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  • H1463 A: Error. Hereford (1 Edward IV). Account receiver without writ. John Pembrigge v. William ever cleric. [1] rcp
  • H1463 B: Error. Worcester (2 Edward IV). Trespass assault. Henry Lambe v. William Tovy, Roger Proctour, Edmund Porter, and Richard Hunte barber. [2] rcp
  • H1463 C: Error. Gloucester Piepowder Court (1 Edward IV). Trespass breach of close. Richard Tracy armiger v. Walter Skay de Lanthony by Gloucester armiger and Thomas Smalcombe de Nymbeley gentleman. [3] rcp
  • H1463 D: Error. Common pleas (35 Henry VI). Mesne. Cornwall. Richard, abbot of Hartland v. Joan who was the wife of John Rundell de Trerys knight. [4] rcp
  • H1463 E: Error. Justices itinerant (35 Henry VI). Novel disseisin. Berkshire. John Chalers knight and Matilda his wife v. Peter Cowdray, Edward Cowdray, Wiliam Graunt (deceased) and John Lokton. [5] rcp