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H1295: customs and services in hundred court. [1]

E1341: Master Robert de Trenge, warden of the house of scholars of Merton, Oxford v. Brother John de Saltford, prior of the house of the Augustinian brothers of St. Augustine in the suburbs of Oxford without Smithgate et al. Fresh force; case begins 1338. [2] ; [3]

E1363: Robert son of Walter Portreve of Brehull v. Emma, widow of John de St. Frideswide & Walter de Leverton, parson of St. Aldate, Oxford. Writ of right in form of novel disseisin; case begins 1361. [4] ; [5]

T1369: Robert de Hunteston & Alice his wife v. Matthew de Ashton, cleric, et al. Novel disseisin; case begins 1369. [6] ; [7]

M1370: William de Burncestre v. Master Richard de Hunsyngore. Writ of right and concord; case begins 1327. [8] ; [9]

E1376: Nicholas Leche of Oxford v. John Bokelond, abbot of Oseneye, et al. Writ of right in form of novel disseisin; case begins 1361. [10] ; [11]

H1379: Edmund Fraunceys & Idonia his wife v. Robert Westby; Richard Garston & Juliana his wife; William Saundres & Isabella his wife; Walter Knyght, patynmaker & Alice his wife; and John Wyndesore & Margery his wife. [12]

H1383: William Shipton v. Thomas Walton, cleric. Intrusion. [13]

M1383: Edmund Fraunceys & Idonia his wife v. John de Ew & Thomas de Cherdesle. Fresh force; case begins 1382. [14] ; [15] ; then [16] ; [17]

E1397: Margaret, widow of John Bokyngham v. John Dosyer. Writ of right in form of fresh force; case begins 1395. [18] ; [19]

M1399: Robert de Hunteston & Alice his wife v. Mathew de Ashton, clerk; John de Ditton, cleric; Richard Wynewyk; Richard de Ashton; and John de Elyngton. Right in the form of novel disseisin. Case begins in 1368.[20]

M1406: University court. Alice, relict of Thomas Pedyngton v. Richard Pedyngton, scholar of the University of Oxford, son of that Thomas and Alice, & John Otteworth of Oxford. Debt; case begins 1405. [21] ; [22]

M1415: Robert Crisshull & Alice his wife, late wife of William Benfield, forinsec v. John Benfield jr of Winkfield, forinsec. Debt; case begins 1415. [23] ; [24]

M1417: John Tekene v. William Saunford & Agnes his wife. Writ of right; case begins 1353. [25] ; [26]

T1429: William, abbot of Osney v. Richard Witton, warden of the Great Hall, University of Oxford & Thomas Mayster of Oxford, glover. Novel disseisin; case begins 1427. [27] ; [28] ; then [29] ; [30]


M1539: John Gough, yeoman v. Thomas Bushell of Broad Marston, Gloucestershire, gentleman. Debt on a contract; case begins 1537. [31] ; [32] Oxford CD M1539 A Tr

E1561: Habeas corpus of Nicholas Deye. [33] ; [34]

H1562: Giles Swett of Oxford, brewer v. Thomas Percyfall of St Clements parish, Oxfordshire, husbandman. Detinue; case begins 1560. [35] ; [36]

M1575: William Tylcocke v. Thomas Roles. Defamation; case begins 1574. [37] ; [38]