SCF 1573

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From Extracts in E159/365 [1]

Easter Term, 15 Elizabeth

  • From Thomas Fane, sheriff of Kent: £40.

(For more from Easter Term, see after Trinity Term)

Trinity Term, 15 Elizabeth

  • From Humfrey Moseley of the parish of St Nicholas Cole Abbey in London, grocer: £20.
  • From Luke Lane of the parish of St Stephen in London, grocer: £20.
  • From Gabriel Lane of Lincolns Inn, gent: £10.
  • From Roger Kyrrey, servant to John Blakman de le Cheapside in London, grocer: £10.


Still Trinity Term: Full record of case between John Pyne plaintiff and defendants Thomas Hil and Agnes his wife, Thomas Tresare and Alice his wife, Lawrence Rugge, Mary Hill, and Joan Hill concerning erasure of parts of deeds and writings concerning lands etc in Corye Mallett, Stowaye, Fisehead, and Newport in Somerset and also forgeries concerning the same. Fronts [2]; dorses [3].

From Extracts in E159/369 [ Hilary Term, 15 Elizabeth

  • From John, Lord Lumley: £1,000.
  • From Laurence Hollingshedd, late servant to Lord Grey de Wilton: £100.