SCF 1587

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From Extracts in E159/393 ([1])

Trinity Term, 29 Elizabeth

  • From Walter Lewson, armiger, sheriff of Staffordshire: £10.
  • From William Wyrdnam de Wantage, Berks, gent: 100 marks.
  • From Joan Allam de Wantage: £10.
  • From Ralph Wolfe de Wantage: 40s.
  • From John Churche de Wantage: £5.


From Extracts in E159/394 ([2])

Michaelmas Term, 29-30 Elizabeth

  • From John Brapnell alias Bracknell de Framlingham, Suff, yeoman: £10.

(The remainder of this extract is rendered along with the fines for 1588.)