SCF 1575

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From Extracts in E159/368 [1]

Hilary Term, 17 Elizabeth

  • From Edward Harris de Haverford West in South Wales, formerly sheriff of the same: £20.

From Extracts in E159/369 [

Easter Term, 17 Elizabeth

  • From Thomas Greves de Hope, Glouc, formerly undersheriff there: £100.
  • From Ralph Reresbye de Denebye, Yorks, gent: £10.
  • From Geoffrey Rearesbye de Denebye, Yorks: £6 13s 4d.
  • From Leonard Reresbye of Barnards Inn in London, gent: £6 13 4d.

From Extracts in E159/370 [2]

Michaelmas Term, 17-18 Elizabeth

  • First, from Robert Hamonde de Stoltherton, Salop: £20.
  • From John Hamonde de Delyck, Salop: £20.
  • From Edith Moore, widow, de Bowlde, Salop: £20.
  • From John Yoman de Cleberymarche, Salop: £20.
  • From John Hallande de Aston Botterell, Salop: £20.
  • From John Mantell of Lions Inn, gent: £10.

(The remainder of this extract is rendered along with the fines of 1576.)