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M1274: fine for re-having the town of Northampton. [1]

T1296 A: procedure for accusation of theft [2]

M1298 A: A forged will adjudicated in the court of Northampton according the custom of the town. [3]


E1300 A: St Andrew's Priory. [4]

T1305 A: False imprisonment for a year and a week; attempted bar by alleging that the plaintiff is his villain. [5]

H1307 A: Prohibition applying 40s rule to Northampton town court for case of debt without writ for 182 p.s. Damages awarded. William de Tekene v. Ralph de Colneston & Stephen Osbern, royal bailiffs of Northampton. [6]

T1307 A: Rex v. Robert de Ellesworth (then changed to Walter de Ellesworth rector of Northborough). Ellesworth went to Northampton and obstructed the perambulation of the forest by dissuading the jurors from taking the oath. [7]

M1307 A: Custom in Northampton that, when a man endows his wife with a set sum on money at the church door and she survives her husband, she can keep the whole of the tenement her husband then held until that set sum is paid. Novel disseisin. William son of Robert de Bereford & Lucy his wife v. Phillip son of Richard de Edeton & Petronilla his wife. [8]

E1312 A: Assault on the mayor, then arrest by the bailiffs. False imprisonment. William Barun v. William de Tekene (former mayor of Northampton. [9]

M1315 A: Richard de Stratford of Northampton v. Agnes le Megre of Northampton, Ralph de Wolverenhampton parson of Ashby David, Phillip le Megre, & Michael le Megre of Northampton. Trespass taking of goods worth 10 p.s. Agnes justified as distraint for rent arrear on a messuage and six shops that Stratford held of her for a yearly rent of 60s, six quarters of wheat, and six quarters of malt. [10]

T1316 A: John de London de Wolaston v. Simon de Abyndon de London draper. John was receiver of money for Abyndon in Northampton. He accounted before Adam le Galekmongere and John de Duston and was 70s in arrear, so that he was committed to prison. by verdict. [11]

H1318 A: Delay of execution of will by taking of goods in a chest worth 100 p.s. (88 pounds sterling, a gold buckle worth 40s and a book of decretals worth 10 p.s.) and a testamentary writing and other muniments. confirmed by verdict. Simon de Grenehull & William Mount executors of William Mount sr v. Edmund le Hattere de Clopham. [12]

T1318 A: Great Addington. Abbot of Croyland v. William Marmeduke, Stephen his groom, William Koo, John Koo, William Dit, Richard Prees, Ralph son of Geoffrey, Richard Shephird, Geoffrey son of Amice, Roger son of Amice, John Andreu, William Broun, Geoffrey son of Hugh, Robert le Gros, Gilbert de Hodham, William Algar, William Reyn, Geoffrey atte Loft, Geoffrey Dumby, William son of Ralph son of Geoffrey, John Feure, and William atte Loft de Raundes. Violation of royal protection by breaking of millpond. Justified that the watermill was adjacent to the manor of Raundes of Richard Marmeduke, for whom William Marmeduke is bailiff. The abbot raised the height of the millpond, so that the pond flooded Marmeduke's land, so that the bailiff removed the extention of the millpond. [13]



  • H1343 A: Northamptonshire. William le Rous (qui tam) v. John de Pifford and Ralph de Boketon baxtere bailiffs of Northampton. Selling malt by retail while they were bailiffs. [14], [15] rcp


T1347 A: Novel disseisin. John son of Giles Rote de Asheby Mars v. Roger de Daventry and Joan his wife, Thomas son of John Hegham, and Robert Wylymot de Daventry. Concerning the right of people who buy land in Northampton to devise it by will. [16] rcp

  • M1347 A: Roger de Boudon had been convicted before the king's justices for wrongs perpetrated before the justices at Northampton. He had been delivered to the sheriff to convey him to appear before the king's council under a penalty of 1000 p.s. The prisoner was now delivered to the Marshalsea, so that the sheriff was relieved of the liability. [17] rcp


H1349 A: Northamptonshire. William de Sibford (qui tam) v. Phillip Malesors de Midelson. The mayor and bailiffs of Northampton had assigned William to collect and levy the tenth granted the king from the goods of the burgesses. He wanted to collect from Phillip, but Phillip together with John de Lungeville jrand John Everard jr impeded him on 19 April 1346 so that he was less able to collect from Phillip and others and assault and beat him so that he feared for his life. Jury summoned. [18]

T1350 A: Northamptonshire. John de Sibford one of the bailiffs of Northampton (qui tam) v. John de Aston together with Thomas de Welton. In 1350 at the complaint of Sarra who was the wife of William de Wysebech he wanted to attach by chattels John de Aston to answer in the king's court of that town in a plea of debt. They did not permit him to so but rather assaulted him. Plea of not guilty. [19]

  • M1355 A: Northamptonshire. John son of Ralph le Smyth de Kyslyngbury v. Alan de Wakerle and Robert Spicer. False imprisonment. Enforcement of the standard bushel in Northampton. [20] rcp
  • T1356 A: Northamptonshire. Walter Wakelyn v. Thomas de Coventry mercer & Juliana his wife. Trespass. Custom in Northampton for execution of a difficult distraint. [21] rcp
  • T1360 A: Northamptonshire. Rex v. John de Barton, Onorius Sauce, and Ralph de Boketon lately bailiffs of Northampton. Sold crops and other victuals by retail and in gross while they were in office. [22] rcp