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  • H1530 A: Error. Coventry (20 Henry VIII). Replevin without writ. John Bromeley v. William Styrop. [1] rcp
  • H1530 B: Error. Havering atte Bower (20 Henry VIII). Debt without writ. Thomas Symonde v. William White. Debt for 7 p.s. 13s4d. [2] rcp
  • H1530 C: Error. Wye (17 Henry VIII). Second delivery of animals. Robert Serle cleric and Joan Alard widow v. Simon Rolf. [3] rcp
  • E1530 A: Error. Common pleas (7 Henry VIII). Entry post disseisin. Thomas cardinal archbishop of York, Richard bishop of Winchester, Thomas Lovel knight, John Heron, John Ernley, John Porte, William Tyrwyt knight, Robert Dymmok knight, John Skypwith knight, Edmund Jenney knight, John Haydon knight, Lionel Dymmok knight, Thomas Borough knight son and heir of Edward Borough and George FitzWilliam v. William Willoughby. [4] rcp
  • E1530 B: Error. Royston piepowder court (19 Henry VIII). Trespass without writ. John Prudman de Shepereth v. William Chamberleyn of London poulter. [5] rcp
  • E1530 C: Error. Worcester (21 Henry VIII). Debt without writ. Giles Blyke v. Thomas Barston. [6] rcp
  • E1530 D: Error. Worcester (21 Henry VIII). Dower by writ. Anna Norton widow v. John Flocke and Nicholas Williams. [7] rcp
  • E1530 E: Error. Common pleas (15 Henry VIII). Trespass. Thomas Bylston v. Hugh Collett de Longdon (Staffordshire) husbandman. [8] rcp
  • E1530 F: Error. Common pleas (17 Henry VIII). Debt. Jasper de Ponte and Bernard Gavetto administrators of James de Ponte merchant of Genoa and Thomas Parker and Mary his wife coadministrator and late the widow of James de Ponte v. Peter Eggecombe of Stonehouse, Devon, knight and Katherine his wife coadministrator of Janetta ap Thomas de Carmarden in the March of Wales widow late the wife of Rise ap Thomas knight of the goods and chattels that were of Gryffyth ap Rise knight. [9] rcp
  • E1530 G: Error. Exeter (20 Henry VIII). Covenant without writ. William Colman v. Alexander Thomas. [10] rcp
  • E1530 H: Error. Common pleas (19 Henry VIII). Herefordshire. Replevin. John Chamberleyn and John Deiton v. John Acton and John Acton de Cliston. [11] rcp
  • T1530 A: Error. Common Pleas (21 Henry VIII). Hertfordshire. Trespass breach of close. Richard Burford v. Ralph Bukkerd ofLondon merchant tailor. [12] rcp
  • T1530 B: Error. Common Pleas (21 Henry VIII). Middlesex. Trespass against the statute of maintenance. Roger Wakefield citizen and clothworker of London (qui tam) v. Richard Maynard of London goldsmith. [13] rcp
  • T1530 C: Error. Norwich (21 Henry VIII). Debt for 10 marks without writ. Thomas Ebotts citizen of Norwich blacksmith v. John Chekering of Norwich mason. [14] rcp
  • M1530 A: Error. Common Please (21 Henry VIII). Trespass breach of close. Thomas Colsey v. Robert, abbot of St Savior Bermondsey, Thomas Green of Soutwark yeoman, Nicholas Wyseman of Southwark whitster, John Harford of Southwark felmonger, Thomas Kendall of Southwark felmonger, Martin Bamberd of Southwark smith. [15] rcp
  • M1530 B: Error. Common Pleas (21 Henry III). Debt. Thomas Magnus v. Nicholas Pursell of Shrewsbury. [16] rcp
  • M1530 C: Error. Great Totton (21 Henry VIII). Defamation. John Heyth v. Edmund Stokephorte cleric. Case in English. [17] rcp


  • H1531 A: Error. Common pleas (21 Henry VIII). Anual Rent. Thomas Pyrry cleric vicar of Bersted v. Thomas, prior of Christchurch, Kent, parson of Barsted. [18] rcp
  • H1531 B: Error. Common pleas (21 Henry VIII). Forgery. Thomas Parker and Katherine his wife, Thomas Karvyle, and John Reynham (qui tam) v. Simon Gawsell of Watlington gentleman. [19] rcp