SP 12/38, 41. Note, on the enactment of penal statutes
  • TNA SP 12/38, 42. Note, of what the Farmer of the Mint is to gain yearly, paying 12d. upon every pound weight of silver coined
  • TNA SP 12/38, 43. Proposal, for farming the Mint, "the "offer of 9d.; Lannison's last offer."
  • TNA SP 12/38, 44. Proposal, the Mint "the laste offer, Lannyson's; 2s. uppon gold, 9d. uppon silver."
  • TNA SP 12/38, 45. Account, military stores in the Office of Ordnance in the Tower, and the supply to the end of the year
  • TNA SP 12/38, 46. Note, advantages of prohibiting the exportation of barley and malt, and by the brewing of beer for exportation instead
  • TNA SP 12/38, 47. Statement, town and castle of Scarborough, showing the importance of maintaining the pier at that port
  • TNA SP 12/38, 48. Another copy of TNA SP 12/38, 47, with some slight variation.
  • TNA SP 12/38, 49. Note, things desired in a commission for defence of the fort and island at Plymouth
  • TNA SP 12/38, 50. Estimate, charge for new making two quays at Portsmouth
  • TNA SP 12/38, 51. Estimate, number and wages of labourers to make up the quay at Portsmouth
  • TNA SP 12/38, 52. Plan, the old quay at Portsmouth, with the plan of the cranes
  • TNA SP 12/38, 53. Plan, the quay that is to be new made of stone, at Portsmouth
  • TNA SP 12/38, 54. Statement, title of Gabriel More, D.D., to the rectory of Ingoldsby, co. Lincoln
  • TNA SP 12/38, 55. Petition, Richard More, of Bristol, grocer, to PC, complaint against John Roberts and others
  • TNA SP 12/38, 56. Account, armour and munition from Sir Thomas Gresham, delivered to the Tower
  • TNA SP 12/38, 57. Notes, petitions of Mr. Throckmorton and Mr. Fisher, at the suit of Joan Wilkes, respite of homage
  • TNA SP 12/38, 58. Certificate, fines of copyholders, payable to the Queen, by Fr. Phelips, Auditor
  • TNA SP 12/38, 59. Note, money received and paid by the Lord Treasurer's order, since the Queen's going in progress
  • TNA SP 12/38, 60. Account, rents of lands in St. Alban's, Herts, in the occupation of Walter Morgan
  • TNA SP 12/38, 61. Petition, Elizabeth Shelton to Cecil, payment under Sir James Bulleyn's will
  • TNA SP 12/38, 62. Note, inconveniences if the privileges of the Intercourse should cease between England and the Low Countries
  • TNA SP 12/38, 63. Petition, Wynnington to Cecil, abuses committed by Thomas Green, in his office of Feodary of Chester
  • TNA SP 12/38, 64. Petition, Perrot to the Queen. For a grant in fee of certain impropriate parsonages in Wales
  • TNA SP 12/38, 65. Petition, Barrowe, citizen of London, to Cecil, forSanctuary at Westminster, debt
  • TNA SP 12/38, 66. Answer, Sir Ric. Sakevyle to the complaint of Sir Edw. Gage, for taking mine in his ground

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