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T1302 A: Prohibition. Northamptonshire. Rex v. John de Ferrers. For prosecuting Thomas, earl of Lancaster before the Archbishop of Canterbury et al. at St. Paul's. Presumed knowledge of the law. [1]. Related: [2]

H1303 A: King's council handling of a papal provision to Wolverhampton. [3]

M1303 A: Novel disseisin handling a corrody. Lawrence de Offyn v. Prior of Holy Trinity, York, Brother Gervase le Fraunceys, Brother Ingelram le Fraunceys, & Brother William le Flemyng. [4]

E1304 A: Prohibition with pardon. Nottinghamshire. Rex v. John de Auneslee. [5]

E1304 B: Prohibition. Cornwall. Rex v. William de Bodrygan archdeacon of Cornwall. concerning chapel of St. Berian. [6], [7]

T1304 A: Prohibition. Delivery of a prohibition concerning the presentation of the sacristan of the church of Blessed Mary and All Saints of York. [8], [9]

T1304 B: Prohibition. Undersheriff arrested priest during liturgy. Archbishop excommunicated undersheriff. Judgment in favor of the undersheriff or oder to arrest the archbishop. [10] See also WAALT under Canterbury.

T1304 C: Quare non admisit. Rex v. Archbishop of York. Prebend of Stillington in church of St Peter of York. [11]

M1304 A: Prohibition. Rex v. Archbishop of Canterbury. Presentation to St Oswald, Gloucester. Archbishop had excommunicated the prior and canons of the church. [12]; Related: [13]; [14]; [15]. Prior of St. Oswald v. Robert, archbishop of Canterbury. [16]. Reversal of sentence. [17]

M1304 B: Procedure without prohibition for threatening immunity of chapel of St Martin the Great in London. Rex v. Master John de Sancta Fide. [18]

M1304 C: Prohibition. Abbot of St Augustine, Canterbury v. Geoffrey, abbot of Faversham. taking of tithes in kind from Selling. [19]; [20]

H1305 A: Quare non admisit. Rex v. Master Walter de Thorp, dean of the consistory of the Arches, London & Master Gilbert de Middelton, concerning the advowson of Dodderhill, Worcestershire; the king had recovered that advowson against Robert, archbishop of Canterbury, the bishop of Worcester, the Prior of Worcester, and John de Middelton cleric. [21]

H1305 B: Illegal appeals to Rome. Rex v. Gilbert de Segrave, archdeacon of Oxford. Mainperned for parliament. [22]

M1309 A: Complicated presentment to St Leonard's Hospital in Chesterfield. [23]; [24]

H1315 A: Prohibition against creation of a vicarage that would reduce the value of a prior royal appointment to Llanbadarn-Vawr. Rex v. Bishop of St. David. [25]; see [26]

H1315 B: Rex v. Walter bishop of Exeter. Prohibition against violation of the liberty of St Berian chapel, Cornwall. [27]

E1316 A: Protection of prior of Malton in his return from parliament. [28]

T1316 A: Violation of prohibition that protected the immunity of the king's chapel of Bosham, Sussex, seemingly particularly in regard to the choir. [29]