SCF 1559

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From Extracts in E159/340 [1]

Hilary Term, 1 Elizabeth

  • 14 February
  • From Edward Langham de Goppysfeld, Leics, gent, for his fine: £20. The same to be paid as follows, viz, £10 before his departure out of the Fleet and the other £10 at midsummer next ensuing.

Easter Term, 1 Elizabeth

  • Last Day of May
  • From Lawrence Hide de Templecombe, Som, gent, for his fine: £20. Whereof £10 to be paid before the end of this present term of the Holy Trinity and the other £10 before the end of Michaelmas Term next.

Trinity Term, 1 Elizabeth

  • 2 June, in the same year
  • From William Cooke of Southampton, merchant: £40.
  • From John Moore of Salisbury, Wilts, merchant: £40.
  • 9 June, in the same year
  • From William Shotbolt de Yardley, Herts, gent: £10.
  • From Thomas Shotbolt de Yardley, yeoman: 20s
  • From William Pulter of Hertford, Herts, gent: £10

From Extracts in E159/342 [2]

Michaelmas Term, 1-2 Elizabeth

  • 29 November
  • From John Smith de Badow, Essex, armiger: £100.
  • From Alexander Horden of the Household of the Lord Queen: 20 marks.
    • Both paid into the Queen's receipt.

(The rest of this extract is rendered in the file for 1560)