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  • H1360 A: Error. Common Pleas (31 Edward III). Annual rent. Bedfordshire. William, prior of Newenham v. Prior of Merton. [1] rcp

  • M1360 A: Error. Ireland (32 Edward III). Annual rent. Abbot of Port St Mary v. Prior of St. Edmund de Athissel. [2] rcp
  • M1360 B: Error. Cheshire County Court (33 Edward III). Formedon in the remainder. William son of Peter de Brichull & Cecilia his wife v. John Sywenston. [3] rcp
  • M1360 C: Error. Common pleas (32 Edward III). Warwickshire. Account receivers. Roger la Zouche knight, William Feriby, and Anketil Mallore executors of William la Zouche late Archbishop of York v. Thomas de Carlel parson of Stanop, John Gillyng, and Roger de Eston. [4] rcp
  • M1360 D: Error. Justices itinerant (30 Edward III). Somerset. Novel disseisin. John le Yonge jr v. Walter de Wydecombe, William Vocle, Peter Vocle, John Toukere, and Thomas le Gountz & Alice his wife. [5] rcp
  • H1361 A: Error. Cheshire (34 Edward III). Right. William de Penreth & Margery his wife and Ellen late wife of Adam de Praers v. Robert de Wylaston & Margery his wife. [6] rcp
  • H1361 B: Error. Oyer and terminer (32 Edward III). Shropshire. Trespass. Lewis de Cherleton, William de Cherleton, and Thomas de Byshebury v. Hugh Carles and other wrongdoers. The wrongdoers arrayed in warlike mode took, imprisoned and mistreaed the plaintiffs and others. [7] rcp

  • M1361 A: Error. Commission on walls, gutters, and sewers in Holland, Lincolnshire (33 Edward III). [8]


  • H1362 A: Error. Common pleas (18 Edward III). Herefordshire. Nuisance: raising a gutter. Prior of Llanthony Prime in Wales v. Stephen de Ledebury dean and chapter of St Ethelbert Hereford, and Walter Carles. [9], [10] rcp
  • E1362 A: Error. Itinerant justices (26 Edward III). Berkshire. Novel disseisin. Robert son of Richard Perle de Drayton v. William son of Richard Bysshop de Abyndon and Joan the daughter of the same William, William Perle de Drayton, John Perys de Drayton, Reginald Pony de Abyndon, William Forner de Abyndon, John Northerne de Abyndon, and Thomas Stoyl de Wytenham. [11] rcp

  • T1362 A: Error. Itinerant justices (36 Edward III). Somerset. Novel disseisin. Thomas Broke v. Richard de Abberbury knight & Agnes his wife, and Nicholas Hert. [12] rcp

  • M1362 A: Error. Common pleas (16 Edward III). Yorkshire. Covenant. Richard, prior of Wartre v. Robert, abbot of Fountains. [13] rcp


  • H1363 A: Error. Justices itinerant (36 Edward III). Oxfordshire. Cristina late wife of Thomas de Lillyngston v. Thomas atte Welle, William Torvyle, Thomas Panyle, John Ferour parson of Lillingston Dansy, Geoffrey Thurbarn, John Penyfader, William Penyfader, Robert Clerk de Lillingston, Roger atte Chaumbre, and Simon Wyther. [14] rcp