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Digital images of SP12 Volume 35 are here [1]

Undated 1564, 6 & 7 Eliz

  • TNA SP 12/35, 30. Estimate, Office of the Armoury within the Tower of London, and in divers other places
  • TNA SP 12/35, 31. Duplicate of part of TNA SP 12/35, 30 an additions
  • TNA SP 12/35, 32. Account, armour received by the Master Gunner of Portsmouth from Newhaven
  • TNA SP 12/35, 33. Reasons for not trading with Antwerp, and for restraint of foreign traffic
  • TNA SP 12/35, 34. Note, customs levied in France on wines
  • TNA SP 12/35, 35. List, persons granted arms by William Flower, Norroy King at Arms
  • TNA SP 12/35, 36. Licence, Purveyors of Sea Fish, to import casked fish
  • TNA SP 12/35, 37. Note of the several commodities brought into the realm from divers foreign parts
  • TNA SP 12/35, 38. Bond of the late Dr. Cuthbert Scott, of Finchingfield, Essex, to remain and appear
  • TNA SP 12/35, 39. Regulations, for the Customers
  • TNA SP 12/35, 40. Proposal, Merchant Adventurers to Guinea for two Queens ships in return for a profit share
  • TNA SP 12/35, 41. List plate given by the Queen to several Ambassadors, and at various christenings
  • TNA SP 12/35, 42. William Carre to Cecil, thanking him for his patronage
  • TNA SP 12/35, 43. Latin verses, addressed to Cecil, by John Studley
  • TNA SP 12/35, 44. Notes concerning the tenure of Her Majesty's manors of Newbury and Cosham
  • TNA SP 12/35, 45. Dodington to Cecil. complimentary
  • TNA SP 12/35, 46. Prisoners at Feccamp to Master of Requests, to aid John Redman in raising their ransom
  • TNA SP 12/35, 47. List, Justices of Assize, with their shires

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