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T1302 A: Parish lease. Oxfordshire. Robert de Askeby parson of Ducklington v. Abbot of Osney. [1]

E1303 A: Taking of tithes in kind at Hinton, Northamptonshire. Henry Cok v. William de Hynton, William Burdon parson of Hinton, Peter son of Hubert de Aynho, William le Riche de Brackele, John atte Grene de Hinton, & Richard de Hinton cleric. [2].

H1304 A: Taking of tithes in kind from the parish of Wrastlingworth; part of the tithes belonged to the parson of Potton. Master John de Sudyngton v. Adam le Rus de Hyche. [3]

E1304 A: Tithes in kind in appropriated parish of Langham. Suffolk. Edmund de Hunterston v. Prior of Ixworth, Brother Henry de Fakenham, Brother John de Sothinton de Berdewelle, Brother John le Scippere de Norton, cocanons of the same prior, Thomas de la Dale conversus of the same house, John le Walsh, Godfrey son of Anabilla de Ixworth, Robert de Blakeberwe of Ixworth, Peter le Seriaunt, Ralph Pampel, Robert son of Henry le Taillur, Thomas Andreu, John Andreu, Oliver Romeyn de Ixworth, William Cokerel de Magna Ashfeld of Ixworth, Bartholomew Stroude, Thomas de Wolpet chaplain, William son of Ralph le Clerk, John Godman, Alexander Trays, Andrew le Snor of Ixworth, John Springlond of Norton, John le Child, Nicholas Scippere of Norton, Stephen le Pafreyman of Haddenham, Peter Springlond, Roger Rasel, Peter le Rede, Gilbert le Reve, John Pye, Robert Short, Ralph le Doo, Walter le Man of Haddenham, Hugh le Webbestere de Berdewelle, Robert de Parva Ashfeld chaplain, Godfrey Digge, Adam de Sapeston, Godfrey de Westhorp, & John Mangis of St Edmund chaplain. [4]

T1304 A: Tithes in kind deriving from Astwood disputed between parson of Tyringham and prior of Tickford. Trespass taking of goods. John, parson of Tyringham v. William, prior of Tickford, John de Putenham of Caldecott, John de Herton of Chichele, Thomas Goderede, Thomas Astel, Robert Wyloun, John Andreu, Henry Palefrey, John Edde, William Bacok, Walter Butynaunt, John Bager, William Clement, William le Crysp, Simon le Provost de Chichele, Richard Aleyn, Simon Wylyon, Richard son of Tynte, Henry Sely, John Robyn, Thomas le Feure of Chichele, John Fughelberd, Thomas Bateman de Ekeneye, Robert Kinavet, Roger Hurel of Hardmead, John Wyloun, John Bert, Henry de Cosham of Tickford, Robert son of Thomas Gregori of Newport, and William son of John le Porter of Tickford. [5]. Related: Prior of Tickford v. John, parson of Tyringham for advowson of a quarter part of advowson of Astwood. [6], [7]

M1304 A: Two different parsons both claiming land as lease from different lessors. William de Burewell vicar of Codenham v. Nicholas de Sparkeford parson of Beigholt et al. [8]

M1304 B: Prohibition. Abbot of St Augustine, Canterbury v. Geoffrey, abbot of Faversham. taking of tithes in kind from Selling. [9]

E1305 A: Successive sales of the fruits in kind of Taverham parish. [10]

M1305 A: The tithes in kind from Great Eversden, Cambs. John, abbot of Blessed Mary of York v. Walter de Sancto Albano, Gilbert Sampson, Robert Balle, John de Orewelle, Henry le Feure, William le Wrighte, & William le Feure. [11]

H1305 A: Tithes in kind taken from the parson in Risby, Suff. William de Everesdone parson of Risby v. Edmund de Ho & Geoffrey de Edone. [12]

E1306 A: Tithes in kind at Wrestlingworth. John de Sudington v. John Hervy, Reginald Ferlyng, Elias Fryday, William Fryday, Hugh Rymyld, William Burgeys, Margery atte Lane, Geoffrey le Bule, William atte Lane, Ralph le Clerk, Ralph atte Grene, Hugh le Hayward, Richard Modde, John Aylyne, Emma Eylyne, & Roger her son. Trespass assault and taking of crops worth 20 marks. Jury verdict was that Master John de Sudington now parson of Potton and all his predecessors were in possession of taking part of the tithes of crops in Wrestlingworth in name of the church of Potton. On the alleged day he made to take the tithes by his servants. They collected and gathered in part, and part was still being collected when they were attacked. The tithes taken were worth 8 marks. [13] See also: Master John de Sodington parson of Potton v. aster Ralph parson of Wrastlingworth. Attachment against the prohibition, in which, because Sodington sued Ralph for a trespass in king's court, Ralph sued Sodington in court Christian before the Archbishop of Canterbury. Ralph convicted of 60s damages. [14]

T1306 A: Adam de Nailford v. John Waleys parson of Melsonby. Trespass taking of trees at night. Justified as the parson's prescriptive right of housebot and haybot. [15]

M1306 A: Prior of Ware v. Richard, parson of Hungerton. Trespass taking of goods and chattels (crops). Richard claimed he was taking tithes in kind due him; the jury found that he in fact took the prior's crops in Ingworth, for damages of 20 marks. [16]

M1306 B: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Kent. Covenant concerning the fruits of the church of East Peckham sold to plaintiffs for one year. Thomas de Wrotham & John Kynore v. Master Peter Eymeric parson of East Peckham. [17]

H1307 A: Andrew de Pearrecumbe & Reginald le Porter v. Edmund parson of the Hamme, Ralph le Personesservant, William Averay, Guy Colle, Elias Bate, William parson of Tendelesho, Richard Lokesuth, Walter Kere de Doddecote, Henry de Hole, Richard de la Forde, Richard Hake, William le Cornwaleis, Richard Cakier de Doddecote, Adam Gurdon, Phillip Gurdon, Roger Coula, Thomas le Hyne de Bokland, & John de Blakeburgh. Trespass taking of goods and chattels (crops). The parson of Hamme justified that he and the prior of Barnstaple had disagreed about the right to the tithes of Hamme, so they proceeded to collect the tithes in the presence of Andrew and Reginald and put the tithes in a certain place until the disagreement could be arbitrated. The prior allegedly undermined the arbitration, so the parson took the tithes. The jury returned that the parson had taken the goods of Andrew and Reginald. [18]. See also [19] See another dispute regarding the parson of Hamme below at H1309 A.

H1307 B: Tithes in kind at Briningham, Norfolk. Adam de Morton v. John de Ingham, Martin de Ingham, Robert de Ingham, & Ralph le Suur de Langham. Trespass taking of goods and chattels (named crops worth 60s). Defendants say that they were the crops of the prior of Norwich Holy Trinity and that they took the crops at his orders as his servants as tithes. No verdict. [20]

H1307 C: Trespass taking of goods and chattels (named crops over the space of three weeks). John de Mousele parson of Ropsley v. John, prior of Belvoir, Robert Bryan de Ropsley, John Pullok, John de Twyng, & Robert de Hundington. Prior justified as his prescriptive portion of the tithes from the parish of Ropsley. no verdict. [21]

E1307 A: Trespass taking of goods and chattels (named crops worth 20 p.s.) Northamptonshire. John de Ragenhille, parson of St Peter Aldwinckle v. William le Feure de Ocle, William Pichard forester, Richard son of John le Suur, William del Syke, Richard le Vicaresseriaunt de Bridgestock & Henry Cade. [22]

H1308 A: Tithes in crops (named) from Great Houghton, Northamptonshire. Lawrence de Pavely v. William le Rede. Trespass taking of goods and chattels and assault. Brian de Pampesworth came and justified that he is parson of Great Houghton, where Lawrence has a close. He harvested and tithed, and Brian took his tithes. Jury returned against the plaintiff except that he broke a lock on the door. [23]

E1308 A: Dispute over tithes in kind (crops named) from Marston, Staffordshire. Abbot of St Ebrulph v. Richard de Immer rector of chapel of Marston that looks to his prebend of the king's free chapel of Stafford, William Petus, Robert son of Solomon de Hanneyate, Adam son of William Wodeward, Adam Wodeward de Whytegrene, Richard son of Adam le Juevene, John son of the same Richard, John le Clerk de Whytegrene, William son of Roger de Opton, and John son of Alan de Opton. [24]

T1308 A: Lease of the church of Houghton. Receipt for farm of the church, lease made by Robert de Bekyngham rector of the church of Houghton to Lord Gilbert de Roubiry cleric. [25]

T1308 B: Lease of tithed crops in Kettlestone, Norfolk. Trespass taking of goods (named crops) worth 40 marks. John le Vaus v. Pagan de Crauncurt parson of Kettlestone. Parties were agreed that the parson had sold Vaus all the grain tithes for 30 marks to be paid at certain times and either at London or Kettlestone, with a provision that default in payment would abrogate the whole covenant. The parson claimed there had been a default; Vaus claimed an attempt to pay to the parson's procurator. [26]

T1308 C: Tithes in kind at Langton, Leicestershire. Prior of Ware v. John, parson of Langton. Jury returned that Robert late early of Leicester had granted a portion of the tithes from Langton to the Abbot of St Ebulph and the abbot thereafter had peaceably taken that portion until three year ago, when John took the tithes. The jury valued the taken crops at 60 shillings. [27]

M1308 A: Tithes in trees in Harpole, Northamptonshire. Thomas de St Hillary v. Humfrey, parson of Harpole, Richard his brother, John le Wolf, Lawrence le Chapeleyn, John le Chaumberleyn, Robert his brother, Henry le Keu of Harpole, Robert Troy, Geoffrey Bale, John de Whyteryk. The parson justified by alleging that his church was seised of tithes of trees sold from Thomas's woods in Harpole; Lawrence le Chapeleyn, Master Henry de Bray, and John Herberd bought certain oaks from Thomas and delivered to the parson eight oaks worth 3 shillings as tithes and thus he took them. No verdict. [28]

M1308 B: Tithes in named crops from Wallington, Hertfordshire. William de Thorntoft v. John, abbot of St Albans, Brother William le Barbur co-monk, John de Marreys, John Mancl(_)k, Walter Jonesservant, John Jonesservaunt, William le Smerkernere jr, John son of Thomas Brun, Walter de Amando, Robert le Barbur, John Hauke, William Baret, Thomas le Suasser, Simon de Hegenston, Stephen de Barton, Reginald le Baker, Clement le Skynnere, William Wombe, Robert le Wayte, John de Netherwik of Wallington, Nicholas his son, Simon Sabbe, John Kittingge, & William le Brun. The abbot claimed to have two-thirds of the tithes by composition with the prior of Bermondsey. [29]

M1308 C: Repair of church at Beckenham. Trespass cutting down of trees. William Bush parson of Beckenham v. John de Ponton, Richard de Langele sr, Ralph de Steineshull, William son of Richard de Langele sr, Walter le Lunge, Adam Wythel, William Fraunceys, John Anketyn, William de Berkhamstede, Robert de Langele, Henry Altherman, Richard Aylmere, Ralph Aylmere, Thomas Aylmere & Gilbert de Crokedenne. John de Ponton, Richard de Langele sr, and Ralph de Steineshull justify as wardens of the work of the church of Beckenham; because the interior of the church needed repair, they with the others as parishioners of the church and by the consent, license, and will of the parson cut the trees and took them to the church to repair the church. No verdict. [30]

H1309 A: Tithes in kind owed to the parson of Hamme. Mary who was the wife of Richard le Flemyng v. John son of Gilbert de Knovill, Edmund de Knovill parson of Hamme, James de Molum, Bartholomew de Say, Phillip de Bykelbury, Gilbert de la Hole, Alexander de Bruwes, Andrew de la Hole, William Avery de Hamme, Hamelin de Deandon, William le Forester de Elmelameholte, John Scoby, John Wodye, & Thomas le Hyne de Boclaunde Dynham. The parson justified that the tithes of Crydenho pertained to the rector of Hamme and the named crops were his tithes; the others as his servants collected the tithes. The jury returned that the prior of Barnstable had always taken the tithes from the demesne lands, and on the day the rector and others came to Crydenho with horses covered and banners displayed and tithed Mary's crops again and took the grain away, and gratuitously trampled crops and grass. Damages of 100 p.s. [31] See above H1307 A for a prior dispute.

E1309 A: Tithes in kind in Blithfield, Staffordshire. Trespass breach of close and taking crops worth 100s. Richard, prior of St Thomas by Stafford v. Thomas, parson of Blithfield, Simon the brother of Thomas, Robert le Chapeleyn of Blithfield, Adam son of Roger le Taillur of Bromley, John son of Robert of Berleye, William de Wildresleye, & William le Personesseriaunt of Blithfield. The parson explained that he came to a certain house in Blithfield and the doors were open; he went into the house in peace and there found his tithe of oats, the tithe separated from the nine, to the value of 5s, so he took his own tithes. No verdict. [32]

E1309 A: Tithes in kind (named) from West Firle, Sussex. Abbot of Grestain v. John de Balecoumbe, Henry atte Felde, Adam de Upton de Westmeston, Elyas Eylof, John Mayheu de Asheton, Paul le Taillur de Denton, Richard le Foghel de Glynde, John atte Melle, & Wiliam le Cropiere de Berecompe. Defendants say that the dean and chapter of Chichester are the parsons of the West Firle and the defendants are their servants. As servants they took the tithes tithed and not the abbot's crops. No verdict. [33]

T1309 B: Tithe dispute in Gloucestershire. John, bishop of Llandaff v. Master John de Aqua Blanca dean of the church of St Ethelbert Hereford, Walter Koc chaplain, Walter de St Briavell chaplain, Walter Janes, Richard Ferthyng, Hugh vicar of Lidney, Ralph de Abehale parson of Bicknor, Master William de Kyngescote, Henry parson of Great Dene, Master John de Swynefeld precentor of St Ethelbert Hereford, William de Ruardyn chaplain, Walter de Nasse, Richard Malemort. [34]; [35]

M1309 A: Trespass killing of two swans at Barnby, Suffolk. Peter de Skernyngg parson of Barnby v. Roger parson of Mutford, Robert Hulner de Henstede chaplain, John Manekyn, Martin Rogeresnene, Robert son of Thomas Bele, John son of Agnes Graunt, John son of Margery Bruman, Henry Fulk, & John son of Nicholas le Graunt. Justified that the lady of Wathe assigned the two swans in name of tithes pertaining to his church at Mutford and he thus took them. [36]

M1309 B: Tithes in named crops taken in Ebrington, Gloucestershire. Abbot of Alcester v. Robert Crek, Master Bartholomew de Coveleye parson of Ebrington, Roger de Couchye, Nicholas de Seynesbury, John Fraunkeleyn, William Salomon, John le Tailleour de Ebrington, William Creke, John Creke, Robert de Donynton, & John de Appelton. Coveleye justifies as rector of Ebrington that he through his servants took certain crops worth 40s as tithes tithed pertaining to his church. Jury returned that they took 10 marks of crops and beat the abbot's men and awarded damages of 46 pounds 13s4d. [37]