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From Extracts in E159/344 [1]

Hilary Term, 5 Elizabeth

  • 5 February
  • From Richard Thymilbie of Thimbleby, Lincs, armiger, for his fine: £100.
  • From Thomas Parkyns of Plymouth, gent: £20.
  • From George Calton of the City of London, yeoman, for his fine: £5.
    • These fines are assessed upon them for forging and counterfeiting of certain writings and leases touching Rowse, complainant, and the said parties, defendants.
  • 30 January, 5 Elizabeth
  • From William Lydgert of Southwark, Surrey, scrivener, for his fine: £20.
    • This fine of £20 is assessed on him for divers falsehoods by him committed against the Queen Majesty's laws in a matter depending in this court between the same same Lydgert, defendant, and Grinder, plaintiff.
  • 10 February, 5 Elizabeth
  • From Edward Seymor, knight, earl of Hertford,m for his divers offences, viz, £15,000: £15,000.