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By Robert C. Palmer
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This volume is for plaintiffs' names beginning A to K.

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George Abbot, gent Thomas Lewing /Loving; et al (H1642): Link[3] Link[4]; [5]; (E1642) [6]; (T1642) [7] C33/181, p. 327v, 351r, 365v, (E1642) 546r, (T1642) 695r
Grace_Abbot,_widow; and William Everard John Halls; et al (M1641): Link[8] (H1642): Link[9]; [10]; [11] C33/181, p. 75r, (H1642) 260v, 319v, 345v
Phillip Abbott; et al Henry Williams (T1642) Link[12] C33/181, p. 678v
William Abell, alderman of London; et al Rowland Wilson; Thomas Hutchinson; William Bowyer; William Dickens; Michell Gardiner; Francis Ashwell; Ralph King; James Barnaby; William Conrad; John Gregory; William Hancocke; Thomas Simcotts; John Wilcox; and Thomas Dudley; Mark Hilesley; Henry Saunders; Thomas Darling; George Stanley; Ralph Hutchinson; Henry Corne; Michell Derrey; Edward Derrey; Joseph Rogers; Richard Moores; Joseph Coxe; Thomas Gough; and Philip Metcalfe; and Robert Lee (M1641): Link[13] C33/181, p. 188v
William Abell; and Edward Abell Joan Stanley, widow, executor of William Stanley; et al (M1641): Link[14] Link[15]; (H1642) [16] C33/181, p. 108v, 148r, (H1642) 404v
John Abington, armiger Margaret Abington, widow (M1641): Link[17] C33/181, p. 48r
Thomas Abington John Abington; et al (M1641): Link[18] C33/181, p. 31v
Adam Abraham, clerk Thomas Bowridge & his wife (M1641): Link[19] (E1642): Link[20] C33/181, p. 201r, (E1642) 512v
John Aburne & Lucy (?) his wife Bevis (?) Chelwall; John Adyet; and Anthony Fage (M1641): Link[21] C33/181, p. 144r
John Acourt William Acourt (E1642) Link[22] C33/181, p. 587r
William Acton, knight Thomas Wibl, knight (M1641): Link[23] C33/181, p. 106r
William Adam, armiger; Thomas Palmer; et al Roger Bungay (M1641): Link[24] C33/181, p. 226
Adams Billingsley (M1641): Link[25] C33/181, p. 99r
Adams Grosvenor (M1641): Link[26] C33/181, p. 236r
Adams Larking (H1642): Link[27] C33/181, p. 432v
John Adams John Bush (T1642): Link[28] C33/181, p. 642v
John Adams John Byne?, armiger, alias Warren alias Wilkin (M1641): Link[29] C33/181, p. 43r
John Adams Elizabeth, lady Springe (E1642) Link[30] C33/181, p. 512v
Lawrence Adams; et al Katherine Luscombe, widow; et al (M1641): Link[31] C33/181, p. 138v
Lawrence Adams & his wife Thomas Adams; et al (T1642) Link[32] C33/181, p. 727v
Sherland Adams, clerk Michell Morton; Thomas Coyle; et al, miners in Eyam, Derbs (M1641): Link[33] Link[34]; (E1642) [35] C33/181, p. 110r, 151r, (E1642) 507r
Thomas Adams; Humfrey Selman; and John Granger Salomon Grosvenor, gent; and John Billingsley (E1642) Link[36] C33/181, p. 462v
Robert Adamson John Wickham (H1642): Link[37] C33/181, p. 392v
Aderton Aderton (H1642): Link[38] C33/181, p. 425v
Thomas Addis William Gates; William Playne; and Thomas Coleman (M1641): Link[39] C33/181, p. 211
Henry Adeane Thomas Adeane (M1641): Link[40] C33/181, p. 10v
Adderley Kooling (M1641): Link[41] C33/181, p. 1r
Luke Aden Joseph Speering & his wife (H1642): Link[42] C33/181, p. 357r
Ades, widow; et al William Cole (H1642): Link[43] C33/181, p. 435v
Thomas Adkins James Chadwicke (T1642) Link[44] C33/181, p. 687r
John Adlam Hugh Bailiffe (E1642) Link[45] C33/181, p. 588r
Benjamin Agar Thomas Guy; Mary Agar; Margaret Witt; et al (E1642) Link[46] Link[47]; [48]; [49] C33/181, p. 453, 507v, 564r, 576r
Edmond Agberrowe Thomas Clent, clerk (H1642): Link[50] C33/181, p. 394r
Thomas Ailoffe, armiger & Anna his wife Agnes Ailoffe wife of William Ailoffe, serjeant at law, et al (M1641): Link[51] Link[52]; [53]; (E1642) [54]; [55]; [56]; [57]; (T1642) [58]; [59]; [60] C33/181, p. 12v, 54v, 232r, (E1642) 466r, 507v, 560v, 561v, (T1642) 609v, 611r, 624v
Constance Aileworth, widow Thomas Aileworth (H1642): Link[61] C33/181, p. 425v
Constance Aileworth, widow Sebastian Isaacke (H1642): Link[62] Link[63] C33/181, p. 426v
Constance Aileworth, widow Roberet Morgan, gent (H1642): Link[64] C33/181, p. 425v
Martha Ainsworth, widow Thomas Cavendish, armiger; Thomas Chamberlaine; and William Reynolds, executor of Thomas Hall; William Pollard & Mary his wife; et al (AND cross suit; AND Thomas Cavendish; et al v. Roger Fielding, armiger; John Pearse; William Pollard; et al) (H1642): Link[65] (E1642): Link[66]; [67]; (T1642) [68] C33/181, p. 363r, (E1642) 466v, 590v, (T1642) 713v
John Airish, clerk & his wife; et al Anthony Roper, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[69] Link[70] C33/181, p. 635r, 689v
Allen Aiscough et al William Garbutt (M1641): Link[71] Link[72]; [73]; (H1642)[74]; [75]; [76] C33/181, p. 28v, 189r, 225v, (H1642) 249v, 275r, 310r
Thomas Ayscough, gent Edward Skipwith, armiger (T1642): Link[77] C33/181, p. 663r
Grissigon Albright John Hill, sr (E1642) Link[78] C33/181, p. 442r
Aldersey, widow; et al Tong; et al (M1641): Link[79] C33/181, p. 99r
William Aldham & his wife Augustin Holl, armiger (T1642) Link[80] C33/181, p. 636r
Aldington Briscoe; et al (H1642): Link[81] C33/181, p. 246r
Humfrey Aldington John Wilson (M1641): Link[82] Link[83]; (H1642) [84]; [85]; (E1642) [86]; [87] C33/181, p. 123v, 233r, (H1642) 319r, 347v, (E1642) 476v, 503v
Henry Aldred Avice Carpenter, widow; et al (M1641): Link[88] (H1642): Link[89] C33/181, p. 81r, (H1642) 324r
John Alford Silvester Jessopp (E1642) Link[90] C33/181, p. 597v
Richard Alfrey Alexander Farmer; et al (H1642): Link[91] Link[92] C33/181, p. 280r, 325r
Richard Alfrey John Martin & Judith his wife (H1642): Link[93] Link[94] C33/181, p. 280r, 325r
William Allanson, knight William Armiger, armiger (M1641): Link[95] C33/181, p. 119r
John Allatt Richard Allatt; and Christopher Jones (T1642) Link[96] C33/181, p. 659r
George Alleconke & his wife John Thorley (T1642) Link[97] C33/181, p. 749v
Allen Babbidge (M1641): Link[98] C33/181, p. 81v
Allen, widow Edward Hamond (M1641): Link[99] C33/181, p. 146r
Edward Alport, clerk Thomas Lowes, knight; et al (T1642) Link[100] C33/181, p. 660r
Emma Allen, widow of Thomas Allen Thomas Allen; Edward Allen; Peter Kirke; and Reginald Kirke (H1642): Link[101] Link[102]; [103] C78/2036, no. 24 [104] C33/181, p. 332v, 350v, 360r
Francis Allen Thomas Tayler (M1641): Link[105] C33/181, p. 95r
James Allen & his wife; James Allen their son; et al John Booker & Alice his wife (H1642): Link[106] (E1642): Link[107] C33/181, p. 425r, (E1642) 492r
John Allen John Arundell (H1642): Link[108] (E1642): Link[109] C33/181, p. 438v, (E1642) 527r
John Allen William Battell (E1642) Link[110] (T1642) Link[111] C33/181, p. 525v, (T1642) 619r
John Allen John Budley; and John Arundell (H1642): Link[112] Link[113] C33/181, p. 356v, 371v
Phillip Allen Sara Blewett (E1642) Link[114] C33/181, p. 458r
Richard Allen; and Thomas Allen William King; and Abraham Shuckford (M1641): Link[115] C33/181, p. 142r
Thomas Allen; and Richard Allen Abraham Shuckford (M1641): Link[116] C33/181, p. 82r
Richard Allerton James Allerton (H1642): Link[117] C33/181, p. 383r
Paul Alexander John Turlaton; William Hickocke; et al (E1642) Link[118] C33/181, p. 503v
Job Allaband; et al Thomas Witherings (E1642) Link[119] (T1642) Link[120] C33/181, p. 539r, (T1642) 633v
Lancelot Allured, armiger Charles Allured, gent; and William Lambe (M1641): Link[121] Link[122] C33/181, p. 28r, 49r
Zachariah Allnutt, clerk & Johanna his wife Margaret Smith, widow, executrix of Francis Smith, executor of John Style (M1641): Link[123] C33/181, p. 234r
Richard Allot & Grace his wife Thomas Wentworth; and Mathew Wentworth (H1642): Link[124] C33/181, p. 247r
Richard Allott; and Christopher Jones John Allott (H1642): Link[125] Link[126] C33/181, p. 373v, 398r
Edward Alpe, gent; et al Robert Butts, gent; James Rivett; John Walgrave; Richard Shene; Daniel Smith; William Tracie; et al (T1642) Link[127] C33/181, p. 736r
Francis Alpe William Wymer, gent & Anna his wife; Edward Hear; George Kempe; Gregory Isaacke; and Joseph his steward (M1641): Link[128] (H1642): Link[129]; (E1642) [130]; [131]; [132]; (T1642) [133]; [134]; [135] C33/181, p. 208v, (H1642) 425r, (E1642) 553v, 555v, (T1462) 604r, 639r, 646r, 718v
Thomas Alphray, gent William Webb, gent (M1641): Link[136] C33/181, p. 44v
Dorothea Alsopp, widow Agneta Booth, widow; and Elizabeth Booth (became wife of William Smith) (M1641): Link[137] Link[138] C33/181, p. 32v, 173r
Dorothy Alsopp William Smith & his wife; et al (M1641): Link[139] C33/181, p. 14r
John Alvered John Marchant; and Christopher Mayle (E1642) Link[140] C33/181, p. 591r
Thomas Alwincle Alexander Tracy, armiger (M1641): Link[141] (H1642): Link[142]; (E1642) [143] C33/181, p. 76v, (H1642) 264r, (E1642) 402r
William Ambrose & Elianor his wife John Walker & Mary his wife (H1642): Link[144] Link[145]; (E1642) [146] C33/181, p. 316v, 357r, (E1642) 485v
Shelton Amrye Nicholas Meade (E1642) Link[147] C33/181, p. 594v
Henry Anderson, armiger Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford; and William Rowe, knight (H1642): Link[148] Link[149]; [150]; [151] C33/181, p. 279v, 312r, 403r, 408v
William Anderson William Gibbons (T1642) Link[152] C33/181, p. 681v
Christopher Anderton & Anne his wife John Wallis & Margaret his wife (E1642) Link[153] C78/2022, no. 1 [154] C33/181, p. 569r
George Andrewe; Elezeus Hale; and William Hansewell, executors of William Speele Thomas Berckley (M1641): Link[155] C33/181, p. 126v
Edward Andrewes Roger Kilvert; John Ducket; Edmund Hanger; et al (Roger Lawrence?) (M1641): Link[156] Link[157]; (H1642) [158]; [159] C33/181, p. 38, 49r, (H1642) 306r, 310r
Edward Andrewes, armiger William Colley (H1642): Link[160] C33/181, p. 431v
Henry Andrewes & Elizabeth his wife John Waterer; and Robert Osburne, knight & his wife; et al (M1641): Link[161] Link[162]; (T1642) [163]; [164]; [165] C33/181, p. 4r, 83v, (T1642) 631r, 702v, 725v
Henry Andrewes & Elizabeth his wife Robert Osborne, knight & Elizabeth his wife; John Walter; et al (M1641): Link[166] (H1642): Link[167]; [168]; [169]; [170] bis C33/181, p. 189v, (H11642) 256v, 257r, 273v, 424r bis
Richard Andrewe, armiger & his wife Samuel Barker, jr (E1642) Link[171] (T1642) Link[172] C33/181, p. 592v, (T1642) 646v
Bridget Andros Tristram Bridges; and Timothy Gate (E1642) Link[173] C33/181, p. 571v
Suzanna Angell, executrix of Robert Angell Thomas Bowyer; and Robert Bowyer (H1642): Link[174] C33/181, p. 370v
Henry Anktill, clerk Nicholas Snooke et al (M1641): Link[175] (H1642): Link[176] C33/181, p. 5r, (H1642) 249v
Henry Anketell, clerk Richard Snooke; et al (M1641): Link[177] C33/181, p. 110v
Edmond Ansley, sr, gent Edmond Ansley, jr; William Chadwell, sr; and William Chadwell, jr (M1641): Link[178] (T1642): Link[179] C33/181, p. 212v, (T1642) 675r
John Antelby; William Dunston Thomas Bishop (T1642) Link[180] C33/181, p. 675v
Thomas Anton Benjamin Hodgson (AND Benjamin Hodgson v. Walter Norton, baronet; Thomas Anton; et al (H1642): Link[181] (E1642): Link[182] C33/181, p. 304v, (E1642) 528r
Isaack Antrobus Henry Fletcher, baronet; at al (T1642) Link[183] C33/181, p. 662v
Griffin ap David Thomas Phillips; and David ap Watkin (H1642): Link[184] C33/181, p. 418r
Thomas Davies ap Edmond Thomas ap Edmond; Humfrey Griffith & Anna his wife (M1641): Link[185] (H1642): Link[186]; C33/181, p. 73r, 396v
Lancellot ap Evan Richard ap Hugh; and Thomas ap Evan (E1642) Link[187] C33/181, p. 594v
Lancellot ap Evan David ap Edwards; Anna Verch; et al (T1642) Link[188] C33/181, p. 706v
James ap Robert ap Evan, son and heir of Robert ap Evan William Probert (T1642) Link[189] C33/181, p. 638r
Walter ap Evan alias Walker; et al Roger Powell (T1642) Link[190] C33/181, p. 747r
Hugh ap Williams ap Hugh William ap Hugh ap Richard et al (M1641): Link[191] Link[192] C33/181, p. 59v, 178r
William ap Hugh Hugh ap William; et al (M1641): Link[193] Link[194]; [195] C33/181, p. 70v, 132v, 178r
James ap Rees Lewis Bevans et al (M1641): Link[196] C33/181, p. 27r
Morgan ap Rees Thomas Llewellin (H1642): Link[197] C33/181, p. 418r
Rees ap Rees Francis Browne, armiger; Lewis Bevans; John William Thomas; John Lewes; David Harry; and Itmull his wife; David ap Evan; Griffith Pointon; William Goors; Thomas William of Humfrad; Griffith Robert Edwards, armiger, et al (M1641): Link[198] (H1642): Link[199]; (E1642) [200] C33/181, p. 30v, (H1642) 372r, (E1642) 461v
Edward Aprice Henry Plumpton; et al (T1642) Link[201] C33/181, p. 706v
William ap Hugh ap Richard Hugh ap William; et al (T1642) Link[202] Link[203] C33/181, p. 614v, 707v
Evan Lloyd ap Roberte William Doulben, armiger; and Fulcke Symondes (M1641): Link[204] Link[205]; [206] C33/181, p. 2r, 16r, 37v
James ap Robert William ap Robert (E1642) Link[207] C33/181, p. 505v
David ap Thomas Hugh ap Evan; Thomas Griffith; and Owen Lewes (H1642): Link[208] Link[209] C33/181, p. 345v, 377v
Hugh ap Edward ap Yerworth Robert ap John ap Edward; et al (M1641): Link[210] C33/181, p. 214r
William ap Robert Edward ap Vaughan (E1642) Link[211] C33/181, p. 500v
Owin ap William John alias Bullen Richard Mericke, armiger; and Richard ap John Lewis (E1642) Link[212] bis Link[213] C33/181, p. 565r bis, 573r
Lancelot Appleby Barnard Robinson, clerk (M1641): Link[214] C33/181, p. 166v
Lancellot Appleby Francis Robinson; and Christopher Robinson (E1642) Link[215] (T1642) Link[216] C33/181, p. 593r, (T1642) 650r
Leonard Appleby John Barber alias Butler (T1642) Link[217] C33/181, p. 752v
Richard Appleby Richard Tailer (E1642) Link[218] C33/181, p. 592v
Thomas Appleby William and John Wilson (E1642) Link[219] C33/181, p. 592v
Appleton, armiger; et al Harrington, armiger (T1642) Link[220] C78/487, no. 4 [221] C33/181, p. 747r
Archbishop of Canterbury Mary Clearke, widow (H1642): Link[222] C33/181, p. 418r
Cornelius Archer & Dorothy his wife Margery Leeke; Richard Walley; et al (E1642) Link[223] (T1642) Link[224] C33/181, p. 540r, (T1642) 623v
Richard Archer, armiger Roger Damsey; et al (M1641): Link[225] C33/181, p. 235v
Simon Archer, knight; John Wightwicke, Serjeant at Law; and Francis Gramer Rebecca Smith, widow; Henry Smith, gent; and Francis Smith (H1642): Link[226] C33/181, p. 334r
Thomas Arden John Pond; and William Niccolls (M1641): Link[227] Link[228]; (T1642) [229] C33/181, p. 58r, 77r, (T1642) 740v
Thomas Arden Thomas Comber; et al (T1642) Link[230] C33/181, p. 710r
Elizabeth Argoll, widow Richard Branson; Richard Rathbone; and William Atworth (E1642) Link[231] C33/181, p. 540r
Gilbert Armestronge, armiger Hugh Armestronge (M1641): Link[232] Link[233]; [234]; [235] C33/181, p. 16v, 26v, 80r, 159r
Henry Armiston Nathaniel Potter; et al (H1642): Link[236] C33/181, p. 289r
Hugh Armstrong, clerk Gilbert Armstrong, armiger; et al (AND Gilbert Armstrong, armiger v. Hugh Armstrong, clerk) (M1641): Link[237] Link[238]; (H1642) [239] C33/181, p. 57r, 153r, (H1642) 344r
Arnold Tayler (E1642) Link[240] C33/181, p. 587r
Michael Arnold Edward Bond; Robert Houghton, et al (M1641): Link[241] Link[242]; [243];

[244]; [245], [246]; (H1642) [247]; [248]; [249]; [250]; [251]; [252]; [253]; [254]; [255]; [256]; [257]; (E1642) [258]; (T1642) [259]; [260]; [261]; [262]

C33/181, p. 2r, 4r, 14r, 120r, 137v, 184v, (H1642) 253r, 254r, 258r, 299v, 352v, 405v, 413v, 421v, 424v, 429r, 429v, (E1642) 441r, (T1642) 600r, 605r, 610v, 744r
Michael Arnold, armiger William Morgan, knight; James Rodds; et al (M1641): Link[263] C33/181, p. 195r
Nicholas Arnold, armiger William Morgan, knight; James Rodds; et al (T1642) Link[264] C33/181, p. 646v
Richard Arnold, administrator of John Arnold his brother John Churchill, armiger; John Ellis; et al (M1641): Link[265] (T1642): Link[266] C33/181, p. 32r, (T1642) 622r
Richard Arnold Phillip Greenwood (M1641): Link[267] Link[268]; (H1642) [269] C33/181, p. 150r, 204r, 245r
Richard Arnold, armiger William Morgan, knight; James Rodds, armiger; and Thomas Rodd (H1642): Link[270] Link[271]; (T1642) [272] C33/181, p. 273r, 435v, (T1642) 685r
William Arnold William Rolfe (T1642) Link[273] Link[274] C33/181, p. 728r, 730r
William Arnopp Augustine Holl & Frances his wife; Augustine Suliard (H1642): Link[275] (T1642): Link[276]; [277]; [278] C33/181, p. 375r, (T1642) 618r, 658r, 686v
William Arundell, armiger Katherine Ewre, widow (M1641): Link[279] C33/181, p. 37v
Arrundell, armiger Basset, armiger; et al (M1641): Link[280] C33/181, p. 188r
George Arrundell, armiger; Christopher Hall Henry Samwayes; (and Fowkes) (H1642): Link[281] (E1642): Link[282]; [283]; [284] C33/181, p. 270r, (E1642) 477r, 520v, 561r
Richard Arrundell Thomas South; et al (M1641): Link[285] (H1642): Link[286]; (E1642) [287]; [288]; [289]; (T1642) [290] C33/181, p. 227v, (H1642) 477v, 460v, (E1642) 564r, 558v, (T1642) 690r
William Arrundell, armiger Henry Sands; and William Sands; William Knipe, gent; and Katherine Eure, widow (T1642) Link[291] C33/181, p. 686r
Baldwin Arthur, armiger Peter Cruttell; et al (E1642) Link[292] C33/181, p. 550v
George Arthur alias Arthery William Barnsby (H1642): Link[293] C33/181, p. 391v
John Arthur Willins Holmes (T1642) Link[294] C33/181, p. 632v
George Asbye, armiger; et al Thomas Matchett & his wife (E1642) Link[295] C33/181, p. 565v
Elizabeth Ascough, widow John Stanley, gent (H1642): Link[296] C33/181, p. 406v
Stephen Ash alias Nash; and Richard Good Robert Paradine (M1641): Link[297] Link[298]; (T1642) [299] C33/181, p. 11v, 45r, (T1642) 641r
Thomas Ashbridge & Margaret his wife; Alice Mynn, an infant, by Joan Mynne, widow, mother, and guardian Samuel Harsnett; and Elizabeth Shipdam; __ Cooper; Phillip Calthropp; and Edward Mynn (H1642): Link[300] (T1642): Link[301]; [302] C78/417, no. 19 [303] C33/181, p. 284r, (T1642) 617v, 730r
Thomas Ashbridge & Margaret his wife; Alice Mynn, an infant, by Joan Mynne, widow, her mother and guardian Anthony Cooper; Elizabeth Shipdam; Samuel Harsnet; Phillip Calthropp; and Edward Mynne (E1642) Link[304] (T1642) Link[305] C33/181, p. 575v, (T1642) 610v
George Ashby, armiger Thomas Panck (M1641): Link[306] C33/181, p. 122v
Elianor and Rebecca Ashfould, infants, by Thomas Marshall, guardian Anna Ashfould (H1642): Link[307] C33/181, p. 341r
John Ashley Thomas Gregory & his wife (H1642): Link[308] C33/181, p. 381v
James Ashley John Howland, knight (M1641): Link[309] Link[310]; (H1642) [311]; [312] Link[313] C33/181, p. 22r, 66v, (H1642) 259r, 313v
Mary Ashley James Heyes; and Stephen Gardner (T1642) Link[314] C33/181, p. 685v
Elias Ashmole Michael Biddulph; and Thomas Ashmole (T1642) Link[315] C33/181, p. 745r
John Ashton Thomas Symcocks; et al (T1642) Link[316] C33/181, p. 735v
Robert Ashwell Mathew and Francis Walke (E1642) Link[317] C33/181, p. 549v
Robert Askewe Thomas Powell; and Thomas Lydgoll (H1642): Link[318] C33/181, p. 265r
John Askwith John Litlebury & his wife (H1642): Link[319] (E1642): Link[320] C33/181, p. 427r, (E1642) 589r
Robert Askwith Abraham Chamberlen; and Constance Askwith, executors of Nicholas Askwith; John Litlebury & Elizabeth his wife; Sara Edwards; Richard Miller & Alice his wife, which Elizabeth, Sara, and Alice were daughters and coheirs of said Nicholas Aswith (M1641): Link[321] Link[322] C33/181, p. 237v
Edward Astell, sr William Saunders (E1642) Link[323] C33/181, p. 454r
Nathaniel Atherold Robert Griggs (M1641): Link[324] (H1642): Link[325]; (T1642) [326] C33/181, p. 238v, (H1642) 365v, (T1642) 659v
Richard Atheroll Edmond Blake (E1642) Link[327] C33/181, p. 591r
James Athill, by guardian Arthur Athill; William Bulwer & his wife; and Anne Athill (H1642): Link[328] Link[329] C33/181, p. 322r, 380r
Thomas Atkins John Barber (M1641): Link[330] (H1642): Link[331]; [332] C33/181, p. 198r, (H1642) 340r, 378v
Thomas Atkins Margaret Mior (M1641): Link[333] C33/181, p. 198r
William Atkins William Stephens (H1642): Link[334] C33/181, p. 436r
Atkinson Zachariah Duningham; et al (H1642): Link[335] C33/181, p. 430v
Atkinson Glanfield, et al (M1641): Link[336] C33/181, p. 166v
Henry Atkinson William Saunders (H1642): Link[337] (T1642): Link[338] C33/181, p. 302r, (T1642) 666r
John Atkinson William Atkinson (E1642) Link[339] C33/181, p. 523r
Peter Atkinson; and Thomas Ascough John Coates; Robert Coates; James Rayn & Sara his wife; and Leonard Tres (E1642) Link[340] (T1642) Link[341] C33/181, p. 534r, (T1642) 694r
Thomas Atkinson Thomas Hoyle; and Joseph Mickethwaite (T1642) Link[342] C33/181, p. 734v
Metropan Attibegge Thomas Bradshawe (E1642) Link[343] (T1642) Link[344] C33/181, p. 461v, (T1642) 605r
Atwood John Packer (M1641): Link[345] C33/181, p. 86v
William Atwood; and John Monk Peter Hewett (M1641): Link[346] C33/181, p. 93r
Lewis Audley William Gough, armiger AND v. Robert Briant & his wife (M1641): Link[347] C33/181, p. 73r
Robert Audry alias Atherell William Badger; and Allan Badger (M1641): Link[348] Link[349]; (H1642) [350]; [351]; [352]; (E1642) [353]; (T1642) [354] C33/181, p. 88v, 167r, 275v, 277r, 423r, (E1642) 564r, (T1642) 610v
John Auger William Blackhall; et al (M1641): Link[355] C33/181, p. 135r
John Auger Robert Hawes & his wife; John Stephenson; Edmond Blanc __; William Ch_____; William Blackhall; and Eliza Hawes (M1641): Link[356] C33/181, p. 5r
Geoffrey Austen William Dennis (M1641): Link[357] C33/181, p. 54
James Austen George Bromley (T1642) Link[358] C33/181, p. 652r
Geoffrey Austyn Richard Dennys (M1641): Link[359] (H1642): Link[360] C33/181, p. 174r, 394r
James Avery, an infant, by guardian Thomas Wheeler alias Allen (E1642) Link[361] C33/181, p. 587r
Samuel Avery William Keynton; Phillip Keynton; Edward Gough; Henry Cole (M1641): Link[362] C33/181, p. 110v
Samuel Avery Phillip Knighton (M1641): Link[363] C33/181, p. 168v
John Awberry, armiger Thomas Gwynne, doctor of laws; et al (E1642) Link[364] C33/181, p. 461r
John Awberry; and William Awberry George, bishop of Hereford (E1642) Link[365] C78/372, no. 1 [366] C33/181, p. 596v
John Awborne William Bloome (M1641): Link[367] Link[368]; (H1642) [369]; [370] C33/181, p. 169r, 226v, (H1642) 271v, 368r
John Awborne & Lucy his wife; et al Bevis Thelwall, knight; John Adye; and Anthony Fage (M1641): Link[371] (H1642): Link[372] C33/181, p. 200r, 245r
Mathew Awborne Robert Fage (M1641): Link[373] C33/181, p. 49r
John Awbrey William Harbert, armiger; George Morgan, gent; Leticia Morgan, widow; Thomas James; David Hopkin; Daivd ap Evan; Katherine Edwards; Mary Edwards; Morgan Griffith; Henry Penry; and David Price (E1642) Link[374] C33/181, p. 551r
Phillip Awbrey gent Anthony Finch (M1641): Link[375] Link[376]; [377]; (H1642) [378]; (T1642) [379] C33/181, p. 12r, 30r, 51r, 262r, (T1642) 749v
Robert Awdrey alias Atherell William Badger; and Allan Badger (E1642) Link[380] C33/181, p. 541v
Awsten Thomas (T1642) Link[381] C33/181, p. 737v
Ayer Sloley (E1642) Link[382] C33/181, p. 558v
Elizabeth Ayle Richard Hamson (H1642): Link[383] C33/181, p. 306r
Richard Ayleway; and Peter Ayleway Robert Ayleway; and Jane Ayelway (E1642) Link[384] C33/181, p. 479v
John Ayleworth William Brand; Christopher Cooper; et al (M1641): Link[385] C33/181, p. 8v
Lucy Ayleworth; et al Richard Ayleworth, armiger; and Giles Carter, armiger (E1642) Link[386] C33/181, p. 476r
Benjamin Ayloff, baronet Elizabeth Hare; John Hare; Robert Bell, clerk; et al (H1642): Link[387] Link[388] C33/181, p. 255v, 323r
William Ayrey Randolph Washington (H1642): Link[389] C33/181, p. 432v

Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
William Baber Henry Midleton; and John Lemon (H1642): Link[390] C33/181, p. 423r
Thomas Babington, armiger Robert Weldon, clerk (H1642): Link[391] C33/181, p. 350r
Elizabeth Babshin, widow; Thomas Babshin; William Horlocke & Anne his wife George Godwyn (H1642): Link[392] (T1642): Link[393] C33/181, p. 318v, (T1642) 643r
Ralph Babthorpe, armiger William Brand (M1641): Link[394] Link[395] C33/181, p. 20r, 175a
Anna Backe Thomas Backe (E1642): Link[396] C33/181, p. 551r
John Backe Thomas Backe (M1641): Link[397] C33/181, p. 167v
Gertrude Bacon Thomas Gosnold & Elizabeth his wife; James Bacon; Nathaniel Bacon; Jane Bacon; William Rawfe; et al (H1642): Link[398] Link[399]; [400] C33/181, p. 372v, 374v, 378v
John Bacon Edward Hudson; and Agnes Gosling, widow (late widow, now wife of William Marshall, gent) (M1641): Link[401] Link[402]; [403]; [404] C33/181, p. 5v, 49r, 160r, 171v
Nicholas Bacon (doctor of laws???); William Allablaster, professor of sacred theology John Dibley; Mary his wife; John Appleton, armiger; Lawrence Squibb; et al (M1641): Link[405] (H1642): Link[406]; [407]; [408] quater C33/181, p. 227v, (H1642) 391v, 395v, 421r quater
Richard Bacon, armiger Lawrence Squibb (H1642): Link[409] bis C33/181, p. 421 bis
William Bacon Robert Burgoing; and William Milford (M1641): Link[410] C33/181, p. 102r
Dorrell Bromley Thomas Badd, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[411] C33/181, p. 654r
Thomas Badd, armiger; Dorrell Bromley, gent Henry Reade, armiger; Nicholas Blake, gent; Andrew Reade, clerk; George Reade, gent; and Thomas Francis (M1641): Link[412] Link[413]; [414]; (H1642) [415]; [416] C33/181, p. 14v, 148r, 174r, (H1642) 316r, 344v
Alice Baddam, widow Epiphany Baddam (E1642) Link[417] C33/181, p. 591r
William Badger Thomas Crumpe (H1642): Link[418] C33/181, p. 393v
William Badger Elizabeth Piggott; Anna Hint; and Conrad Hint (H1642): Link[419] C33/181, p. 261v
Crifogan Badger Edward Wakeman (M1641): Link[420] C33/181, p. 182r
Fortin /Fortana Bafford Henry Heron/ Herne; and Thomas Rowe (H1642): Link[421] (E1642): Link[422] bis; (T1642) [423] C33/181, p. 273r, (E1642) 585r bis, (T1642) 652v
Ralph Bagnold John Mellor (E1642) Link[424] C33/181, p. 580r
Cuthbert Baildon, gent John Dod (M1641): Link[425] Link[426]; (H1642) [427]; (E1642) [428]; (T1642) [429]; [430] C33/181, p. 86r, 106r (H1642) 273v, (E1642) 475v, (T1642) 674r, 719r
Cuthbert Baildon Thomas Dawney, knight; Henry Goodricke, knight; Edward Tirwhitt, knight; Anne, lady Baildon; and Christopher Colby (E1642): Link[431] (T1642): Link[432]; [433] C33/181, p. 474r, (T1642) 640r, 724v
Cuthbert Baildon Phillip Tirwhit (T1642) Link[434] C33/181, p. 743r
Francis Baines Fulke Crompton; John Baines; and Edward Baines (H1642): Link[435] Link[436] C33/181, p. 402v, 435r
Anne Baylie, widow William Burges; and Mathew Allen (T1642) Link[437] C33/181, p. 726v
Anthony Baylie John Reade; Phillip Watering; (and William Soper (M1641): Link[438] (H1642): Link[439]; (E1642)[440] C33/181, p. 96v, (H1642) 290v, (E1642) 454r
Frallicke Baylie George James (T1642) Link[441] C33/181, p. 715r
Henry Bayly; Benjamin Palmer James Hickey (H1642): Link[442] C33/181, p. 251r
Hugh Bayly William Window; et al (M1641): Link[443] C33/181, p. 3r
Hugh Bayley Elianor Phillipps; and Richard Cooke (M1641): Link[444] C33/181, p. 211v
Hugh Bayley John Adlam (M1641): Link[445] C33/181, p. 211v
Robert Bayly John Long, gent; et al (H1642): Link[446] (T1642): Link[447] C33/181, p. 292v, (T1642) 657v
William Bayley, executor of William Baylie Richard Younge, Elianor Younge; et al (T1642) Link[448] C33/181, p. 668r
Ralph Baynes, gent; et al William Carre; et al (E1642) Link[449] C33/181, p. 545v
Baker, knight; et al Brocas (E1642): Link[450] (T1642): Link[451] C33/181, p. 585r, (T1642) 748r
Baker Stockman (M1641): Link[452] C33/181, p. 233r
Abraham Baker & Mary his wife, late wife of Lancelot Vans John Fouke (M1641): Link[453] C33/181, p. 151v
Henry Baker Edward Browne (T1642) Link[454] C33/181, p. 692v
Henry Baker; and Henry Michell Geoffrey Goodyer (M1641): Link[455] Link[456]; [457]; [458]; (H1642) [459]; [460]; [461]; (E1642) [462]; (T1642) [463] C33/181, p. 7r, 82v, 115v, 128r, (H1642) 250v, 286v, 364r, (E1642) 509v, (T1642) 628v
Richard Baker; and Edmond Baker Robert Parke (M1641): Link[464] (H1642): Link[465]; [466]; (T1642) [467]; [468] C33/181, p. 238v, (H1642) 299v, 365v, (T1642) 650r, 752r
Roger Baker, gent Grace Coxe, widow (E1642) Link[469] (T1642) Link[470] C33/181, p. 551r, (T1642) 662r
William Baker William Lild (E1642) Link[471] C33/181, p. 560v
William Baker Henry Midleton; John Leman (H1642): Link[472] C33/181, p. 270r
William Baker Thomas Osborne, executor of Thomas Cobb (M1641): Link[473] C33/181, p. 144r
George Baldew Maurice Phillipps (H1642): Link[474] C33/181, p. 289r
Baldwin Hobbs (M1641): Link[475] C33/181, p. 194v
Bartholomew Baldwin, gent Fowke and his wife; and Fowke (M1641): Link[476] C33/181, p. 224v
Richard Baldwin Geoffrey Love, clerk (E1642) Link[477] C33/181, p. 560v
William Baldwin; et al Abraham Phipps, widow?; et al (M1641): Link[478] (H1642): Link[479] C33/181, p. 86r, (H1642) 303v
John Ball; et al James Martin (M1641): Link[480] C33/181, p. 225r
Robert Ball, gent John Bennett (H1642): Link[481] (E1642): Link[482]; [483] C33/181, p. 316v, (E1642) 532r, 552r
William Ball William Gurney (M1641): Link[484] C33/181, p. 223r
Edmond Ballard; and Henry Willington Richard Ballard; John Gwillin; and John Hawton (and cross suit) (H1642): Link[485] Link[486]; [487] C33/181, p. 252r, 253v, 290r
John Ballard Richard Ballard; and John Gwillim (AND cross suit) (M1641): Link[488] (H1642): Link[489]; [490]; [491]; (E1642) [492]; [493]; [494]; [495]; (T1642) [496]; [497]; [498] C33/181, p. 194v, (H1642) 319r, 417v, 437r, (E1642) 451r, 464v, 498r, 514v, (T1642) 608v, 623r, 682v
John Ballard John Gwillim; and Richard Ballard (M1641): Link[499] Link[500]; (H1642) [501]; [502]; (E1642) [503]; [504] C33/181, p. 7a, 37r (H1642) 364v, 377v, (E1642) 514r, 595v
Richard Ballard John Ballard; Thomas Ballard; Edmond Ballard; Bissett Ballard; Henry Wellington; and Thomas Bennett (T1642) Link[505] Link[506] C33/181, p. 660r, 673r
Richard Ballard Henry Willington (M1641): Link[507] C33/181, p. 205v
Thomas Ballard Richard Caninge; and Richard Caning (M1641): Link[508] C33/181, p. 121v
Joseph Balls Abraham Whilliar alias Wheeler & Rebecca his wife; et al (M1641): Link[509] (H1642): Link[510]; [511]; [512]; (E1642) [513]; [514]; (T1642) [515]; [516]; [517]; [518] C33/181, p. 176r, (H1642) 304v, 361v, 402v, (E1642) 449r, 577r, (T1642) 600v, 689r, 696r, 703v
Samuel Balls, armiger Thomas Hewett, knight (E1642) Link[519] C33/181, p. 588r
Richard Balthropp Richard Luke, armiger (M1641): Link[520] (H1642): Link[521]; Link[522] C33/181, p. 308v, 430v, 432v
Christopher Bambridge Humfrey Dix; and Tobias Massey (M1641): Link[523] Link[524]; [525]; [526]; [527]; (H1642) [528]; [529]; [530]; [531]; [532]; (E1642) [533]; [534] C33/181, p. 7r, 118r, 122r, 189r, 233r (H1642) 292r, 358r, 358v, 405r, 438v, (E1642) 468v, 493r
John Bambridge William Stockdale & his wife; and Rowland Dawson (H1642): Link[535] C33/181, p. 426v
John Bampfield, armiger; et al Thomas Isaacke, armiger & his wife (AND Ursula Isaacke, widow v. said Thomas Isaacke; AND William Mustchampe, armiger v. said Thomas Isaacke (M1641): Link[536] (E1642): Link[537]; [538]; [539]; [540] C33/181, p. 115r, (E1642) 525r, 595r, 525v, 533r
Daniel Bancks William Mathewes; and John Moore (M1641): Link[541] Link[542] C33/181, p. 18v, 49v
John Bancks, jr Roland Dixon (E1642) Link[543] C33/181, p. 480r
Mathew Bancks Thomas Foxall; Averine Broome; and Christopher Barrett (H1642): Link[544] C33/181, p. 323v
Ralph Bancks & Anne his wife Richard Watson (M1641): Link[545] Link[546]; [547]; (H1642) [548]; [549]; [550]; (E1642) [551]; [552] C33/181, p. 59v, 106v, 142v, (H1642) 307r, 388r, 400v, (E1642) 460v, 558v
Christopher Bancroft; Silvester Bancroft, executors of John, late bishop of Oxford Margaret Bancroft, widow, executrix of Thomas Bancroft, gent (M1641): Link[553] (H1642): Link[554]; (E1642) [555]; [556] C33/181, p. 118v, (H1642) 282v, (E1642) 485v, 535r
George Banger Edward Carpenter, armiger (H1642): Link[557] Link[558]; (E1642) [559]; [560]; [561] C33/181, p. 305r, 421v, (E1642) 445r, 480r, 568r
Paul Bannicke William Truscott (T1642) Link[562] C33/181, p. 673v
Michael Bannister & his wife Thomas Vincent; et al (T1642) Link[563] C33/181, p. 674r
Elizeus Barbor, an infant, by guardian John Leigh, armiger (T1642) Link[564] C33/181, p. 719v
Richard Barber; Hugh Greene; et al Thomas Barber (E1642) Link[565] (T1642) Link[566] C33/181, p. 447r, (T1642) 746v
Richard Barber alias Grigge William Leech; and Edmond Tappys (M1641): Link[567] (H1642): Link[568] C33/181, p. 188r, (H1642) 310v
William Barbour Randolph Davenport (M1641): Link[569] (H1642): Link[570]; (T1642) [571] C33/181, p. 218r, (H1642) 397r, (T1642) 669r
Christopher Barcocke John Pease (M1641): Link[572] Link[573]; (H1642)[574]; [575]; [576]; (E1642)[577]; (T1642) [578]; [579] C33/181, p. 1r, 68v, (H1642) 415r, 417r, 424v, (E1642) 472r, (T1642) 623v, 672r
John Barcroft Samuel Sandford (M1641): Link[580] Link[581]; [582]; (H1642) [583]; (T1642) [584] C33/181, p. 55r, 70r, 151v, (E1642) 550v, (T1642) 644r
Edward Barden; et al Henry Hodges (H1642): Link[585] C33/181, p. 423r
Grace Bardolph, widow John Allen & Jane his wife; and Henry Marston (T1642) Link[586] C33/181, p. 646r
Robert Barestowe Daniel Whittacres (E1642) Link[587] C33/181, p. 553v
Barham Roger Shoyswell, armiger (M1641): Link[588] C33/181, p. 84v
John Barham Stephen Barham (H1642): Link[589] Link[590] C33/181, p. 418r, 425v
Barker Burton; and Norton (E1642) Link[591] C33/181, p. 585r
Anne Barker, administratrix of John Barker Tobias Wood, armiger; Arthur Herris, armiger; Richard Champion, gent; Barbara his wife; and Rachiel Barker (H1642): Link[592] C33/181, p. 517r
Edmond Barker Dorothy Eastall (T1642) Link[593] C33/181, p. 646v
Edward Barker Richard Lindsey; Lionell Smith; and Robert Pickering (M1641): Link[594] (H1642): Link[595] C33/181, p. 6r, (H1642) 323v
Edward Barker, armiger Stephen Bright, gent; et al (M1641): Link[596] Link[597]; (H1642) [598]; [599] C33/181, p. 106r, 157v, (H1642) 261r, 375v
Gwalter Barker; et al Elizabeth Gibbons; and John Gibbons (T1642) Link[600] C33/181, p. 707r
John Barker Samuel Batteley & Elizabeth his wife; et al (M1641): Link[601] C33/181, p. 121v
John Barker; et al Richard Simonds; et al (H1642): Link[602] Link[603] C33/181, p. 272r, 413v
Nathaniel Barker, clerk Robert, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield (E1642) Link[604] Link[605] C33/181, p. 592v, 593r
Nathaniel Barker, clerk John Burnam; Thomas Burnam; Smith Wright; John Fletcher; Walter and Leonard Cozyns; Richard Lambert; Robert Nash; Christofer Dod; Edward Allen; and John King (M1641): Link[606] (H1642): Link[607] C33/181, p. 52r, (H1642) 307r
Nathaniel Barker William Barker, armiger (M1641): Link[608] Link[609] C33/181, p. 40r, 70v
Nathaniel Barker, clerk (& Mary his wife) John Keate, armiger; Mary Quatermaine, widow; William Niccholls, gent; and Thomas Baldwin (Thomas Burnham; Smith Wright; John Fletcher & his wife; Thomas Hoo; John king; and Robert Nash (M1641): Link[610] (T1642): Link[611]; [612]; [613]; [614] C33/181, p. 115v, (T1642) 604v, 618r, 673r, 681v, 694v
Nathaniel Barker James Jacott (E1642) Link[615] C33/181, p. 593r
Nathaniel Barker Thomas Umfrevile alias Umberfield (E1642) Link[616] C33/181, p. 593r
Thomas Barker Daniel Leare; and John Watkins (M1641): Link[617] Link[618]; (H1642) [619] C33/181, p. 98v, 214r, 267v
Walter Barker; et al Elizabeth Gibbons; and John Gibbons (E1642): Link[620] C33/181, p. 565r
William Barker Lawrence Brinley (T1642) Link[621] C33/181, p. 747v
William Barker Samuel Langwood (T1642) Link[622] C33/181, p. 689r
Anne Barlow Henry Barlowe (T1642) Link[623] C33/181, p. 670r
Eustace Barnaby, armiger Frances, lady Wingfield, widow (E1642) Link[624] (T1642) Link[625] C33/181, p. 571v, (T1642) 746v
Barnard Delahaie & his wife (E1642) Link[626] (T1642) Link[627] C33/181, p. 535r, (T1642) 692v
Phillip Barnardi Peter Richant, knight (M1641): Link[628] C33/181, p. 80v
Nathaniel Barnardiston, knight Lawrence Britton, clerk (T1642) Link[629] C33/181, p. 656r
Elizabeth Barne Robert Hodgson (E1642) Link[630] C33/181, p. 589v
Thomas Barnett Edmond Natt (H1642): Link[631] C33/181, p. 436r
John Barnes William Wall (H1642): Link[632] Link[633]; (E1642) [634]; [635]; [636]; [637]; [638] C33/181, p. 319v, 322r, (E1642) 456v, 477r, 516v, 543r, (T1642) 686r
John Barnes Mary Clapham (T1642) Link[639] C33/181, p. 738r
William Barnes Richard Frost (H1642): Link[640] C33/181, p. 439r
Barrett Keckwich (H1642): Link[641] C33/181, p. 436r
John Barrett John Coddrington (T1642) Link[642] C33/181, p. 746r
Mathew Barrett Anne Chambers; William Chambers (M1641): Link[643] (H1642): Link[644]; [645]; [646]; (T1642) [647] C33/181, p. 198r, (H1642) 353r, 375r, 440v, (T1642) 652r
William Barrett Hugh Pitcher; Henry Henley; and Suzanna Henley (H1642): Link[648] (E1642): Link[649]; (T1642) [650] C33/181, p. 281r, (E1642) 534r, (T1642) 635r
Edward Barrow William Medley (T1642) Link[651] Link[652] C33/181, p. 643r, 680v
Thomas Barrowe Elizabeth Buggin; and William Painter (T1642) Link[653] Link[654] C33/181, p. 602r, 615r
John Barry & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Creshield; et al (E1642) Link[655] C33/181, p. 559r
John Bartlett & Alice his wife Richard Slade; William Yerbury; and John Webb; (and John Slade) (M1641): Link[656] Link[657]; (H1642) [658]; [659] C33/181, p. 25r, 118v, 289r, 390r
Arthur Barton John Child; and Elizabeth Hunt (M1641): Link[660] C33/181, p. 159r
Elianor Barton, widow John Jones; William Jones; et al (E1642) Link[661] C33/181, p. 512v
Abraham Barwicke Mathew Marton /Moreton; et al (M1641): Link[662] (H1642): Link[663]; (E1642) [664] C33/181, p. 104v, (H1642) 342r, (E1642) 466v
Edward Bash, knight; and Edward Atkins, Serjeant at Law Lady Elizabeth Griffin; Henry Jones; and Henry Elsing, armiger (M1641): Link[665] C33/181, p. 201v
Daniel Bassano, armiger; et al George Turner (T1642) Link[666] C33/181, p. 637r
Bachelor Christopher Moore (E1642) Link[667] C33/181, p. 591r
Robert Batchelor John Baispoole; et al (T1642) Link[668] C33/181, p. 631r
Robert Batchelor Robert Bulleyn, jr & his wife (M1641): Link[669] (E1642): Link[670]; [671] C33/181, p. 225r, (E1642) 484r, 555v
Thomas Batchelor Richard Demans /Damanis (M1641): Link[672] Link[673]; [674]; (H1642) [675] C33/181, p. 96r, 131v, 160v, (H1642) 310r
Thomas Batchelor Thomas Tookey; and Vincent Quilter (M1641): Link[676] Link[677]; (H1642) [678]; (E1642) [679] bis; (T1642) [680] C33/181, p. 8v, 19v, (H1642) 304v, (E1642) 537v bis, (1642) 663r
Joseph Bate Robert Chiver, gent (E1642) Link[681] C33/181, p. 511v
Nathaniel Bate; et al Luke Whittington, mayor of Derby, and Alderman and Burgess of said town (H1642): Link[682] Link[683]; (E1642) [684]; [685]; [686]; (T1642) [687] C33/181, p. 301r, 341v, (E1642) 501v, 533v, 537v, (T1642) 623r
Robert Bate Thomas Brooke, armiger (H1642): Link[688] C33/181, p. 393r
John Bateman William Osmond (M1641): Link[689] Link[690] C33/181, p. 22r, 71v
Henry Batson George Horsey, knight; Owen Bett; Alice Ladd; Richard Keilway; and John Powell (AND Richard Keilway v. John Powell; George Horsey, knight; et al) (M1641): Link[691] Link[692] C33/181, p. 52r, 74v
Thomas Batt; Thomas Freere; William Leeke; Thomas Bolton; and John Dele William Jackson (AND cross suit) (H1642): Link[693] Link[694], [695]; (E1642) [696]; [697]; [698]; (T1642) [699] C33/181, p. 392r, 414r, 436v, (E1642) 470v, 522r, 556v, (T1642) 635v
William Batterby John Corye; and John Corye, jr (M1641): Link[700] C33/181, p. 198v
Charles Battin Thomasia Hame; John Fursden; Francis Cole; and William Hellier (H1642): Link[701] C33/181, p. 392v
Charles Battin John Slee & his wife; Elizabeth Battin; Katherine Battin; and Frances Battin (H1642): Link[702] C33/181, p. 392v
Johanna Battishill, widow Thomas Holland (M1641): Link[703] C33/181, p. 224v
Richard Battison Richard Berry, armiger; John Munton; and William Sagar (T1642) Link[704] C33/181, p. 747v
Batty Leland; Hales; and Ayrey (T1642) Link[705] C33/181, p. 751v
Edward Batty Thomas Bonham (T1642) Link[706] C33/181, p. 747r
John Batty Richard Bladwell; Francis Flyer; et al (H1642): Link[707] C33/181, p. 264r
John Batty Henry Twentimen; Ralph Bladwell; and Walter Fletcher (H1642): Link[708] (E1642): Link[709]; [710]; [711] C33/181, p. 263v, (E1462) 496r, 516r
Daniel Bavand, gent Robert Wright (M1641): Link[712] (H1642): Link[713] C33/181, p. 26r, (H1642) 369v
Robert Bavingfield, armiger, ex parte Jane Ceely, daughter of said Robert William Ceely, armiger; James Pert; and Thomas Clesfield (H1642): Link[714] C33/181, p. 437r
Maurice Bawds Mary, lady Berkeley; and Roger Isham (E1642) Link[715] C33/181, p. 589r
Richard Bawdwell John Hodgston (H1642): Link[716] (E1642): Link[717] C33/181, p. 431v, (E1642) 521v
Richard Bawdwell Christopher Hinton (H1642): Link[718] C33/181, p. 431v
Lancelot Baxter; and Thomas London Thomas Brewer; and William Brewer son of said Thomas Brewer; et al (M1641): Link[719] (T1642): Link[720] C33/181, p. 178r, (T1642) 658r
Thomas Baxter Richard Wyne (E1642) Link[721] C33/181, p. 588r
Thomas Bayton Thomas Atkinson (M1641): Link[722] Link[723]; [724]; (H1642) [725] C33/181, p. 69r, 120r, (H1642) 428v
Edward Beacham; and John Beacham Thomas Thompson; John Bird; et al (E1642) Link[726] C33/181, p. 479v
Thomas Beake John Roberts (M1641): Link[727] C33/181, p. 6v
Edward Beale Lancellot Pretty (H1642): Link[728] C33/181, p. 411r
Francis Beale alias Sheppard Johanna Fuller; Peter Fuller; and Andrew Fuller (M1641): Link[729] Link[730]; [731]; (M1642) [732]; (E1642) [733] C33/181, p. 19r, 43r, 49v (H1642), 361v, 521v
John Beale Thomas and Edward Wall (M1641): Link[734] C33/181, p. 168
John Beale John Terrett (T1642) Link[735] [736] C33/181, p. 646v, 695r
Richard Beale; et al Henry Smith & his wife (M1641): Link[737] C33/181, p. 188r
Robert Beale; et al John Teynton (H1642): Link[738] C33/181, p. 436r
William Beamis Richard Fry (M1641): Link[739] (H1642): Link[740]; (T1642) [741] C33/181, p. 115a (H1642) 285r, (T1642) 674v
Thomas Beamont Thomas Doughtie (H1642): Link[742] C33/181, p. 430v
Thomas Beamont George Tucker; et al (H1642): Link[743] (E1642): Link[744] C33/181, p. 425r, (E1642) 580r
James Beaple John Preddis (T1642) Link[745] C33/181, p. 666r
Robert Beard Humfrey Bedingfield; and John Pratt (T1642) Link[746] C33/181, p. 729r
George Beare Hugh Boscowen (M1641): Link[747] Link[748]; (T1642) [749] C33/181, p. 67r, 202v (T1642) 665v
George Beare & Elizabeth his wife, administratrix of Elizabeth Atkins Nicholas Bolt (M1641): Link[750] (H1642): Link[751]; (E1642)[752] C33/181, p. 70r, 270v, (E1642) 568r
John Beare John Pitts (H1642): Link[753] (E1642): Link[754] C33/181, p. 286r, (E1642) 453r
Richard Beare Richard Shapton; his wife; et al (M1641): Link[755] C33/181, p. 228r
Joseph Beat, armiger George Creintre (M1641): Link[756] C33/181, p. 236r
Edward Beaver; et al Richard Wright & his wife; William Clerke, sr; and John Clerke, jr (M1641): Link[757] C33/181, p. 132r
Jervass Becke Tobias Knipe; and Alice Cocke, widow (E1642) Link[758] C33/181, p. 556r
John Becke Nicholas Hodgson (E1642) Link[759] C33/181, p. 444v
Ambrose Beckwith Isabel Beckwith; Mary Beckwith; Henry Beckwith; and William Ingram, knight (H1642): Link[760] Link[761] C33/181, p. 394r, 495r
George Bedford, executor of Richard Scras James Rivers, armiger, deceased, Charles/Charity Rivers, executor of said James; et al (M1641): Link[762] Link[763]; [764]; [765]; [766]; (H1642) [767]; [768]; [769] C33/181, p. 23r, 178r, 193r, 205v, 225v, (H1642) 329r, 350r, 375v
Henry Bedingfield, knight Nicholas Bedingfield, son, heir, and administrator of Francis Bedingfield, gent (M1641): Link[770] Link[771]; (H1642) [772]; [773]; [774]; [775]; [776] C33/181, p. 69, 123a, (H1652) 245r, 341r, 366r, 401v, 402r
John Bedwell, gent John Byott (H1642): Link[777] C33/181, p. 430v
John Bedwell, gent Thomas Unwyn (T1642) Link[778] C33/181, p. 625v
George Beedvill; et all George Wray (T1642) Link[779] C33/181, p. 655r
Brian Beeston; and Richard Beeston John Wood, knight (M1641): Link[780] (E1642): Link[781] C33/181, p. 144r, (E1642) 555r
John Belcanquell Richard Grundye (M1641): Link[782] Link[783]; (H1642) [784] C33/181, p. 50r, 204r, (H1642) 385v
William Belcham Jane Feast, widow (H1642): Link[785] C33/181, p. 405v
Allen Belfield Robert Prowse (H1642): Link[786] C33/181, p. 436r
Belgrave John Pleasance (M1641): Link[787] (H1642): Link[788]; (E1642) [789] C33/181, p. 238v, (H1642) 365v, (E1642) 566v
Edward Bell Hutchinson (H1642): Link[790] C33/181, p. 433r
John Bell, gent; et al Thomas Rawlin; and John Rawlin (H1642): Link[791] (T1642): Link[792] C33/181, p. 273v, (T1642) 677r
Thomas Bell William Langhorne; and John Langhorne (E1642) Link[793] C33/181, p. 547v
William Bell William Powell (M1641): Link[794] Link[795]; (E1642) [796]; (T1642) [797]; [798] C33/181, p. 152r, 194v (bis); 472v, (T1642) 655v, 713v
John Bellamy Thurston Smith, knight; and John Smith, gent (M1641): Link[799] (T1642): Link[800] C33/181, p. 80v, (T1642) 651r
Thomas Bellingham, armiger Prosper Rainsford, armiger; Patrick Hackett; and Thomas Norman (M1641): Link[801] Link[802]; [803]; (H1642) [804]; [805]; [806]; (T1642) [807] C33/181, p. 47r, 92v, 226r, (H1642) 249r, 414v, 419v, (T1642) 665v
Thomas Bellingham Thomas West & Cecilia his wife (M1641): Link[808] C33/181, p. 95v
Richard Belmayne, gent George White, gent (M1641): Link[809] (T1642): Link[810] C33/181, p. 66r, (T1642) 679r
Elizabeth Belsier Edward Stratton (H1642): Link[811]; [812] C33/181, p. 267v, 308r
Albert Belton James Deswattins (H1642): Link[813] Link[814] C33/181, p. 251r, 368v
John Belton Thomas Jones, armiger (M1641): Link[815] C33/181, p. 194v
Thomas Bembricke John Ewen (E1642) Link[816] C33/181, p. 587r
Elizabeth Bendish, widow, lately wife and executrix of Thomas Bendish Thomas Bendish, baronet; Peter Saltonstall, knight; James Saltonstall, armiger; and Edward Saltonstall (M1641): Link[817] Link[818]; (T1642) [819]; [820] C33/181, p. 79r, 110v, (T1642) 635r, 645v
Thomas Bendish Peter Barrett; et al (T1642) Link[821] C33/181, p. 692r
Bends Danbrooke; et al (E1642) Link[822] C33/181, p. 477v
Richard Benfield Edith Butler, widow (M1641): Link[823] C33/181, p. 168r
William Benford & Hester his wife John Barker (M1641): Link[824] Link[825] C33/181, p. 60r, 115r
William Bening Thomas Wheeler (E1642) Link[826] C33/181, p. 495v
Charles Benion & his wife Thomas Knight; Adam Webb; and John Proude (H1642): Link[827] bis C33/181, p. 421 bis
Henry Benn Margaret, lady Carwen (T1642) Link[828] C33/181, p. 670r
Bennet, doctor of laws Bennet, knight (M1641): Link[829] (H1642): Link[830] C33/181, p. 224r, (H1642) 432r
Bennett Hawtrey (E1642) Link[831] C33/181, p. 6642v
Bennett Woone (E1642) Link[832] C33/181, p. 558r
Andrew Bennett, gent William Rolfe (H1642): Link[833] Link[834]; (T1642) [835] C33/181, p. 299v, 426r, (T1642) 625v
Edith Bennett alias tiler William Burgh; and Robert Clement (E1642) Link[836] C33/181, p. 521v
John Bennett John Greenhill of Hawkridge (M1641): Link[837] C33/181, p. 101r
John Bennett Edward Mauley; John Millington; Edward Hickson; and William Millington (T1642) Link[838] C33/181, p. 660v
John Bennett Robert Mohun, gent; Lawrence Barnard; and Richard Insty (T1642) Link[839] C33/181, p. 735v
John Bennett & his wife; Valentine Tayler & his wife; Degory Martin & his wife Michael Stephen alias Stephens (E1642) Link[840] Link[841]; (T1642) [842] C33/181, p. 477r, 520r, (T1642) 704r
Margaret Bennett, widow Henry Worth, armiger (M1641): Link[843] (H1642): Link[844] C33/181, p. 167v, (H1642) 436r
Mathew Bennett, clerk; Thomas Bennett, doctor of laws John Bennett, knight (H1642): Link[845] (E1642): Link[846] C33/181, p. 357r, (E1642) 548r
Susanna Bennett, by Henry Harbert, her guardian William Jones, knight (E1642) Link[847] (T1642) Link[848] C33/181, p. 585r, (T1642) 720v
Thomas Bennett James Bird & his wife (T1642) Link[849] C33/181, p. 611r
Thomas Bennett, doctor of laws John Pierce; and Henry Tenant (T1642) Link[850] C33/181, p. 741v
William Bennett Robert Heyberne & his wife (E1642) Link[851] C33/181, p. 469v
Anna Benskin, widow; and William Farrington, armiger William Werden, jr, et al (M1641): Link[852] Link[853] C33/181, p. 81v, 185r
Benson Plumpton (H1642): Link[854] C33/181, p. 310v
Robert Benson Francis Nevill, armiger; and William Vavasor & Anna his wife (M1641): Link[855] Link[856]; [857]; [858]; [859]; [860]; [861]; (H1642) [862] bis; [863]; (E1642) [864]; [865]; [866]; [867]; [868] C33/181, p. 1r, 43r, 72r, 77v, 120r, 182r, 183v, (H1642) 351v bis, 433r, 447r, 473v, (E1642) 476v, 528r
Robert Benson, gent Francis Nevill, armiger; and Roger ap John (M1641): Link[869] C33/181, p. 228v
Robert Benson, gent William Vavisor & Anna his wife; and Francis Nevill (M1641): Link[870] (H1642): Link[871] C33/181, p. 119r, 386r
Richard Berisford Humfrey Bonington (H1642): Link[872] C33/181, p. 399v
Berman Waller (E1642) Link[873] C33/181, p. 595r
Richard Berney, knight and baronet John Lenthwaite (M1641): Link[874] C33/181, p. 143v
Richard Berney, baronet Mathew Menns, Knight of the Bath (E1642) Link[875] (T1642) Link[876] C33/181, p. 514r, (T1642) 664r
Walter Berrill & Margaret his wife Robert Skinner & Mary his wife; et al (H1642): Link[877] Link[878] C33/181, p. 303v, 521r
Berrisford Pope (E1642) Link[879] C33/181, p. 521v
Richard Berrye Richard Battison; Master of the Hospital of Hinsworth (H1642): Link[880] C33/181, p. 380r
Berry Berry; et al (E1642) Link[881] bis C33/181, p. 585r bis
Berry; et al Seaman (E1642) Link[882] C33/181, p. 596r
Richard Berry, armiger Nicholas Burlace, armiger & Katherine his wife (M1641): Link[883] C33/181, p. 36r
Richard Berwicke George Lewys; and Parnell Lewys (H1642): Link[884] C33/181, p. 397r
Edmond Best William Neale (H1642): Link[885] (E1642): Link[886][887] C33/181, p. 434v, (E1642) 558r, 568r
John Best George Dennys (T1642) Link[888] C33/181, p. 638r
William Best; et al Thomas Hedge & his wife (E1642) Link[889] C33/181, p. 567r
Hugh Bethell, knight Marmaduke Norcliffe (M1641): Link[890] C33/181, p. 95r
Walter Betson; and Joseph Betson John Betson (H1642): Link[891] (E1642): Link[892] C33/181, p. 403r, (E1642) 524v
Brigit Bettesworth Alice Mason; and Nicholas Mason (T1642) Link[893] C33/181, p. 710v
James Betton Humfrey Dimocke (M1641): Link[894] C33/181, p. 150v
Henry Betts Suzanna Betts (M1641): Link[895] C33/181, p. 186r
Peter Bevis, armiger Agnes Beare (M1641): Link[896] C33/181, p. 173v
John Biam, clerk; et al William Moore; Jane Moore; and Mary Moore (T1642) Link[897] C33/181, p. 695v
Bickford Langmeade (E1642) Link[898] C33/181, p. 580r
John Bickford Roger Mallocke; et al (M1641): Link[899] Link[900]; (H1642) [901]; [902] C33/181, p. 23r, 118r, (H1642) 282v, 362r
Bickley John Amias (T1642) Link[903] C33/181, p. 734v
Brewen Bickley William Drewry (M1641): Link[904] Link[905]; [906]; [907]; [908]; [909]; [910]; (H1642) [911]; (E1642) [912]; [913]; [914] C33/181, p. 10r, 53v, 82r, 115v, 129r, 183r, 229r, (H1642) 292r, 440r, (E1642) 444v, 472r, 505v
Biddle Millard; et al (E1642) Link[915] C33/181, p. 571v
Frances, Marcas, Rebecca, Agnes, and Jane Bidgood, daughters of Humfrey Bidgood and Margaret his wife, by Margaret, their mother John Gover; and Robert Bradford (H1642): Link[916] C33/181, p. 343v
William Bidgood Thomas Howell; John Cooke; ___ Lashleigh; and Walter Broad (M1641): Link[917] C33/181, p. 85r
Richard Biford Richard Haynes (M1641): Link[918] Link[919]; (E1642) [920]; [921] C33/181, p. 119v, 156v, (E1642) 478v, 591v
Bigg Edward Moody; and Richard Moody (M1641): Link[922] C33/181, p. 9v
Samuel Biggs; Edward Reade; John Savage, creditors of Thomas Biggs, baronet William Courten (E1642) Link[923] C33/181, p. 593v
Bill Davies & his wife (E1642) Link[924] C33/181, p. 594r
John Bill; et al Robert Beardmore; et al (H1642): Link[925] Link[926]; (E1642) [927]; (T1642) [928]; [929] C33/181, p. 291r, 402v; (E1642) 545r, (T1642) 639v, 687r
Henry Billingsley, armiger John Field, armiger (M1641): Link[930] Link[931] C33/181, p. 46v, 97r
Henry Billingley, armiger & Sara his wife Mary, lady Roger; George Martin, armiger; and Thomas Boyland (H1642): Link[932] C33/181, p. 415r
John Billingsley Thomas Adams (H1642): Link[933] C33/181, p. 383r
Thomas Billington Edward Dobbs (M1641): Link[934] (H1642): Link[935]; [936] C33/181, p. 35r, (H1642) 279v, 413v
John Bilwin Richard Bilwin (M1641): Link[937] (H1642): Link[938] C33/181, p. 228v, (H1642) 396v
George Bing; et al Katherine Bing, widow; et al (T1642) Link[939] C33/181, p. 741r
Peter Binnington/Bonnington __ Sacheverell (M1641): Link[940] Link[941] C33/181, p. 5r, 46v
Birch Simonds (E1642) Link[942] C33/181, p. 588r
John Birch, infant, by Maria his mother and guardian; and said Maria Birch Ambrose Birch; et al (M1641): Link[943] C33/181, p. 13r
Mary Birch, widow; and John Birch, her son, an infant Alice Birch; and Ambrose Birch; and John Sarieant (H1642): Link[944] C78/2036, no. 22 [945] C33/181, p. 346r
John Bircham Robert Browne & his wife (H1642): Link[946] C33/181, p. 363v
Edward Bird Richard Bird (H1642): Link[947] C33/181, p. 393v
John Bird Humfrey Threlkeld, armiger (H1642): Link[948] Link[949] C33/181, p. 328v, 358r
Robert Bird; et al John Jewell (M1641): Link[950] Link[951]; (H1642) [952]; [953]; (E1642) [954] C33/181, p. 10v, 81r, (H1642) 251v, 304r, (E1642) 448r
Robert Bird Edward Glover (H1642): Link[955] Link[956] C33/181, p. 390v, 396v
Thomas Bird John Hodgson, sr; John Hodgson, jr; Robert Booth; Robert Loose; Henry Billington (T1642) Link[957] Link[958] C33/181, p. 681r, 701v
Henry Birckbeck, gent Timothy Fetherstonhaugh, knight; Lancellot Dawes, professor in theology; and Lewis West (T1642) Link[959] C33/181, p. 656v
John Birkbeck & his wife Abraham Williams, knight;John London; and Jonathan Brand (T1642) Link[960] C33/181, p. 630r
Robert Birkhead James Phillipps (H1642): Link[961] Link[962] C33/181, p. 289v, 380v
Biscombe & his wife White & his wife (H1642): Link[963] C33/181, p. 340v
Richard Biscombe & his wife Nicholas Pescodd, armiger; Peter Logan /Legay; and John Benger, gent (M1641): Link[964] Link[965]; (H1642) [966]; (E1642) [967]; [968]; (T1642) [969] C33/181, p. 16v, 135r, (H1642) 273v, (E1642) 476v, 527r, (T1642) 674v
Bishop of Oxford Banger (T1642) Link[970] C33/181, p. 656r
George Bishop Thankfull Bishop; and William Slowman (M1641): Link[971] (H1642): Link[972] C33/181, p. 126r, (H1642) 310r
Henry Bishop, sr Elizabeth Bishop, widow; Henry Bishop, jr; et al (M1641): Link[973] Link[974]; [975]; [976] C33/181, p. 30r, 40r, 73r, 231r
Humfrey Bishop, armiger Thomas Chard (H1642): Link[977] C33/181, p. 352r
John Bishop, executor of Elianor Chilcott John Sheeres; Lewis Chilcott; and William Langdon (H1642): Link[978] C33/181, p. 366v
Richard Bishop Ranulf Crewe (E1642) Link[979] Link[980]; [981] C33/181, p. 443r, 463v, 501r
Bisse Richards (E1642) Link[982] C33/181, p. 589v
John Bissell Thomas Griffith; et al (M1641): Link[983] (H1642): Link[984]; [985]; (E1642) [986] C33/181, p. 172r, (H1642) 253v, 373v, (E1642) 559v
Robert Blacke & his wife Nest John, widow (E1642) Link[987] C33/181, p. 592v
Robert Black & Anna his wife Walter Ruddye; and John Rudderth (M1641): Link[988] C33/181, p. 157r
Robert Blacke & his wife Walter Retherch (H1642): Link[989] (E1642): Link[990]; (T1642) [991] C33/181, p. 429r, (E1642) 592v, (T1642) 659v
William Blackhall John Drake; Vincent Haman /Hilman; William Mare /Moore /Mayer; __ Capple; et al (M1641): Link[992] Link[993]; (H1642) [994]; [995]; [996]; [997]; [998]; [999]; [1,000]; (E1642) [1,001]; [1,002]; [1,003]; [1,004] C33/181, p. 160r, 177v, (H1642) 254v, 267v, (H1642) 276r, 297r, 384v, 416r, 427r, (E1642) 485r, 528v, 543v, 572v
William Blackhall Mary Tickle, widow (M1641): Link[1,005] C33/181, p. 62v
William Blackhall; and other the inhabitants of Scarning, Norf John Auger (M1641): Link[1,006] Link[1,007]; (E1642): [1,008]; [1,009]; (T1642): [1,010] C33/181, p. 141r, 152v, (E1642) 448r, 556v, (T1642) 676r
Robert Blackson & his wife Thomas Eaton & Mary his wife (H1642): Link[1,011] C33/181, p. 273v
John Bladen Francis Munday (M1641): Link[1,012] Link[1,013], [1,014], [1,015] C33/181, p. 91r, 141r, 150v, 188r
Robert Bladon, gent Richard Batison, master of the hospital of Henworth (H1642): Link[1,016] C33/181, p. 431r
Robert Bladen; and Mary Holgate Francis Wortley, knight and baronet; Anthony Swillivant; and Nicholas Wood (H1642): Link[1,017] C33/181, p. 321r
William Bladwell; et al Robert Blith; et al (M1641): Link[1,018] Link[1,019]; (E1642) [1,020] C33/181, p. 57r, 225r, (E1642) 513v
Blagden, widow Harris (M1641): Link[1,021] C33/181, p. 233r
Hester Blagdon, relict and executrix of Roger Blagden Robert Chiver, gent (H1642): Link[1,022] (E1642): Link[1,023] C33/181, p. 293r, 457r
Daniel Blagrove Mayor and Burgesses of Reading, Berks (M1641): Link[1,024] (H1642): Link[1,025]; (E1642) [1,026] C33/181, p. 169v, (H1642) 394v, (E1642) 548v
Blake (Robert?) Blake (Christopher?) (H1642): Link[1,027] C33/181, p. 432v
Francis Blake Lady Frances Browne, widow; Robert Browne, armiger; and Valentine Browne (T1642) Link[1,028] C33/181, p. 682r
John Blakiston William Fenwicke (H1642): Link[1,029] C33/181, p. 429r
Marmaduke Blakeston /Backeston Henry Thompson, armiger; and Walter Stanhopp (H1642): Link[1,030] Link[1,031]; [1,032]; (T1642) [1,033]; [1,034]; [1,035] C33/181, p. 327v, 375v, 397r, (T1642) 618v, 750v, 746v
Robert Blakeston, gent; and his wife Thomas Eaton & Mary his wife; Henry Payton, armiger (H1642): Link[1,036] (T1642): Link[1,037] C33/181, p. 348r, 700r
William Blanchard, clerk Robert Skinner (M1641): Link[1,038] C33/181, p. 128r
Bland Parker (M1641): Link[1,039] (H1642): Link[1,040] C33/181, p. 238v (H1642) 365v
George Bland Edward Bury & Mary his wife (AND Edward Bury & his wife v. Timothy Cruso; and John Cruso; AND also John Moore & his wife v. Edward Bury & Mary his wife (M1641): Link[1,041] (H1642): Link[1,042] C33/181, p. 66r, (H1642) 305v
George Bland, gent Francis Griggs; and Elizabeth Cowper (E1642) Link[1,043] C33/181, p. 588r
George Bland William Porter; et al (M1641): Link[1,044] C33/181, p. 100v
Michael Blast William Blast (E1642) Link[1,045] C33/181, p. 588v
Ralph Bleverhassett; et al Anthony Hobart, sr, armiger; James Hobart; Henry Homberston; et al (AND between James Holmes; et al v. Anthony Hobert, sr, armiger; James Hobart, gent; et al) (M1641): Link[1,046] Link[1,047]; [1,048]; [1,049]; [1,050]; [1,051]; (E1642) [1,052]; [1,053] C33/181, p. 10r, 16r, 62v, 122r, 229v, 404r, (E1642) 467r, 506v
William Bligh George Mynifie (M1641): Link[1,054] Link[1,055]; (H1642) [1,056] C33/181, p. 160v, 192r, (H1642) 406r
Thomas Blinefield & Elizabeth his wife Mirable Tastard; John Shipp; et al (H1642): Link[1,057] C33/181, p. 437v
Thomas Blissett alias Blisse William Colthurst; Mary Colthurst; and Thomas Edwards (T1642) Link[1,058] C33/181, p. 748r
Thomas Blissett alias Blisse Mary Edwards; Robert Drinkwater & Elizabeth his wife (T1642) Link[1,059] C33/181, p. 748r
Robert Blofield, gent Osbert Pratt, gent (E1642) Link[1,060] Link[1,061] C33/181, p. 477v, 524v
Thomas Blomfield, sr William Scatt; Anna Scatt; et al (M1641): Link[1,062] C33/181, p. 174r
Thomas Blomfield & Elizabeth his wife Mirable Tastard; (and John Shipp; and John Boreham) (M1641): Link[1,063] (E1642): Link[1,064]; [1,065]; (T1642) [1,066] C33/181, p. 59r, (E1642) 596v, (T1642) 606r, 689r
Richard Blower, armiger, executor of Christofer Blower William russell, knight and baronet; John Wolstanholme, knight; Robert Fenne; et al (M1641): Link[1,067] C33/181, p. 229v
Blundell Hamond (T1642) Link[1,068] C33/181, p. 638r
Blunt Wilson (M1641): Link[1,069] C33/181, p. 194v
Francis Blunt, armiger; et al John Hanbury (H1642): Link[1,070] C33/181, p. 342r
Thomas Blunt John Teere & his wife; John Ball; and William Ashwood (M1641): Link[1,071] C33/181, p. 121v
Virgil Blunt Elizabeth Mills; and Anne Mills (T1642) Link[1,072] C33/181, p. 701r
Walter Blunt; Francis Blunt; et al John Hanbury (M1641): Link[1,073] (H1642): Link[1,074] C33/181, p. 122v, (H1642) 392r
Augustine Boate William Thomas (H1642): Link[1,075] (T1642): Link[1,076] C33/181, p. 249v, (T1642) 646v
Peter Boddam William Hind (M1641): Link[1,077] C33/181, p. 84v
William Boddington Elizabeth Dewe (T1642) Link[1,078] C33/181, p. 613r
John Bode, gent Cornelius Holland, armiger & his wife; James Forth (E1642) Link[1,079] C33/181, p. 523v
William, Margery, and Sara Bodle, by Thomas Bodle, their guardian Sara Bodle widow; Richard Alchorne; and Robert Bodle (H1642): Link[1,080] C78/479, no. 19 [1,081] C33/181, p. 598v
John Bodley, knight; et al Thomas Brocas, armiger (AND Thomas Brocas, armiger v. Robert Brocas, armiger) (M1641): Link[1,082] C33/181, p. 129v
Joseph Bodwell, jr, gent Thomas Unwyn, gent (H1642): Link[1,083] C33/181, p. 384r
Richard Bogan John Pitts (T1642) Link[1,084] C33/181, p. 719r
Thomas Boggeston William Watton (T1642) Link[1,085] C33/181, p. 605v
Anna Bold, widow Robert Dixon, armiger; et al (H1642): Link[1,086] Link[1,087] C33/181, p. 340r, 390r
William Bold, armiger & Johan his wife Hugh Wynne (M1641): Link[1,088] C33/181, p. 151v
Owin Bolt, armiger Armestrong alias Strongthorne (M1641): Link[1,089] C33/181, p. 186v
William Bolt Robert Wolseley, baronet; et al (H1642): Link[1,090] C33/181, p. 369v
William Bolt; and John Haines John Partridge (M1641): Link[1,091] Link[1,092]; (H1642) [1,093] C33/181, p. 137v, 196v, (H1642) 297r
Thomas Bolton, gent Francis Burwell, gent; and William Hurnard (E1642) Link[1,094] Link[1,095] C33/181, p. 497v, 560v
James Bonamy Edmond Wells (H1642): Link[1,096] (E1642): Link[1,097] C33/181, p. 423r, (E1642) 588v
Edmond Bond Michell Arnold (M1641): Link[1,098] C33/181, p. 193r
Edward Bond & his wife; et al Michell Arnold (M1641): Link[1,099] C33/181, p. 17r
Elias Bond William Cockeram (T1642) Link[1,100] Link[1,101] C33/181, p. 655r, 692v
Sarah Bond Robert Hainey (H1642): Link[1,102] C33/181, p. 292r
Thomas Bond, armiger Richard Knapp; and William Young (E1642) Link[1,103] (T1642) Link[1,104] C33/181, p. 504r, (T1642) 617v
Thomas Bond; et al Robert Wynd; et al (H1642): Link[1,105] Link[1,106] C33/181, p. 326r, 420v
William Bond, armiger; John Furlonge, gent John Serieant; and Maurice Gater (H1642): Link[1,107] C33/181, p. 308v
Robert Bonfield Dorothy Ashley; and John Topham (E1642) Link[1,108] C33/181, p. 595r
Thomas Bonham John Machell; et al (T1642) Link[1,109] C33/181, p. 729r
Henry Bonne Margaret, lady Curwen, widow (E1642) Link[1,110] C33/181, p. 589r
Thomas Bonner Thomas Dockerill; et al (M1641): Link[1,111] C33/181, p. 72r
John Booker Samuel Fayreley (H1642): Link[1,112] C33/181, p. 310r
Abraham Boone John Jacob, knight (H1642): Link[1,113] C33/181, p. 321v
John Boone Gabriel Bush; and George Robinson (M1641): Link[1,114] (H1642): Link[1,115] C33/181, p. 76v, (H1642), 272v
Booth Skynner & his wife (H1642): Link[1,116] C33/181, p. 421v
Charles Booth, an infant, by George Stroude /Strode, gent, his guardian Anthony Browne, gent (M1641): Link[1,117] (H1642): Link[1,118]; [1,119]; (E1642) [1,120]; [1,121] C33/181, p. 224r, (H1642) 266v, 402v, (E1642) 484v, 526v
John Booth Charles Sharpe (M1641): Link[1,122] (H1642): Link[1,123]; [1,124]; (E1642); [1,125] C33/181, p. 89r, (H1642) 309v, 318v, (E1642) 495v
John Booth, gent Edward Tanner (T1642) Link[1,126] C33/181, p. 737v
Nicholas Booth, gent Millicent, lady Poole, widow; and John Millington (H1642): Link[1,127] Link[1,128]; (E1642) [1,129]; [1,130] C33/181, p. 295r, 431v, (E1642) 496v, 518r
Henry Boothby, gent Thomas Crompton, armiger (T1642) Link[1,131] C33/181, p. 735v
Henry Boothby, gent William Thomas & Elizabeth his wife; and Francis Williamson (E1642) Link[1,132] Link[1,133] C33/181, p. 560v, 587r
Richard Boothby, gent Thomas Woodhouse, armiger (E1642) Link[1,134] Link[1,135] C33/181, p. 588r, 590v
Robert Boothby Robert Leigh; Edward Leigh; and Thomas Mossant (M1641): Link[1,136] Link[1,137] C33/181, p. 94v, 135v
Thomas Boothby, armiger Henry Boothby; and Robert Boothby (T1642) Link[1,138] C33/181, p. 719r
Thomas Boothby; and Robert Boothby, executors of Judith, lady Corbett; et al William Ladkins (M1641): Link[1,139] Link[1,140]; (H1642) [1,141]; [1,142]; (E1642) [1,143]; [1,144]; [1,145]; (T1642) Link[1,146]; [1,147]; [1,148] C33/181, p. 73v, 193r (H1642) 288v, 397v, (E1642) 447v, 460r, 588v, (T1642) 701r, 722r, 737v
John Boraston, clerk Henry Harbert, knight (H1642): Link[1,149] C33/181, p. 342r
Jonathan Bordall; and Henry Aikeroid Robert Shaftoe; and Isabella Booth (M1641): Link[1,150] Link[1,151]; (E1642) [1,152]; [1,153] C33/181, p. 153r, 175v, (E1642) 466r, 547v
Hugh Boscowen, armiger Ezechiel Grosse; et al (M1641): Link[1,154] C33/181, p. 92r
Thomas Bospich George Bospich; and George Bagg, armiger (H1642): Link[1,155] C33/181, p.
John Bostocke Thomas Aldersey (M1641): Link[1,156] (H1642): Link[1,157]; [1,158]; (E1642) [1,159] C33/181, p. 77v, (H1642) 342v, 364v, (E1642) 552v
George Bostocke Dorothy Bostocke, widow (T1642) Link[1,160] C33/181, p. 692v
Richard Bosvile, armiger Humfrey Stile/Styles, knight and baronet (M1641): Link[1,161] Link[1,162]; (H1642) [1,163]; (E1642) [1,164]; [1,165] C33/181, p. 15r, 113v, (H1642) 309r, (E1642) 491v, 526r
Robert Bosvile, gent Humfrey Style, knight and baronet (H1642): Link[1,166] C33/181, p. 265r
Thomas Bosvile, armiger Elizabeth Rogers; William Copley; Geoffrey Copley; et al (T1642) Link[1,167] C33/181, p. 681v
William Bosvile, gent Walter Rudston, jr, armiger (H1642): Link[1,168] Link[1,169]; [1,170] C33/181, p. 246r, 258r, 270v
Thomas Boswell William Rawlin & Juliana his wife (T1642) Link[1,171] C33/181, p. 677v
William Boswell, knight & Margaret his wife, sister and heir and administrator of Leonard Bosvile, knight George Bosvile, professor of sacred theology (AND George Bosvile v. Zacheus Nightingale and Thomas Jefferies) (M1641): Link[1,172] Link[1,173]; [1,174]; (H1642) [1,175]; (E1642) [1,176]; [1,177]; [1,178]; (T1642) [1,179] C33/181, p. 18r. 74v, 130v, (H1642) 247v, (E1642) 461r, 506v, 535v, (T1642) 739r
William Boteler, armiger Thomas Burrowes (M1641): Link[1,180] (E1642): Link[1,181]; [1,182] C33/181, p. 136v, (E1642) 478r, 588r
William Bott Richard Diott, knight; et al (H1642): Link[1,183] (T1642): Link[1,184] C78/2036, no. 27 [1,185] C33/181, p. 401r, (T1642) 747v
William Bott Robert Wolseley, baronet; Richard Dyott, knight; et al (M1641): Link[1,186] Link[1,187]; [1,188]; (H1642) [1,189] C33/181, p. 76r, 169v, 175v, (H1642) 328v
Joan Botting John Botting; Edmond Botting; and Richard Knight (T1642) Link[1,190] C33/181, p. 656v
John Botting; et al Edward Paine (H1642): Link[1,191] C33/181, p. 258r
Geoffrey Bouch John Morse; et al (H1642): Link[1,192] (T1642): Link[1,193] C33/181, p. 437r, (T1642) 622v
William Boughey John Bellott, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[1,194] C33/181, p. 696v
Anna Bould, widow Robert Dixon; et al (M1641): Link[1,195] C33/181, p. 146r
Thomas Boulton, gent Francis Burwell, gent; and William Hurnard (H1642): Link[1,196] Link[1,197]; [1,198]; (E1642) [1,199] C33/181, p. 311r, 323r, 361r, (E1642) 593v
John Bound John Barrett (T1642) Link[1,200] C33/181, p. 743r
Gabriel Boundre Francis Keene (M1641): Link[1,201] C33/181, p. 115r
Abraham Boune & Elizabeth his wife (Dorothy Chamber daughter and coheir of Simon Chambers; Katherine Chamber; Edward Duncombe, arminger, administrator of Simon Chambers) Edward Woodward, armiger & his wife (M1641): Link[1,202] Link[1,203] C33/181, p. 12r, 63v
George Bourchier, executor of John Boucher George Frere (M1641): Link[1,204] C33/181, p. 25r
Verney Bourchier Anthony Stubbs (H1642): Link[1,205] (E1642): Link[1,206]; [1,207] C33/181, p. 345r, (E1642) 489r, 535v
Walter Bourchiere, armiger, ex parte the children of John Stephens, armiger, deceased William Prettiman, gent, executor of John Prettiman, knight; and Thomas Stephens, gent (H1642): Link[1,208] Link[1,209] C33/181, p. 307v, 386r
John Bourne Baynard (E1642) Link[1,210] C33/181, p. 467r
Ambrose Bowden & Anne his wife; Edward Bowden, sr; Edward Bowden, jr Edward Short; and Robert Short (M1641): Link[1,211] (E1642): Link[1,212]; (T1642) [1,213] C33/181, p. 143v, (E1642) 570r, (T1642) 689v
Edward Bowden; and Thomas Bowden, executors of Nicholas Bowden, executor of George Bowden George Bowden; (and George Bradshaw; et al) (M1641): Link[1,214] (H1642): Link[1,215]; [1,216]; [1,217]; [1,218]; (E1642) [1,219]; [1,220]; [1,221]; [1,222]; [1,223] C78/471, no. 16 [1,224] C33/181, p. 58r, (H1642) 283r, 373r, 420v, 475r, 450r, (E1642) 475r, 491r, 515r, 521r
Richard Bowden John Kneebone; and Mary Andrew (H1642): Link[1,225] (T1642): Link[1,226] C33/181, p. 351r, (T1642) 739r
Thomas Bowden; et al George Bradshaw; et al (M1641): Link[1,227] Link[1,228] C33/181, p. 83v, 139v
Thomas Bowdin John Bretland (T1642) Link[1,229] C33/181, p. 719v
Mauritius Bowen Nicholas Jenkin; John Jenkin; and David Llewellin (E1642) Link[1,230] C33/181, p. 592v
Christopher Bower Emanuel Bourne, clerk & his wife; Ralph Clarke; and William Heathcott (M1641): Link[1,231] C33/181, p. 185v
Thomas Bower Hugh Mansell; et al (M1641): Link[1,232] C33/181, p. 164v
Thomas Bower George Sands, knight and baronet; and William Bancks (H1642): Link[1,233] C33/181, p. 271r
William Bower, sr Ralph Baylie, doctor in medicine; et al (M1641): Link[1,234] Link[1,235]; (H1642) [1,236]; [1,237]; (E1642) [1,238]; C33/181, p. 87v, 172v, (H1462) 294v, 372v, (E1642) 523v
Thomas Bowhey John Peshall, baronet; et al (H1642): Link[1,239] C33/181, p. 267r
Edward Bowles Richard Morden & his wife (M1641): Link[1,240] C33/181, p. 4r
John Bowles, gent Charles Lewen & his wife (M1641): Link[1,241] C33/181, p. 86v
Richard Bowles John Wright (E1642) Link[1,242] C33/181, p. 459r
Samuel Bowles Thomas Hewett, knight (M1641): Link[1,243] (E1641): Link[1,244]; (T1641) [1,245] C33/181, p. 162r, (E1642) 561r, (T1642) 676v
Nicholas Bowman Thomas Mittford /Medford (M1641): Link[1,246] (H1642): Link[1,247]; [1,248]; [1,249]; [1,250]; (E1642) [1,251]; (T1642) [1,252]; [1,253]; [1,254] C33/181, p. 137r, (H1642) 289v, 300r, 352v, 428r, (E1642) 487v, (T1642) 635v, 678v, 699r
Thomas Bowsley & his wife Jane Hoydon, widow (T1642) Link[1,255] C33/181, p. 743r
John Bowyer, gent Benet Martin, gent; et al (H1642): Link[1,256] C33/181, p. 277v
Katherine Bowyer, widow Roger Hurleston (M1641): Link[1,257] C33/181, p. 133r
William Boyd Thomas Worth (M1641): Link[1,258] C33/181, p. 223v
William Bowyer alias Gamble, armiger Robert Cutts, gent (E1642) Link[1,259] Link[1,260]; (T1642) [1,261] C33/181, p. 480v, 589r, (T1642) 621v
David Brabant Richard Hull (H1642): Link[1,262] bis (E1642): Link[1,263]; [1,264]; (T1642) [1,265] C33/181, p. 428v bis, (E1642) 560v, 588r, (T1642) 644r
Brabant Sarvant (H1642): Link[1,266] C33/181, p. 433r
Richard Braborne John Southwood (AND John Southwood v. Pierce Brendon; Richard Braborne; Ralph Soracold; et al (M1641): Link[1,267] (H1642): Link[1,268] C33/181, p. 232r, (H1642) 259r
Edward Bradborne, armiger & Jane his wife; Daivis Wymondsall, son and heir of Elkin Wymondsall, by said Edward Bradborne his guardian John Wymondsall, armiger (M1641): Link[1,269] Link[1,270]; [1,271]; [1,272] C78/1327, no. 8 [1,273] C33/181, p. 39v, 95v, 163r, 239r
Thomas Bradley George Adney, clerk; Thomas Adney, clerk; Humfrey Mackworth, armiger; Thomas Niccolls, armiger; Katherine and Anna Jones; Francis Carter; et al (M1641): Link[1,274] Link[1,275]; [1,276]; [1,277]; [1,278]; [1,279]; [1,280]; (E1642) [1,281]; [1,282]; [1,283]; (T1642) [1,284]; [1,285] C33/181, p. 2v, 26v, 46v, 94r, 166v, 171v, 269r, (E1642) 479r, 485r, 538r, (T1642) 648r, 656r
Thomas Bradley Lawrence Habergham, administrator of William Moore (T1642) Link[1,286] C33/181, p. 648r
William Bradley John Cooper (H1642): Link[1,287] C33/181, p. 302r
Walter Bradnocke (and Thomas Carre) William Essex; Edward Ferres; Henry Essex; and Robert Phillips (M1641): Link[1,288] Link[1,289]; [1,290]; [1,291], [1,292], [1,293], (H1642) [1,294]; [1,295], (T1642) [1,296] C33/181, p. 1r, 14v, 24r, 42r, 54v, 222r, (H1642) 267r, 344v, 652v
Richard Bradocke & his wife; et al Robert Kinnersley; et al (E1642) Link[1,297] (T1642) Link[1,298] C33/181, p. 529v, (T1642) 633v
Thomas Bradshall William Adams (E1642) Link[1,299] C33/181, p. 593r
Bradshaw John Meynell & his wife; Roger Allestry, clerk & his wife (H1642): Link[1,300] C33/181, p. 432v
Bradshaw Tailer (M1641): Link[1,301] (H1642): Link[1,302]; (T1642)[1,303] C33/181, p. 115r, 270v, (T1642) 692r
George Bradshaw Harry Bagott, baronet; et al (M1641): Link[1,304] (H1642): Link[1,305] C33/181, p. 77r, (H1642) 265v
George Bradshaw John Pate & Letitia his wife; and Harvey Baggott, baronet (AND George Bradshaw v. John Pate, armiger; et al (M1641): Link[1,306] Link[1,307]; [1,308]; (H1642) [1,309]; [1,310]; [1,311]; (E1642) [1,312] bis; [1,313]; [1,314]; [1,315] C33/181, p. 29r, 77r, 94v, (H1642) 265v, 278r, 322r, (E1642) 477r (bis), 511r, 516r, 559v
Henry Bradshaw William Marshall & Agnes his wife (H1642): Link[1,316] (T1642): Link[1,317] C33/181, p. 305r, (T1642) 686v
Judith Bradshaw, widow Thomas Latham (M1641): Link[1,318] (H1642): Link[1,319] C33/181, p. 224r, (H1642) 298r
Nicholas Bradshawe Johanna Glover (H1642): Link[1,320] C33/181, p. 255r
Richard Bragge Anthony Freke (H1642): Link[1,321] Link[1,322] C33/181, p. 305r, 319v
Richard Braham alias Breame Basil Brooke, knight; and Walter Brooke (M1641): Link[1,323] C33/181, p. 112r
James Braithwaite, sr; and James Braithwaite, jr Alice Radcliffe; and Joseph Adamson (M1641): Link[1,324] C33/181, p. 134v
John Brakenbury, armiger Henry Fletcher, baronet (T1642) Link[1,325] C33/181, p. 682r
John Bramhall John Bowker (M1641): Link[1,326] C33/181, p. 134r
Henry Bramley, armiger Henry Hacket (M1641): Link[1,327] C33/181, p. 225r
Mary Brand, widow Robert Lane (T1642) Link[1,328] C33/181, p. 652v
Miles Brand Bartholomew Nokes; et al (M1641): Link[1,329] C33/181, p. 191v
William Brand, gent; et al John Ingleby, armiger; and William Clapham (H1642): Link[1,330] (T1642): Link[1,331] C33/181, p. 347v, (T1642) 746r
William Brand John Underhill (H1642): Link[1,332] C33/181, p. 355v
Jane Brandwich, widow John Digby, armiger; and Thomas Cotton (H1642): Link[1,333] C33/181, p. 342r
Richard Branthwaite, armiger Alice, lady Lucy, widow; Spencer Lucy, armiger; et al (M1641): Link[1,334] (T1642): Link[1,335]; [1,336] C33/181, p. 125r, (T1642) 640v, 704r
Samuel Brasse obert Datchin; and Ralph Datchin (M1641): Link[1,337] C33/181, p. 235r
John Bray Richard Mapowder (T1642) Link[1,338] C33/181, p. 730r
Richard Brayne Johanna Clearke; et al (E1642) Link[1,339] C33/181, p. 587r
William Brayne Joanna Clarke; et al (E1642) Link[1,340] Link[1,341] C33/181, p. 565r, 587r
Thomas Breadcake Richard Swift (M1641): Link[1,342] C33/181, p. 5v
Robert Bredbury Lawrence Wood (M1641): Link[1,343] (H1642): Link[1,344] C33/181, p. 129r, (H1642) 365r
Robert Bredbury Ralph Wood; and Humfrey Wood (H1642): Link[1,345] C33/181, p. 365r
Benjamin Bremblecombe Richard Culme; Martin Sanford; and Roger Whiddon, armiger (T1642) Link[1,346] C33/181, p. 727v
Brendon Burdon; et al (M1641): Link[1,347] C33/181, p. 115v
Elizabeth Brent; et al Richard Brent; and William Brent, gent (H1642): Link[1,348] C33/181, p. 326v
Mary Brereton Richard Pell (H1642): Link[1,349] C33/181, p. 413r
Owen Brereton, armiger Arthur Terringham, knight & Lady Magdelene his wife (M1641): Link[1,350] (E1642): Link[1,351]; (T1642) [1,352] C33/181, p. 218v, (E1642) 457v, (T1642) 664r
Owen Brereton, armiger Mary Lloyd (M1641): Link[1,353] (H1642): Link[1,354] C33/181, p. 218v, (H1642) 365v
William Brereton, baronet Thomas Masson (H1642): Link[1,355] C33/181, p. 274r
Bretland, gent Poveley, widow; and Ashenhurst, armiger (M1641): Link[1,356] C33/181, p. 218r
Francis Bretland, gent William Greaves, gent (M1641): Link[1,357] C33/181, p. 218r
Francis Bretland, gent; et al Richard Yeaveley; and Edward Lingard (H1642): Link[1,358] bis C33/181, p. 421 bis
Francis Bretland, gent; et al Margaret Yeaveley, widow; and Ralph Ashenhurst (M1641): Link[1,359] C33/181, p. 218r
Francis Bretland; and Ralph Waterhouse Richard Yeavely; Thomas Yeavely; Edward Lingard; Margaret Yeavely, widow; Edmond Ashenhurst, armiger; Edward Ashenhurst; et al (M1641): Link[1,360] Link[1,361]; (H1642) [1,362] C33/181, p. 18v, 123v, (H1642) 271v
Francis Brett Thomas Legatt (M1641): Link[1,363] Link[1,364]; (H1642) Link[1,365]; [1,366]; [1,367]; (E1642) Link[1,368] C33/181, p. 23v, 211v (H1642v) 288v, 401r, 415v, (E1642) 506r
Francis Brett Thomas Latham (M1641): Link[1,369] Link[1,370] C33/181, p. 74v, 95v
Robert Brett, armiger Thomas Carewe, armiger (M1641): Link[1,371] C33/181, p. 182v
William Brett, armiger William Frye; et al (M1641): Link[1,372] C33/181, p. 182v
John Brettell; and Simon Brettell John Nash; et al (M1641): Link[1,373] C33/181, p. 191r
Henry Brewer Walter Hillary (H1642): Link[1,374] Link[1,375]; (E1642) [1,376] C33/181, p. 250v, 370v, (E1642) 448v
Hugh Brewer Mary Ereswicke, widow (M1641): Link[1,377] C33/181, p. 212v
George Brice Robert Elliot; et al (H1642): Link[1,378] C33/181, p. 421r
Richard Brice Phillip Weston; Francis West, et al (M1641): Link[1,379] C33/181, p. 152v
Thomas Brickenden, armiger Richard, lord Lumley & Lady Elizabeth his wife; et al (H1642): Link[1,380] (E1642): Link[1,381]; (T1642) [1,382] C33/181, p. 430v, (E1642) 523v, (T1642) 630v
Samuel Bridgehouse John Grove & Anna his wife (M1641): Link[1,383] Link[1,384]; [1,385] C33/181, p. 15v, 75v, 88r
John Bridges Roland Jauncey (E1642) Link[1,386] C33/181, p. 591r
Mathew Bridges Richard Rednell (M1641): Link[1,387] Link[1,388]; [1,389] C33/181, p. 28v, 126r, 152v
Walter Bridges, clerk John Lane, gent (H1642): Link[1,390] C33/181, p. 268v
George Bridgman; and John Hall Edward Booth; Phillip Dobbins; John Smith; et al (T1642) Link[1,391] Link[1,392] C33/181, p. 716v, 656r
John Bridgwater, sr, gent Giles Eyre, armiger; and John Bridgwater, jr, gent (T1642) Link[1,393] C33/181, p. 700r
Thomas Bridgwater John Bridgwater, gent (M1641): Link[1,394] (T1642): Link[1,395] C33/181, p. 219r, 681r
Humfrey Briggs Mathew Bancks; (Thomas Foxalls; George Morefield; Samuel Bland; et al AND Mathew Bancks v. Thomas Foxall; Christopher Barrett; and Averina Broome, widow) (M1641): Link[1,396] Link[1,397]; [1,398]; [1,399] C33/181, p. 10r, 77v, 154v, 226r
Humfrey Briggs, knight Edmond Merefield (M1641): Link[1,400] C33/181, p. 77r
Dorothy Brigham, widow Crosby; Awmond & his wife; and Brigham (M1641): Link[1,401] C33/181, p. 228v
Richard Brightmore, gent, executor of Ursula Brightmore lately relict of Coppledicke Colvile John Colevile, gent (E1642) Link[1,402] C33/181, p. 520r
Brighton Colvile (M1641): Link[1,403] C33/181, p. 225r
William Briscoe Henry Hudson (H1642): Link[1,404] (E1642): Link[1,405] C33/181, p. 437v, 446v
George Brisco William Barne, clerk (M1641): Link[1,406] Link[1,407] C33/181, p. 52r, 130r
William Briscoe John Routledge & Anna his wife (M1641): Link[1,408] (H1642): Link[1,409] C33/181, p. 79v, (H1642) 313r
Francis Bristow Thomas Wheeler (H1642): Link[1,410] C33/181, p. 321r
Richard Britten & his wife Thomas Dobbs; et al (H1642): Link[1,411] (E1642): Link[1,412]; [1,413]; [1,414] C33/181, p. 345v, (E1642) 462r, 520r, 592v
Daniel Broade, gent; (and Edward Cheeke) Roger Brading (E1642) Link[1,415] (T1642) Link[1,416] C33/181, p. 515v, (T1642) 655v
Francis Broad, infant, by Broad, doctor in medicine, his guardian Ephraim Thorne & his wife (E1642) Link[1,417] (T1642) Link[1,418] C33/181, p. 560v, 575v, (T1642) 629r
John Broad Richard Underhill (M1641): Link[1,419] (H1642): Link[1,420]; C33/181, p. 99r, (H1642) 392v
William Broade John Underhill (E1642) Link[1,421] Link[1,422]; [1,423]; (T1642) [1,424] C33/181, p. 499v, 514v, 537r, (T1642) 624v
Pexall Brocas, gent Thomas Brocas, armiger (M1641): Link[1,425] (T1641): Link[1,426] C33/181, p. 223r, (T1641) 724r
Thomas Brocas Robert Brocas (and cross suit) (H1642): Link[1,427] (E1642): Link[1,428]; (T1642) [1,429]; [1,430] C33/181, p. 320r, (E1642) 498v, (T1642) 657r, 669v
James Brockdon Mathew Abbott; Thomas Poole; and John Randall (H1642): Link[1,431] Link[1,432]; (T1642) [1,433] C33/181, p. 400r, 423r, (T1642) 630v
William Brocke, administrator of Roger Hughes; and Richard Hughes, an infant, by William Brocke his guardian Thomas ap Hughes (M1641): Link[1,434] Link[1,435] C33/181, p. 44v, 172r
Peter Brockelsby William Hatefield (H1642): Link[1,436]; [1,437] C33/181, p. 247v, 261r
Thomas Brockhouse; and Godfrey Brockhouse Lancelot Petty; and Godfrey Petty (E1642) Link[1,438] C33/181, p. 571r
Thomas Brodden Rachel Perne, widow (M1641): Link[1,439] (H1642): Link[1,440]; (T1642) [1,441] C33/181, p. 146r, (H1642) 348r, (E1642) 747r
William Brode John Underhill (E1642) Link[1,442] C33/181, p. 469r
Gervase Brodgate William Winterton; et al (M1641): Link[1,443] C33/181, p. 161v
Brignell William Lambton, knight; Randolph Lambton, gent/ knight (T1642) Link[1,444] Link[1,445] C33/181, p. 654v, 696v
Arthur Bromfield; Robert Riggs; and Thomas Smith Thomas, earl of Southampton; Peter Beconsawe; Thomas Risley; William Beeston; William Wiltshire; White Beconfield, knight; John Chamberlaine; John Yate & Winifred his wife; Martha Scroope; Bridget Scroope; and Francis Scroope (M1641): Link[1,446] (H1642): Link[1,447]; [1,448]; [1,449]; (E1642) [1,450]; [1,451]; (T1642) [1,452] C33/181, p. 60v, (H1642) 274r, 286v, 295r, (E1642) 463r, 486v, (T1642) 658v
Anna Bromley; et al Nathaniel and Job Bromley; et al (M1641): Link[1,453] C33/181, p. 67v
Durrell Bromley Thomas Badd; et al (H1642): Link[1,454] (E1642): Link[1,455]; [1,456] C33/181, p. 343v, (E1642) 468v, 566r
Brooke Hartnoll (M1641): Link[1,457] C33/181, p. 106r
Caliston Brooke, armiger Christiana Brooke (E1642) Link[1,458] C33/181, p. 523r
Edward Brooke, armiger & Jane his wife James Hawley, armiger; Elizabeth Brewton, widow; et al (M1641): Link[1,459] Link[1,460]; [1,461]; [1,462] C33/181, p. 52r, 57v, 91r, 390r
John Brooke, knight William Eyre, armiger; et al (H1642): Link[1,463] C33/181, p. 433r
John Brooke, gent John Were, armiger; Thomas Hartnoll, clerk & his wife (AND Thomas Hartnoll; et al v. John Brooke; et al) (M1641): Link[1,464] Link[1,465]; (E1642) [1,466]; [1,467]; (T1642) [1,468] C33/181, p. 9v, 133v, (E1642) 548r, 558v, (T1642) 716r
Mary Brooke & Elizabeth Mordant Henry Mordant; and Henry Mordant (H1642): Link[1,469] (T1642): Link[1,470] C33/181, p. 287r, (T1642) 730r
Robert Brooke, clerk Henry Mellyn; and Howell Prosser, clerk (H1642): Link[1,471] C33/181, p. 394r
Robert Brooke, armiger Thomas Powell (M1641): Link[1,472] Link[1,473]; [1,474] C33/181, p. 76v, 95r, 144v
Robert Brooke, knight Henry Richardson; Edward Howlen; et al (M1641): Link[1,475] Link[1,476]; (E1642) [1,477] C33/181, p. 85r, 129r, (E1642) 493r
Suzanna Brooke Richard Boice; Richard Okes (M1641): Link[1,478] Link[1,479] C33/181, p. 134r, 154r
Thomas Brooke William Kempster; John Kimball & his wife (E1642) Link[1,480] C33/181, p. 445r
Thomas Brookes, knight John Jackson; and Richard Rowe (T1642) Link[1,481] Link[1,482] C33/181, p. 661v, 682v
Thomas Brookes, gent Matilda Parry, widow (T1642) Link[1,483] C33/181, p. 706r
William Brooke, knight William Goddard, doctor in medicine (H1642): Link[1,484] C33/181, p. 248r
John Brookes John Jelleman; and Robert Jelleman (E1642) Link[1,485] C33/181, p. 537v
Thomas Brookesbancke; et al William Whitley; et al (H1642): Link[1,486] C33/181, p. 390v
Johanna Brooking, widow Sippio Lee Squire (E1642) Link[1,487] C33/181, p. 542v
John Brooking, sr Samuel Wise (H1642): Link[1,488] (E1642): Link[1,489]; [1,490]; (T1642) [1,491]; [1,492] C33/181, p. 341v, (E1642) 524v, 556v, (T1642) 678v, 713r
Averine Broome, widow of Barcost; and Roger Lloid William Brand (H1642): Link[1,493] C33/181, p. 321r
Henry Broome Robert Marsey, jr; and Richard Dawson (E1642) Link[1,494] C33/181, p. 594v
Thomas Broome Richard James; et al (E1642) Link[1,495] C33/181, p. 530v
John Brough & his wife Nicholas Loton; and Thomas North (T1642) Link[1,496] C33/181, p. 690r
Edward Broughton Richard Okeley, armiger; and John Tanner (M1641): Link[1,497] C33/181, p. 148r
Thomas Broughton, armiger Francis Williamson; et al (M1641): Link[1,498] C78/510, no. 10 [1,499]?? C33/181, p. 30v
Browne Chamlett (T1642) Link[1,500] C33/181, p. 743r
Browne Leaman (M1641): Link[1,501] C33/181, p. 169r
Anne, Isabella, and Katherine Browne John Browne, knight; William Monson, knight (H1642): Link[1,502] C33/181, p. 418v
Edmond /Edward Browne Machell Austen alias Mathew Machell (M1641): Link[1,503] (H1642): Link[1,504]; [1,505]; (T1642) [1,506] C33/181, p. 43v, (H16420) 428v, 434r, (T1642) 624r
Ezechiel /Hezekiah Browne Richard Tailer; at al (M1641): Link[1,507] (H1642): Link[1,508]; [1,509]; [1,510] C33/181, p. 111v, (H1642) 267v, 298v, 354r
Francis Browne & Katherine his wife Richard Barfoote; and Thomas Lambert (T1642) Link[1,511] C33/181, p. 712r
Hezekiah Browne Richard Tayler; William Fort; and James Turre (M1641): Link[1,512] C33/181, p. 15r
Hugh Browne & his wife Thomas Wright alias Tailer (H1642): Link[1,513] (E1642): Link[1,514]; [1,515] C33/181, p. 399r, (E1642) 500v, 533v
John Browne John Collen (E1642) Link[1,516] (T1642) Link[1,517] C33/181, p. 566v, (T1642) 1607v
John Browne, gent Anthony Hardwick; et al (T1642) Link[1,518] C33/181, p. 731r
John Browne Roger Martyn (E1642) Link[1,519] C33/181, p. 554v
John Browne, armiger David Polhill; Alexander Thomas; and Richard Thomas, armiger (M1641): Link[1,520] (H1642): Link[1,521]; [1,522]; [1,523]; [1,524]; (E1642) [1,525]; [1,526] C33/181, p. 19r, (H1642) 263v, 385v, 395r, 430r, (E1642) 456r, 532v
John Browne, armiger & Jane his wife; James Raven & Jane Raven, children of said Jane Browne John Raven, armiger (M1641): Link[1,527] Link[1,528]; [1,529]; [1,530]; (H1642) [1,531] C33/181, p. 2v, 71v, 78v, 202v, (H1642) 308r
John Browne Alexander Thomas (H1642): Link[1,532] C33/181, p. 277r
Richard Browne Lancellot Lancaster (H1642): Link[1,533] (E1642): Link[1,534] C33/181, p. 359v, (E1642) 587r
Robert Browne Thomas Ball (T1642) Link[1,535] C33/181, p. 747r
Robert Browne William Greenhill, doctor of laws (E1642) Link[1,536] C33/181, p. 589r
Robert Browne, knight Robert Sutton, armiger & Lady Anne Browne his wife (T1642) Link[1,537] C33/181, p. 695v
Robert Browne /Brome Elizabeth Walker, widow (M1641): Link[1,538] (T1642): Link[1,539] C33/181, p. 211v, (T1642) 634v
Robert Browne; and Edmond Browne John Browne; Thomas Browne & Mary his wife (H1642): Link[1,540] C33/181, p. 295r
Sanisham Browne Roger Coldham (E1642): Link[1,541] C33/181, p. 591r
Stephen Browne, infant, by Thomas Jenkins his guardian; and said Thomas Jenkins Thomas Huffon (H1642): Link[1,542] C33/181, p. 285v
Thomas Browne Richard Clarke; and William Lewis (E1642) Link[1,543] Link[1,544]; (T1642) [1,545]; [1,546]; [1,547]; [1,548]; [1,549] C33/181, p. 471v, 496v, (T1642) 618v, 643v, 648v, 678v, 710r
Thomas Browne Alexander Elcocke; at al (M1641): Link[1,550] Link[1,551]; [1,552]; (E1642) [1,553]; (T1642) [1,554]; [1,555] C33/181, p. 20r, 133v, 134r, (E1642) 462r, (T1642) 707r, 748r
Thomas Browne Job Morcott (E1642) Link[1,556] C33/181, p. 596v
Thurston Browne; and Edward Pegg, sr Richard Archdale; and Martin Tynne (E1642) Link[1,557] C33/181, p. 552v
Thurston Browne William Comberford, armiger (T1642) Link[1,558] C33/181, p. 749v
Thurston Browne; et al Andrew Frost; James Walker; Thomas Hall; Thomas Eyre; Thomas Hallam; John Nall; John Dyson; Thomas Bridberry; George Lomas; Thomas Thornell; Margaret Bramall; John Suddens; Thomas Webster; Edward Titterton; Edward Kirk; Robert Kirk; John Wagstaffe; Robert Hall; Thomas Stevens; Elizabeth Howe; and Ellen Newton (T1642) Link[1,559] C33/181, p. 747v
Thurston Browne; et al Richard Jowle; Nicholas Howe; William Pedley; Edmond Tim; Humfrey Savage; John Ragge; George Wood; John Lowe; John Hall; John Pedley; Richard Pedley; Thomas Lowe; Barnard Welles; John Gibson; John Jowle; Thomas Hall; John Tomlinson; Robert Hall; Stephen Staley; Thomas Morten; and Robert Ashton (T1642) Link[1,560] C33/181, p. 747v
Richard Browning Edward Sampson & his wife (E1642) Link[1,561] C33/181, p. 521r
George Bruce & his wife John Rumler & his wife (M1641): Link[1,562] C33/181, p. 48r
Arnold Bruernes Tobias Maidwell; Foorl (?) Goodie; et al (M1641): Link[1,563] C33/181, p. 61v
Owen Bruerton Arthur Tirringham, knight & his wife; et al (M1641): Link[1,564] (H1642): Link[1,565]; (E1642) [1,566] C33/181, p. 200v, (H1642) 355v, (E1642) 547r
William Bruncker, knight John Carrell (E1642) Link[1,567] C33/181, p. 508r
George Brusey Michael Fox; Simon Land; et al (H1642): Link[1,568] C33/181, p. 327v
John Bryant William Williams; and Walter Williams (M1641): Link[1,569] C33/181, p. 223v
Walter Brydall by his guardian William Blake; et al (M1641): Link[1,570] C33/181, p. 6249r
John Bucke Mathew and Robert Slater (T1642) Link[1,571] C33/181, p. 747v
Thomas Buckeridge & his wife; Christopher Cleaver & his wife; Elizabeth Bartlett; et al Lancellot Humber; et al (H1642): Link[1,572]; Link[1,573]; (E1642) [1,574]; (T1642) [1,575]; [1,576]; [1,577] C33/181, p. 254r, 350r, (E1642) 530v, (T1642) 605v, 631v, 640r
Francis Buckle; et al Peter Hudson (M1641): Link[1,578] C33/181, p. 212r
Robert Buckle; et al John Yeoman & his wife; John Rutledge & his wife; et al (M1641): Link[1,579] (H1642): Link[1,580] C33/181, p. 54r, (H1642) 366r
Suzanna Bucknell, widow Mary Berchino, widow (M1641): Link[1,581] C33/181, p. 173v
Suzanna Bucknell, widow, administrator of Edward Thornton, gent Samuel Leete (M1641): Link[1,582] C33/181, p. 173v
Christopher Budding James Bloome (E1642) Link[1,583] C33/181, p. 459v
Thomas Budworth Francis Longvile & his wife (M1641): Link[1,584] C33/181, p. 38v
William Buffin William Woodward, clerk & his wife (M1641): Link[1,585] (H1642): Link[1,586]; [1,587]; (T1642) [1,588] C33/181, p. 140r, (H1642) 264v, 342v, (T1642) 667r
Bufford Henry Fletcher, baronet (M1641): Link[1,589] C33/181, p. 194v
John Bugby Richard Bugby (H1642): Link[1,590] C33/181, p. 352r
Francis Bugg Thomas Childerston; Simon Elsing; and John Elsing (T1642) Link[1,591] Link[1,592] C33/181, p. 731v, 719v
Robert Bulford & his wife William Stowell; and Gregory Seager (M1641): Link[1,593] C33/181, p. 193r
Hugh Bull John Caws (M1641): Link[1,594] C33/181, p. 140v
Miles Bull, sr, father and guardian of Miles jr and of William and Anne Bull, infants Richard Culmer, clerk, executor of Anne alias Antonine Bull, widow (AND Thomas Bull sr v. Richard Culmer; AND Thomas Bull, jr v. Richard Culmer, executor of Anne alias Antonine Bull, widow) (E1642) Link[1,595] Link[1,596]; (T1642) [1,597]; [1,598] C33/181, p. 445v, 560r, (T1642) 607r, 641v
Richard Bull Samuel Watkins; et al (M1641): Link[1,599] C33/181, p. 94r
John Buller John Busby & his wife; Richard Ryman; William Banbury; and Isabel Tyms (E1642) Link[1,600] C33/181, p. 515v
Hugh Bullocke; and William Winstanley Edmond Winstanley (H1642): Link[1,601] Link[1,602]; [1,603]; [1,604]; [1,605]; [1,606]; [1,607]; (T1642) [1,608] C33/181, p. 388v, 395v, 404v, 405r, 407r, 407v, 418v, (T1642) 653r
William Bullocke John Bland (E1642) Link[1,609] Link[1,610]; [1,611] C33/181, p. 449v, 513r, 591v
William Bullock, gent Edmond /Edward Winstanley & Dorothy his wife (M1641): Link[1,612] Link[1,613]; [1,614]; [1,615]; (H1642) [1,616]; (E1642) [1,617]; [1,618]; [1,619] C33/181, p. 156v, 215r, 233v, 239r (H1642) 292v, (E1642) 441r, 449v, 484r
John Bundish; and Richard Bundish by William Richardson, guardian John Bundish by Richard Pooty his guardian; John Barnes & Mary his wife; and Thomasin Bundish (M1641): Link[1,620] C33/181, p. 177v
John Bungey Roger Bungey (M1641): Link[1,621] C33/181, p. 186v
Edward Bunnion John Mollins & Jane his wife (M1641): Link[1,622] C33/181, p. 224v
John Burge Phillip Leaman, executor of John Leaman; and John Leaman (M1641): Link[1,623] C33/181, p. 82r
Burges Sledman (H1642): Link[1,624] C33/181, p. 432v
Edward Burges Robert Johnson; and John Tompson (M1641): Link[1,625] C33/181, p. 112r
Robert Burges & Elizabeth his wife John Jenke; and Thomas Blanchflower (H1642): Link[1,626] C33/181, p. 318v
Burgh Beeby (E1642) Link[1,627] C33/181, p. 589v
Francis Burgh Edward Simonds (E1642) Link[1,628] C33/181, p. 584r
Thomas Burgh Thomas Noell (M1641): Link[1,629] (H1642): Link[1,630] C33/181, p. 84v, (H1642) 429v
William Burkett Miles Burkett; and Samuel Clearke (H1642): Link[1,631] Link[1,632]; [1,633] C33/181, p. 286r, 326r, 359r
John Burlace, gent; et al John Carter; and Henry Ewstwicke (H1642): Link[1,634] C33/181, p. 308r
Robert Burneham Richard Irons; et al (E1642) Link[1,635] C33/181, p. 460r
Elizabeth Burnell Robert Burnell (T1642) Link[1,636] C33/181, p. 743r
Henry Burnell, infant, by Margaret Burnell her guardian Samuel Forrest (M1641): Link[1,637] Link[1,638]; [1,639]; [1,640]; [1,641]; [1,642]; (H1642) [1,643]; [1,644]; [1,645]; [1,646]; (E1642) [1,647] C33/181, p. 11v, 45v, 81r, 112v, 138r, 235v, (H1642) 327r, 373r, 421r, 426r (E1642) 529v
Mary Burnell, widow Poynings Moore, armiger; John Munger; Nicholas Smith; and John Brodfull (H1642): Link[1,648] Link[1,649]; (E1642) [1,650]; (T1642) [1,651] C33/181, p. 381r, 425v, (E1642) 534r, (T1642) 724r
Robert Burnell Agnes Gillam; Richard Gillam; and Henry Gillam (E1642) Link[1,652] C33/181, p. 543v
Burnsall alias Clarke Hutchinson (H1642): Link[1,653] C33/181, p. 421v
Richard Burraston; Richard Juett; Richard Yarranton; et al, tenants of the manor of Abberlye William Wolfe, armiger (M1641): Link[1,654] Link[1,655]; [1,656]; [1,657]; [1,658]; [1,659] C33/181, p. 46v, 79v, 106v, 144v, 186r, 217v
Mary Burrell, widow John Bradfull; John Manger; Nicholas Smith; and Thomas Steerte (E1642) Link[1,660] C33/181, p. 589r
Peter Burrell John Haggar (H1642): Link[1,661] C33/181, p. 309r
William Burrell; Thomas Burrell; et al John Locker; Leman Olway, executors of Richard Olway (E1642) Link[1,662] C33/181, p. 584v
Henry Burrowes; John Hunt; et al John Kemp; et al (M1641): Link[1,663] Link[1,664] C33/181, p. 30v, 176v
William Burrowes Barneby Kirkman (H1642): Link[1,665] C33/181, p. 372r
Francis Burt Mordecai Williamson; Thomas Kerby; William Burdett; Richard Fisher; John Rolles; Richard Butler; and John Moses (H1642): Link[1,666] Link[1,667] ter C33/181, p. 296r, 439r ter
Walter Burt John Newman; et al (T1642) Link[1,668] C33/181, p. 673r
Burton Haughton (M1641): Link[1,669] C33/181, p. 225r
Burton Tailer (E1642) Link[1,670] C33/181, p. 594r
Anna Burton, widow Phillip Woodhouse, armiger (E1642) Link[1,671] C33/181, p. 466v
Arthur Burton John Child; and Elizabeth Hunt (T1642) Link[1,672] C33/181, p. 710v
John Burton, armiger and heir of Margaret Burton daughter of Roland Burton Nathaniel Axtell & Margaret his wife (now wife of Christopher Garrett) (M1641): Link[1,673] Link[1,674]; [1,675]; [1,676] Link[1,677] C33/181, p. 13r, 15r, 29v, 109r
Richard Burton, gent Richard Atkinson, clerk; and Robert White, clerk (H1642): [1,678] Link[1,679]; [1,680] C33/181, p. 365r, 372v, 381r
Thomas Burton Thomas Wharton; et al (T1642) Link[1,681] C33/181, p. 720v
William Burton Elizabeth Littleton, widow, administratrix of John Burton, her late husband, during the minority of the son and executor of John (M1641): Link[1,682] Link[1,683]; [1,684]; (H1642) [1,685] C33/181, p. 2r, 92r, 152v, (H1642) 407r
John Bury, clerk; and Peter Cone Maurice Abbott, knight; et al (H1642): Link[1,686] (T1642): Link[1,687]; [1,688] C33/181, p. 353v, (T1642) 661v, 673v
Thomas Bury Sarah Leake; et al (M1641): Link[1,689] Link[1,690]; (E1642) [1,691]; (T1642) [1,692] C33/181, p. 38v, 96r, (E1642) 534r, (T1642) 694r
Barnard Bush William Coldfox; and Hippolit Mockett (T1642) Link[1,693] C33/181, p. 719r
John Busse & his wife (E1642) Link[1,694] C33/181, p. 479v
Daniel Butler John Hewson; et al (E1642) Link[1,695] C33/181, p. 507v
Faith Butler, widow Thomas Walker; and Richard Wandall (M1641): Link[1,696] (E1642): Link[1,697], (T1642) [1,698] C33/181, p. 238v, (E1642) 504r, (T1642) 634v
Faith Butler, widow Robert Wandall (T1642) Link[1,699] C33/181, p. 659v
Hugh Butler, armiger & Frances his wife, executrix of George Penney, armiger Arthur Upton, gent (AND Charles Berkeley, knight v. Hugh Butler & Frances his wife, executor of George Penney, armiger; and William Dyneley (M1641): Link[1,700] (H1642): Link[1,701]; [1,702]; [1,703]; (E1642) [1,704], [1,705] C33/181, p. 127v, (H1642) 310v, 359r, 384r, (E1642) 435v, 560v
John Butler John Fuddington (E1642) Link[1,706] C33/181, p. 591v
Nicholas Butler Michell Croke (M1641): Link[1,707] C33/181, p. 38v
Nicholas Butler, gent Robert Wood (M1641): Link[1,708] Link[1,709] C33/181, p. 115r, 222r
Suzanna Butler Andrew Burton; and John Oliver, sr (M1641): Link[1,710] Link[1,711] C33/181, p. 167v, 224r
Thomas Butterwick Henry Harriden, sr; (Edmond Butterwicke) (M1641): Link[1,712] Link[1,713]; (H1642) [1,714]; [1,715]; (E1642) [1,716] C33/181, p. 99r, 231v, (H1642) 280v, 333r, (E1642) 490v
William Buttolph Thomas Horth (M1641): Link[1,717] Link[1,718]; [1,719]; [1,720]; [1,721]; [1,722](T1642) [1,723] C33/181, p. 2r, 3v, 68r, 101r, 131r, 204r, (T1642) 608v
Lewis Byker; and Robert Stringer John Garway; and George Brooke (T1642) Link[1,724] C33/181, p. 732
Thomas Byrt John Wallis (T1642) Link[1,725] C33/181, p. 726r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference

Phillip Cable & Mary his wife, executrix of James Butler William Davie & Helen his wife, daughter of James Butler (M1641) Link[1,726] C33/181, p. 101v
Richard Caddicke John Howe /Hooe (H1642): Link[1,727] Link[1,728]; [1,729]; [1,730] C33/181, p. 291v, 298r, 342v, 438r
James Cade Thomas Washborne (T1642) Link[1,731] C33/181, p. 620v
John Cade Thomas Eccleston, gent (H1642): Link[1,732] C33/181, p. 356r
John Cade, armiger & Mary his wife James Quaterman (H1642) Link[1,733] C33/181, p. 306v
William Cade James Quaterman (M1641) Link[1,734] C33/181, p. 70r
John Cadle Ambrose Adlam & Mary his wife (H1642): Link[1,735] (E1642): Link[1,736] C33/181, p. 428v, (E1642) 518v
Anthony Cage, knight & his wife; and John Cage Dorothy Seckford, widow (M1641) Link[1,737] (H1642) Link[1,738] C33/181, p. 86r, (H1642) 358r
William Cage Francis Harris, gent (T1642) Link[1,739] Link[1,740]; [1,741] C33/181, p. 647r, 685r, 733r
William Cage Paul Powle (M1641) Link[1,742] C33/181, p. 157
Alice Caldwell, widow William Caldwell, armiger (M1641) Link[1,743] Link[1,744]; (H1642) [1,745]; [1,746]; [1,747]; (E1642) [1,748]; [1,749]; (T1642) [1,750]; [1,751]; [1,752]; [1,753]; [1,754] C33/181, p. 29v, 230r, (H1642) 245v, 264v, 284v, (E1642) 447v, 543r, (T1642) 603r, 608r, 619r, 620r, 725r
Joas Calfe Thomas Blackhall; et al (M1641) Link[1,755] Link[1,756]; (H1642) [1,757]; [1,758]; [1,759]; (T1642) [1,760]; [1,761] C33/181, p. 212r, 229r, (H1642) 260r, 364r, 379r, (T1642) 609r, 642r
Thomas Callard William Ilbert (E1642) Link[1,762] C33/181, p. 461r
Mary Callowe, widow Lewes Lowe (M1641) Link[1,763] C33/181, p. 124r
William Callowe Richard Cory (E1642) Link[1,764] C33/181, p. 478r
Lancellot Calmedy, gent Edward Jacob, gent; and Mary Jacob, widow (H1642): Link[1,765] C33/181, p. 412v
James Calthorpe, armiger Henry Deye (M1641) Link[1,766] Link[1,767]; (H1642) [1,768]; [1,769]; (E1642) [1,770] C33/181, p. 118v, 164r, (H1642) 305v, 359r, 552r
Calverley; et al Pawley (T1642) Link[1,771] C33/181, p. 751v
Robert Calway Anna Calway, widow (M1641) Link[1,772] C33/181, p. 104r
Cambell Savage (H1642): Link[1,773] C33/181, p. 425v
Thomas Came; William Came; John Treby & Mary his wife John Came; and Edward Penhay (M1641) Link[1,774] Link[1,775]; (H1642) [1,776]; [1,777]; (E1642) [1,778]; [1,779]; (T1642) [1,780]; [1,781]; [1,782] C33/181, p. 90v, 147r (H1642) 268r, 359r, (E1642) 490v, 527r, (T1642) 737r, 733r, 719v
Cames Loane; and Savage (M1641) Link[1,783] C33/181, p. 218r
John Campden & his wife William Bland (E1642) Link[1,784] (T1642) Link[1,785] C33/181, p. 541v, (T1642) 659r
Thomas Canne; et al Edward Penhay (M1641) Link[1,786] C33/181, p. 86r
John Canner & Anne his wife; Richard Cane & Alice his wife; and Richard Jones John Bissell; et al (H1642): Link[1,787] Link[1,788] C33/181, p. 278v, 370v
William Canns & Alice his wife, executor of Thomas Dickenson Thomas Moore (H1642): Link[1,789] C33/181, p. 478r
Maurice Canon, armiger George Griffith; et al (E1642) Link[1,790] [1,791]; (T1642) [1,792] C33/181, p. 534v, 575r, (T1642) 679v
Maurice Canon, armiger Thomas Hardy (E1642) Link[1,793] C33/181, p. 580r
Mary Carcasse, widow; John Clyatt & Sara his wife; et al Francis Berrisford; Mary Berrisford, widow; and Richard Kenton (H1642): Link[1,794] C33/181, p. 314v
Robert Cardinall, gent Thomas Clarke & Hellen his wife (M1641) Link[1,795] Link[1,796]; (H1642) [1,797] C33/181, p. 168r, 224r, (H1642) 330v
James Carent /Carrant, gent William Carrent, armiger (M1641) Link[1,798] (T1642) Link[1,799]; [1,800] C33/181, p. 161v, (T1642) 717v, 708v
Carew Ambrose (M1641) Link[1,801] Link[1,802]; [1,803] C33/181, p. 81v, 198v
Carew, armiger Holmead; et al (H1642): Link[1,804] C33/181, p. 401v
John Carew, armiger Ferdinando Poplestone (T1642) Link[1,805] C33/181, p. 735v
Mary Carewe, widow Gabriel Senier (M1641) Link[1,806] C33/181, p. 218r
Ernest Carey & his wife Richard Worthington, gent (M1641) Link[1,807] (H1642) Link[1,808] C33/181, p. 236r, (H1642) 245v
Ernest Carey & his wife Grace Mason (H1642): Link[1,809] C33/181, p. 340r
Henry Carey William Farrer (H1642): Link[1,810] C33/181, p. 371v
William Carey, armiger & Jane his wife; Francis Lutterell, armiger & Katherine his wife; Jane Mapowder; Mary Mapowder sisters and coheirs of Anthony Mapowder Gideon Mapowder; et al (T1642) Link[1,811] C33/181, p. 629r
Thomas Carle, jr William Musson (M1641) Link[1,812] C33/181, p. 149v
Edward Carpenter George Banger (M1641) Link[1,813] Link[1,814]; [1,815]; (T1642) [1,816]; [1,817] C33/181, p. 59r, 99v, 140r, 197r, (T1642) 642r, 730v
Edward Carpenter, armiger James Coles & Joan his wife; Richard Eccleston & Joan his wife (E1642) Link[1,818] C33/181, p. 563r
John Carpenter John Cambridge (H1642): Link[1,819] Link[1,820] C33/181, p. 266v, 438v
John Carpenter, gent Walter Dyos; and George Davis (T1642) Link[1,821] C33/181, p. 748r
John Carpenter William Scudmore, armiger; and John Booth (H1642): Link[1,822] C33/181, p. 361v
Peter Carpenter Benedict Cowle (E1642) Link[1,823] C33/181, p. 592r
Robert Carpenter Jane, lady Covert (E1642) Link[1,824] C33/181, p. 597v
Robert Carpenter, gent Edward Richards, knight (H1642): Link[1,825] C33/181, p. 287r
Thomas Carpenter; and Anna Hide, widow, admistratrix of James Hide George Moore; John Higdon; Peter Winch; and Thomas Lloyd (E1642) Link[1,826] Link[1,827]; (T1642) [1,828]; [1,829] C33/181, p. 509r, 588v, (T1642) 602r, 648v
Thomas Carpenter William Plaistowe (M1641) Link[1,830] Link[1,831]; [1,832]; [1,833] C33/181, p. 37v, 68v, 179r, 225r
William Carpenter William Hosmore (M1641) Link[1,834] C33/181, p. 40r
Carr Kellett (T1642) Link[1,835] C33/181, p. 751v
Carre Maddison, knight; Bewicke; Clavering; and Shaftoe (M1641) Link[1,836] C33/181, p. 224v
Carre Palmer (M1641) Link[1,837] C33/181, p. 224v
Carre Fenwicke (M1641) Link[1,838] C33/181, p. 224v
Leonard Carre James Cole (M1641) Link[1,839] C33/181, p. 18r
Leonard Carre Lionell Madison, knight; et al (T1642) Link[1,840] C33/181, p. 636v
Leonard Carre Thomas Riddle, knight; et al (M1641) Link[1,841] Link[1,842] bis; (E1642) [1,843] C33/181, p. 168r, 224v bis, (E1642) 449r
Robert Carre & his wife Peter Senhouse (H1642): Link[1,844] C33/181, p. 427r
William Carre & Suzanna his wife Jane Carre, widow; at al (E1642: Thomas Carre & Jane his wife) (M1641) Link[1,845] (H1642) Link[1,846]; (E1642) [1,847]; [1,848]; [1,849]; (T1642) [1,850]; [1,851] C33/181, p. 166v, (H1642) 346v, 509r, (E1642) 511v, 524r, 538v, (T1642) 639v, 682r
John Carrill William Mason; et al (H1642): Link[1,852] Link[1,853] C33/181, p. 264v, 401r
William Carrington, armiger George Booth, knight and baronet (M1641) Link[1,854] C33/181, p. 116r
Humfrey Carson; et al Henry Colliton (and cross suit) (E1642) Link[1,855] C33/181, p. 528v
Frances Carter, widow George Fawnt, armiger (H1642): Link[1,856] (E1642): Link[1,857]; (T1642) [1,858] C33/181, p. 429r, (E1642) 522v, (T1642) 622v
George Carter Lawrence Lowe (E1642) Link[1,859] C33/181, p. 503v
Giles Carter, son and heir of John Carter Peter Vanlore, baronet; and Humfrey Coles, executors of John Carter (M1641) Link[1,860] (H1642) Link[1,861]; [1,862] C33/181, p. 125v, (H1642) 289r, (T1642) 740r
John Carter & Constance his wife; et al Phillip Andrewe (T1642) Link[1,863] C33/181, p. 662v
Cartwright Webster & his wife (H1642): Link[1,864] C33/181, p. 262v
Fulk Cartwright Ragsdale Longlands (M1641) Link[1,865] Link[1,866]; (H1642) [1,867] C33/181, p. 97v, 132r, (H1642) 300r
John Cartwright Oliver Neeve; and George Tomlynne (T1642) Link[1,868] Link[1,869] C33/181, p. 716v, 650v
John Cartwright Richard Twyford; and Roger Chefwis (H1642): Link[1,870] C33/181, p. 326r
Henry Cary John Davie; et al, tenants of the manor of Stockland, Dorset (M1641) Link[1,871] C33/181, p. 50v
Humfrey Cary William Patchcot & Mary his wife; Jonathan Isaac; and Joseph Sheene (H1642): Link[1,872] C33/181, p. 255v
John Cary, armiger; and John Williams, armiger John Ambrose (M1641) Link[1,873] Link[1,874]; [1,875] C33/181, p. 17r, 135r, 166r
William Cary Jonathan Basse; John Brandby & his wife (M1641) Link[1,876] C33/181, p. 176r
John Cason Churchwarden of St Andrew Holborne (H1642): Link[1,877] C33/181, p. 412v
John Castle William Loell (E1642) Link[1,878] C33/181, p. 571v
John Catcher, by Edward Edmonds his guardian George Phippin, clerk; and Margaret Catcher, widow (M1641) Link[1,879] Link[1,880]; (E1642) [1,881]; [1,882]; [1,883]; [1,884]; (T1642) [1,885]; [1,886] C78/2022, no. 4 [1,887]; C78/2022, no. 2 [1,888] C33/181, p. 34r, 189, (E1642) 476r, 482r, 488v, 574r, (T1642) 609r, 662v
John Catcher, by Edward Edmonds his guardian George Phippin, clerk; and Margaret Catcher, widow (M1641) Link[1,889] C33/181, p. 34r
William Catchmay, knight Richard Cathmay, knight (M1641) Link[1,890] (H1642) Link[1,891] C33/181, p. 211v, 420v
Robert Cater Phillip Sprey; et al (T1642) Link[1,892] C33/181, p. 698v
Clifton Catesby, armiger George Catesby, armiger; Margaret his wife; and Lawrence Bolton, gent (M1641) Link[1,893] (H1642) Link[1,894] C33/181, p. 14v, (H1642) 337v
Thomas Catesby Elizabeth Catesby (H1642): Link[1,895] C33/181, p. 428v
William Catford, gent Nicholas Nutcombe (H1642): Link[1,896] C33/181, p. 382v
Anthony Catherick, armiger Nicholas Cole, knight and baronet; and John Morley, knight (H1642): Link[1,897] C33/181, p. 290v
Gamaliel Catlin, gent; et al Richard Cope; and Edward Barker (H1642) Link[1,898] C33/181, p. 392v
Gamaliel Catlin, gent; et al Samuel Dy (M1641) Link[1,899] Link[1,900] C33/181, p. 11r, 204v
Theophilus Cave, armiger William Heyricke, knight; Richard Heyricke; et al (M1641) Link[1,901] (H1642) Link[1,902] C33/181, p. 122r, (H1642) 256v
Thomas Cave John Sale (T1642) Link[1,903] C33/181, p. 683v
Thomas Cave Honor Heath, widow (T1642) Link[1,904] C33/181, p. 683v
__ Cave & Alice his wife; ________ Jones, gent; John ____ & Anna his wife _____ Bissell & Anna his wife; ___ Gibbs & Elianor his wife (M1641) Link[1,905] C33/181, p. 69v
James Cave Thomas Washborne (H1642): Link[1,906] C33/181, p. 259v
Thomas Cavye Anna Buckley, widow (H1642): Link[1,907] C33/181, p. 365v
Edward Ceely John Cooke & Mary his wife (T1642) Link[1,908] Link[1,909] C33/181, p. 600r, 603r
Edward Ceely Margaret Doddington; et al (T1642) Link[1,910] C33/181, p. 662v
Edward Ceely Robert Seager; and John Pole alias Cooke; (William Ryddut; et al) (M1641) Link[1,911] Link[1,912]; [1,913]; (H1642) [1,914]; [1,915]; [1,916]; (E1642) [1,917]; ; (T1642) [1,918]; [1,919]; ; [1,920] C33/181, p. 11v, 105r, 140v, (H1642) 288v, 347r, 413r, 564r, (T1642) 610v, 633v, 708v
Edward Ceely John Holwell; Johanna Pococke; et al (E1642) Link[1,921] Link[1,922]; [1,923]; (T1642) [1,924]; [1,925] C33/181, p. 453v, 539v, 580r, (T1642) 680v, 691r
Charles Cesar, knight, master of the rolls Robert Awdley, sr, armiger (E1642) Link[1,926] (T1642) Link[1,927] C33/181, p. 743r
Charles Cesar, knight, master of the rolls; and Robert Rich, knight, one of the masters of Chancery Thomas Bastard gent; and John Lyne, gent (H1642): Link[1,928] C33/181, p. 276v
Charles Cesar, knight, master of the rolls Robert Benson (H1642): Link[1,929] C33/181, p. 353v
Margery Cesar Villiers Philpott; and Ferdinando Cesar; et al (M1641) Link[1,930] Link[1,931]; [1,932]; (H1642) [1,933]; [1,934] C33/181, p. 14v, 50v, 87v, (H1642) 310v, 428v
John Chadwick Thomas Houlker (T1642) Link[1,935] C33/181, p. 747v
Robert Chadwick; et al Lady Elizabeth Egerton; et al (H1642): Link[1,936] C33/181, p. 270r
John Chafey, sr John Chafey, jr, his son (H1642): Link[1,937] Link[1,938]; (T1642) [1,939] C33/181, p. 378v, 382v, (T1642) 680v
Richard Chafin, armiger Robert Cruys, gent (M1641) Link[1,940] (E1642) Link[1,941]; [1,942] C33/181, p. 122r, (E1642) 544v, 596r
Richard Chafin, armiger James Hall, gent (E1642) Link[1,943] C33/181, p. 544v
Richard Chafin John Wattes (M1641) Link[1,944] C33/181, p. 106r
Miles Chaldon Walter Tucker (H1642): Link[1,945] Link[1,946]; (E1642) [1,947]; [1,948]; [1,949] C33/181, p. 297r, 402v, (E1642) 477r, 477v, 490r
Thomas Challenor John Hawley (H1642): Link[1,950] (T1642): Link[1,951] C33/181, p. 295r, (T1642) 654r
William Challonor Arthur Bassett, armiger (and William Peterson, professor of sacred theology) (M1641) Link[1,952] (E1642) Link[1,953]; (T1642) [1,954] C33/181, p. 224v, (E1642) 507r, (T1642) 658v
Judith Chamber, executrix of Katherine Chamber; Benjamin Hide; et al Jeremia Bushier & Jane his wife; et al (T1642) Link[1,955] C33/181, p. 721v
Robert Chamber, gent; Thomas Atkinson; and Bartholomew Rashall Thomas Chamber; Charles Chamber; William Baker; Robert Mayson; and Robert Ferrow (and cross suit) (M1641) Link[1,956] Link[1,957]; (H1642) [1,958]; [1,959]; [1,960]; [1,961]; [1,962]; [1,963]; (E1642) [1,964]; [1,965]; [1,966]; (T1642) [1,967]; [1,968] C33/181, p. 71v, 231v, (H1642) 354r, 383r, 387r, 395r, 401v, 414r, (E1642) 519v, 525v, 546r, (T1642) 745r, 747r
Thomas Chamber Robert Chamber, gent; et al (M1641) Link[1,969] C33/181, p. 71v
Abraham Chamberlaine Ralph Niccholls; et al (E1642) Link[1,970] (T1642) Link[1,971]; [1,972]; [1,973] C33/181, p. 525r, (T1642) 602v, 615v, 632r
Anthony Chamberlaine & Alice his wife John Poole; Edward Teekle; Ralph Dutton, knight; John Teekle (M1641) Link[1,974] (H1642) Link[1,975] C33/181, p. 23v, (H1642) 266r
Chamberlen Sturton (M1641) Link[1,976] (T1641) Link[1,977] C33/181, p. 42v, (T1642) 662v
Abraham Chamberlen, now deceased Thomas Foster; Simon Baskervile, knight, now deceased; and Frances Peter (H1642): Link[1,978] Link[1,979] C33/181, p. 343r, 501v
Francis Chamberlain William Dishford (T1642) Link[1,980] C33/181, p. 748v
John Chamberleine, gent John Chamberleine, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[1,981] C33/181, p. 129r
Peter Chamberlen, doctor in medicine Richard Reading; et al (M1641) Link[1,982] Link[1,983]; [1,984]; (H1642) [1,985]; (E1642) [1,986] C33/181, p. 68v, 137r, 155r, (H1642) 260v, (E1642) 446v
Thomas Chamberlaine & Alice his wife Ralph Dutton, knight; John Poole; Edward Tookle; and John Tookle (T1642) Link[1,987] C33/181, p. 658r
Thomas Chamberlaine; et al Roger Fielding, knight; John Pears; et al (T1642) Link[1,988] C33/181, p. 749v
Anne Chambers Mathew Barrett (AND cross suit) (E1642) Link[1,989] bis (T1642) Link[1,990] C33/181, p. 533r bis, 703r
Edward Chambers Thomas Collet; et al (M1641) Link[1,991] C33/181, p. 99r
Lawrence Chambers Charles Deering; Richard Chiverton; et al (M1641) Link[1,992] Link[1,993]; [1,994]; (H1642) [1,995]; [1,996]; (E1642) [1,997]; (T1642) [1,998]; [1,999]; [2,000]; [2,001]; [2,002]; [2,003]; [2,004]; [2,005] C33/181, p. 23r, 101r, 200v, (H1642) 362r, 417r, (E1642) 567r, (T1642) 608v, 614v, 617v, 640v, 679v, 687v, 697r, 719r
Robert Chambers Robert Farrowe, gent (M1641) Link[2,006] C33/181, p. 83r
Robert Chambers; et al Francis Jefferson (T1642) Link[2,007] C33/181, p. 654v
Rebecca Chamblett, widow David Fidge (T1642) Link[2,008] C33/181, p. 747r
William Chamblett Rebecca Chamblet (M1641) Link[2,009] C33/181, p. 53v
Rebecca Chamlett, widow William Chamblett (E1642) Link[2,010] C33/181, p. 579v
Suzanna Champion Mathew Howland, knight; and William Miles (T1642) Link[2,011] C33/181, p. 716v
William Champion, gent John Strowde; et al (H1642): Link[2,012] C33/181, p. 270v
Gowin Champneys George Harris; et al (H1642): Link[2,013] (E1642): Link[2,014] C33/181, p. 412v, (E1642) 467r
Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of Oxford; et al William Stoner, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[2,015] C33/181, p. 723v
Emanuel Chaple Henry Wescombe; Arthur Fuliames (E1642) Link[2,016] C33/181, p. 597v
Henry Chaplin Robert Warren (T1642) Link[2,017] C33/181, p. 651v
Anna Chapman, widow William Snowden; Roger Kidd; and William Fewsker (H1642): Link[2,018] C33/181, p. 421r
Humfrey Chapman Thomas Froggatt (M1641) Link[2,019] C33/181, p. 33r
Josias Chapman John Prestman (M1641) Link[2,020] C33/181, p. 92v
Lancellot Chapman Samuel Manne (M1641) Link[2,021] (H1642) Link[2,022] C33/181, p. 142r, (H1642) 377v
Richard Chapman Anthony Canon /Canam (T1642) Link[2,023] Link[2,024] C33/181, p. 649v, 726r
William Chapman William Gill (E1642) Link[2,025] C33/181, p. 547v
Thomas Chapman Johanna Gayford, widow (M1641) Link[2,026] C33/181, p. 190v
Grace Chappell, widow, administratrix of Thomas Chappell William Wale, clerk & Anne his wife; Richard Chapple; William Lowle (T1642) Link[2,027] C33/181, p. 714r
William Chappell Nicholas Hicks (M1641) Link[2,028] C33/181, p. 88v
William Chappell Jpohn Spencer (T1642) Link[2,029] C33/181, p. 620r
Andrew Charleton; et al Henry Creswick; and Richard Pley (M1641) Link[2,030] Link[2,031]; [2,032] C33/181, p. 53v, 69r, 237a
Francis Charleton Francis Blunt; and Simon Lee (M1641) Link[2,033] C33/181, p. 122v
Robert Charlton, armiger Job Harvy, knight (E1642) Link[2,034] C33/181, p. 564v
John Chase Thomas Travers (E1642) Link[2,035] Link[2,036]; [2,037]; (T1642) [2,038] C33/181, p. 454r, 493v, 565v, (T1642) 648v
Henry Chauncey Richard Cater; et al (T1642) Link[2,039] C33/181, p. 605v
Charles Chandler Robert Bateley; Nathaniel Harrison; et al (T1642) Link[2,040] C33/181, p. 738v
Thomas Chaundler; et al Thomas Heyward alias Wolward (T1642) Link[2,041] C33/181, p. 729r
George Chebsey; Thomas Chebsey; William Chebsey; William Butler; and William Cooper William Palmer; Henry Collins; Robert Edwards; William Pearke; and John Harwood (M1641) Link[2,042] C33/181, p. 207r
John Cheeseman Mary Viney, widow (M1641) Link[2,043] C33/181, p. 215r
Thomas Cherry Phillip Baker; Richard and Christopher Baker (H1642): Link[2,044] bis (E1642): Link[2,045]; [2,046]; (T1642) [2,047] C33/181, p. 262v bis, (E1642) 446v, 578r, (T1642) 645r
Phillip Chetwind & his wife Francis Mowborne; and Phillip Nevill (M1641) Link[2,048] (T1642) Link[2,049] C33/181, p. 218r, (T1642) 634v
Chetwind & his wife Phillip Nevill (M1641) Link[2,050] C33/181, p. 218r
Samuel Chewe Henry Selbie, clerk & Mary his wife; Thomas Stanton & Barbara his wife; Thomas Bevell & Thomasine his wife (M1641) Link[2,051] C33/181, p. 62v
Samuel Chewe, executor of John Chewe Thomas Witherings, armiger (T1642) Link[2,052] C33/181, p. 626r
Samuel Chewe John Worfield (E1642) Link[2,053] C33/181, p. 563r
John Chidley Andrew Bromfield, armiger; Timothy Bellyer, clerk; and James Bellyer (M1641) Link[2,054] Link[2,055]; [2,056]; [2,057]; (H1642) [2,058]; [2,059]; [2,060] C78/444, no. 10 [2,061] C33/181, p. 58r, 62r, 109v, 116r (H1642) 259r, 261v, 306r
William Chilcott, gent William Marshall (E1642) Link[2,062] Link[2,063]; (T1642) [2,064]; [2,065]; [2,066] C33/181, p. 508v, 527r, (T1642) 643v, 648v, 694v
William Chilcott, gent John Fowkes, gent; William Marshall; et al (M1641) Link[2,067] Link[2,068]; (H1642) [2,069]; [2,070]; [2,071]; (E1642) [2,072]; (T1642) [2,073]; [2,074] C33/181, p. 99r, 147v, (H1642) 333v, 367r, (E1642) 476r, (T1642) 691v, 747r
Child Thomas Atye (H1642): Link[2,075] C33/181, p. 423r
Francis Child Pinchion (E1642) Link[2,076] C33/181, p. 588v
Arnold Child, armiger Edward Spencer, knight; John Lynge; William Taylor; and William Loving (H1642): Link[2,077] C33/181, p. 390r
Arnold Child, armiger Richard Steward, professor of sacred theology (T1642) Link[2,078] C33/181, p. 695r
John Child Henry Cowes; John Robins; William Hills; William Staples; et al (M1641) Link[2,079] (H1642) Link[2,080] C33/181, p. 184v, (H1642) 359v
John Child, gent Richard Yonge; and John Yonge (T1642) Link[2,081] C33/181, p. 644r
Nicholas Child; Thomas Cripps; et al John Child; et al (M1641) Link[2,082] (H1642): Link[2,083]; (E1642)[2,084] C33/181, p. 89v, (H1642) 295v, (E1642) 435v
William Child, armiger, doctor of laws Francis Lacon, knight; Rowland Lacon; Thomas Edwards; et al (M1641) Link[2,085] (H1642) Link[2,086]; [2,087]; [2,088]; [2,089]; [2,090]; [2,091]; [2,092]; (E1642) [2,093]; (T1642) [2,094]; [2,095]; [2,096] C33/181, p. 179r, (H1642) 280v, 295v, 301r, 379v, 389v, 416r, 431v, (E1642) 595r, (T1642) 618v, 718v, 748v
Francis Chilton William Howlett (E1642) Link[2,097] (T1642) Link[2,098] C33/181, p. 521, (T1642) 728v
Elizabeth Chilton Charles Thynne, armiger (M1641) Link[2,099] Link[2,100] C33/181, p. 138v, 155v
Robert Chipp Edward Trussell (M1641) Link[2,101] Link[2,102]; [2,103]; (H1642) [2,104] C33/181, p. 38r, 184r, 203r, (H1642) 411v
Robert Chippe James Trussell (H1642): Link[2,105] C33/181, p. 426r
John Chippingdale, gent William Darwin; et al (H1642): Link[2,106] (E1642): Link[2,107] C33/181, p. 311r, (E1642) 453r
Robert Chitham Marcellus Rivers; et al (M1641) Link[2,108] C33/181, p. 19r
Chitley; et al Tayer alias Dayer (H1642): Link[2,109] C33/181, p. 392v
John Chitty & Janes his wife; Mary Thayer Mathew Thayer alias Dayer (M1641) Link[2,110] C33/181, p. 128r
Valentine Chitwood, armiger Richard Knightley, armiger; Anna Thornton, widow; Samuel Harris; and Elizabeth Thornton; and Rebecca Thornton, mother and guardian; Phillip Holman; Richard Knightley; and Daniel Eyre now deceased (M1641) Link[2,111] C33/181, p. 179v
Robert Chivers Robert Bridges (M1641) Link[2,112] (H1642) Link[2,113]; (E1642) [2,114] C33/181, p. 190v, (H1642) 362v, (E1642) 596r
Francis Chocke, armiger Thomas Goldsmith, gent & his wife (M1641) Link[2,115] C33/181, p. 198r
Cholmley, armiger & his wife Aimas Prideaux, armiger (H1642): Link[2,116] C33/181, p. 410v
Edward Cholmeley Roger Bromley (M1641) Link[2,117] C33/181, p. 167v
Edward Cholmeley Francis Burne (M1641) Link[2,118] C33/181, p. 167r
Henry Cholmeley, sr Thomas Cholmeley; and Henry Cholmeley, jr (M1641) Link[2,119] Link[2,120] C33/181, p. 3r, 26r
Henry Cholmeley, armiger Richard Egerton, armiger (M1641) Link[2,121] C33/181, p. 239r
Thomas Cholmley, gent Henry Cholmley, armiger (E1642) Link[2,122] C33/181, p. 485v
Thomas Cholmeley, armiger Richard Lowther, armiger (E1642) Link[2,123] C33/181, p. 580r
Talmach Choppin Elizabeth Gaines (H1642): Link[2,124] C33/181, p. 288v
Rachell Choune, widow William Heywood, professor of sacred theology (M1641) Link[2,125] (H1642) Link[2,126] C33/181, p. 184r, (H1642) 440r
Johanna Chount Ambrose White, sr & his wife; Ambrose White jr; and Ambrose White, armiger (M1641) Link[2,127] C33/181, p. 72r
Rachiell Chowne William Heywood, professor of sacred theology (M1641) Link[2,128] C33/181, p. 211a
Thomas Chowne, armiger, now deceased (1642) William Giles (M1641) Link[2,129] (H1642) Link[2,130]; [2,131] C33/181, p. 148r, (H1642) 250v, 385r
John Christopher John Warren; and John Halman (M1641) Link[2,132] Link[2,133] C33/181, p. 62r, 109v
William Christopher John Osborne (M1641) Link[2,134] Link[2,135]; (H1642) [2,136] C33/181, p. 92v, 175r, (H1642) 345r
John and William Church, executors of Richard Church; and Henry Church Peter Withericke, gent; John Catanold (H1642): Link[2,137] C33/181, p. 367v
Thomas Church Thomas Osbaldston, armiger (M1641) Link[2,138] C33/181, p. 115v
John Churchman Roger Hunt (M1641) Link[2,139] Link[2,140]; [2,141] C33/181, p. 13r, 42v, 74r
Ellen Churchward James Churchward (T1642) Link[2,142] C33/181, p. 692r
Alexander Chute, armiger William Dalby, cleric (M1641) Link[2,143] C33/181, p. 228v
George Chute, knight John Price (T1642) Link[2,144] C33/181, p. 657r
Peter Civill, armiger John Garnier, armiger & his wife (E1642) Link[2,145] (T1642) Link[2,146]; [2,147] C33/181, p. 484v, (T1642) 622v, 650r
Christopher Clapham, armiger & his wife; et al Henry Tunstall (M1641) Link[2,148] Link[2,149]; (H1642) [2,150] C33/181, p. 109v, 201v, (H1642) 425v
Josias Clapham Edward Goodyer (M1641) Link[2,151] C33/181, p. 188
Abraham Clarke, gent John Johnson; and Thomas Perne (T1642) Link[2,152] C33/181, p. 688r
Henry Clarke, gent; et al Thomas Egerton (T1642) Link[2,153] C33/181, p. 748r
Suzanna Clarke, widow Lewis Porter; and George Kirke (M1641) Link[2,154] (T1642) Link[2,155] C33/181, p. 205r, (T1642) 633r
Josias Clarkson; et al William Harling; et al (E1642) Link[2,156] C33/181, p. 518r
Josias Clarkson, gent Samuel Speareman (E1642) Link[2,157] (T1642) Link[2,158] C33/181, p. 571v, (T1642) 729v
John Clavering; et al Robert Harding (M1641) Link[2,159] (H1642) Link[2,160] C33/181, p. 134v, (H1642) 359v
Hamon Claxton Gervase Scroope; and Obediah Cuttler (H1642): Link[2,161] C33/181, p. 434r
James Clayborne; et al John Bircham (E1642) Link[2,162] (T1642) Link[2,163] C33/181, p. 442v, (T1642) 607v
Clearke Bold (E1642) Link[2,164] Link[2,165]; (T1642) [2,166]; [2,167] C33/181, p. 585r, 587r, (T1642) 719r, 748r
Clearke Carrey (T1642) Link[2,168] C33/181, p. 643r
Clearke, doctor in medicine Carrey (T1642) Link[2,169] C33/181, p. 643r
Clearke Geale (E1642) Link[2,170] C33/181, p. 579v
Clearke Lilly (H1642): Link[2,171] C33/181, p. 290v
Henry Clearke & Suzanna his wife Roger Sidenham & Joan his wife (M1641) Link[2,172] (E1642) Link[2,173] C33/181, p. 42v, (E1642) 480r
Francis Clearke Christopher Lovicke (M1641) Link[2,174] C33/181, p. 7r
John Clarke, armiger Thomas Aldene, armiger & his wife (T1642) Link[2,175] C33/181, p. 734v
John Clearke Phillip Lissent srl et ak (M1641) Link[2,176] (H1642) Link[2,177]; (T1642) [2,178]; [2,179]; [2,180]; [2,181] C33/181, p. 36r, (H1642) 330v, (T1642) 617v, 651r, 726r, 716r
John Clearke Richard Clarke; et al (M1641) Link[2,182] C33/181, p. 150v
John Clearke, doctor in medicine John Currey (M1641) Link[2,183] (E1642) Link[2,184] C33/181, p. 186r, (E1642) 477r
John Clearke; et al Edward Fisher, knight; et al (H1642): Link[2,185] (E1642): Link[2,186] C33/181, p. 379r, (E1642) 451v
John Clearke William Keisall (E1642) Link[2,187] (T1642) Link[2,188] C33/181, p. 564r, (T1642) 678r
John Clearke Richard Pym; (Anthony Warriner) (E1642) Link[2,189] (T1642) Link[2,190]; [2,191] C33/181, p. 588r, (T1642) 660r, 719r
John Clearke Thomas Sharpe, clerk; Thomas Davy; Thomas Seir; and John Padiham (E1642) Link[2,192] (T1642) Link[2,193] C78/426, no. 2 [2,194] C33/181, p. 571v, (T1642) 627v
Richard Clearke Richard Berry/Burger, doctor in medicine (M1641) Link[2,195] Link[2,196]; [2,197] C33/181, p. 78v, 137v, 197v
Richard Clearke George Rookes (H1642): Link[2,198] (E1642): Link[2,199]; [2,200] C33/181, p. 373v, (E1642) 468v, 493v
Thomas Clearke & Anne his wife; and Robert Rudge Edward Carpenter, armiger; Elizabeth Stretch, widow; Thomas Burnham; and John Burnham, by said Thomas the father, his guardian; and Anne Goldbron, widow (H1642): Link[2,201] (E1642): Link[2,202] C33/181, p. 248v, 442r
Thomas Clearke George Moore; Jonas Kendall; and Agnes Hussey (E1642) Link[2,203] C33/181, p. 597v
Clearke & his wife Thomas Pierse, armiger (T1642) Link[2,204] C33/181, p. 752r
William Clearke; and Margaret Langworth, widow, executrix of Mary Clearke, widow; Frances Brooke; and Katherine Brooke Henry, lord Mowbrey and Matrevers; Thomas Howard, armiger; et al (H1642): Link[2,205] C78/558, no. 10 [2,206] C33/181, p. 398r
Nathaniel Cleaver Edward Gettings; Daniel Friend; et al (M1641) Link[2,207] C33/181, p. 9r
George Clement; et al Michell Pryn (M1641) Link[2,208] C33/181, p. 226r
Gregory Clement; et al George Henley; et al (H1642): Link[2,209] Link[2,210]; [2,211] C33/181, p. 279r, 298r, (H1642) 370r
Suzan Clements Christofer Clements (T1642) Link[2,212] C33/181, p. 662v
Thomas Clent & his wife; and John Clent Emanuel Agberow & his wife; and Edmond Agberowe (M1641) Link[2,213] (H1642) Link[2,214] C33/181, p. 131r, (H1462) 435v
Anne Cleverley, widow; and Rubin Cleverley, infant Thomas Cleverley (M1641) Link[2,215] (H1642) Link[2,216]; [2,217]; [2,218]; (E1642) [2,219]; [2,220]; [2,221]; [2,222]; (T1642) [2,223] C33/181, p. 103r, (H1642) 298r, 302r, 340v, (E1642) 442v, 463r, 561v, 553r, (T1642) 733v
David Cleverley & Margaret his wife; and Thomas Cleverley John Freund (T1642) Link[2,224] C33/181, p. 655v
Cleverley; et al Pawley (E1642) Link[2,225] C33/181, p. 595r
Cleyton, professor of sacred theology Ludlow, knight; et al (E1642) Link[2,226] C33/181, p. 508v
Clifford Anthony Cage; Michael Carpenter; and Henry Heyward (T1642) Link[2,227] C33/181, p. 743r
Clifford John Pitchard; and John Travis (T1642) Link[2,228] C33/181, p. 743r
Anthony Clifford John Cage, armiger; et al (E1642) Link[2,229] (T1642) Link[2,230] C33/181, p. 479r, (T1642) 743r
John Clifford John Dewell; and Thackham (M1641) Link[2,231] (E1642) Link[2,232] C33/181, p. 115v, (E1642) 467r
Clifford; et al William Kent, armiger; and James White (M1641) Link[2,233] C33/181, p. 43r
John Clifford Richard Winch (H1642): Link[2,234] C33/181, p. 276v
Simon Clifford; et al John Dey; and Henry Snell (M1641) Link[2,235] C33/181, p. 43r
William Clifton Thomas Taylor (T1642) Link[2,236] C33/181, p. 718r
Henry Clithero John Smith (E1642) Link[2,237] (T1642) Link[2,238] C33/181, p. 540r, (T1642) 621v
Grace Clode, widow of George Clode Edward Clode (T1642) Link[2,239] C33/181, p. 643r
Thomas Clopton, armiger; and John Clopton, gent John Woodford, armiger; Richard Kitchin, gent; Bartholomew Bigmore; and Anna Smith, widow, now deceased (M1641) Link[2,240] Link[2,241]; [2,242]; (H1642) [2,243]; [2,244]; [2,245] C33/181, p. 52v, 98r, 197r, (H1642) 426r, 298v, 405r
Henry Clovell, knight Richard Carwardine; et al (M1641) Link[2,246] C33/181, p. 16v
Henry Clovell, knight; and William Fitch John Gayer, armiger (M1641) Link[2,247] Link[2,248]; [2,249]; (H1642) [2,250] C33/181, p. 58r, 92r, 174r, (H1642) 367v
John Clowes & Margaret his wife Johanna Colclough, widow; and John Colclough; et al (H1642): Link[2,251] C33/181, p. 341r
Edward Cludd Henry Wilkinson (M1641) Link[2,252] C33/181, p. 126r
William Coanes Hester Lane, widow; et al (E1642) Link[2,253] C33/181, p. 485v
John Coates John Gray (E1642) Link[2,254] C33/181, p. 486v
John Coates, armiger Walter Piggott, armiger; et al (H1642): Link[2,255] C33/181, p. 269r
Nicholas Coates of Wistrowe James Coates (E1642) Link[2,256] C33/181, p. 560v
Robert Coates Thomas Pole; et al (E1642) Link[2,257] (T1642) Link[2,258]; [2,259] C33/181, p. 596r, (T1642) 616v, 714v
Richard Cobb, gent John Hall, knight; et al (E1642) Link[2,260] Link[2,261]; (T1642) [2,262] C33/181, p. 560v, 588r, (T1642) 617v
James Cobbes, armiger Richard Lee, knight (M1641) Link[2,263] C33/181, p. 182r
Elizabeth Cocke Malachie Dudeny (H1642): Link[2,264] C33/181, p. 392r
Thomas Cockaine, gent Christopher Lewes, gent; and Thomas Lewes (H1642): Link[2,265] C33/181, p. 350r
Charles Cocke, armiger William Sandys, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[2,266]; Link[2,267] C33/181, p. 51r, 184r
Elizabeth Cocke Brodridge (E1642) Link[2,268] C33/181, p. 593r
Robert Cocke, gent Henry Browne (T1642) Link[2,269] C33/181, p. 734r
Robert Cocke, gent Mathew Cocke, gent (H1642): Link[2,270] (E1642): Link[2,271]; [2,272] C33/181, p. 300v, (E1642) 541r, 543r
James Cocks William Reynoldes; et al (E1642) Link[2,273] C33/181, p. 496v
Robert Cockes William Lunne (E1642) Link[2,274] C33/181, p. 498r
Robert Cockes Stephen March, armiger (M1641) Link[2,275] C33/181, p. 184r
Mathew Cockman; Joseph Sexton; John Storye; Alexander Farmborough; William Benson; et al Giles Child; Mathew Jennings (H1642): Link[2,276] C33/181, p. 335r
Andrew Cogan; et al William Ricke & Anna his wife (M1641) Link[2,277] Link[2,278]; [2,279]; [2,280]; (H1642) [2,281]; [2,282]; [2,283]; (E1642) [2,284]; [2,285] C33/181, p. 67v, 121v, 204v, 218r, (H1642) 265v, 285r, 386r, (E1642) 448r, 480v
Robert Cogan John Edwards (T1642) Link[2,286] C33/181, p. 690v
Robert Cogan Thomas Edwards; et al (M1641) Link[2,287] (H1642) Link[2,288]; (E1642) [2,289]; (T1642) [2,290] C33/181, p. 40v, (H1642) 299r, (E1642) 521v, (T1642) 702r
Elizabeth Coggeshall, widow Edward Thurland, armiger; and Francis Challoner (T1642) Link[2,291] C33/181, p. 692r
Thomas Coghill, knight Richard Power /Poore (H1642): Link[2,292] bis (E1642): Link[2,293]; [2,294]; [2,295]; [2,296]; (T1642) [2,297]; [2,298]; [2,299]; [2,300]; [2,301]; [2,302]; [2,303] C33/181, p. 402v bis, (E1642) 464v, 477r, 492v, 542v, (T1642) 601r, 612r, 625v, 636v, 654v, 671v, 750v
Robert Coitmore & his wife John Ayleworth, armiger (E1642) Link[2,304] C33/181, p. 542r
John Coke, armiger Edward Newgate; Bridget Newgate (T1642) Link[2,305] C33/181, p. 729v
Thomas Coke Thomas Wright, gent (M1641) Link[2,306] C33/181, p. 172r
Oliver Coker Elizabeth Ashton, widow, administratrix of Arthur Ashton (M1641) Link[2,307] (E1642) Link[2,308]; [2,309] C33/181, p. 68r, (E1642) 462v, 542r
Coker Pike (H1642): Link[2,310] C33/181, p. 425v
Robert Cokest; and Robert Neale John Frederick; Peter Emt; Christopher Fredericke; and Thomas Canon (H1642): Link[2,311] C33/181, p. 384v
William Colbyn, gent Peter Wymes; Thomas Coppin; and Richard Doughty; et al (M1641) Link[2,312] C33/181, p. 122v
Richard Colchester, armiger Henry Wayte, armiger; Frances his wife late wife of Nicholas Roberts, armiger; and Turbervile Morgan, armiger (and the reverse) (M1641) Link[2,313] (H1642) Link[2,314] C33/181, p. 227r, (H1642) 339r
Richard Colchester, armiger; et al Giles Roberts; and William Roberts (E1642) Link[2,315] (T1642) Link[2,316] C33/181, p. 554r, 748v
Alice Coldwell; et al William Coldwell, armiger (T1642) Link[2,317] C33/181, p. 654v
Cole Henry Maddock (M1641) Link[2,318] C33/181, p. 223r
Bassett Cole, armiger & his wife Lady Anne Mordant; and Charles Mordant, knight and baronet (T1642) Link[2,319] C33/181, p. 612r
Edmund Cole, gent Geoffrey Thorogood; and Robert Thorogood; et al (T1642) Link[2,320] C33/181, p. 657r
Grace Cole, widow Edmond Richards, knight (M1641) Link[2,321] Link[2,322]; [2,323]; [2,324]; [2,325] C33/181, p. 1r, 12r, 41v, 71v, (H1642) 585r
Grace Cole, widow Edward Richards, knight (M1641) Link[2,326] (H1642) Link[2,327]; [2,328]; (T1642) [2,329] C33/181, p. 42r, (H1642) 252r, 435v, (T1642) 677v
James Cole; and John Dowse, armiger; and Abraham Reynardson, armiger, late sheriff(s?) of the City of London and Middlesex George Cooke (M1641) Link[2,330] C33/181, p. 165r
Joseph Cole William Port, armiger (E1642) Link[2,331] C33/181, p. 458r
Peter Cole, administrator of Samuel Lynaker Henry Garroway, knight; William Honywood; John Buckslone; Humfrey Browne; Thomas Snigleston; Jeremiah East; Edward Strowde; and Christopher Wipp; and the Mayorm, Commonalty, and Citizens of London; and the Wardens and __ of the Mercers of London (M1641) Link[2,332] (H1642) Link[2,333]; [2,334]; [2,335]; [2,336]; (T1642) [2,337] C33/181, p. 172v, (H1642) 251v, 417r, 440v, 576r, (T1642) 606r
Richard Cole Henry Maddocke (M1641) Link[2,338] (T1642) Link[2,339] C33/181, p. 141v, (T1642) 690r
Richard Cole Edward Mann (M1641) Link[2,340] C33/181, p. 10v
Thomas Cole; et al Thomas Liddell (E1642) Link[2,341] C33/181, p. 587r
William Cole Margaret Ades, widow; Thomas Nicholls; and Edward Madocks (M1641) Link[2,342] C33/181, p. 68r
William Cole Andrew Pitts (T1642) Link[2,343] [2,344] C33/181, p. 684v, 702r
William Colepepper, armiger; and Mathew Harding Henry Crispe, armiger (T1642) Link[2,345] C33/181, p. 644r
Barnabus Coles, gent Hugh Audley, armiger; and Henry Cusse, gent (M1641) Link[2,346] Link[2,347] C33/181, p. 114v, 202v
John Colett William Parme; Richard Parme; et al (M1641) Link[2,348] C33/181, p. 116r
Thomas Collett, knight Erasmus Evans; Evan Evans; and Oliver Harbert (M1641) Link[2,349] C33/181, p. 212v
John Colleton Andrew Staplehill (AND cross suit) (H1642): Link[2,350] C33/181, p. 282v
Henry Colleton Humfrey Curson; et al (H1642): Link[2,351] C33/181, p. 389v
Colley Toogood (M1641) Link[2,352] C33/181, p. 168v
Richard Colley Pellam Corbett, armiger (H1642): Link[2,353] (E1642): Link[2,354] C33/181, p. 249v, (E1642) 575v
Frances Collier, widow Nicholas Burnell (H1642): Link[2,355] (E1642): Link[2,356] C33/181, p. 405r, (E1642) 544v
John Collimore Amas Ford (H1642): Link[2,357] C33/181, p. 347v
Robert Colling, gent Andrew Kinaston, gent & Grace his wife (H1642): Link[2,358] Link[2,359]; (E1642) [2,360] C33/181, p. 273v, 401r, (E1642) 496v
John Collingwood William Reyner; Sibil Reyner; Nicholas Reyner; and Jervase Reyner (M1641) Link[2,361] C33/181, p. 115r
Collins Watts; and Spencer (H1642): Link[2,362] C33/181, p. 421r
Edward Collins Henry Harrison (E1642) Link[2,363] C33/181, p. 536v
Elizabeth Collins, wife of Barnard Collins said Bernard Collins (M1641) Link[2,364] (H1642) Link[2,365] C33/181, p. 4r, (H1642) 353v
Richard Collins Thomas Cripps (E1642) Link[2,366] C33/181, p. 592v
Warwicke Collins William Hamot; John Jones (E1642) Link[2,367] C33/181, p. 540r
William Collin Daniel, Robert, and Thomas Smith (E1642) Link[2,368] Link[2,369]; [2,370]; (T1642) [2,371]; [2,372] C33/181, p. 469r, 512r, 592v, (T1642) 645r, 695v
William Collin Robert Smith (E1642) Link[2,373] C33/181, p. 592v
William Collins William Wilkes (H1642): Link[2,374] C33/181, p. 281v
William Collins & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Avenant & Dorothy his wife Edward Stonywell; Thomas Greaves; Roger Foukes; Peter Burgoyne; and Gerrard Fowkes (M1641) Link[2,375] C33/181, p. 91v
John Collup Robert Corwin; and James Pinckney (M1641) Link[2,376] (E1642) Link[2,377] C33/181, p. 112r, (E1642) 482r
John Colston Henry Hall (M1641) Link[2,378] C33/181, p. 9v
__ Colston; and Giles Alexander Harris (M1641) Link[2,379] C33/181, p. 9v
Edward Colwell John Fisher & his wife; et al (E1642) Link[2,380] Link[2,381] C33/181, p. 526r, 541v
John Combes Christopher Bell; and William Phillipps (M1641) Link[2,382] C33/181, p. 35v
Robert Combe George Werrall & his wife; Henry Haberfield; and George Cole (M1641) Link[2,383] C33/181, p. 168r
Walter Combes Elizabeth Combes (T1642) Link[2,384] C33/181, p. 604v
James Comerford Mary Eveswicke; John Birch; and Edward Morgan (H1642): Link[2,385] Link[2,386] C33/181, p. 372r, 373r
Henry Compton knight of the Bath; George Strode knight; William Strode, armiger Henry, lord Morley; Francis Morley; Robert Wills; and Robert Garter (M1641) Link[2,387] Link[2,388]; (H1642)[2,389]; (E1642)[2,390] C33/181, p. 35r, 171r, (H1642) 434r, 481r
Henry Compton, knight of the Bath; and Edmond Windham; et al Thomas Hoarth (M1641) Link[2,391] (T1642) Link[2,392] C33/181, p. 66v, (T1642) 646r
William Comyn, gent Richard Hale; and Mary Hale (T1642) Link[2,393] C33/181, p. 650r
Constantine, gent, by guardian Grindley; et al (E1642) Link[2,394] C33/181, p. 587v
John Convers Mary George, widow (E1642) Link[2,395] Link[2,396]; (T1642) [2,397]; [2,398]; [2,399] C33/181, p. 442r, 467v (T1642) 601r, 642v, 661r
James Conyers William Clough & his wife; Thomas Hoppes; and Gregory Jackson (H1642): Link[2,400] C33/181, p. 432r
John Coade, gent William Palmer; and Robert Palmer (E1642) Link[2,401] (T1642) Link[2,402]; [2,403] C33/181, p. 504r, (T1642) 655v, 750v
William Cooe, gent Thomas Taylor, gent; Susanna Stratt; et al (E1642) Link[2,404] C33/181, p. 491v
John Cookworthie Oliver Ball & his wife (H1642): Link[2,405] C33/181, p. 363v
Gervase Cooper Mary Blacker; and Henry Garforth /Garfoote (H1642): Link[2,406] (E1642): Link[2,407]; [2,408] C33/181, p. 433r, (E1642) 552v, (T1642) 727v
Stephen Cooper Robert Hayman; and William Hayman (E1642) Link[2,409] C33/181, p. 592r
Thomas Cooper Thomas Michell (T1642) Link[2,410] C33/181, p. 716v
William Cooper Grace Brookesbancke; Richard Brookesbancke; Edward Brookesbancke (H1642): Link[2,411] C33/181, p. 433r
John Crewe, armiger; et al Anthony Henn (H1642): Link[2,412] C33/181, p. 372r
Cromfold Winch, esq (T1642) Link[2,413] C33/181, p. 686v
Honor Crompe, widow William Crompe; and Mathew Alford (H1642): Link[2,414] (T1642): Link[2,415] C33/181, p. 426v, (T1642) 663v
Richard Crompe Robert Crompe (T1642) Link[2,416] C33/181, p. 665r
Fulk Crompton, armiger Richard Lloid, armiger; et al (H1642): Link[2,417] Link[2,418]; [2,419]; [2,420]; (E1642) [2,421]; (T1642) [2,422]; [2,423]; [2,424]; [2,425] C33/181, p. 264r, 316r, 355v, 383v, (E1642) 544v, (T1642) 633r, 663v, 695r, 747r
Richard Crompton; Edward Dawson; et al Thomas Danby (E1642) Link[2,426] C33/181, p. 508r
Thomas Crompton, armiger Richard Colchester, armiger (T1642) Link[2,427] C33/181, p. 708v
Thomas Crompton Dorothy Croyden, widow (M1641) Link[2,428] Link[2,429] C33/181, p. 108v, 207v
Thomas Crompton Kenelme Digby, knight; and John Harris (H1642): Link[2,430] (E1642): Link[2,431] C33/181, p. 364v, (E1642) 590r
Thomas Crompton, gent, executor of Jacoba, lady Vanlore, ex parte Mary, lady Powell wife of Edward Powell, knight and baronet Arthur Ducke, doctor in laws; Peter Vanlore, baronet; and William Chafley (M1641) Link[2,432] Link[2,433]; (H1642) [2,434]; [2,435]; [2,436] C33/181, p. 237v, 240v, (H1642) 370r, 412r, 417v
Thomas Crompton George Pawlett; William Towalls; et al (H1642): Link[2,437] C33/181, p. 327v
Condall Jones (E1642) Link[2,438] C33/181, p. 591v
Mary Condall, widow and relict of John Condall Isaac/Josuah Condall (M1641) Link[2,439] Link[2,440]; [2,441]; (H1642) [2,442]; [2,443]; (E1642) [2,444]; (T1642) [2,445]; [2,446]; [2,447] C33/181, p. 62v, 165v, 225r, (H1642) 269r, 345r, (E1642) 588r, (T1642) 624v, 658v, 689r
Roland Condricks Phillip Isaacke, clerk (E1642) Link[2,448] C33/181, p. 597v
William Conings Richard Hale, armiger (E1642) Link[2,449] C33/181, p. 592r
Henry Coningsby, armiger Thomas Pope Blunt, armiger (M1641) Link[2,450] C33/181, p. 44r
Thomas Coningsby, armiger Robert Sharpeigh, knight & his lady wife (M1641) Link[2,451] C33/181, p. 142r
John Conington William Morgan, gent (E1642) Link[2,452] C33/181, p. 515r
Richard Conquest, armiger Robert Holden; and Thomas Wandall (H1642): Link[2,453] Link[2,454]; [2,455]; (E1642) [2,456] C33/181, p. 277v, 287v, 432r, (E1642) 483v
Harvey Conway John Styles (H1642): Link[2,457] C33/181, p. 284r
John Conway, gent William Salisbury; Thomas Davies; Mary, lady Conway; et al (T1642) Link[2,458] C33/181, p. 610v
John Conway; and Jenkin Conway, gent Lady Mary Conway; William Salisbury, armiger; John Melling; et al (H1642): Link[2,459] (E1642): Link[2,460] C33/181, p. 292r, (E1642) 590v
Cooke Hulbert (H1642): Link[2,461] C33/181, p. 431v
Anne Cooke, widow Christopher Griffin (E1642) Link[2,462] C33/181, p. 515r
Bartholomew Cooke John Carter; Phillip Butteler; and Thomas Stringer (M1641) Link[2,463] C33/181, p. 168v
John Cooke Robert Crosse; James Briggs; et al (H1642): Link[2,464] C33/181, p. 306v
John Cooke Thomas Edwards, gent (M1641) Link[2,465] (E1641) Link[2,466] C33/181, p. 30v, (E1642) 536v
John Cooke, knight; et al Thomas Latham; et al (E1642) Link[2,467] (T1642) Link[2,468]; [2,469] C33/181, p. 508v. (T1642) 604r, 677v
John Cooke William Michell (M1641) Link[2,470] C33/181, p. 167r
John Cooke, widow John Mounson, Knight of the Bath; et al (E1642) Link[2,471] C33/181, p. 473r
Margaret Cookes, widow William Hobday alias Lacy (H1642): Link[2,472] C33/181, p. 353r
Richard Cooke; et al Hugh Bailiffe (E1642) Link[2,473] C33/181, p. 588r
Richard Cooke Thomas Newland alias Ripley (E1642) Link[2,474] C33/181, p. 558v
Robert Cooke Robert Dowle, gent (M1641) Link[2,475] (H1642) Link[2,476]; [2,477]; [2,478]; (E1642) [2,479]; [2,480]; (T1642) [2,481]; [2,482] C33/181, p. 24v, (H1642) 256v, 273r, 427r, (E1642) 511v, 563v, (T1642) 675v
Stephen Cooke John Pearse, executor of William Pearse (M1641) Link[2,483] Link[2,484]; (H1642)[2,485]; [2,486]; [2,487]; [2,488]; (E1642)[2,489] C33/181, p. 80r, 175r, (H1642) 295r, 296r, 331v, 388v, 566v
Stephen Cooke Richard Tapp (T1642) Link[2,490] Link[2,491]; [2,492] C33/181, p. 688v, 690v, 751v
Thomas Cooke & his wife John Penruddocke /Penraddocke, armiger (M1641) Link[2,493] (E1642) Link[2,494]; [2,495]; [2,496]; [2,497] C33/181, p. 225r, (E1642) 445v, 464r, 508r, 519v
Thomas Cooke, armiger Thomas Wright (M1641) Link[2,498] (H1642) Link[2,499] C33/181, p. 148v, (H1642) 395v
William Cooke Thomas Browne; and James Wright (E1642) Link[2,500] (T1642) Link[2,501] C33/181, p. 589v, (T1642) 600v
William Cooke Robert Dowle (H1642): Link[2,502] C33/181, p. 428r
William Cooke John Cooke; Wilfrid Cooke; and Hamond Daltry (M1641) Link[2,503] Link[2,504]; [2,505]; (H1642) [2,506]; (E1642) [2,507]; (T1642) [2,508] C33/181, p. 16v, 18r, 161r, (H1642) 282v, (E1642) 594v, (T1642) 706v
William Cookes; et al Anna Cookes, widow; Thomas Smalbrooke; and Thomas Grove (M1641) Link[2,509] (H1642) Link[2,510]; [2,511]; (E1642) [2,512] C33/181, p. 234v, (H1642) 308r, (E1642) 465r
George Cooper Arthur Beelby (M1641) Link[2,513] C33/181, p. 124
John Cooper Robert Hurst, clerk (M1641) Link[2,514] C33/181, p. 124r
William Cooper Adam Gilby (H1642): Link[2,515] C33/181, p. 430v
Peter /Paul Cope, gent; and Thomas Smith Abraham Wright; and John Osborne (E1642) Link[2,516] (T1642) Link[2,517] C33/181, p. 536r, (T1642) 601v
Thomas Cope Adam Lawrence; Abraham Vandecounter; et al (M1641) Link[2,518] (H1642) Link[2,519] C33/181, p. 130r, (H1642) 334v
John Copley George Chute, esq; Phillip Chute, gent; Edward Masters, armiger (M1641) Link[2,520] (H1642) Link[2,521] C33/181, p. 167v, (H1642), 253v
William Copley, armiger Elizabeth Rogers, widow; George Rogers (M1641) Link[2,522] (H1642) Link[2,523]; (E1642) [2,524] C33/181, p. 114r, 351v, 470v
Percival Copperthwaite; and Ambrose Copperthwayte John Gleadston; Christopher Bateman; and Francis Watson (E1642) Link[2,525] C33/181, p. 457v
John Coppin Jeremiah Loveland; and John Tanner (M1641) Link[2,526] Link[2,527]; [2,528]; [2,529]; [2,530]; [2,531]; [2,532]; (H1642) [2,533]; [2,534]; [2,535]; (E1642) [2,536]; [2,537]; (T1642) [2,538] C33/181, p. 19v, 31v, 90v, 92v, 199r, 212v, 238r, (H1642) 249r, 404r, 407v, (E1642) 441r, 486r, (T1642) 646r
John Coppin John Tanner (M1641) Link[2,539] Link[2,540] C33/181, p. 7v, 10v
Robert Coppin Mark Gorbold; Henry Chittocke; and John Skory (H1642): Link[2,541] (E1642): Link[2,542]; (T1642) [2,543] C33/181, p. 263v, (E1642) 446r, (T1642) 628r
Copping Corbold; et al (M1641) Link[2,544] C33/181, p. 140r
John Copping, gent; and William Wymer Miles Hobart (M1641) Link[2,545] C33/181, p. 104r
Robert Copping Edmond Turvell (T1642) Link[2,546] C33/181, p. 698v
Elizabeth Coppleston Elianor Coppleston, widow (M1641) Link[2,547] (H1642) Link[2,548]; [2,549] C33/181, p. 183r, (H1642) 362v, 389v
Robert Corbett Gilbert Corbett; Thomas Latham; Benedict Mathewes; et al (AND Gilbert Corbett v. Robert Corbett) (M1641) Link[2,550] Link[2,551]; (E1642) [2,552]; [2,553]; (T1642) [2,554] C33/181, p. 51r, 158v, (E1642) 528v, 592v, (T1642) 630r
Thomas Corbett, armiger & his wife Francis Paule & his wife; Richard Ridley & his wife; Richard Cotton & his wife (T1642) Link[2,555] C33/181, p. 749v
Vincent Corbett, knight and baronet & Elizabeth his wife Henry Boothby; and Thomas Boothby (H1642): Link[2,556] (E1642): Link[2,557]; (T1642) [2,558] C33/181, p. 437v, (E1642) 515v, (T1642) 625r
Cordwainers of London Hartley (T1642) Link[2,559] bis C33/181, p. 751v bis
William Corfield, gent Stephen Edmonds (M1641) Link[2,560] (H1642) Link[2,561] C33/181, p. 182r, (H1642) 265v
John Core & his wife George Homer; and John Barton (H1642): Link[2,562] C33/181, p. 325r
Thomas Corke John Corke (E1642) Link[2,563] C33/181, p. 493r
John Cornelison Francis Anderson; et al (T1642) Link[2,564] (T1642) Link[2,565] C33/181, p. 663r, 752v
Peter Cornelius Mathew Allen; and John Allen (M1641) Link[2,566] (E1642) Link[2,567]; [2,568]; (T1642) [2,569]; [2,570]; [2,571] C33/181, p. 73v, (E1642) 491r, 531v, (T1642) 607v, 622r, 707r
Henry Cornish Thomas Hathway; Maurice Abbot, knight; Maurice Abbot, armiger; John Huggen (H1642): Link[2,572] C33/181, p. 299r
John Cornwarth, executor of Andrew Cornwarth William Courteene, executor of William Courteene, knight; and Edward Knipe (M1641) Link[2,573] (H1642) Link[2,574] C33/181, p. 59r, (H1642) 367r
Thomas Cornwallis Robert Foster; and Edward Steere (H1642): Link[2,575] C33/181, p. 373v
William Cornwallis John Norbury, armiger; and Richard Spencer; et al (H1642): Link[2,576] C33/181, p. 381v
Peter Corsellis John Lambert, clerk (M1641) Link[2,577] (T1642) Link[2,578] C33/181, p. 234v, (T1642) 734v
Humfrey Cosh; John Cosh; and Richard Drewe, gent John Davies; et al (M1641) Link[2,579] C33/181, p. 217r
Humfrey Cosh; John Cosh; and Richard Drewe, gent Rachil Davies, widow (M1641) Link[2,580] C33/181, p. 102r
George Cosson; and Isabella Marley, widow and executrix of Ralph Marley William Liddell (T1642) Link[2,581] bis C33/181, p. 668r bis
John Cotes, armiger Humfrey Vise; et al (M1641) Link[2,582] C33/181, p. 10r
William Cotley, armiger Edward Andrewes, armiger (T1642) Link[2,583] C33/181, p. 729r
Robert Cotterell Richard Cleyton (M1641) Link[2,584] (H1642) Link[2,585]; (T1642) [2,586]; C33/181, p. 113r, (H1642) 440r, (T1642) 632v
Alice Cotton, administratrix of John Cotton William Corbett, executor of Katherine Cotton (E1642) Link[2,587] (T1642) Link[2,588] C33/181, p. 493r, (T1642) 651v
George Cotton, armiger; Thomas Mills; Thomas Fitch; John Sanford, gent; and George Deane Henry Simpson (T1642) Link[2,589] C33/181, p. 739v
John Cotton Henry Hall (M1641) Link[2,590] C33/181, p. 71r
John Cotton, knight Richard Pope & his wife; Josias Samborne & his wife; John Harkley & his wife (M1641) Link[2,591] C33/181, p. 184r
John Cotton; et al John Williams alias Vaughan (M1641) Link[2,592] C33/181, p. 21v
Phillip Cotton John Wike (M1641) Link[2,593] (E1642) Link[2,594] C33/181, p. 40v, (E1642) 580r
Thomas Cotton; et al John Hill; William Withers, clerk (M1641) Link[2,595] C33/181, p. 224r
Thomas Cotton Humfrey Hurleston (M1641) Link[2,596] Link[2,597]; (E1642) [2,598] C33/181, p. 2v, 132v (E1642) 607r
Thomas Cotton & Anna his wife; Edward Pricke & his wife; et al William Withers; and John Hill, clerk (M1641) Link[2,599] Link[2,600]; [2,601]; [2,602]; [2,603] C33/181, p. 61v, 69r, 85v, 107v, 128r
Thomas Couchman Robert Brattell (M1641) Link[2,604] (H1642) Link[2,605]; (E1642) [2,606] C33/181, p. 224v, (H1642) 262v, (E1642) 441v
William Court alias Paris Henry Hodges, armiger (M1641) Link[2,607] Link[2,608]; [2,609]; [2,610]; (H1642) [2,611]; [2,612]; [2,613]; (H1642) [2,614]; (T1642) [2,615]; [2,616] C78/649, no. 14 [2,617] C33/181, p. 36v, 115v, 126v, 158v, (H1642) 245v, 376r, 427r, (T1642) 600v, 614v, 698r
William Courteene, armiger Abraham Reynardson; Richard Crocker; and Humfrey Burre (M1641) Link[2,618] Link[2,619], [2,620], [2,621] C33/181, p. 35r, 56r, 107r, 170r
William Courteene, armiger, et al Elizabeth Vaughan; et al (M1641) Link[2,622] C33/181, p. 37v
Andrew Courtman, deceased; and Charles Harris; et al Thomas Trumplin; and John Owen (H1642): Link[2,623] (E1642): Link[2,624]; [2,625] C33/181, p. 298r, (E1642) 515r, 554r
Alice Coventry Andrew Sanders & his wife; et al (H1642): Link[2,626] Link[2,627] C33/181, p. 271v, 371r
John Coveny Benjamin Mountney & his wife (H1642): Link[2,628] C33/181, p. 316r
Nicholas Cowling Henry Bancks (T1642) Link[2,629] C33/181, p. 691r
Richard Cowling Francis Buller, armiger (M1641) Link[2,630] C33/181, p. 74r
John Cowles Robert Astley; Francis Astley; and John Jenison (H1642): Link[2,631] C33/181, p. 389v
George Cowper Arthur Beilby; and Nicholas Appleton (E1642) Link[2,632] (T1642) Link[2,633] C33/181, p. 463v, (T1642) 657v
Jervase Cowper Mary Blacker, widow (H1642): Link[2,634] C33/181, p. 359v
Thomas Cooper Henry Hanley (E1642) Link[2,635] C33/181, p. 567v
William Cowper, knight and baronet; and Edmond Barker Thomas Barker (H1642): Link[2,636] (E1642): Link[2,637] C33/181, p. 384r, (E1642) 509r
Benjamin Coxe, clerk & Mary his wife, administratrix of John Garrett Thomas Knott (M1641) Link[2,638] (H1642) Link[2,639];[2,640]; [2,641]; (E1642)


C33/181, p. 83v, (H1642) 350v, 372r, 401r, (E1642) 496r
Benjamin Coxe William Walplate & his wife (H1642): Link[2,643] C33/181, p. 297r
Grace Cox, widow, executrix of William Coxe Richard Riall (M1641) Link[2,644] C33/181, p. 70r
Grace Coxe, widow Richard Christmas, armiger; Henry Hodges (and cross suit) (M1641) Link[2,645] (H1642) Link[2,646]; (E1642) [2,647]; (T1642) [2,648]; [2,649] C33/181, p. 121r, (H1642) 312r, (E1642) 573r, (T1642) 737r, 692r
James Coxe John Lunne (H1642): Link[2,650] C33/181, p. 428v
Richard Coxe Thomas Needham; and Francis Theebolds (H1642): Link[2,651] C33/181, p. 427r
Robert Coxe Thomas Englefield, armiger (H1642): Link[2,652] (E1642): Link[2,653]; [2,654]; (T1642) [2,655] C33/181, p. 285v, (E1642) 484v, 588v, (T1642) 739r
Robert Coxe Stephen March, armiger (H1642): Link[2,656] C33/181, p. 352r
Thomas Coxe Adam Lawrence; Abraham Vandercounter; et al (H1642): Link[2,657] C33/181, p. 249v
William Coxe, gent John Cotterell, gent; and Henry Parker (M1641) Link[2,658] (H1642) Link[2,659] C33/181, p. 128v, (H1642) 267v
John, Jane, Mary, Katherine, and Henry Coxwell, children of Samuel Coxwell, gent James Provender, executor of John Sneade, executor of said Samuel Coxwell (M1641) Link[2,660] Link[2,661]; [2,662]; [2,663]; [2,664]; [2,665]; [2,666] C33/181, p. 25v, 99r, 134r, 139v, 146v, 159v, 188r
Giles Coys, armiger Christofer Orling/Urling; Henry Samuel; and Thomas Browne (AND cross suit) (M1641) Link[2,667] Link[2,668], [2,669], [2,670]; (H1642) [2,671]; [2,672]; (E1642) [2,673]; [2,674]; (T1642) [2,675]; [2,676] C33/181, p. 53v, 129r, 133r, 234r, (H1642) 307r, 437v, 441v, (E1642) 477v, (T1642) 613r, 715r
Cracroft Mathew Geake; William Gooday; and William Kinge (E1642) Link[2,677] C33/181, p. 509r
Francis Cracroft, gent Robert Cracroft, armiger; et al (H1642): Link[2,678] C33/181, p. 352v
Richard Cracroft Richard Pepis; John Pepis, clerk; Mary Pepis; Talbot Pepis (M1641) Link[2,679] Link[2,680]; (H1642) [2,681]; [2,682]; [2,683]; (E1642) [2,684]; [2,685] C33/181, p. 60v, 93r, (H1642) 268v, 291v, 395v; (E1642) 508r, 520r
George Craddock, armiger Edward Stanford, gent; et al (T1642) Link[2,686] C33/181, p. 716r
John Craddock John Rogers (H1642): Link[2,687] C33/181, p. 357v
Joseph Craddocke; et al William Saunders, gent; et al (M1641) Link[2,688] Link[2,689]; (H1642) [2,690]; [2,691]; [2,692] C33/181, p. 117r, 185v, (H1642) 273r, 347v, 409r
Joseph Cradocke; et al William Littlefield (E1642) Link[2,693] C33/181, p. 585r
Mathew Cradocke Arthur Dee, doctor in medicines (AND Frances Glover, widow v. Mathew Cradocke; and John Jorden; AND Mathew Craddocke administrator of Francis Glover v. Arthur Dee; Frances Glover; and Abraham Ash) (H1642): Link[2,694] Link[2,695] C33/181, p. 332r, 410v
Joseph Crane John England (M1641) Link[2,696] C33/181, p. 233r
Richard Crane, armiger John, earl of Carrick & Elizabeth his wife; Mathew Monns, Knight of the Bath; et al (H1642): Link[2,697] Link[2,698]; [2,699]; [2,700]; [2,701]; [2,702]; (E1642) [2,703]; [2,704]; (T1642) [2,705]; [2,706] C33/181, p. 398r, 405v, 414r, 422v, 430r, 440r, (E1642) 458v, 491r, (T1642) 640v, 643r
Richard Crane, armiger Mathew Mennes, Knight of the Bath; John Jones; and John Cocke (H1642): Link[2,707] Link[2,708] bis; (E1642) [2,709]; [2,710]; [2,711]; [2,712]; [2,713]; [2,714]; [2,715]; (T1642) [2,716]; [2,717]; [2,718]; [2,719] bis; [2,720] C33/181, p. 418v, 440r bis, (E1642) 476v, 493v, 508v, 522v, 532r, 534r, 554v, (T1642) 601v, 606v, 670v, 716r bis, 746v
William Crane Anna Crane; et al (H1642): Link[2,721] C33/181, p. 404v
Thomas Cranley & Bridget his wife; Phillip Bowring & Susanna his wife William Greene & Anna his wife (M1641) Link[2,722] (T1642) Link[2,723]; [2,724] ter C33/181, p. 11v, (T1642) 601v, 748r ter
Mathew Cratchrod, armiger; et al Thomas Wood; et al (M1641) Link[2,725] Link[2,726]; (H1642) [2,727] C33/181, p. 159v, 200v, (H1642) 262v
Peter Crattall Baldwin Arthur, armiger (H1642): Link[2,728] (E1642): Link[2,729] C33/181, p. 285r, (E1642) 591v
Robert Craiford, knight Anna Roberts (H1642): Link[2,730] (T1642): Link[2,731] C33/181, p. 413r, (T1642) 628v
Crawforth Spourne (H1642): Link[2,732] C33/181, p. 432v
Winifred Creame Richard Daves; Thomas Daves; and Calebb Midleton (E1642) Link[2,733] C33/181, p. 562v
George Creamer, gent Joseph Bent; William Bent; et al (and cross suit) (M1641) Link[2,734] Link[2,735]; (H1642) [2,736]; [2,737]; (E1642) [2,738]; (T1642) [2,739] C33/181, p. 46v, 49r, (H1642) 256r, 320r, (E1642) 524r, (T1642) 638v
Johanna Creamer by Elizabeth Creamer, mother and guardian William Holley (M1641) Link[2,740] (H1642) Link[2,741]; [2,742] C33/181, p. 148v, (H1642) 263v, 342v
Creditors of William Jackson said William Jackson (H1642): Link[2,743] C33/181, p. 436r
Creditor of Edmond Lewis said Edmond Lewis (H1642): Link[2,744] C33/181, p. 429v
Creditors of Edward Lusher Edward Lusher (M1641) Link[2,745] C33/181, p. 205v
Creede Wyatt; et al (H1642): Link[2,746] C33/181, p. 425v
William Creede Richard Greyson; et al (E1642) Link[2,747] Link[2,748] C33/181, p. 500v, 591v
William Creede Simon Oldfield; et al (H1642): Link[2,749] C33/181, p. 415r
John Creese & his wife John Taylor; and William Tayler (M1641) Link[2,750] Link[2,751]; [2,752]; (E1642) [2,753] C33/181, p. 12r, 88r, 224v, (E1642) 564v
Thomas Creshield John Barrey & his wife (M1641) Link[2,754] (H1642) Link[2,755] C33/181, p. 117r, (H1642) 374v
Edward Cressit, armiger Arthur Weaver & Mary his wife (T1642) Link[2,756] C33/181, p. 701v
Richard Cressit, armiger Arthur Weaver & Jane his wife (E1642) Link[2,757] C33/181, p. 542v
Thomas Creswell Robert Sharpeigh, knight (T1642) Link[2,758] C33/181, p. 636r
___ Cressye, armiger Charles Lloyd (M1641) Link[2,759] C33/181, p. 119v
Mary Creswicke Thomas Jackson; John Piltington & Johanna his wife; and Thomas Leadman (M1641) Link[2,760] C33/181, p. 103r
Hugh Creswicke; Thomas Leech, gent John Harris, armiger; Kenelme Digby, knight (M1641) Link[2,761] (H1642) Link[2,762]; [2,763] C33/181, p. 129v, (H1642) 286r, (T1642) 735r
Roger Crey; Richard Crey (died during suit); and William Crey Robert Webb (M1641) Link[2,764] Link[2,765]; [2,766] C33/181, p. 15v, 50r, 165r
William Crey Jonathan Basse; John Brandlyn & his wife (M1641) Link[2,767] C33/181, p. 222v
Thomas Cripps; et al Robert Cripps; et al (M1641) Link[2,768] C33/181, p. 13v
William Cripps Owin Kinaston (T1642) Link[2,769] C33/181, p. 621v
Ralph Croft Robert Selby & Margaret his wife; Ralph Eden; and Thomas Barnes (H1642): Link[2,770] C33/181, p. 413r
John Croke John Becke (H1642): Link[2,771] C33/181, p. 275v
Jane Cromlin, widow Thomas Holbert; and Henry Holmden (M1641) Link[2,772] C33/181, p. 9r
Thomas Crompton Peter Vanlore, knight and baronet; and Arthur Ducke, doctor in laws (M1641) Link[2,773] (H1642) Link[2,774]; [2,775] C33/181, p. 9, (H1642) 370r, 434v
Thomas Crompton Dorothy Croydon (M1641) Link[2,776] C33/181, p. 22v
Thomas Crompton ex parte Mary, Lady Powell Edward Powell, knight and baronet (M1641) Link[2,777] Link[2,778]; [2,779]; [2,780]; [2,781]; [2,782]; [2,783] C33/181, p. 2v, 6r, 21r, 31r, 35r, 156r, 197r
Thomas Crompton ex parte Mary, Lady Powell Peter Vanlore, baronet, et al (M1641) Link[2,784] C33/202r
Mary Cromwell, widow Thomas Glynne, armiger; and Ellen his wife; et al (M1641) Link[2,785] (H1642) Link[2,786] C33/181, p. 61r, 420v
John Crooke John Becke (E1642) Link[2,787] Link[2,788] C33/181, p. 478r, 522v
Crooke Body; et al (H1642): Link[2,789] C33/181, p. 365v
Henry Crook, knight; Walter Pye & his wife William Playstowe; and John Machell (T1642) Link[2,790] Link[2,791] C33/181, p. 717r, 667v
Richard Crookes Thomas Coates; and Richard Coates (M1641) Link[2,792] C33/181, p. 180r
Thomas Cropley, gent Francis Cheney, gent (T1642) Link[2,793] C33/181, p. 623v
Richard Croshield, Serjeant at Law, for himself and for Elizabeth his daughter and wife of William Stonehouse, armiger Elizabeth, Lady Stonehouse; Edward Parrett, armiger & Elizabeth his wife (M1641) Link[2,794] Link[2,795]; (E1642) [2,796] C33/181, p. 5v, 30r, (1642) 449v
Simon Croskale & Alice his wife John Catterall; John Duncalfe, gent; Robert Hilliard; Robert Rakes; Henry Hilliard, armiger; Nicholas Wright; Eure Wright; Francis Cobb; Thomas Dalton; et al (E1642) Link[2,797] C33/181, p. 521v
Eva Crosman, widow; Humfrey William & Anne his wife; Richard Crosman; and Hugh Crosman John Martin, gent & Anne his wife (M1641) Link[2,798] Link[2,799] bis; (H1642) [2,800]; (E1642) [2,801]; [2,802]; [2,803]; [2,804] C33/181, p. 8v, 224v bis, (H1642) 361v, (E1642) 443v, 445v, 457v, 527v
Joan Crosse, widow; James Woodbury; et al Henry Ayshford, armiger; and Henry Upton (T1642) Link[2,805] Link[2,806] C33/181, p. 683v, 729v
John Crosse, gent Edward Thruston; and Anne Heathfield (H1642): Link[2,807] C33/181, p. 436r
Thomas Crosse, gent George Baylie (M1641) Link[2,808] C33/181, p. 39r
William Crowe Edward Osborne, gent; Edward Emes; et al (T1642) Link[2,809] C33/181, p. 728v
Henry Crowgie; and James Polgreene George Carnesowe (M1641) Link[2,810] Link[2,811] C33/181, p. 63v, 68r
Adam Crowther Michael Best; et al (H1642): Link[2,812] C33/181, p. 383v
John Croxton Edward Hardy (E1642) Link[2,813] C33/181, p. 535r
Cruso; et al Haddock & his wife (M1641) Link[2,814] (H1642) Link[2,815]; (E1642) [2,816] C33/181, p. 115r, (H1642) 265v, (E1642) 448r
Edward Cubitt Clement Cubitt (E1642) Link[2,817] C33/181, p. 580r
Robert Cudworth Henry Vernon, armiger & Merriall his wife (H1642): Link[2,818] (E1642): Link[2,819]; [2,820]; [2,821]; (T1642) [2,822]; [2,823]; [2,824]; [2,825] C33/181r, p. 281r, (E1642) 453v, 464v, 587v, (T1642) 610v, 621r, 634r, 686v
Edmond Cullen Stephan Ward (H1642): Link[2,826] C33/181, p. 272v
Lewis Culme, armiger; and John Worthall John Eveleigh; et al (M1641) Link[2,827] Link[2,828]; (E1642) [2,829]; (T1642) [2,830]; [2,831] C33/181, p. 162v, 205r, (E1642) 525v, (T1642) 612v, 642v
Arthur Cupitt William Williams (H1642): Link[2,832] C33/181, p. 346r
George Cure; et al Humfrey Lenne (M1641) Link[2,833] C33/181, p. 67r
Gregory Curling William Lawrence; and John Kingsford (H1642): Link[2,834] C33/181, p. 405v
Curreace, armiger Drury, gent (H1642): Link[2,835] C33/181, p. 257r
Humfrey Curson; et al Henry Colleton (H1642): Link[2,836] Link[2,837] C33/181, p. 295v, 436r
Joseph Curtis Christopher Ousterby (H1642): Link[2,838] C33/181, p. 264v
Patrick Curwen, baronet Rowland Jackson (H1642): Link[2,839] C33/181, p. 423r
Custodes and college and the vicar choral of the Cathedral Church of St Peter, Exeter Richard Rowe (M1641) Link[2,840] (H1642) Link[2,841] C33/181, p. 65v, 426v
Thomas Cutler Edward Gill, gent, sr; and Edward Gill, jr (H1642): Link[2,842] (T1642): Link[2,843] C33/181, p. 381r, (T1642) 653r
William Cutler Edward Bellamy (E1642) Link[2,844] C33/181, p. 475v
William Cutler William Bellamy (M1641) Link[2,845] C33/181, p. 99r
William Cutler Humfrey Foxe; and Nehemia Allen; et al (H1642): Link[2,846] Link[2,847] C33/181, p. 408r, 425v
Edmond Cutting John Bence; and Edmond Bence (M1641) Link[2,848] C33/181, p. 57r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Francis Dackin Richard Heyward (E1642) Link[2,849] C33/181, p. 514r
John Dackombe, armiger John Edisbury, armiger; Vincent Delebarre; et al (M1641) Link[2,850] (H1642) Link[2,851]; [2,852]; [2,853] C33/181, p. 4v, (H1462) 287v, 381v, 420r
Thomas Dadlike Thomas Morton (E1642) Link[2,854] C33/181, p. 451v
Thomas Dainty Thomas Godfrey & Jane his wife; William Marsh; William Mercer; and William Perry (M1641) Link[2,855] Link[2,856]; [2,857]; [2,858]; [2,859]; [2,860]; [2,861]; [2,862]; [2,863]; [2,864]; (H1642) [2,865] bis; [2,866]; [2,867]; [2,868]; [2,869]; [2,870]; [2,871]; [2,872] C33/181, p. 3r, 31r, 42r, 71v, 80v, 91v, 132r, 132v, 160r, 187r, 192r, (H1642) 250r bis, 261r, 338r, 356r, 390v, 411r, 422v, 439r
Dale Dodson (M1641) Link[2,873] Link[2,874] C33/181, p. 30v, 77r
Elianor Dallison Margaret Adyes alias Ades (H1642): Link[2,875] C33/181, p. 394r
Maximilian Dallison, an infant, by James Oxenden, knight, his guardian Henry Robinson (E1642) Link[2,876] (T1642) Link[2,877]; [2,878] C33/181, p. 516v, (T1642) 605v, 654v
Maximilian Dallison John Robinson (E1642) Link[2,879] C33/181, p. 508v
Robert Dallison; et al Henry Lindley; and William Prescott (H1642): Link[2,880] C33/181, p. 289r
Thomas Dallocke Adam Garnett (M1641) Link[2,881] Link[2,882] C33/181, p. 158v, 212v
Daniel Dalton Robert Hayles (M1641) Link[2,883] C33/181, p. 104v
John Dalton, clerk Richard Wharton; et al (E1642) Link[2,884] C33/181, p. 522r
Richard Dancey Dean and Chapter of Christ Church Catheral of Canterbury (E1642) Link[2,885] C33/181, p. 500r
Richard Dancey, gent Edward Reston; et al (M1641) Link[2,886] Link[2,887]; (H1642) [2,888]; [2,889] C33/181, p. 66v, 176r, (H1642) 252v, 297v
Richard Dancy Mary Dancey, executrix of Maximilian Dancy (E1642) Link[2,890] C33/181, p. 442r
William Dansey & Lady Duglas his wife Roger Dansey & Anne his wife; et al (T1642) Link[2,891] Link[2,892] C33/181, p. 736v, 713r
William Dandy, gent; et al John Kelliow, armiger; and John Kelliow, gent (H1642): Link[2,893] C33/181, p. 307v
Lionell Daniell Roger Daniell (M1641) Link[2,894] Link[2,895] C33/181, p. 191r, 224v
William Danyell, armiger William, earl of Hertford, now marquess of Hertford (M1641) Link[2,896] C33/181, p. 117
William Darby, an infant, by Robert Braban, his guardian William Crothall & Anna his wife (M1641) Link[2,897] C33/181, p. 192r
Stephen Darnelley Henry Holland (H1642): Link[2,898] Link[2,899]; [2,900] C33/181, p. 400r, 405r, 432r
Thomas Darney, sr Dorothy Willis (M1641) Link[2,901] C33/181, p. 57r
Marmaduke Darrell, armiger George Jackson (H1642): Link[2,902] C33/181, p. 433r
Jasper Dartnoll William Coltman; and Thomas Stephenson (H1642): Link[2,903] (E1642): Link[2,904] C78/1327, no. 16 [2,905] C33/181, p. 265v, (E1642) 452v
Dartnoll Piggott (E1642) Link[2,906] (T1642) Link[2,907]; [2,908] C33/181, p. 580r, (T1642) 621r, 666r
John Dassett Thomas Allen (M1641) Link[2,909] (H1642) Link[2,910]; [2,911] C33/181, p. 128r, (H1642) 245r, 322v
William Daukins John Trout & his wife (M1641) Link[2,912] C33/181, p. 144v
Edward Davenant, gent Elizabeth Davenant, widow (M1641) Link[2,913] Link[2,914] C33/181, p. 31r, 189v
James Davenport, armiger Thomas Manley, armiger (T1642) Link[2,915] C33/181, p. 628r
James Davenport, armiger John Tichborne, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[2,916] (E1642) Link[2,917] C33/181, p. 184r, (E1642) 338r
Davers Edward Powell, knight and baronet (H1642): Link[2,918] C33/181, p. 429r
Henry Davey, gent Stephen Ley; and Thomas Lee (M1641) Link[2,919] C33/181, p. 117r
Francis David William Piers (M1641) Link[2,920] C33/181, p. 228r
George David Margaret Lethwicke (M1641) Link[2,921] C33/181, p. 215r
Reynold David, administrator of Morgan David Thomas Lewis, clerk (M1641) Link[2,922] (H1642) Link[2,923]; (E1642) [2,924] C33/181, p. 73r, (H1642) 369v, (E1642) 547v
Thomas David David ap David (M1641) Link[2,925] C33/181, p. 219r
William David Roger Howell; and Miles Morse (M1641) Link[2,926] (H1642) Link[2,927]; (E1642) [2,928] C33/181, p. 222r, (H1642) 313r, (E1642) 459r
David Davidson John Stepkin (M1641) Link[2,929] C33/181, p. 186v
Davies Henry Wade; et al (E1642) Link[2,930] C33/181, p. 594r
Edward Davies Phillip Daie (M1641) Link[2,931] Link[2,932]; [2,933]; [2,934] C33/181, p. 123r, 234r, (H1642) 362v
Hugh Davies Gowen Davies, widow; Humfrey Lloid (H1642): Link[2,935] C33/181, p. 289v
Hugh Davies Edward Oxwicke; and Katherine Reynallt (H1642): Link[2,936] C33/181, p. 440v
Hugh Davies Roland Pugh, armiger (H1642): Link[2,937] C33/181, p. 440v
Isaac Davies; and Zacharias Bell, executor of William Stone Margaret Stone /Stane, widow (and cross suit) (M1641) Link[2,938] Link[2,939]; [2,940]; (H1642) [2,941]; (T1642) [2,942]; [2,943] C33/181, p. 30v, 41r, 205r, (H1642) 416v, (T1642) 609v, 631r
John Davies Edward Davies (T1642) Link[2,944] C33/181, p. 629r
John Davies Evan Davies (H1642): Link[2,945] (E1642): Link[2,946] C33/181, p. 325v, (E1642) 528r
John Davies Walter Holland & his wife (T1642) Link[2,947] C33/181, p. 680r
John Davies William Philpotts; and William Phillpotts (M1641) Link[2,948] C33/181, p. 66v
John Davies; et al, creditors of John Sutton John Sutton; et al (T1642) Link[2,949] C33/181, p. 699v
Joseph Davies James Galhampton (M1641) Link[2,950] Link[2,951]; (E1642) [2,952] C33/181, p. 1r, 198v, (E1642) 457v
Joseph Davies, executor of Anne Davies, widow, his mother and administrator of Robert Davies his father Henry Wade; and William Starre /Sterne (M1641) Link[2,953] (H1642) Link[2,954]; [2,955]; (E1642) [2,956]; (T1642) [2,957] C33/181, p. 14v, (H1642) 373r, 379v, (E1652) 457v, 719r
Thomas Davies Jane Howell; and William Howell (H1642): Link[2,958] Link[2,959] C33/181, p. 348v, 387r
Thomas Davies; et al Henry Watkins (E1642) Link[2,960] C33/181, p. 584v
Mathew Davies; and John Clutterbooke, executors of Thomas Gosnell William Wonham, gent, another executor of Thomas Gosnell (M1641) Link[2,961] Link[2,962]; (E1642) [2,963] C33/181, p. 63r, 114r, (1642) 560v
Edward Davis Phillip Day (M1641) Link[2,964] (H1642) Link[2,965]; (E1642) [2,966] C33/181, p. 72v, (H1642) 353r, (E1642) 587r
John Davis & his wife Jaspar ap Evan; et al (H1642): Link[2,967] C33/181, p. 297v
Robert Davis Alice Hechstetter, widow; and Daniel Hechstetter (T1642) Link[2,968] C33/181, p. 737v
Alexander Davison, knight; and Ralph Cole, armiger Lindley Wren, armiger (T1642) Link[2,969] C33/181, p. 681v
John Davison & his wife Mary Clare, widow (M1641) Link[2,970] (H1642) Link[2,971]; (E1642) [2,972] C33/181, p. 99r, 423r, (E1642) 504r
Robert Davy Robert Martin & Alice his wife (H1642): Link[2,973] C33/181, p. 438v
Thomas Davye; Thomas Parham; and Henry Lincolne, inhabitants of Swanton Morley, Norf Roger Fleming; and Thomas Fleming (E1642) Link[2,974] C33/181, p. 597v
Walter Dawe William, lord Baltimore; and Richard Beaseley (E1642) Link[2,975] C33/181, p. 487r
William Dawe Henry Stagg (M1641) Link[2,976] (T1642) Link[2,977] C33/181, p. 148, (T1642) 708v
William Dawes Thomas Shingler (AND cross suit) (then v. Richard Shingler, Ralph Picering; et al, executors of Thomas Shingler) (E1642) Link[2,978] Link[2,979]; [2,980] C78/1327, no. 15 [2,981] C33/181, p. 459v, 493r, 580v
John Dawkes Richard Persall; and John Persall (M1641) Link[2,982] C33/181, p. 238v
William Dawkings John Troute & his wife (H1642): Link[2,983] C33/181, p. 371r
George Dawson Henry Hemlocke (H1642): Link[2,984]; [2,985] C33/181, p. 254v, 307v
Thomas Dawson Samuel Gery (H1642): Link[2,986] C33/181, p. 347v
William Dawson Robert Savery, doctor in medicine (M1641) Link[2,987] Link[2,988]; (H1642) [2,989]; [2,990]; [2,991] C33/181, p. 32r, 228v, (H1642) 397r, 409v, 414v
Day John Beauchamp (H1642): Link[2,992] Link[2,993] C33/181, p. 413v, 422r
Francis Day William Hulett & his wife (H1642): Link[2,994] (E1642): Link[2,995]; [2,996]; [2,997]; [2,998]; (T1642) [2,999]; [3,000] C33/181, p. 432r, (E1642) 451r, 503r, 515r, 556r, (1642) 616r, 652r
John Day John Cotton; and David /Daniel Edwards (M1641) Link[3,001] (T1642) Link[3,002]; [3,003]; [3,004]; [3,005]; [3,006] C33/181, p. 107r, (T1642) 617r, 635v, 728r, 663v, 665r
John Day Robert Viner, sr (E1642) Link[3,007] C33/181, p. 496r
Joseph Day & his wife William Wallwin (H1642): Link[3,008] C33/181, p. 393v
Phillip Day, gent Daniel South, gent (T1642) Link[3,009] C33/181, p. 647v
Robert Day Thomas Foote; et al (M1641) Link[3,010] (H1642) Link[3,011]; (E1642) [3,012] C33/181, p. 155r, (H1462) 300r, (E1462) 497r
John Dayles Baynton; and Thomas Townson (M1641) Link[3,013] C33/181, p. 185v
Elizabeth Davies Henry Cave (E1642) Link[3,014] (T1642) Link[3,015] C33/181, p. 589v, (T1642) 691r
Robert Daynes; and Elizabeth Daynes James Merryman; Edmond Jervis (H1642): Link[3,016] (E1642): Link[3,017]; [3,018] C33/181, p. 309v, (E1642) 534v, 572r
Edward Deacon Joshua Havell (E1642) Link[3,019] C33/181, p. 546v
Edward Deacon Margaret Martin, widow; (and Hugh Bull) (M1641) Link[3,020] (E1642) Link[3,021] C33/181, p. 224v, (E1642) 538v
Lawrence Deacon John Plummer (E1642) Link[3,022] C33/181, p. 517r
Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Canterbury Richard Dauncey, gent (M1641) Link[3,023] Link[3,024]; (H1642) [3,025]; [3,026]; [3,027]; (E1642) [3,028]; [3,029] C33/181, p. 37v, 96r, (H1642) 263r, 331v, 421r, (E1642) 455r, 538r
Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford Christopher Yelverton, knight and baronet (M1641) Link[3,030] C33/181, p. 214r
Dean and chapter of Trinity Cathedral, Norwich Christopher Lynne; Edmond Bird; James Clayborne; William Hunt; Edmond Balls; David Browne; Thomas Jackson; et al (E1642) Link[3,031] C33/181, p. 458r
Dean and Canons of Windsor; et al Willcoxe; et al (M1641) Link[3,032] C33/181, p. 184r
Deane Cropley; et al (E1642) Link[3,033] C33/181, p. 508v
Deane Smith (E1642) Link[3,034] C33/181, p. 472r
Alexander Deane; et al Mathew Davis, armiger; William Wenham; et al (T1642) Link[3,035] C33/181, p. 620r
Anthony Deane Edmond Deane & his wife (H1642) Link[3,036] C33/181, p. 429r
Francis Deane & his wife; and Katherine Walker Simon Bartlett (T1642) Link[3,037] C33/181, p. 728r
Francis /Frances Deane John Jermyn /Jevane; and John Jermyn, gent (M1641) Link[3,038] (H1642) Link[3,039]; (E1642) [3,040] C33/181, p. 113v, (H1642) 434v, (E1642) 514r
Richard Deane, knight, executor of Thomas Westrawe; et al George Sandys, knight, administrator of Ralph Freeman (M1641) Link[3,041] Link[3,042]; (T1642) [3,043] C33/181, p. 48r, 222r, (T1642) 652v
John Deane; et al William Deane (H1642): Link[3,044] C33/181, p. 424r
William Deane, gent & his wife William Salisbury, gent; Edward Colton, armiger; John Chatfield, gent & his wife; and Agnes Soame, widow (M1641) Link[3,045] C33/181, p. 2r
Francis Deare & his wife Richard Grudgfield (T1642) Link[3,046] C33/181, p. 749v
John Deare John Harris (M1641) Link[3,047] C33/181, p. 233r
William Deaven John Chamberlen; and John Butts (E1642) Link[3,048] C33/181, p. 573r
Joseph Decon John Reading (H1642): Link[3,049] (E1642): Link[3,050] C33/181, p. 340v, (E1642) 503r
Benjamin Decroe Francis Gardiner; Benjamin Harrison; et al (M1641) Link[3,051] Link[3,052] C33/181, p. 25r, 36v
Benjamin Decroe, jr Benjamin Decroe, sr & Margaret his wife; et al (M1641) Link[3,053] Link[3,054]; [3,055]; [3,056]; [3,057]; [3,058]; [3,059]; [3,060]; (H1642) [3,061]; [3,062]; [3,063]; [3,064]; (E1642) [3,065]; (T1642) [3,066] C33/181, p. 20r, 36v, 57r, 76r, 143r, 143v, 146r, 156v, 222v, (H1642) 226v, 323r, 359r, 402r, (E1642) 441v, (T1642) 702r
Benjamin Decro Margaret Decro, widow; (et al) (M1641) Link[3,067] Link[3,068]; [3,069]; (H1642) [3,070]; [3,071]; [3,072]; [3,073]; (E1642) [3,074]; (T1642) [3,075]; [3,076]; [3,077]; [3,078]; [3,079]; [3,080] C33/181, p. 25r, 36v, 226v, (H1642) 253r, 262v, 263v, 426v, (E1642) 508v, (T1642) 616v, 628r, 668r, 620r, 748v, 752r
Benjamin Decroe Elizabeth Trussell (M1641) Link[3,081] (H1642) Link[3,082]; [3,083]; [3,084]; [3,085]; [3,086] C33/181, p. 20r, (H1642) 257r, 274v, 309r, 378r, 433v
Benjamin Decroe Margaret Whithorne; Margaret Decroe; and Roger Dreyton (AND Margaret Whithorne v. Benjamin Decroe; et al (M1641) Link[3,087] Link[3,088]; [3,089]; [3,090]; (E1642) [3,091] C33/181, p. 52v, 76v, 119v, 223v, (E1642) 452r
Benjamin Decroe Elizabeth Wiggott, widow (E1642) Link[3,092] C33/181, p. 452r
Margaret Decro, widow George Sandis, Knight of the Bath (M1641) Link[3,093] (H1642) Link[3,094] C33/181, p. 68r, (H1462) 393v
Margaret Decroe Margaret Whithorne; et al (M1641) Link[3,095] C33/181, p. 69v
Oliver Deeble Alexander and Thomas Hancocke (T1642) Link[3,096] C33/181, p. 743r
Thomas Deerham John Carter; William Chambers; William Disney; George Hartley; and William Honiter (H1642): Link[3,097] C33/181, p. 423v
Thomas Deereham George Iselam; John Lynne; George Newcombe; and Christopher Wright (H1642): Link[3,098] C33/181, p. 423v
Deering Welch (E1642) Link[3,099] C33/181, p. 595r
James Deinns Richard Lydall, knight; and Richard Lydall, armiger (M1641) Link[3,100] C33/181, p. 168r
Vincent Delabarre John Page (M1641) Link[3,101] Link[3,102] C33/181, p. 90v, 138v
Dominic DelaLand Peter du Bosque; and John Marston (M1641) Link[3,103] (H1642) Link[3,104]; (E1642) [3,105] C33/181, p. 91r, 105r, (H1642) 306r, (E1642) 588r
John Delaet, armiger Hunmfrey Stiles, knight & his wife (M1641) Link[3,106] Link[3,107]; [3,108] C33/181, p. 101r, 183v, 195r
Peter DelaSalle Dominic DelaLund (E1642) Link[3,109] (T1642) Link[3,110] C33/181, p. 475v, (T1642) 752v
Roger Delbridge Francis Basset, armiger (M1641) Link[3,111] C33/181, p. 100r
Stephen Denizon, professor of sacred theology Joseph Juxon; et al (T1642) Link[3,112] C33/181, p. 687v
David Denne, jr Michael Denne, sr (AND Michael Denne v. David Denne; and John Denne (H1642): Link[3,113] Link[3,114]; [3,115]; (E1642) [3,116] C33/181, p. 249r, 260r, 400r, (E1642) 500r
Edward Denning Henry Crabb (H1642): Link[3,117] Link[3,118]; [3,119]; (E1642) [3,120] C33/181, p. 268v, 276r, 320v, (E1642) 510v
Henry Donnington; et al John Gregory, gent (E1642) Link[3,121] C33/181, p. 556r
Thomas Dennye Hubert Hacon, armiger; Robert London; et al (M1641) Link[3,122] C33/181, p. 237v
Silvester Dennys Thomas Champion; and Robert Crewes (E1642) Link[3,123] (T1642) Link[3,124] C33/181, p. 505r, (T1642) 623r
John Dent; and Thomas Watts Thomas Hendley /Henley, knight; Jervase Taylor, knight & his wife (M1641) Link[3,125] Link[3,126]; (H1642) [3,127]; [3,128] C33/181, p. 176r, 199r, (H1642) 247v, 311v
Alexander Denton Edward Branch (H1642): Link[3,129] C33/181, p. 271v
Edward Deplever James Danker (T1642) Link[3,130] C33/181, p. 699r
John Derling William Booker; and William Awcocke (M1641) Link[3,131] C33/181, p. 76v
William Dethicke & Anna his wife William Prise (M1641) Link[3,132] (H1642) Link[3,133] C33/181, p. 117v, 276v
Richard Deuxwell Peter Brocklelsby (M1641) Link[3,134] C33/181, p. 212v
Richard Deuxwell Henry Sweeting (M1641) Link[3,135] C33/181, p. 212v
Stephan Devis Thomas Holloday (H1642): Link[3,136] C33/181, p. 440v
Robert Dewhurst, armiger George Pitt, armiger (H1642): Link[3,137] C33/181, p. 397v
Anthony Dewicke Katherine Brabes, widow (E1642) Link[3,138] Link[3,139]; (T1642) [3,140]; [3,141] C33/181, p. 564v, 579v, (T1642) 731r, 696v
Anna Dewing, an infant, by Edward Hawne her guardian Millicent Dewing, widow; and Thomas Shackell /Sharble (H1642): Link[3,142] (E1642): Link[3,143]; [3,144] C33/181, p. 324r, (E1642) 449v, 503r
Gregory Dey Richard Spencer; Samuel Speight; John Beuchampe; John Sands; et al (M1641) Link[3,145] C33/181, p. 198v
John Dey John Cotton; and David Edwards (M1641) Link[3,146] Link[3,147]; [3,148]; [3,149]; [3,150]; [3,151] C33/181, p. 28, 55v, 56v, 203r, 215r, 216r
Samuel Dey Thomasin Ellerker (E1642) Link[3,152] C33/181, p. 594v
Isabella Dickenson; and Mary Dickenson George Browne, gent & Anna his wife; Margaret Skrimshire; and Richard Hinton (AND Richard Hinton, gent v. Mary Dickenson, widow; Francis Somerford, armiger; Isabella Dickenson; Mary Dickenson; George Browne, gent & Anna his wife; Margaret Skrimshire; and Lewis Dickenson (M1641) Link[3,153] (T1642) Link[3,154] C33/181, p. 52v, (T1642) 749v
John Dickenson & Elizabeth his wife; et al Lucas Ash & Johanna his wife; Simon Webb; Willliam Atkinson; George Butler; Thomas Wright; Elizabeth Pudsey; and John Baincham (M1641) Link[3,155] Link[3,156]; [3,157]; [3,158] C33/181, p. 98v, 143r, 170v, 226r
John Dickenson; Henry Cannon & Grace his wife Katherine Barnaby, wife of John Barnaby (M1641) Link[3,159] C33/181, p. 157r
Peter Dickenson Elizabeth Dickenson, widow; et al (M1641) Link[3,160] C33/181, p. 67r
Robert Dickenson Phillip Owen (H1642): Link[3,161] C33/181, p. 415r
William Dickenson Thomas Colrupp; and John Hassells (M1641) Link[3,162] C33/181, p. 216v
Thomas Dicks & his wife Thomas Buckeridge (M1641) Link[3,163] C33/181, p. 166v
Thomas Dicks William Sparrow (M1641) Link[3,164] C33/181, p. 74v
Margaret Diddlesford, widow John Carvell, armiger; John Machell; Mathew Ireland; and John Ireland (H1642): Link[3,165] C33/181, p. 249v
Clinton Digby John, bishop of Peterborough; and Edward Palmer, armiger (M1641) Link[3,166] Link[3,167]; [3,168]; [3,169]; (H1642) [3,170]; [3,171]; [3,172]; [3,173]; (E1642) [3,174]; [3,175]; [3,176]; [3,177]; (T1642) [3,178]; [3,179]; [3,180]; [3,181] C33/181, p. 11r, 89v, 150r, (H1642) 258r, 300v, 311r, 368r, 428v, (E1642) 441v, 461r, 579v, 594r, (T1642) 610v, 613r, 616r, 647r
Kenelme Digbie, knight; and Edward Read Elizabeth Gresham (M1641) Link[3,182] (H1642) Link[3,183]; [3,184]; (E1642) [3,185] C78/489, no. 21 [3,186] C33/181, p. 123r, (H1642) 265v, 306r, (E1642) 569r
Kenelme Digby, knight; Edward Reade; et al John Harris; Valentine Sanders; Henry Wallopp, knight; Robert Wallopp, armiger (M1641) Link[3,187] (H1642) Link[3,188]; (E1642) [3,189]; (T1642) Link[3,190]; [3,191]; [3,192] C33/181, p. 30v, (H1642) 257v, (E1642) 534v, (T1642) 632v, 640v, 666r
Richard Diggas & his wife William Knapp; et al (E1642) Link[3,193] C33/181, p. 556v
Thomas Diggs; et al Dennis Butler; and John Terrell (H1642): Link[3,194] C33/181, p. 402v
Richard Digges, armiger; et al John Plomer (H1642): Link[3,195] C33/181, p. 365v
Thomas Diggs; et al Constance Penticost; George Jewell; and Thomas Gwynn (H1642): Link[3,196] C33/181, p. 402v
Thomas Diggs; et al Thomas Tresaher; Francis Blewett; and William Foole (H1642): Link[3,197] (T1642): Link[3,198] C33/181, p. 402v, (T1642) 738r
Maurice Dilkes & Mary his wife Ellen Crofts, widow; Edward Davies; and William Ashton (T1642) Link[3,199] C33/181, p. 636v
Elizabeth Dill, widow Richard Wells (E1642) Link[3,200] C33/181, p. 586v
Robert Dillon, armiger Anthony Gifford, gent (H1642): Link[3,201] C33/181, p. 249v
Edward Dingley Christopher More; et al (T1642) Link[3,202] C33/181, p. 669r
William Dishford Francis Chamberlen (M1641) Link[3,203] C33/181, p. 212v
Elizabeth Dison, infant, by Alexander Dison, guardian Henry Dison, gent (E1642) Link[3,204] (T1642) Link[3,205] C33/181, p. 544r, (T1642) 747r
William Diston William Whiting; William Gibson; Thomas Dighton; and Richard Hunt (AND William Whiting v. William Diston and William Gibson (M1641) Link[3,206] C33/181, p. 145
Humfrey Dixe Christopher Bambridge (H1642): Link[3,207] C33/181, p. 418v
Wolstonholme Dixie, knight Francis Theobalds; and Thomas Needeham (M1641) Link[3,208] (H1642) Link[3,209]; [3,210] C33/181, p. 170v, (H1642) 326v, (T1642) 749r
George Dixon, gent; Fenner Dixon; and Lucy Dixon John Blakeston; Thomas Warwicke; et al (M1641) Link[3,211] (H1642) Link[3,212]; [3,213]; [3,214] C33/181, p. 230v, (H1642) 260v, 422v, 482r
Jane Dixon, widow Thomas Cooke & his wife (E1642) Link[3,215] Link[3,216]; (T1642) [3,217] C33/181, p. 581r, (T1642) 608v
Jane Dixon, widow Mathew Manning; and John Fairefax (E1642) Link[3,218] (T1642) Link[3,219] C33/181, p. 490v, (T1642) 661v
John Dixon & his wife Humfrey Madison (E1642) Link[3,220] Link[3,221] C33/181, p. 501v, 539r
Mary Dixon, an infant, by Edmond Veale, her guardian; and the said Edmond Veale for himself John Betson; and Robert Dixon (M1641) Link[3,222] (T1642) Link[3,223] C33/181, p. 7v, (T1642) 687v
Robert Dixon Anna Bold, widow (M1641) Link[3,224] Link[3,225]; (H1642) C33/181, p. 60r, 89r, (H1642) 357v
Dobbins Dobbins (M1641) Link[3,226] C33/181, p. 17v
Henry Dobbins, clerk Everard Goodman; Lawrence Goodman; John Goodman; and Valentia Goodman (M1641) Link[3,227] C33/181, p. 236v
Samuel Dobbins Thomas Dobbins; and William Clarke (and cross suit) (T1642) Link[3,228] C33/181, p. 634
Bartholomew Dobson William Mawe; and William Mawe; William Mawe; and William Mawe (E1642) Link[3,229] C33/181, p. 594v
Richard Dobson Mary Pill, widow (H1642): Link[3,230] (E1642): Link[3,231]; (T1642) [3,232] C33/181, p. 416r, (E1642) 513v, (T1642) 697r
Humfrey Doby John Johnstons (E1642) Link[3,233] C33/181, p. 594v
Henry Docwray John Cupper, armiger (H1642): Link[3,234] C33/181, p. 350r
Henry Dockwray Mary Pill (T1642) Link[3,235] C33/181, p. 738v
Jane Docwra, widow; Francis Taverner; et al Francis Gooday; Robert Awbury; John Denton; William Gooday; and Thomas Dobson (T1642) Link[3,236] Link[3,237]; [3,238]; [3,239] C33/181, p. 637v, 666r, 690v, 696r
Arthur Doddington, armiger John Mallett (H1642): Link[3,240] Link[3,241]; (E1642) [3,242]; [3,243] C33/181, p. 381v, 428v, (E1642) 588r, 594v
Doddington, knight; et al Camplin; et al (M1641) Link[3,244] C33/181, p. 186
Doddington Councell (H1642): Link[3,245] C33/181, p. 401v
John Doddington, gent John Doddington, armiger; (and Peter King) (M1641) Link[3,246] (H1642) Link[3,247]; [3,248]; [3,249]; (E1642) [3,250] C33/181, p. 108r, (H1642) 260r, 409r, 424r, (E1642) 560v
Dodson Claxton (H1642): Link[3,251] (E1642): Link[3,252] C33/181, p. 420v, (E1642) 493r
George Dodson John Hodgson; and Geoffrey Hodgson (M1641) Link[3,253] (H1642) Link[3,254] C33/181, p. 238v, (H1642) 385r
John Dodson John Clearksey (E1642) Link[3,255] C33/181, p. 532v
Dolman Horne (E1642) Link[3,256] C33/181, p. 589v
Marmaduke Doleman John Vavasor, knight; et al (M1641) Link[3,257] (T1642) Link[3,258] C33/181, p. 76r, (T1642) 728v
Mauritius Dolman Peter White; and Allan Lodge (H1642): Link[3,259] C33/181, p. 352r
William Domvill, armiger & Brigit his wife Lancellot Lake, armiger (T1642) Link[3,260] C78/426, no. 1 [3,261] C33/181, p. 750r
John Donne Thomas Donne (H1642): Link[3,262] (T1642): Link[3,263] C33/181, p. 418r, (T1642) 690r
John Dorrington Robert Pike, jr (E1642) Link[3,264] C33/181, p. 490v
Thomas Dottin Samuel Osborne (E1642) Link[3,265] C33/181, p. 593r
Nicholas Doughty Richard Eaton; et al (H1642): Link[3,266] C33/181, p. 381r
Thomas Dove Elizabeth Delafountaine, widow; and Adam Foster (H1642): Link[3,267] C33/181, p. 363r
Dover; et al Procter (E1642) Link[3,268] C33/181, p. 493v
John Dover William Bishop; and John Eggarton (E1642) Link[3,269] C33/181, p. 589v
John Dowdeswell Arthur Harris; and Mary his wife (M1641) Link[3,270] Link[3,271]; (H1642) [3,272]; (E1642) [3,273]; (E1642) [3,274] C33/181, p. 68v, 71v, (H1642) 424v, (E1642) 452r, 530v
John Dowle, armiger Mary Dowle; John Ham; Francis Bird; et al (M1641) Link[3,275] Link[3,276]; (H1642) [3,277]; [3,278]; [3,279] C33/181, p. 185v, 207v (H1642) 282r, 373r, 349r
John Dowle, armiger Robert Dowle (H1642): Link[3,280] Link[3,281] C33/181, p. 371v, 439v
Robert Dowle John Dowle; Hester Dowle; and Anthony Harrison (M1641) Link[3,282] C33/181, p. 129v
Robert Dowle, gent William Thurston alias Tristram (H1642): Link[3,283] C33/181, p. 432v
Downe Rice; Bourchier; and Rice (E1642) Link[3,284] bis C33/181, p. 477r bis
Downes John Deering (H1642): Link[3,285] C33/181, p. 426r
George Downes Roger Sares (E1642) Link[3,286] C33/181, p. 486v
John Downes John Backhouse; and John Madeley (M1641) Link[3,287] (E1642) Link[3,288] C33/181, p. 190v, (E1642) 550v
John Downes, administrator of Humfrey Ryder Anna Lewis; Stephen Audley; Mathew Moore; and William Milward; et al (M1641) Link[3,289] C33/181, p. 156v
John Downe Thomas Doune (M1641) Link[3,290] C33/181, p. 215r
Nicholas Downe Jasper Ratcliffe /Radcliffe, administrator of Abraham Rutter (M1641) Link[3,291] (H1642) Link[3,292]; (E1642) [3,293]; [3,294] C33/181, p. 141v, (H1642) 370v, (E1642) 502v, 541r
Richard Downes Andrew Savage (H1642): Link[3,295] C33/181, p. 359v
John Downeing Anna Wethered; et al (H1642): Link[3,296] C33/181, p. 392
William Downing William Garbutt; (and Charles Elsby) (M1641) Link[3,297] Link[3,298]; [3,299]; [3,300]; [3,301] C33/181, p. 23v, 64r, 130v, 182r, 228v
Cornelius Dowse William Oxenbridge & Mary his wife (M1641) Link[3,302] (H1642) Link[3,303]; [3,304]; (T1642) [3,305]; [3,306]; [3,307] C33/181, p. 56r, (H1642) 270r, 351r, (T1642) 604r, 671v, 684v
Cornelius Dowse Thomas Flood (M1641) Link[3,308] C33/181, p. 187r
Cornelius Dowse William Oxenbridge, gent & Mary his wife (H1642): Link[3,309] C33/181, p. 259v
Francis Dowse, knight Kitson, clerk (T1642) Link[3,310] C33/181, p. 650r
Henry Dowsett William Creswell (T1642) Link[3,311] Link[3,312] C33/181, p. 643r, 660r
Edward Dowse, knight; et al Phillip Strety (T1642) Link[3,313] C33/181, p. 737v
John Dowse, knight, & his wife Phillip Streatty & his wife (E1642) Link[3,314] C33/181, p. 453v
William Dowthwaite, gent Thomas Levingston, armiger; Charles Maynard, armiger; Revill Craddocke, gent; Abraham Corselles; John Smithier, sr; et al (H1642): Link[3,315] C33/181, p. 278r
William Dowthwaite Emanuel Mills (M1641) Link[3,316] Link[3,317]; [3,318]; [3,319]; (H1642) [3,320]; [3,321]; [3,322]; [3,323]; (E1642) [3,324] C33/181, p. 14v, 49r, 121r, 165v, (H1642) 254r, 264r, 304r, 379r, (E1642) 498v
John Doyley, gent John Gregory, gent (H1642): Link[3,325] C33/181, p. 373r
Richard Drafgate Robert Lee & Mary his wife; et al (M1641) Link[3,326] C33/181, p. 196r
Drake Courtier (E1642) Link[3,327] C33/181, p. 508v
Edward Drake Robert Hardy (T1642) Link[3,328] C33/181, p. 684r
Edward Drake, gent Richard Ledgar; Richard Rose; John Ledger; et al (M1641) Link[3,329] C33/181, p. 138v
John Drake Gregory Drake (M1641) Link[3,330] C33/181, p. 121
John Drake Henry Shove (M1641) Link[3,331] C33/181, p. 223v
William Drakeford Samuel Freeman (H1642): Link[3,332] C33/181, p. 413r
Margery Draper, widow and relict of Robert Draper, armiger William Draper, gent; and Thomas Birkhead (H1642): Link[3,333] Link[3,334]; (E1642) [3,335] C33/181, p. 357r, 445v, (E1642) 501r
Margaret Draper, widow William Draper; and Edward Blinnhassett (H1642): Link[3,336] C33/181, p. 426v
Richard Draper, gent Robert Coats; and Richard Layer, gent (M1641) Link[3,337] Link[3,338]; (H1642) C33/181, p. 224v, 225r, (H1642) 288r
Robert Draper; et al George James (M1641) Link[3,339] C33/181, p. 222r
Suzanna Drewe, widow Charles Somerset, knight and baronet & his wife (E1642) Link[3,340] (T1642) Link[3,341] C33/181, p. 566v, (T1642) 673r
Andrew Driver James Courtney (E1642) Link[3,342] C33/181, p. 594v
John Driver Giles Winston (M1641) Link[3,343] C33/181, p. 68r
Edward Drury John Drury (E1642) Link[3,344] C33/181, p. 587r
Richard Drury, baronet William Drury; Edmond Wright, Mayor of the City of London; James Cambell, knight; George Whitmore, knight (E1642) Link[3,345] C33/181, p. 489v
Richard Ducy (sic), baronet Robert Ducy, armiger; and William Ducy, armiger; (Edward Wright, knight) (T1642) Link[3,346] Link[3,347]; [3,348] C33/181, p. 656v, 625r, 735r
William Drury, armiger Henry Allen (H1642): Link[3,349] C33/181, p. 277v
William Drury Richard Drury; Thomas Drury, jr; and Isaack Drury (M1641) Link[3,350] Link[3,351]; (H1642) [3,352]; (T1642) [3,353] C33/181, p. 167r, 205r, (H1642) 432v, (T1642) 740v
William Drury, armiger Sarah Penn (H1642): Link[3,354] C33/181, p. 277v
William Drury Nicholas Salter (T1642) Link[3,355] C33/181, p. 679v
William Drury Stephen Sheapherd (E1642) Link[3,356] C33/181, p. 504r
James Duart, armiger Jenever Farmer; and Thomas Trinder; et al (T1642) Link[3,357] C33/181, p. 739v
Ducey, armiger Anna Whorewood, widow; Nicholas Moseley; et al (M1641) Link[3,358] C33/181, p. 42v
Robert Ducy, armiger Richard Ducy, baronet (M1641) Link[3,359] (H1642) Link[3,360] C33/181, p. 208v, (H1642) 248v
Arthur Ducke, doctor in laws Ralph Masters (H1642): Link[3,361] C33/181, p. 285r
Francis Ducke, jr Roger Hutchinson; et al (T1642) Link[3,362] C33/181, p. 632r
John Ducke; and Anna Ducke Mary Ducke; et al (M1641) Link[3,363] C33/181, p. 77r
Thomas Ducks David Stephens (M1641) Link[3,364] (E1642) Link[3,365]; [3,366] C33/181, p. 41r, (E1642) 441v, 549r
Robert Dudley, armiger Edward Seabright, knight; et al (E1642) Link[3,367] (T1642) Link[3,368] C33/181, p. 486r, (T1642) 653r
Edward Duncombe, infant, by Robert Hester, his guardian William Duncome ex parte of Jane Duncombe, widow, deceased (M1641) Link[3,369] Link[3,370] C33/181, p. 174v, 218v
Edward Duncombe, infant, by Robert Hester, his guardian William Duncome (M1641) Link[3,371] C33/181, p. 174v
William Duncombe Henry Twentiman; et al (M1641) Link[3,372] C33/181, p. 73v
John Dune William Tomlinson (M1641) Link[3,373] C33/181, p. 231r
Dunne Tomlinson (H1642): Link[3,374] C33/181, p. 350v
John Dunn William Tomlinson (H1642): Link[3,375] C33/181, p. 391v
Edward Dunning; et al Robert Colt (E1642) Link[3,376] C33/181, p. 478v
John Dunston John Flower; and George Mason (M1641) Link[3,377] C33/181, p. 138r
William Dunston, gent; et al Thomas Bishopp (H1642): Link[3,378] C33/181, p. 374v
William Dunthorne John Beckham (M1641) Link[3,379] Link[3,380]; [3,381] C33/181, p. 18r, 55v, 88v
Thomas Dunton, jr; et al Thomas Dunton, sr; Henry Shawe; and Anna Wall (M1641) Link[3,382] (H1642) Link[3,383]; [3,384]; [3,385] C33/181, p. 169v, (H1642) 287r, 314v, 364r
Nathaniel Durant, clerk William Moulton (H1642): Link[3,386] C33/181, p. 286r
Thomas Durneford John Adams; and Henry Ros (T1642) Link[3,387] C33/181, p. 747v
Thomas Durneford William Vigures (T1642) Link[3,388] C33/181, p. 748r
John Dussett James Pickering; Thomas Meade; et al (T1642) Link[3,389] C33/181, p. 741r
Owin Dussing Charles Osborne; et al (M1641) Link[3,390] (H1642) Link[3,391]; (E1642) [3,392]; [3,393]; [3,394]; (T1642)[3,395] C33/181, p. 184r, (H1642) 295r, (E1642) 532r, 541r, (T1642) 727r
Owin Dussing, gent William Buddery; Thomas Buddery & his wife; and Robert Betts (M1641) Link[3,396] (H1642) Link[3,397] C33/181, p. 192v, 423r
Christopher Duston Christopher Leake (T1642) Link[3,398] C33/181, p. 737v
Ralph Dutton, knight Walter Powell, clerk (M1641) Link[3,399] (H1642) Link[3,400]; (E1642) [3,401] C33/181, p. 154r, (H1642) 272r, (E1642) 587v
Nicholas Dweane & Margaret his wife; Digory Heyne William Fridge, sr; et al (H1642): Link[3,402] C33/181, p. 326v
John Dynes Thomas Dixon (E1642) Link[3,403] C33/181, p. 467v
Robert Dynne Richard Clarke (H1642): Link[3,404] C33/181, p. 269r
John Dyos; et al Alexander Nun; and John Carpenter (E1642) Link[3,405] C33/181, p. 589v
Joan and Jane Dyos Roger Dyos; and Richard Niccolls (M1641) Link[3,406] C33/181, p. 85v
John Dyos Richard Reede (E1642) Link[3,407] C33/181, p. 591r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Brian, Bishop of Chichester William Ford, knight; Thomas Way, gent; John Brooke; et al (M1641) Link[3,408] Link[3,409] C33/181, p. 108v, 118r
John, bishop of Derry John Chawney, gent (H1642): Link[3,410] C33/181, p. 341r
John, bishop of Derry Thomas Holmes, armiger (H1642): Link[3,411] C33/181, p. 341r
Mathew, bishop of Ely Richard Bull; Edward Bull; Samuel Watkins & Elizabeth his wife (M1641) Link[3,412] (E1642) Link[3,413]; [3,414]; (T1642) [3,415] C33/181, p. 212v, (E1642) 463r, 550v, (T1642) 697r
John, bishop of Rochester Henry Samborne, knight (H1642): Link[3,416] C33/181, p. 365v
John, Bishop of Rochester John Younge (M1641) Link[3,417] (E1642) Link[3,418] C33/181, p. 168r, (E1642) 482r
Walter, bishop of Winchester Mary, lady Wiseman (E1642) Link[3,419] C33/181, p. 592r
Nicholas Eales Jane, Lady Gerrard /Garrett; et al (M1641) Link[3,420] Link[3,421]; (H1642) [3,422]; (E1642) [3,423] bis; [3,424]; C33/181, p. 217r, 222r, (H1642) 245v, (E1642) 585r bis, 597v
George Earby; Charles Story; John Pender; Henry Barwicke; Jane Coupeland, widow; Joan Harrison; Peter Hatter; John Hobson; and Robert Godson Edward Elwicke; Thomas Procter; George Hudson; and Robert Dyneley (M1641) Link[3,425] C33/181, p. 80r
David Earle; et al Randall Cotgrave; and Robert Lord (M1641) Link[3,426] C33/181, p. 119r
John Earle John Harris & Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth Hawkes, widow (M1641) Link[3,427] C33/181, p. 145r
Earth, widow Gold, armiger (E1642) Link[3,428] bis C33/181, p. 594r bis
John Easington, gent Richard and William Hoggard (H1642): Link[3,429] C33/181, p. 420v
John Eason Robert Ayres; and Thomas Mollineux (T1642) Link[3,430] C33/181, p. 657r
Thomas Easson James Davies alias Davison & Elizabeth his wife (E1642) Link[3,431] C33/181, p. 497v
Anna East Robert Searle; et al (H1642): Link[3,432] C33/181, p. 312v
Arthur East; and Patrick Harris Peter Dayrell, sr; Peter Dayrell, jr; Abell Dayrell; Edmond Dayrell; Paul Dayrell; Richard Scott; Thomas Madkins; John Salsbury; John Rands; Gideon Fisher, jr; and Roland Norman (H1642): Link[3,433] (E1642): Link[3,434] C33/181, p. 380v, (E1642) 441r
James Eastchurch, gent John Young, knight; John Davy, armiger; and Henry Drake (M1641) Link[3,435] (H1642) Link[3,436]; [3,437] C33/181, p. 228r, (H1642) 300r, (T1642) 608r
James Eastchurch William Bridgeman (E1642) Link[3,438] C33/181, p. 593
Thomas Eastcourt John Kendricke (H1642): Link[3,439] Link[3,440]; (E1642) [3,441] C33/181, p. 347r, 415v, (E1642) 451r
Eastoft Moyser (M1641) Link[3,442] bis C78/619, no. 3 [3,443]?? C33/181, p. 49r bis
George Eaton & Elizabeth his wife, late wife and executor of John Wagstaffe Benjamin Turner; and Francis Tredeway (E1642) Link[3,444] Link[3,445] bis; (T1642) [3,446]; [3,447]; [3,448] C33/181, p. 506v, 594r bis, (T1642) 610r, 734r, 725v
Frances Eccleshall, widow Thomas Moleneux, gent (E1642) Link[3,449] C33/181, p. 491v
Edgcombe; et al Edmond Tremayne, armiger (M1641) Link[3,450] C33/181, p. 188r
Pears Edgecombe, armiger Walter Kendall; and Nicholas Kendall (T1642) Link[3,451] C33/181, p. 692r
William Edgecombe Joan Edgecombe (T1642) Link[3,452] C33/181, p. 747v
Timothy Edge Thomas Orme; and Alice Allen (E1642) Link[3,453] (T1642) Link[3,454] C33/181, p. 580r, (T1642) 726r
John Edgman; Nowell Pearse & Suzanna his wife Thomas Prust; et al (E1642) Link[3,455] C33/181, p. 486r
Francis Edmonds, executor of Roger Edmonds Nicholas Luke, gent (H1642): Link[3,456] (T1642): Link[3,457] C33/181, p. 340v, (T1642) 633v
Francis Edmonds James Lamport (E1642) Link[3,458] C33/181, p. 562r
Francis Edmonds William Sandham, jr & his wife; et al (E1642) Link[3,459] C33/181, p. 562r
George Edmonds, gent George Edmonds, jr (H1642): Link[3,460] (T1642): Link[3,461] C33/181, p. 267v, (T1642) 672r
George Edmonds Francis Lippingcott (H1642): Link[3,462] (T1642): Link[3,463] C33/181, p. 429r, (T1642) 692r
Henry Edmonds; et al Francis Hollioke; et al (H1642): Link[3,464] C33/181, p. 293r
John Edmonds Henry Tucker & Alice his wife; et al (T1642) Link[3,465] C33/181, p. 681r
Stephen Edmonds George Pountney; and Richard /Roger Pountney (M1641) Link[3,466] (H1642) Link[3,467]; (E1642) [3,468]; [3,469]; (T1642) [3,470] C33/181, p. 66r, (H1642) 388r, (E1642) 539v, 549r, (T1642) 729r
Edward Edwards Daniel Edwards (T1642) Link[3,471] C33/181, p. 748r
Edward Edwards Robert Tannatt; and Hugh Lloid (T1642) Link[3,472] C33/181, p. 748r
Francis Edwards Samuel Arnell (H1642): Link[3,473] C33/181, p. 352r
James Edwards John Collin (H1642): Link[3,474] (E1642): Link[3,475] C33/181, p. 276r, (E1642) 442r
Mathew Edwards, gent; et al Christopher Vernon, armiger (H1642): Link[3,476] Link[3,477]; (T1642) [3,478] C33/181, p. 417v, 440r, (T1642) 739v
Richard Edwards (armiger, executor of Richard Edwards) George Winder (and William Pheasant) (H1642): Link[3,479] (T1642): Link[3,480] C33/181, p. 253v, (T1642) 641v
Richard Edwards; and George Edwards Ralph Bromsall (M1641) Link[3,481] C33/181, p. 86
Robert Edwards & Judith his wife; et al John Giles, clerk (M1641) Link[3,482] (E1642) Link[3,483] C33/181, p. 118r, (1642) 548r
Sara Edwards, widow; and Anne Edwards John Litlebury & Elizabeth his wife; Abraham Chamberlen; Richard Miller; Richard Williams; William Cocbridge; William Gibson; and the Society of Merchants doing business to the East Indies (H1642): Link[3,484] Link[3,485] C33/181, p. 406v, 420v
Sarah Edwards; and William Cole & Sarah his wife Abraham Chamberlaine; William Gibson (M1641) Link[3,486] Link[3,487]; (H1642) [3,488] C33/181, p. 1v, 28r, (H1642) 420v
David Edwards; and John Cotton John Williams alias Vaughan (M1641) Link[3,489] C33/181, p. 19v
John Edwards, gent Nicholas Alburne /Aburne (E1642) Link[3,490] (T1642) Link[3,491] C33/181, p. 551v, (T1642), 701v
John Edwards, armiger John Bowen; and James Phillipps (T1642) Link[3,492] C33/181, p. 605r
John Edwards & his wife John Bushell (E1642) Link[3,493] C33/181, p. 585r
John Edwards John Jenkins (M1641) Link[3,494] C33/181, p. 223v
John Edwards, gent; et al Christopher Vernon, gent (E1642) Link[3,495] C78/536, no. 18 [3,496] C33/181, p. 586v
Mary Edwards; and Timothy Edwards, an infant, by his guardian William Jordan (M1641) Link[3,497] (E1642) Link[3,498] C33/181, p. 217r, (E1642) 588v
Robert Edwards, armiger; et al John Giles, clerk (M1641) Link[3,499] C33/181, p. 30v
Thomas Edwards; and Henry Thompson Roger Hill; et al (M1641) Link[3,500] (H1642) Link[3,501]; (T1642)[3,502] C33/181, p. 108r, (H1642) 366v, (T1642) 657v
Walter Edwards Charles Macklen (T1642) Link[3,503] C33/181, p. 738r
Robert Edyall & his wife Elizabeth Silvester; Nicholas Wyatt sr and jr; Thomas Silvester (H1642): Link[3,504]; [3,505] C33/181, p. 346v, 394r
Francis Eedes Thomas Archer & his wife (H1642): Link[3,506] C33/181, p. 431v
Frances Egerton; et al Richard Egerton, armiger (E1642) Link[3,507] (T1642) Link[3,508]; [3,509] C33/181, p. 586v, (T1642) 610r, 707v
John Egerton Robert Hayes; Anthony Haies; Thomas Taverner; and Thomas Lidford (H1642): Link[3,510] C33/181, p. 307r
John Egerton John Lawrence; Robert Hayes; Anthony Haies; John Haies; Thomas Taverner; and Thomas Lidford (H1642): Link[3,511] C33/181, p. 367v
Peter Egerton Owin Brereton, armiger (M1641) Link[3,512] C33/181, p. 217r
Thomas Ekins; Stephen Knowling Nicholas Roope (E1642) Link[3,513] C33/181, p. 550r
Mary Elds, late wife and relict of Richard Elds Thomas Gaywood; and John Crompton (E1642) Link[3,514] (T1642) Link[3,515] C33/181, p. 524v, (T1642) 731r
Mary Eld, widow Thomas Crompton; et al (T1642) Link[3,516] C33/181, p. 629v
Robert Elliotts; and Thomas Lloid George Brice (E1642) Link[3,517] (T1642) Link[3,518]; [3,519] C33/181, p. 499v, (T1642) 634v, 730r
Joan Elliott John Beale (T1642) Link[3,520] C33/181, p. 747r
Thomas Elliot Edward Ellyott (H1642): Link[3,521] Link[3,522]; (T1642) [3,523] C33/181, p. 284r, 369v, (1642) 671v
Ellis Porter (H1642): Link[3,524] C33/181, p. 437v
Edward Ellis George Miller, gent (M1641) Link[3,525] C33/181, p. 167v
George Ellys John Fisher; and Robert Fisher (M1641) Link[3,526] Link[3,527]; (H1642) [3,528]; (T1642) [3,529]; [3,530] C33/181, p. 143v, 194v, (H1642) 392r, (T1642) 663r, 676v
Griffith Ellis Griffith Jones; et al (E1642) Link[3,531] C33/181, p. 586v
Peter Ellys & his wife Henry Downing, sr; John Scoble; and Robert Harvey (M1641) Link[3,532] C33/181, p. 190r
Thomas Ellis Mathau Bentley, clerk & his wife; and Ellen Bothombe, widow (M1641) Link[3,533] (E1642) Link[3,534] C33/181, p. 129r, (E1642) 443v
William Ellis Robert Thorogood (T1642) Link[3,535] C33/181, p. 662r
Richard Elmhurst; Elizabeth Bonington; et al Prisilla Holt; Edward Goldsmith; et al (T1642) Link[3,536] Link[3,537] C33/181, p. 697r, 719r
John Elmy Jonas Wellins (M1641) Link[3,538] Link[3,539]; (H1642) [3,540]; (E1642) [3,541]; (T1642) [3,542]; [3,543]; [3,544] C33/181, p. 129v, 235r, (H1642) 438v, (E1642) 518v, (T1642) 606r, 717r, 711v
Nicholas Elsdon Walter Tucker; and Richard Ledgingham (M1641) Link[3,545] (T1641) Link[3,546] C33/181, p. 185r, (T1642) 715v
Richard Eltonhead, gent John Eardley, gent (M1641) Link[3,547] Link[3,548] C33/181, p. 222r, 225r
John Elwood Owin Keer; and Francis Cogges (E1642) Link[3,549] (T1642) Link[3,550] C33/181, p. 594r, (T1642) 697r
Henry Elye Richard Chaffin, armiger (M1641) Link[3,551] (H1642) Link[3,552]; [3,553]; (E1642) [3,554]; [3,555]; [3,556]; [3,557]; [3,558]; [3,559]; [3,560]; [3,561]; [3,562]; (T1642) [3,563]; [3,564]; [3,565]; [3,566] bis C33/181, p. 150v, (H1642) 250r, 381r, (E1642) 487r, 489v, 493r, 502r, 503v, 531r, 565r, 562v, 569v, (T1642) 613r, 619v, 637v, 709r bis
Peter Ely & his wife Henry Downing, sr; John Scoble; and Robert Harvey (H1642): Link[3,567] C33/181, p. 289v
Christopher Emerson; Michael Oldsworth, armiger; et al Thoomas Johnson; et al (T1642) Link[3,568] C33/181, p. 736v
William Emerton and his wife John Compton, knight; Thomas Hampden, knight; Richard Compton, armiger; and Benjamin Titchborne; et al (H1642): Link[3,569] C33/181, p. 247r
William Emmot Edward/ Edmond Bancks (E1642) Link[3,570] (T1642) Link[3,571] C33/181, p. 537v, (T1642) 676v
Samuel Enderby John Sayer; and Edward Sayer (H1642): Link[3,572] (T1642): Link[3,573] C33/181, p. 421r, (T1642) 659r
Francis Englefield, knight and baronet; Mary Englefield, an infant by said Francis Englefield; and Henry Englefield, armiger Anthony Englefield, armiger; George Brooke; and Thomas Englefield (M1641) Link[3,574] Link[3,575]; (H1642) [3,576] C33/181, p. 219r, 223r, (H1642) 331r
English; et al Edwards; et al (M1641) Link[3,577] C33/181, p. 212v
John Ensor Robert Lloid (H1642): Link[3,578] C33/181, p. 371v
James Enyon, armiger William Willmer, knight; John Gosse; et al, free tenants and inhabitants of Flowne, Northt (M1641) Link[3,579] Link[3,580]; (E1641) [3,581] C33/181, p. 20v, 24r, (E1641) 520r
Errington, widow Errington, armiger; et al (E1642) Link[3,582] C33/181, p. 595r
Anthony Erington & Anne his wife, administratrix of John Greenwell; and Robert Greenewell Zacharia Hyland; Robert Gardiner; John Smith; et al (E1642) Link[3,583] C33/181, p. 559
Henry Errington William Widdington; Dorothy Errington, sr; Dorothy Errington, jr; John Widdington (E1642) Link[3,584] C33/181, p. 522v
William Erpe & his wife Thomas Pickin (H1642): Link[3,585] C33/181, p. 392r
William Erpe Thomas Tagge & his wife; and Thomas Pickin (M1641) Link[3,586] (H1642) Link[3,587]; [3,588] bis; (E1642) [3,589]; [3,590]; [3,591]; (T1642) [3,592]; [3,593]; [3,594] C33/181, p. 98r, (H1642) 250v, 392r bis, (E1642) 493v, 512v, 592r, (T1642) 691r, 733v, 728v
Dorothy Errington Henry Errington, armiger (M1641) Link[3,595] (H1642) Link[3,596]; [3,597] C33/181, p. 157v, (H1642) 289v, 326r
John Esington Thomas Owthwaite (M1641) Link[3,598] C33/181, p. 211v
William Essex Walter Bradnocke (E1642) Link[3,599] C33/181, p. 511v
William Essex John Williams (H1642): Link[3,600] Link[3,601]; (E1642) [3,602]; (T1642) [3,603] C33/181, p. 254v, 257r, (E1642) 460r, (T1642) 611v
John Essington John Spencer (M1641) Link[3,604] C33/181, p. 168r
Thomas Esson James Davies alias Davison & his wife (E1642) Link[3,605] C33/181, p. 589r
Est, gent Newport (M1641) Link[3,606] Link[3,607] C33/181, p. 238v bis
Thomas Est, gent Humfrey Powell; Richard Felton; and Henry Est (M1641) Link[3,608] (T1641) Link[3,609] C33/181, p. 238v, (T1641) 737a
Thomas Est John Smith; and Walter Weele alias Newport (T1642) Link[3,610] C33/181, p. 737v
Thomas Estwicke John Kenricke; et al (M1641) Link[3,611] C33/181, p. 3r
Richard Etherington Gawin Allatson (H1642): Link[3,612] Link[3,613]; (E1642) [3,614]; (T1642) [3,615]; [3,616]; [3,617]; [3,618] C33/181, p. 261v, 321v, (E1642) 457r, (T1642) 621r, 639r, 726v, 697r
Katherine Eure, widow; et al William Arundell, armiger; et al (AND William Arrundell, armiger v. Katherine Eure, widow, et al (M1641) Link[3,619] Link[3,620]; (H1642) [3,621]; [3,622]; (E1642) [3,623] C33/181, p. 165v, 228v, (H1642) 381v, 394v, (E1642) 529v
Ralph Eure, armiger Humfrey Popplewell (H1642): Link[3,624] C33/181, p. 420v
Evans, by guardian Evans; et al (H1642): Link[3,625] C33/181, p. 299r
Abigall Evans, by Thomas Evans, her guardian Elizabeth Evans (M1641) Link[3,626] C33/181, p. 138v
Edward Evans, by Christopher Wilkinson, gent, his guardian Richard Evans (M1641) Link[3,627] (T1642) Link[3,628] C33/181, p. 44v, (T1642) 620r
Elizabeth Evans, widow Thomas Evans; and Henry Pensex (E1642) Link[3,629] C33/181, p. 508v
Lewes Evans, gent George Williams (H1642): Link[3,630] (E1642): Link[3,631] C33/181, p. 384v, (E1642) 518r
Margaret Evans, widow Waters; and Waters (E1642) Link[3,632] C33/181, p. 594v
Nicholas Evans Francis Edwards (H1642): Link[3,633] C33/181, p. 340v
Richard Evans Daniel (M1641) Link[3,634] C33/181, p. 227r
Richard Evans Thomas James; Rice Lewes; Francis Richards; et al (H1642): Link[3,635] (E1642): Link[3,636]; (T1642) [3,637]; [3,638]; [3,639]; [3,640] C33/181, p. 303r, (E1642) 561r, (T1642) 620v, 647r, 717r, 721v
Richard Evans Richard Snelling (H1642): Link[3,641] C33/181, p. 372r
Stephen Evans & his wife Thomas Hunt (H1642): Link[3,642] C33/181, p. 421r
Thomas Evans, armiger & his wife Jasper Mompesson, gent; John Corderoy, gent (E1642) Link[3,643] Link[3,644] bis C33/181, p. 584r, 586v bis
Thomas Evans George Slaughter, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[3,645] C33/181, p. 741r
Eveleigh Culme; et al (H1642): Link[3,646] (T1642): Link[3,647] C33/181, p. 340v, (T1642) 642v
Edward Eveleigh James Chard (H1642): Link[3,648] (T1642): Link[3,649] C33/181, p. 401v, (T1642) 692r
Gilbert Eveleigh, gent Anne Gwynne, widow; Walter Deeble; William Holding; Richard Haunford; John Nettle; Walter Palke; and Richard Joish (H1642): Link[3,650] C33/181, p. 259r
John Everard; et al Richard Grigson; Thomas Everard; Henry Grigson; and Thomas Plombe (M1641) Link[3,651] C33/181, p. 84
John Everard Richard Jacombe; Thomas Thornton; John Goodere; Thomas Wightman; et al (AND John Everard v. Thomas Everard et al) (E1642) Link[3,652] C33/181, p. 543v
George Eversden Katherine Barnardiston, widow, late wife of Robert Barnardiston, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[3,653] (H1642) Link[3,654]; [3,655]; [3,656]; (E1642) [3,657]; [3,658] C33/181, p. 105v, (H1642) 254r, 269r, 340r, (E1642) 469v, 470r
George Everden; et al, creditors of Nicholas Herne Nicholas Herne (M1641) Link[3,659] Link[3,660] C33/181, p. 50r, 89v
Evering Evering (M1641) Link[3,661] C33/181, p. 169r
Richard Evering William Bent (H1642): Link[3,662] C33/181, p. 407v
Francis Ewre William Rawlinson; et al (T1642) Link[3,663] Link[3,664] C33/181, p. 642r, 697v
Francis Ewre Robert Rawlinson; William Cleyborne; and John Saunders (T1642) Link[3,665] C33/181, p. 642r
Thomas Ewre, armiger Phillip Smith (H1642): Link[3,666] Link[3,667]; [3,668]; (E1642) [3,669]; [3,670] C33/181, p. 304r, 409v, 421v, (E1642) 541r, 591v
William Exon Henry Goddard, jr (T1642) Link[3,671] C33/181, p. 662v
Ex parte Francis Soane (M1641) Link[3,672] C33/181, p. 147v
Ex parte of Elmy Lovet, Worcs (H1642): Link[3,673] (T1642): Link[3,674] C33/181, p. 396v, (T1642) 697v
Edward Eyles John Horner (E1642) Link[3,675] Link[3,676] C33/181, p. 505v, 540v
John Eyre; et al Daniel Ragge (H1642): Link[3,677] (T1642): Link[3,678] C33/181, p. 428v, (T1642) 698r
Robert Eyre; Giles Eyre; and William Eyre, armiger, executors of Thomas Eyre their brother Robert Webb & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Long; and Joseph /John Thorner (M1641) Link[3,679] (H1642) Link[3,680]; [3,681]; [3,682]; (E1642) [3,683]; [3,684] C33/181, p. 217v, (H1642) 301r, 413v, 425v, (E1642) 578v, 533v
Thomas Eyton, armiger Richard Wigsted /Wicksteed, cleric; Richard Phillipps; et al (H1642): Link[3,685] Link[3,686]; (E1642) [3,687]; (T1642) [3,688]; [3,689] C33/181, p. 335v, 355v, (E1642) 540v, (T1642) 733r, 707r
Anthony Fage John Styles; et al (T1642) Link[3,690] C33/181, p. 680r
Arthur Fage Arthur Bassett (T1642) Link[3,691] C33/181, p. 680r
Robert Fage, jr Walter Hill; et al (H1642) Link[3,692] (T1642) Link[3,693] C33/181, p. 563v, (T1642) 619r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Robert Fairebeard John Slaney (T1642) Link[3,694] C33/181, p. 677r
Fairhall Gasson; et al (M1641) Link[3,695] C33/181, p. 219r
James Fairvacke; and Isaac Legay William Le Cowre? (M1641) Link[3,696] C33/181, p. 37t
William Falcon, administrator of Elizabeth Falcon and Executor of Garrett Falcon Robert Petty, son and executor of George Petty; James King; John Dodd; et al (M1641) Link[3,697] C78/489, no. 22 [3,698] C33/181, p. 195v
Susanna Faldo, widow Thomas Faldo, armiger; et al (H1642): Link[3,699] Link[3,700]; (E1642) [3,701] C33/181, p. 377r, 432r, (E1642) 596r
Thomas Faller & Margaret his wife Robert Borrett; and Margaret Morrett (E1642) Link[3,702] C33/181, p. 577v
William Farley; and George Hening William Norris; Thomas Wyldie; James Taylor; Richard Hening; Henry Hunt; and Thomas Harlett (T1642) Link[3,703] Link[3,704]; [3,705]; [3,706]; [3,707]; [3,708] C33/181, p. 645r, 727v, 717r, 693v, 709v, 740v
Elizabeth Farmer Francis Farmer, gent; Robert Shepheard, gent; and Samuel Caldwell (H1642): Link[3,709] Link[3,710]; [3,711]; (E1642) [3,712]; [3,713]; [3,714] C33/181, p. 258r, (H1462) 341r, 350v, (E1642) 446r, 503r, 566r
Elizabeth Farmer, widow Richard Farmer (T1642) Link[3,715] C33/181, p. 725v
Richard Farmer, clerk Richard Knightley; John Crewe; et al (H1642): Link[3,716] C33/181, p. 326r
Richard Farmer, knight Jeremiah Elves; and William Babington (M1641) Link[3,717] (T1642) Link[3,718] C33/181, p. 191v, (T1642) 740v
Richard Farmer, knight William Sheldon; et al (M1641) Link[3,719] (H1642) Link[3,720]; [3,721]; (E1642) [3,722]; (E1642) [3,723] C33/181, p. 130v, (H1642) 321v, 375v, (E1642) 596r, (T1642) 669r
Robert Farmer John Spitlehouse; et al (E1642) Link[3,724] C33/181, p. 441v
John Farmery, doctor of laws Robert Foster (E1642) Link[3,725] C33/181, p. 558r
Thomas Farnaby; et al Elizabeth Redhead, widow (E1642) Link[3,726] (T1642) Link[3,727] C33/181, p. 584v, (T1642) 693v
John Farre Richard Massie, clerk; and Johan Hollifaxe (M1641) Link[3,728] (H1642) Link[3,729] C33/181, p. 103r, (H1642) 327r
Farrer Farrer, widow; and Morton, widow (E1642) Link[3,730] C33/181, p. 588v
Caldwell Farrington Elizabeth Chamberlin; et al (E1642) Link[3,731] (T1642) Link[3,732] C33/181, p. 551r, (T1642) 625v
George Farrington Edmond Mayhew; and Edmond Wright (M1641) Link[3,733] (H1642) Link[3,734]; (E1642) [3,735]; (T1642) [3,736] C33/181, p. 96v, (H1642) 292v, (E1642) 568v, (T1642) 641v
Henry Farrington William Stopford; and Margaret Worrall (T1642) Link[3,737] Link[3,738] C33/181, p. 656v, 666v
Thomas Farrington Henry Blashford; et al (M1641) Link[3,739] C33/181, p. 114v
Robert Farrow Gerrard Farrowe (T1642) Link[3,740] C33/181, p. 664v
Daniel Farvancke Edward Knowles (H1642): Link[3,741] C33/181, p. 426v
Alexander Farwell Henry Smarte & his wife (H1642): Link[3,742] (E1642): Link[3,743] C33/181, p. 313r, (E1642) 587r
Augustus Fatter Elizabeth Ashley; et al (M1641) Link[3,744] C33/181, p. 120v
John Fawkins Elizabeth Fawkins; et al (M1641) Link[3,745] Link[3,746]; (T1642) [3,747] C33/181, p. 212v bis, (T1642) 706v
Robert Feltham, executor of Thomas Feltham; and Thomas Feltham Cecil Hill, executor of James Hill; Mathew Trott; et al (M1641) Link[3,748] Link[3,749] C33/181, p. 41r, 105v
Robert Feltham Augustine Wilson (M1641) Link[3,750] C33/181, p. 86r
Robert Feltham Thomas Davy (M1641) Link[3,751] C33/181, p. 86r
Nicholas Felton, clerk Thomas Morgan (H1642): Link[3,752] (E1642): Link[3,753]; [3,754] C33/181, p. 271v, 500v, (E1642) 545v
John Fenne Thomas Browne (H1642) Link[3,755] (E1642) Link[3,756] C33/181, p. 427v, (E1642) 493r
John Fenwicke; John Blakeston; and Robert Younge James Metham; and William Fenwicke (H1642): Link[3,757] (E1642): Link[3,758]; [3,759] C33/181, p. 409r, (E1642) 465v, 563v
Hamond Ferrer Francis Thurlby & his wife (E1642) Link[3,760] C33/181, p. 595r
Katherine Ferrers, widow; and William Ferrers, armiger Peter Vanlore, baronet; Edward Powell, knight and baronet (E1642) Link[3,761] (E1642) Link[3,762]; [3,763] C33/181, p. 546v, (E1642) 550v, (T1642) 644r
Katherine Ferres, widow; and William Ferres, armiger Peter Vanlore, baronet; Edward Powell, knight and baronet (H1642) Link[3,764] C33/181, p. 428r
Griffin Ferryman Thomas Lightfoote (M1641) Link[3,765] Link[3,766]; [3,767]; (H1642) [3,768]; (T1642) [3,769] C33/181, p. 47v, 121r, 202r, (H1642) 337r, (T1642) 747v
Edmond /Edward Fettiplace; and John Price Cornelius Carden; William Turner; Robert Fellowe; and William Batchelor (H1642): Link[3,770] Link[3,771]; [3,772]; (E1642) [3,773]; [3,774]; [3,775]; (T1642) [3,776] C33/181, p. 277v, 415v, 420v, (E1642) 498r, 534v, 539v, (T1642) 641v
Henry Field, get Edward Oxenbridge, gent, executor of Robert Oxenbridge, knight; Henry Wallopp, knight; et al (M1641) Link[3,777] C33/181, p. 138r
John Field, gent & Frances his wife, executrix of Ralph Poole Anna Poole, widow (M1641) Link[3,778] C33/181, p. 177v
William Fill Thomas Shapcott; and Phillip Shapcott (H1642): Link[3,779] (E1642): Link[3,780]; [3,781]; [3,782]; [3,783] C33/181, p. 389v (E1642) 502v, 593v, 594r, 596v
William Fill, administrator of John Allsopp Richard Sweete; and German Shapcott (then James Tucker; Thomas and Phillip Shapcott, executors of German Shapcott) (M1641) Link[3,784] Link[3,785]; [3,786]; (H1642) [3,787]; [3,788]; [3,789]; [3,790] C33/181, p. 32r, 47r, 186r, (H1642) 250v, 269r, 361r, (T1642) 669r
Richard Fillingham; et al, inhabitants of Normanton, Notts Edward Manlie; et al (T1642) Link[3,791] C33/181, p. 733v
Richard Fillis Anne Chaundler (M1641) Link[3,792] (E1642) Link[3,793] C33/181, p. 6v, (E1642) 481r
Finch Finch (M1641) Link[3,794] C33/181, p. 49r
Arthur Finche Geoffrey Grantham (T1642) Link[3,795] C33/181, p. 733r
David Finch & his wife John Arnold; John Bellingham & his wife (M1641) Link[3,796] C33/181, p. 23v
David Finch, jr & Agnes his wife, daughter and heir of Clement Parsons Nicholas Chaloner, gent; et al (E1642) Link[3,797] C33/181, p. 467r
David Finch & his wife Hugh Kirkward; Foster Whitbred; John Rowe; and Elianor Earle (M1641) Link[3,798] C33/181, p. 23v
David Finch & his wife Edmond Saunders; Nicholas Callantre; William Aers; and Thomas Newnham (M1641) Link[3,799] C33/181, p. 23v
Harbert Finch & his wife Thomas Seaman (M1641) Link[3,800] C33/181, p. 21v
Henry Finch, knight, Serjeant at Law now deceased; Richard Browne, armiger; et al George Carpenter, gent, now deceased & his wife (H1642) Link[3,801] C33/181, p. 249r
Richard Finch, armiger George Armories (H1642): Link[3,802] C33/181, p. 413v
William Finch Daniel Finch; et al (H1642): Link[3,803] C33/181, p. 403v
John Fincham, sr; John Fincham, jr Edward Shouldham (E1642) Link[3,804] C33/181, p. 575r
Richard Fincham, armiger Phillip Lemon (H1642): Link[3,805] C33/181, p. 413v
Richard Fincham, armiger John Wrenham (H1642): Link[3,806] C33/181, p. 413v
Henry Fineden Richard Fineden (E1642) Link[3,807] C33/181, p. 539r
Henry Fines alias Clinton Michael Levesey, baronet; and Thomas Tompson (E1642) Link[3,808] C33/181, p. 551v
Edward Fynney; James Fynney; William Fynney; and Elizabeth Fynney Edward Gilbert & Elizabeth his wife (H1642): Link[3,809] (T1642): Link[3,810]; [3,811] C33/181, p. 371v, (T1642) 660r, 664r
Thomas Fish Robert Worme (E1642) Link[3,812] C33/181, p. 502r
Richard Fishborne; et al Anne Markes, widow; Phillip Bennett; and Anne Payn (E1642) Link[3,813] C33/181, p. 498r
Fisher Tailer & his wife (H1642): Link[3,814] C33/181, p. 432r
Edward Fisher, knight John Bonner (H1642): Link[3,815] C33/181, p. 284r
Edward Fisher Humfrey Tracy, knight and baronet; and Edward Fisher, knight (M1641) Link[3,816] C33/181, p. 89v
Francis Fisher, an infant, by Robert Hodgson, his guardian Thomas Fisher; John Mayson; et al (E1642) Link[3,817] C33/181, p. 546r
John Fisher, gent Lestrange Jollye; and George Neale (M1641) Link[3,818] Link[3,819]; [3,820] C33/181, p. 2r, 183r, 213v
John Fisher Parnell Bragge, widow, relict, and executrix of John Bragge (M1641) Link[3,821] (H1642) Link[3,822] C33/181, p. 98r, (H1642) 277r
John Fisher Talmach Choppin (E1642) Link[3,823] C33/181, p. 528r
John Fisher Anna Saunders now the wife of Edward Grimston; et al (M1641) Link[3,824] (H1642) Link[3,825] C33/181, p. 214r, (H1642) 429v
Margery Fisher, widow Edward Fisher (M1641) Link[3,826] C33/181, p. 142v
Robert Fisher Richard Raynard (M1641) Link[3,827] Link[3,828]; [3,829]; [3,830]; (H1642) [3,831] C33/181, p. 88v, 161v, 213r, 218v, (H1642) 379v
John Fisler, gent Lestrange Jolley; et al (H1642): Link[3,832] C33/181, p. 440v
Thomas Fitche & his wife Simon Clearke, knight and baronet; et al (M1641) Link[3,833] (H1642) Link[3,834]; (E1642) [3,835]; [3,836]; (T1642) [3,837] C33/181, p. 24v, (H1642) 413r, (E1642) 501r, 530r, (T1642) 691v
William Fitch, knight; Henry Mewtis, armiger; et al George Ward; John Cooke; et al (M1641) Link[3,838] (H1642) Link[3,839]; [3,840]; (E1642) [3,841]; (T1642) [3,842] C33/181, p. 142r, (H1642) 312v, 330v, (E1642) 483v, (T1642) 658v
John FitzGerrard Henry Birkenhead, armiger (H1642): Link[3,843] Link[3,844] C33/181, p. 267r, 334r
James FitzJames, gent; Robert Ittery Henry Bottwell (H1642): Link[3,845] (E1642): Link[3,846]; (T1642) [3,847] C33/181, p. 330r, (E1642) 547v, (T1642) 676v
William FitzJames William Chilcott, gent (T1642) Link[3,848] C33/181, p. 725v
George FitzJeffery, armiger Thomas Osborne, armiger (M1641) Link[3,849] Link[3,850]; [3,851] C33/181, p. 33r, 46r, 55v
Stephen Flavell John Parkinson, armiger (E1642) Link[3,852] (T1642) Link[3,853] C33/181, p. 523v, (T1642) 651v
Dutton Fleetwood, armiger & his wife Thomas Salisbury, baronet; and William Salisbury, armiger (T1642) Link[3,854] C33/181, p. 741r
Richard Fleetewood, knight and baronet Adam Hawkesworth; and Anthony Crofte (E1642) Link[3,855] C33/181, p. 447v
John Flesher Thomas Carter; and Robert Carter (and cross suit) (H1642): Link[3,856] C33/181, p. 256r
Milo Flesher; Robert Young; and John Wright Roger Norton (H1642): Link[3,857] (E1642): Link[3,858]; (T1642) Link[3,859] C33/181, p. 246r, (E1642) 545r, (T1642) 604r
William Flescher Thomas Slingsby (M1641) Link[3,860] Link[3,861] C33/181, p. 93r, 139r
George Fletcher & Mary his wife Robert Carpenter; Margery Carpenter, widow (H1642): Link[3,862] (E1642): Link[3,863]; (T1642) [3,864]; [3,865] C33/181, p. 361r, (E1642) 562r, (T1642) 751v, 752r
Henry Fletcher Edward Bleverhasset, sr; Edward Bleverhasset, jr; and Lancellot Bleverhasset (H1642): Link[3,866] Link[3,867]; (T1642) [3,868] C33/181, p. 404v, 426v, (T1642) 747v
Henry Fletcher Simon Jackson, sr; and Simon Jackson (M1641) Link[3,869] (H1642) Link[3,870]; (E1642) [3,871] C33/181, p. 78v, (H1642) 426v, (E1642) 453v
John Fletcher Francis Soanes; Abraham Streete; and John Heyward (H1642): Link[3,872] Link[3,873]; [3,874]; [3,875]; [3,876]; [3,877] C33/181, p. 258r, 260v, 275v, 284v, 304v, 380r
Miles Fletcher; Robert Young; and John Wright Roger Norton (M1641) Link[3,878] (H1642) Link[3,879] C33/181, p. 175v, (H1642) 260v
Richard Fletcher Thomas Smith; William Francis; Robert Greatherax; Robert Parker; Edward Walker; and George Dakin (T1642) Link[3,880] C33/181, p. 659r
Thomas Fletcher Jeremiah Loveland (M1641) Link[3,881] Link[3,882]; (T1642) [3,883] C33/181, p. 212v bis, (T1642) 619r
Thomas Fletcher Richard Fletcher (T1642) Link[3,884] C33/181, p. 672r
William Fletcher; et al Harbert Cooke; et al (M1641) Link[3,885] Link[3,886]; [3,887]; (H1642) [3,888]; [3,889]; [3,890] bis; [3,891]; [3,892]; [3,893] C33/181, p. 17r, 38v, 166v, (H1642) 302r, 309r, 392v bis, 393r, 424r, 433r
Thomas Flexney, armiger Edward Kelsey; et al (T1642) Link[3,894] C33/181, p. 677r
Thomas Flint, armiger William Harwell, clerk; and Henry Harwell, clerk (H1642): Link[3,895] (E1642): Link[3,896]; [3,897]; (T1642) [3,898]; [3,899]; [3,900] C33/181, p. 262r, (E1642) 514r, 587r, (T1642) 670v, 624v, 712v
John Flood, gent Richard Fincham; and Thomas Broxholme (M1641) Link[3,901] Link[3,902]; (H1642) [3,903] C33/181, p. 24v, 126v, (H1642) 280r
John Flory Henry Hollihead (M1641) Link[3,904] C33/181, p. 40v
Robert Floud Henry Haselfoote; William Haselfoote, executors of Thomas Haselfoote (H1642): Link[3,905] Link[3,906] C33/181, p. 317v, 363r
Geoffrey Flower; Thomas Flower; and Eleanor Flower Dorothy Compton; Uriana Baily; Christofer Bailie; et al (T1642) Link[3,907] C33/181, p. 729r
John Floyd William Floyd; Thomas Hasker; et al (M1641) Link[3,908] Link[3,909]; (H1642) [3,910]; (T1642) [3,911]; [3,912] C33/181, p. 106v, 170v, (H1642) 330r, (T1642) 610v, 676r
John Fludd, gent Kenelme Digby, knight; and John Harris, armiger (M1641) Link[3,913] (H1642) Link[3,914]; [3,915] C33/181, p. 162r, (H1642) 247r, 313r
Thomas Fludd, armiger Richard Bancroft, armiger (M1641) Link[3,916] Link[3,917]; [3,918]; (H1642) [3,919]; [3,920] C33/181, p. 76r, 138r, 223r, (H1642) 374r, 395v
Thomas Flynt, armiger William Harewell (M1641) Link[3,921] C33/181, p. 131v
Elizabeth Focks William Ailett & his wife (E1642) Link[3,922] C33/181, p. 593r
Richard Foley, gent William Ward, armiger (E1642) Link[3,923] (T1642) Link[3,924] C33/181, p. 547v, (T1642) 729v
Thomas Foley Henry Gray; et al (M1641) Link[3,925] (H1642) Link[3,926] C33/181, p. 30v, (H1642) 309r
William Folkard Francis Wood (M1641) Link[3,927] (H1642) Link[3,928] C33/181, p. 120r, (H1642) 281r
Arthur Ford Abraham Johns (H1642): Link[3,929] (E1642): Link[3,930]; (T1642) [3,931] C33/181, p. 372r, (E1642) 477r, (T1642) 719r
Edward Ford Edward Ford; Richard Ford; et al (T1642) Link[3,932] C33/181, p. 662r
John Ford Richard Aish; and Edward Aish (M1641) Link[3,933] C33/181, p. 181v
Nicholas Ford Roger Strobridge (T1642) Link[3,934] Link[3,935] C33/181, p. 711v, 727r
Rebecca Ford, widow Ferdinand Parry (E1642) Link[3,936] C33/181, p. 487r
Richard Ford, gent Roger Stowbridge, gent (T1642) Link[3,937] C33/181, p. 628v
Robert Ford Francis Bampfield, clerk; and William Glesson (E1642) Link[3,938] C33/181, p. 544r
Thomas Ford John Ford; and Anne Adams (H1642): Link[3,939] C33/181, p. 301v
William Ford, knight; et al John Ameeres; and Edward Chitty (E1642) Link[3,940] C33/181, p. 511v
Mary Forden, widow Thomas Wells; John Wells; and Richard Harris (M1641) Link[3,941] (H1642) Link[3,942]; [3,943] bis C33/181, p. 140r, (H1642) 287r, 365v bis
Mary Forden; and William Forden Thomas Wells (H1642): Link[3,944] C33/181, p. 365v
John Forder William Norman (H1642): Link[3,945] (E1642): Link[3,946]; (T1642) [3,947] C33/181, p. 280v, (E1642) 535r, (T1642) 693v
Robert Forrest, armiger Lady Bevill, executrix of Robert Bevill, Knight of the Bath; Walter Devereux, knight and baronet; George Lynne, armiger; and Edmond Leeds, gent (M1641) Link[3,948] Link[3,949]; [3,950]; (E1642) [3,951] C33/181, p. 133r, 195r, 210r, (E1642) 697r
John Fortescue Benjamin Gill (M1641) Link[3,952] Link[3,953] C33/181, p. 76r, 224r
John Forth, clerk John Manning (E1642) Link[3,954] (T1642) Link[3,955]; [3,956] C33/181, p. 581v, (T1642) 659v, 685r
Anthony Foster, armiger Richard Ayling; et al (M1641) Link[3,957] (H1642) Link[3,958]; (E1642) [3,959] C33/181, p. 136v, (H1642) 308v, (E1642) 552v
Arthur Foster William Kirrick (T1642) Link[3,960] C33/181, p. 737v
Brind Foster Edmond Poole (M1641) Link[3,961] C33/181, p. 184r
Christofer Foster George Lilbourne, gent; George Graye (T1642) Link[3,962] C33/181, p. 684r
Jane Foster; and Thomas Smith John Foster; et al (M1641) Link[3,963] [3,964]; (E1642) [3,965] C33/181, p. 34v, 59v, (E1642) 469v
Thomas Foster Abraham Chamberlen; and Hester Chamberlainem widow (M1641) Link[3,966] C33/181, p. 235v
William Foster; Robert Foster; Mathew Shipton Henry Griffith, knight and baronet; Peter Warburton, armiger; John Wellys & Frances his wife (M1641) Link[3,967] (E1642) Link[3,968]; [3,969]; (T1642) [3,970] C33/181, p. 67r, (E1642) 518r, 548v, (T1642) 653r
William Foster Denham Hemlocke; and Thomas Taylor (E1642) Link[3,971] C33/181, p. 498r
William Foster Mary, wife of George Launder (E1642) Link[3,972] C33/181, p. 498r
William Foster Nathaniel Norcott; Rebecca Smith; and Nicholas Havard (E1642) Link[3,973] C33/181, p. 498r
William Foster John Price (E1642) Link[3,974] C33/181, p. 498r
Mathew Foster; et al Charles Harris; (and Benjamin Goodwyn) (M1641) Link[3,975] (E1642) Link[3,976]; [3,977] C33/181, p. 35r, (E1642) 443v, 535r
Robert Foster Thomas Cornwallis, armiger (M1641) Link[3,978] (H1642) Link[3,979] C33/181, p. 100r, (H1642) 317v
Thomas Foster; Robert Shawe; and Isabella Shawe, widow Richard Batteson (M1641) Link[3,980] C33/181, p. 40r
John Foulkes, clerk John Edwards; et al, vicars choral of the cathedral church of St Asaph (M1641) Link[3,981] Link[3,982]; (H1642) [3,983]; [3,984]; [3,985]; (E1642) [3,986]; (T1642) [3,987] C33/181, p. 4v, 168v, (H1642) 317r, 329r, 423v, (E1642) 567v, (T1642) 704r
Edward Fountaine John Rayson; and Richard Dobson (H1642): Link[3,988] C33/181, p. 423r
Thomas Fowell & his wife Burton Goodwin; William Toplis; et al (M1641) Link[3,989] Link[3,990]; (E1642) [3,991] bis C33/181, p. 51r, 125r, (E1642) 456v bis
John Fowke, gent Nicholas Sampson (M1641) Link[3,992] C33/181, p. 16v
Thomas Fowkes & Elizabeth his wife William Gollopp, clerk; et al (H1642): Link[3,993] C33/181, p. 369r
John Fowler Luke Nightingale; John Jerome; Robert Walsham; Montague Rowland (M1641) Link[3,994] (H1642) Link[3,995] C33/181, p. 135v, (H1642) 252v
Anna Fowler, widow Richard Walton (M1641) Link[3,996] C33/181, p. 128r
Thomas Fowler; et al, inhabitants of the City of Ely Mathew, bishop of Ely; et al (M1641) Link[3,997] Link[3,998]; (H1642) [3,999] C33/181, p. 23v, 162v, (H1642) 417v
Walter Fowler; et al Richard Creswell (H1642): Link[4,000] C33/181, p. 274r
William Fowler John Reeve (M1641) Link[4,001] (T1642) Link[4,002] C33/181, p. 85r, (T1642) 749v
William Fowler; et al Richard Mollineux (H1642): Link[4,003] Link[4,004] C33/181, p. 265v, 340v
John Fownis; Thomas Fownes; et al The Governor and Society of Silkmen of London (M1641) Link[4,005] C33/181, p. 46r
Julyan Fowntenay, armiger John Rea (M1641) Link[4,006] C33/181, p. 188r
Foxe Foxe (M1641) Link[4,007] C33/181, p. 106v
Anne Foxe, widow William Johnson, sr; William Johnson, jr; et al (T1642) Link[4,008] Link[4,009] C33/181, p. 620v, 710r
Charles Foxe, armiger Thomas Edwards, armiger (H1642): Link[4,010] C33/181, p. 391v
Charles Foxe, by Reignold his guardian Somerset Foxe (M1641) Link[4,011] Link[4,012]; (H1642) [4,013]; [4,014]; (T1642) [4,015] C33/181, p. 6r, 89r, (H1642) 383v, (E1642) 566v, (T1642) 673v
John Foxe John Foxe; et al (M1641) Link[4,016] (H1642) Link[4,017]; [4,018]; [4,019]; (E1642) [4,020]; [4,021]; [4,022]; (T1642) [4,023] C33/181, p. 61r, (H1642) 288v, 312v, 370r, (E1642) 457r, 477v, 595r, (T1642) 667v
Oswald Foxe Richard Barthropp (H1642): Link[4,024] C33/181, p. 306v
Somerset Foxe, armiger Margaret Harbert, widow; Mark Fox; and Francis Harbert; Thomas Corbett; et al (H1642): Link[4,025] C33/181, p. 272v
Thomas Foxe Paul Harris, knight; et al (T1642) Link[4,026] C33/181, p. 659v
Samuel Foxcroft, an infant, by Anthony Foxcroft his guardian; et al Edward Hopkinson; Thomas Whitacres; et al (E1642) Link[4,027] (T1642) Link[4,028] C33/181, p. 444v, (T1642} 730v
William Foxly Robert Grymes (H1642): Link[4,029] (E1642): Link[4,030] C33/181, p. 314v, (E1642) 485v
Henry Foyle, gent Henry Wallopp; and Robert Wallopp, armiger (T1642) Link[4,031] Link[4,032] C78/606, no. 14 [4,033] C33/181, p. 688v, 745r
Francis Frampton, clerk William Arney, gent (H1642): Link[4,034] C33/181, p. 317r
Reginald Francis Johanna Clearke, widow (M1641) Link[4,035] C33/181, p. 147v
Susanna Francis, widow John Francis (H1642): Link[4,036] C33/181, p. 401v
William Francis John Flowerdew; Robert Flowerdew; Rachiel Flowerdew; John Cullen; and John Webster (E1642) Link[4,037] (T1642) Link[4,038]; [4,039] C33/181, p. 496v, (T1642) 613v, 620r
James Francke Hugh Stukeley (M1641) Link[4,040] C33/181, p. 156r
Richard Franke, clerk Robert Rabbett (H1642): Link[4,041] (E1642): Link[4,042] C33/181, p. 312r, (E1642) 522v
William Francke Petronilla Richards (H1642): Link[4,043] C33/181, p. 426v
William Francke Humfrey Snytall (E1642) Link[4,044] C33/181, p. 558v
Anthony Frankish Grisle Frankish, widow; John Frankish & Jane his wife (M1641) Link[4,045] (H1642) Link[4,046]; (E1642) [4,047]; [4,048]; (T1642) [4,049] C33/181, p. 169r, (H1642) 269v, (E1642) 518r, 546v, (T1642) 705v
John Frankish, gen John Frankish, gent & Jane his wife; et al (E1642) Link[4,050] C33/181, p. 495v
Nicholas Francklyn & Rebecca his wife Roger Norton; John Norton; and Thomas Talbott (E1642) Link[4,051] (T1642) Link[4,052]; [4,053]; [4,054]; [4,055]; [4,056] C33/181, p. 514v, (T1642) 653v, 712r, 743v, 702v, 715v
William Francklin William Penn; and James Francklin (E1642) Link[4,057] C33/181, p. 463v
John Fratchet, clerk Thomas Parramore, gent (H1642): Link[4,058] C33/181, p. 418r
Christopher Frayrey Nicholas Nayles (H1642): Link[4,059] C33/181, p. 322v
Mathew Freelland Richard Coston (H1642): Link[4,060] C33/181, p. 359v
William Freeland William White; et al (H1642): Link[4,061] (E1642): Link[4,062] C33/181, p. 344r, (E1642) 586v
Beat___ Freeman Francis Blunt; and Walter Blunt (M1641) Link[4,063] C33/181, p. 131r
James Freeman Anna Weald; et al (M1641) Link[4,064] C33/181, p. 148r
George Freere William Garway, sr; and William Garway, jr (H1642): Link[4,065] C33/181, p. 281v
John Freer Robert Sheperd, clerk (M1641) Link[4,066] C33/181, p. 100r
John French William North; et al (M1641) Link[4,067] (E1642) Link[4,068] C33/181, p. 79r, (E1642) 473r
John French Thomas Hall (T1642) Link[4,069] C33/181, p. 734v
George Frere William Garway, sr; and William Garway, jr (M1641) Link[4,070] Link[4,071] bis; [4,072]; [4,073]; [4,074] C33/181, p. 23r, 35r bis, 59v, 206r, 216v
Edward Freshwater, armiger, executor of Thomas Freshwater, armiger Elizabeth Colesthurst; and Henry Colesthurst (E1642) Link[4,075] C33/181, p. 484v
Mary Freshwater Thomas Turner (T1642) Link[4,076] C33/181, p. 747v
Frost & his wife Prude (M1641) Link[4,077] Link[4,078] C33/181, p. 17r, 48r
William Frost Thomas Windham (T1642) Link[4,079] C33/181, p. 752r
Henry Frowicke, gent Reginald Foster, armiger (M1641) Link[4,080] C33/181, p. 199r
William Fry, armiger; Thomas Drake; Thomas Pyne Henry Rosewell, knight (E1642) Link[4,081] (T1642) Link[4,082]; [4,083] C33/181, p. 580r, (T1642) 646r, 722v
John Frye, armiger Richard Hassard alias Bleding (H1642): Link[4,084] (T1642): Link[4,085]; C33/181, p. 424r, (T1642) 719v
John Frye Thomas Risley /Kilsey; et al (E1642) Link[4,086] (T1642) Link[4,087]; [4,088] C33/181, p. 546r, (T1642) 640v, 714r
Bridget Fryers Margaret Sharpe; and Isabella Sharpe (H1642): Link[4,089] Link[4,090] C33/181, p. 418v, 426v
Fudge Moore (T1642) Link[4,091] C33/181, p. 692v
Fuellin Lucas (M1641) Link[4,092] C33/181, p. 35v
John Fuellyn Richard Mynshull; et al (E1642) Link[4,093] C33/181, p. 556r
Fuliames Thatcher; et al (E1642) Link[4,094] C33/181, p. 558v
Samuel Fulkes John Lynne (M1641) Link[4,095] C33/181, p. 124v
George Fuller John Mallett; and Charles Estcott, gent (H1642): Link[4,096] Link[4,097]; (E1642) [4,098] C33/181, p. 386v, 427r, (E1642) 450r
John Fuller & Mary his wife Gregory Markwicke (then James Markwicke, executor of Gregory Markwicke) (M1641) Link[4,099] (H1642) Link[4,100] C33/181, p. 165r, (H1642) 330r
Robert Fuller Thomas Colenben /Collumben (E1642) Link[4,101] (E1642) Link[4,102] C33/181, p. 573v, (E1642) 584v
Thomas Fuller & Margaret his wife Robert Borrett (T1642) Link[4,103] C33/181, p. 803v
Christofer Fullwood, armiger; et al Edward Allen; et al (M1641) Link[4,104] C33/181, p. 106v
Humfrey Fullwood Paul Vandevald (M1641) Link[4,105] Link[4,106]; [4,107]; [4,108]; [4,109]; (H1642) [4,110] C33/181, p. 1r, 16r, 103r, 106v, 167v, (H1642) 403r
Michael Furler Ellen Nicholson (H1642): Link[4,111] C33/181, p. 332r
Futter Coker (M1641) Link[4,112] C33/181, p. 228v


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Churchwardens of St Mary in Wellingford Charles Tooker, doctor in laws; et al (E1642) Link[4,113] C33/181, p. 524v
Churchwardens of the church and supervisors of the poor of Bishop Burton Richard Johnson (M1641) Link[4,114] C33/181, p. 107r
Warden and Scholars of Merton College, Oxford George Shewes, armiger (M1641) Link[4,115] C33/181, p. 233r
Rosamond Gace, widow John Thacker; et al (M1641) Link[4,116] Link[4,117]; (H1642) [4,118] C33/181, p. 43v, 125v, (H1642) 254v
John Gadbury; et al Brian Ironson, knight & his wife (H1642): Link[4,119] C33/181, p. 404v
John Gage Suzanna Greene, widow, executrix of Robert Greene, gent; and Robert Wickens (M1641) Link[4,120] Link[4,121]; [4,122] C33/181, p. 35r, 79v, 125r
William Gaine William Ilet, jr (H1642): Link[4,123] Link[4,124] C33/181, p. 323r, 352r
Mary Gainsford, widow Thomas Tiler (E1642) Link[4,125] C33/181, p. 580r
Rebecca Gaisford, widow and relict of John Gaisford; and Stephen Gaisford John Gaisford; and James Gaisford (T1642) Link[4,126] Link[4,127]; [4,128] C33/181, p. 604v, 665r, 731r
Gaitsgarth Birkett (E1642) Link[4,129] C33/181, p. 589v
John Gale Gedeon Wolrond (M1641) Link[4,130] C33/181, p. 77r
William Galhampton & Martha his wife, for herself as ex parte Martha Marco; and Margaret Galhampton, infant Thomas Hobbs, gent (E1642) Link[4,131] Link[4,132] C33/181, p. 523r, 553r
Benjamin Gallopp Edward Knowles (E1642) Link[4,133] C33/181, p. 506v
Edward Gallopp, sr; and Edward Gallop, jr John Martin, armiger (E1642) Link[4,134] (T1642) Link[4,135] C33/181, p. 549r, (T1642) 659r
John Galping, clerk William Pawlett, armiger (H1642): Link[4,136] C33/181, p. 349r
Johanna Gamon, widow Edward Kempton (H1642): Link[4,137] Link[4,138] C33/181, p. 323v, 432v
Thomas Gannell Walter Hill (E1642) Link[4,139] C33/181, p. 587v
John Gany Edward Lake (E1642) Link[4,140] Link[4,141]; (T1642) [4,142] C33/181, p. 449r, 460r, (T1642) 715r
William Garbut Allen Aiscough, gent (M1641) Link[4,143] (H1642) Link[4,144] C33/181, p. 155r, (H1642) 290r
William Garbut William Brand; et al (M1641) Link[4,145] Link[4,146]; (H1642) [4,147]; [4,148]; [4,149]; (E1642) [4,150]; [4,151]; (T1642) [4,152]; [4,153]; [4,154] C33/181, p. 14r, 202v, (H1642) 269v, 298r, 376v, (E1642) 454v, 559v, (T1642) 607r, 718r, 722v
William Garbut, gent James Pickney (M1641) Link[4,155] C33/181, p. 235v
Gardiner Bennett, doctor of laws (H1642): Link[4,156] (E1642): Link[4,157] C33/181, p. 432r, (E1642) 592r
Gardiner et al, infants, by guardian Hodierne; and Adderley (M1641) Link[4,158] C33/181, p. 224r
John Gardiner Henry Peyton, armiger (H1642): Link[4,159] Link[4,160]; (T1642) [4,161] C33/181, p. 275r, 370r, (T1642) 710v
Gardiner; et al Prowse (E1642): Link[4,162] C33/181, p. 432r, 477r
Maurice Gardiner, gent Richard Wilcoxe; and William Folgate (H1642): Link[4,163] [4,164] C33/181, p. 329v, 351r
Richard Gardiner by William Gardiner Lawrence Baldry & Elizabeth his wife (and cross suit) (M1641) Link[4,165] Link[4,166]; (H1642) [4,167]; (E1642) [4,168]; (T1642) [4,169] C33/181, p. 182v, 217r, (H1642) 348v, (E1642) 575r, (T1642) 670v
Richard Gardiner, gent Roger Martyn; and Humfrey Nicholson (E1642) Link[4,170] C33/181, p. 534r
Richard Gardiner, jr Edward Rogers; and Roger Lee (M1641) Link[4,171] Link[4,172]; (H1642)[4,173]; (E1642)[4,174]; (T1642)[4,175] C33/181, p. 194r, 213v, (H1642) 433r, (E1642) 456r, (T1642) 621r
Zachariah Gardiner Thomas Fouch (E1642) Link[4,176] C33/181, p. 587v
Benjamin Garfield Christopher Parris (E1642) Link[4,177] C33/181, p. 447v
Thomas Garforth, gent John Castell, sr; and John Castell, jr, gent (M1641) Link[4,178] Link[4,179] C33/181, p. 17r, 211v
Henry Garrard, executor of John James; Anna James, relict of said John; Mary and Anne James, infants, daughters of said John James by said Anne their mother and guardian Mathew Collins (E1642) Link[4,180] C78/489, no. 19 [4,181] C33/181, p. 574v
Thomas Garrard Robert Dunne; et al (T1642) Link[4,182] C33/181, p. 636r
John Garraway, administrator of John Warren William Nicholls; et al (E1642) Link[4,183] Link[4,184] C33/181, p. 450v, 478v
George Garrett Richard Shorditch (M1641) Link[4,185] (H1642) Link[4,186]; (T1642) [4,187]; [4,188] C78/1327, no. 2 [4,189] C33/181, p. 59r, (H1642) 273r, (T1642) 606v, 649r
Amos Garrett William Pickering; and Lady Agnes Smart (E1642) Link[4,190] Link[4,191] C33/181, p. 452r, 549v
James Garrett, knight; et al William March; et al (E1642) Link[4,192] C33/181, p. 495r
James Garrett, alderman of London; Peter Fortree; William Crowe; et al Richard Reade; and Robert Oxwicke (T1642) Link[4,193] C33/181, p. 688r
Stephen Garrett Walter Roberts (E1642) Link[4,194] C33/181, p. 487r
William Garrett John Johnson; Thomas Woodford; Andrew Searle; et al (E1642) Link[4,195] C33/181, p. 445r
Caton Garrolson Richard Walke, clerk; William Webster (M1641) Link[4,196] C33/181, p. 199r
William Garstelowe, clerk William Pawlett, armiger (M1641) Link[4,197] C33/181, p. 135v
George Garter Nicholas Jackson (E1642) Link[4,198] C33/181, p. 596r
Edmund /Edward Garthwaite James Jesopp; and George Robinson (H1642): Link[4,199] Link[4,200] C33/181, p. 317r, 378r
Samuel Garthwaite Francis Spicer & his wife (M1641) Link[4,201] Link[4,202]; [4,203] C33/181, p. 45r, 105v, 186r
Henry Garton, armiger Elizabeth Leigh; and Ralph Massye (H1642): Link[4,204] Link[4,205]; [4,206]; (E1642) [4,207] C33/181, p. 270v, 299r, 361v, (E1642) 505r
John Garway, armiger Henry Linley & Alice his wife; and Roger Brittridge (M1641) Link[4,208] (H1642) Link[4,209] C33/181, p. 35v, (H1642) 284r
John Gascorth William Jepson; and Michael Robson (E1642) Link[4,210] C33/181, p. 592r
Timothy Gate, clerk, executor of Giles Bridges, baronet Anna Garnons, infant, by Sarah Roger Garnons, gent; and Richard Powell (M1641) Link[4,211] C33/181, p. 204v
William Gatehouse Edward Seymer, knight and baronet; and Edmond Seymer, armiger (M1641) Link[4,212] Link[4,213]; C33/181, p. 146v, 175v
Gatlett Gatlett; Cowcher; and Filmer (M1641) Link[4,214] C33/181, p. 169r
George Gawdie, armiger Edward Gawdy; Daniel Chapman, clerk; John Cotton; Mark Reynolds; at al, tenants and inhabitants of Cantley, Norf (M1641) Link[4,215] C33/181, p. 181r
John Gay Thomas Gosling; and Charles Leech (H1642): Link[4,216] C33/181, p. 329v
Robert Gaylard, clerk; et al Vincent Delabarre & his wife (T1642) Link[4,217] C33/181, p. 652v
John Gayton, gent Richard Stephenson; Peter and William Wilcoks (H1642): Link[4,218] C33/181, p. 420v
Robert Gayton; et al Thomas Anddrewes; and Samuel Dawson (T1642) Link[4,219] C33/181, p. 690v
John Geare, clerk; et al Alice Hallett (H1642): Link[4,220] C33/181, p. 428v
Perry Gearle David Prowling; and James Cant (H1642): Link[4,221] C33/181, p. 325r
John Geaton Richard Samuel, knight (E1642) Link[4,222] C33/181, p. 515r
Alexander Gee Christopher Coe & his wife; and Thomas Pacy & his wife (M1641) Link[4,223] C33/181, p. 211v
Alexander Gee Thomas Smith & his wife; and Thomas Gee (M1641) Link[4,224] C33/181, p. 211v
John Geering, administrator of Ralph King Edmond Underwood; et al (M1641) Link[4,225] (H1642) Link[4,226] C33/181, p. 191v, (H1642) 375r
___ Geere John Aubye; and William Tomlinson (E1642) Link[4,227] C33/181, p. 536r
william Geery, armiger Thomas Paredine; et al (T1642) Link[4,228] C33/181, p. 694v
William Geffes William Price (T1642) Link[4,229] C33/181, p. 697r
John Gell Ralph Whildon; et al (M1641) Link[4,230] C33/181, p. 112r
Thomas George Richard Painter (T1642) Link[4,231] C33/181, p. 659r
William George; et al, tenants of the manor of Conroy Nicholas Arnold, armiger (M1641) Link[4,232] C33/181, p. 35v
John Gerrard Thomas Stafford, armiger (H1642): Link[4,233] C33/181, p. 307r
Thomas Gerrard, armiger George Grymes, knight; et al (E1642) Link[4,234] (T1642) Link[4,235] C33/181, p. 554v, (T1642) 698v
William Gery, armiger John Ry; Thomas Parradine; and Henry Iles (H1642): Link[4,236] C33/181, p. 413v
John Gethin Roger Williams (T1642) Link[4,237] C33/181, p. 751v
Edward Gettings Mathew Draper (E1642) Link[4,238] C33/181, p. 527r
Charles Gibbons, armiger; and Thomas Burton John Kellett (H1642): Link[4,239] Link[4,240] C33/181, p. 392v, 433v
Elizabeth Gibbs, widow Mary Hawtayne, widow (H1642): Link[4,241] (T1642): Link[4,242] C33/181, p. 307r, (T1642) 647r
Henry Gibb, knight and baronet Roland Phillipps, gent; William Smaleman, armiger; James Rotherech; et al (M1641) Link[4,243] Link[4,244]; (H1642) [4,245] bis; [4,246]; [4,247]; [4,248]; (T1642) [4,249]; [4,250] C33/181, p. 37r, 228r, (H1642) 298r bis, 340a, 423v, 439v, (T1642) 662r, 711r
Henry Gibb, knight and baronet Evan John Rees; and Owen John Gough (E1642) Link[4,251] C33/181, p. 503r
Henry Gibb, knight and baronet William Smaleman, armiger; James Rotherich /Rhodericke; et al (H1642): Link[4,252] Link[4,253]; [4,254]; (E1642) [4,255]; [4,256]; (T1642) [4,257] C33/181, p. 251r, 383r, 423v, (E1642) 472v, 562v, (T1642) 653v
Thomas Gibbs, infant, by Thomas Gibbs his guardian Margaret Gibbs; John Davies; and Mathew Eldridge (M1641) Link[4,258] C33/181, p. 207v
Gibson Redhall; et al (M1641) Link[4,259] C33/181, p. 71v
Barnabas Gibson & Anne his wife Thomas Higate (H1642): Link[4,260] (E1642): Link[4,261]; (T1642) [4,262] C33/181, p. 378r, (E1642) 463r, (T1642) 713r
John Gibson James Gibson; Prudence Gibson; and Bridget Niccolls (H1642): Link[4,263] C33/181, p. 290r
Humfrey Gifford; (and Richard Turnor) George Lowe (H1642): Link[4,264] Link[4,265]; (E1642) [4,266]; [4,267]; [4,268]; [4,269]; (T1642) [4,270] C33/181, p. 397v, 420v, (E1642) 501v, 535v, 550v, (T1642) 631v
George Gilbert Maurice Phillips; John Wigmore; John Field; John Willson; et al (M1641) Link[4,271] Link[4,272]; (T1642) [4,273]; [4,274] C33/181, p. 30v, 560v, (T1642) 660v, 752r
James Gilbert Edward Frupp; Phillip de Lake & Katherine his wife (M1641) Link[4,275] C33/181, p. 136v
John Gilbert; and Walter Gilbert James Price, knight (M1641) Link[4,276] (H1642) Link[4,277]; (E1642) [4,278] C33/181, p. 99r, (H1642) 368r, (E1642) 549r
Stephan Gilbert, executor of James Gilbert Edward Frippe; et al (E1642) Link[4,279] C33/181, p. 516v
Thomas Gilbert; et al Richard Hall, sr; et al (AND Richard Hall v. said Thomas Gilbert & his wife; AND Daniel Naylor, clerk; et al v. Richard Hall, sr; et al) (H1642): Link[4,280] C33/181, p. 371r
Walter Gilbert; et al James Price, armiger (T1642) Link[4,281] C33/181, p. 751v
William Gilbert George Ratcliff, knight (H1642): Link[4,282] (E1642): Link[4,283]; (T1642) [4,284]; [4,285]; [4,286] C33/181, p. 434r, (E1642) 528v, (T1642) 628r, 645v, 708r
William Gilby Owen Hughes (H1642): Link[4,287] Link[4,288]; (E1642) [4,289]; [4,290]; (E1642) [4,291]; [4,292]; (T1642) [4,293] bis; [4,294]; [4,295]; [4,296] C33/181, p. 345v, 423r, (E1642) 445v, 469v, 505v, 561v, (T1642) 612v bis, 613r, 623r, 723v
Christofer Gildon, sr Christofer Gildon, jr (T1642) Link[4,297] C33/181, p. 678r
George Gildon Henry Pembrooke & his wife; John Pembrooke; and Robert Skerne (H1642): Link[4,298] C33/181, p. 426r
Francis Giles, gent John Jermyn, gent (E1642) Link[4,299] C33/181, p. 481v
Mabel Giles Thomas Watford (H1642): Link[4,300] C33/181, p. 278v
Francis Gill John Knowles; John Porter; Henry Seaward; et al (M1641) Link[4,301] (H1642) Link[4,302] C33/181, p. 117v, (H1642) 272v
eorge Gill; and Stephen Eamason Robert Wood (T1642) Link[4,303] C33/181, p. 727r
John Gill, armiger The Master and Scholars of the College of the Holy Trinity in Cambridge; John, earl of Peterborough; et al (H1642): Link[4,304] Link[4,305] C33/181, p. 315v, 381r
Leonard Gill John Poynton (M1641) Link[4,306] (H1642) Link[4,307]; [4,308]; (T1642) [4,309]; [4,310]; [4,311] C33/181, p. 73r, (H1642) 274r, 406v, (T1642) 610v, 644v, 709v
William Gillian Richard Mason; and John Collin (T1642) Link[4,312] C33/181, p. 693r
George Gillingham, doctor/professor of sacred theology & Isabel his wife, administratrix of John Lyon, armiger Richard Calmer, clerk, executor of Anne alias Antounie Bull, widow, executor of Thomas Bull her husband (M1641) Link[4,313] Link[4,314] C33/181, p. 83r, 139r
Lawrence Gillingham Joan Cole, widow (E1642) Link[4,315] C33/181, p. 539r
Gilpin White; et al (M1641) Link[4,316] C33/181, p. 194v
Nathaniel Gist; et al John Hocken; Arthur Budley; and Thomas Cockeram (M1641) Link[4,317] Link[4,318]; (H1642) [4,319]; [4,320] C33/181, p. 104v, 153r, (H1642) 259v, 323r
John Glanvill, knight, serjeant at law Anthony Horton, knight; and John Hinton, armiger (M1641) Link[4,321] C33/181, p. 107r
John Glanvill; and Henry Quicke Thomas Crossing (M1641) Link[4,322] C33/181, p. 143v
Elizabeth Glascock, widow; and Edward Barker & Anne his wife Richard Kestin (T1642) Link[4,323] C33/181, p. 620r
John Glasters John Jackson (M1641) Link[4,324] (T1642) Link[4,325] C33/181, p. 228v, (T1642) 601r
John Gleadhill Richard Hoile (M1641) Link[4,326] Link[4,327]; [4,328]; (H1642) [4,329] C33/181, p. 3v, 129r, 192v, (H1642) 418v
Thomas Gleane, armiger Amcas Redding, clerk (M1641) Link[4,330] C33/181, p. 4v
Thomas Glinn, armiger & Elena his wife Henry Williams; Hugh Owen, armiger & Anne his wife; and Hugh ap Rees ap Hugh (M1641) Link[4,331] Link[4,332]; (H1642) [4,333]; [4,334]; (E1642) [4,335]; [4,336]; [4,337]; [4,338]; (T1642) [4,339] C33/181, p. 115v, 133r, (H1642) 349r, 432r, (E1642) 470v, 506v, 542v, (E1642) 591v, (T1642) 699r
Christopher Glynne, cleric Anna Hayter; Richard Greene; John Jorden; et al (M1641) Link[4,340] C33/181, p. 61r
Thomas Glynne, armiger & his wife Hugh Owen, armiger & his wife; and Henry Williams, armiger; and Hugh ap Rees (H1642): Link[4,341] (T1642): Link[4,342]; [4,343]; [4,344] C78/1327, no. 6 [4,345] C33/181, p. 419v, (T1642) 631v, 693r, 703v
Thomas Glynn Henry Ladd (H1642): Link[4,346] (E1642): Link[4,347]; (T1642) [4,348] C33/181, p. 432v, (E1642) 465v, (T1642) 707v
William Glynne William Briggs; Humfrey Fracy; and Henry Fracy (M1641) Link[4,349] C33/181, p. 167v
William Glynne, armiger James Randall; et al (M1641) Link[4,350] (M1642) Link[4,351] C33/181, p. 190r, (H1642) 269r
William Glynne, armiger William Dandy (H1642): Link[4,352] C33/181, p. 384v
Thomas Glover John Terringham (E1642) Link[4,353] (T1642) Link[4,354] C33/181, p. 524r, (T1642) 645v
William Glover Samuel Lewes; Elizabeth Bemister (M1641) Link[4,355] (H1642) Link[4,356] C33/181, p. 228v, 345v
Samuel Glover, gent Arthur Squibb, gent/armiger; (and John Williams) (M1641) Link[4,357] (E1642) Link[4,358]; [4,359]; [4,360]; [4,361] C33/181, p. 228v, (E1642) 450r, 511r, 536r, 587r
Francis Goade, gent & his wife William Hughes & his wife (E1642) Link[4,362] C33/181, p. 569v
Edmond Godbid, clerk Thomas Peirce, clerk (M1641) Link[4,363] C33/181, p. 102r
Richard Goddard; and William Progall Nicholas Coxe (M1641) Link[4,364] C33/181, p. 215v
Elizabeth Goddard Joan Slape, widow (T1642) Link[4,365] C33/181, p. 720r
William Goddard John Corbett (E1642) Link[4,366] Link[4,367] C33/181, p. 493v, 572r
William Goddard, doctor in medicine; et al James Hayes, knight and baronet; et al (T1642) Link[4,368] C33/181, p. 716v
James Godden Thomas Godden & Mary his wife; and John Godden (M1641) Link[4,369] (H1642) Link[4,370]; (E1642) [4,371]; (T1642) [4,372]; [4,373]; [4,374]; [4,375] C33/181, p. 58v, (H1642) 272r, (E1642) 580r, (T1642) 624r, 659v, 666v, 672r
Walter Godden & Jane his wife Stephen Hasnet & Alice his wife (H1642): Link[4,376] C33/181, p. 324v
Arthur Godfry Charles Forbeach, clerk (H1642): Link[4,377] C33/181, p. 251r
Robert Godgeon, gent Thomas Greene; John Greene (H1642): Link[4,378] C33/181, p. 363v
Robert Godley Tobias Waterhouse (H1642): Link[4,379] (T1642): Link[4,380] C33/181, p. 318r, (T1642) 638v
Hugh Godsall John Coore (H1642): Link[4,381] C33/181, p. 403v
William Godsall William Acourt (H1642): Link[4,382] C33/181, p. 289r
Joas Godshalke; et al Elizabeth Fabyan, widow; Gilbert Clearke; and William Fabyan (M1641) Link[4,383] Link[4,384] C33/181, p. 2v, 218r
Joam Godshalke; Robert Guy; and William Deane Richard Stanlake, gent; Elizabeth Fabyan, widow (M1641) Link[4,385] (H1642) Link[4,386] C33/181, p. 218r, (H1642) 252r
Elizabeth Godson, widow and relict of Samuel Godson, son and heir of John Godson, gent William Godson; et al (M1641) Link[4,387] Link[4,388] C33/181, p. 45r, 101r
James Godwyn, gent Edmond Lea; Richard Harsman & his wife; William Frost; and Jonathan Basse (T1642) Link[4,389] C33/181, p. 707r
Ralph Godwin Bartholomew Bond (M1641) Link[4,390] Link[4,391] C33/181, p. 13v, 49r
Thomas Godwin & Alice his wife Thomas Lochard; and William Badland (H1642): Link[4,392] C33/181, p. 265r
Robert Goldham Robert Bellin (E1642) Link[4,393] C33/181, p. 478v
Suzan Golding; et al Thomas Stone & his wife (H1642): Link[4,394] C33/181, p. 301r
Robert Golding, sr; et al Nicholas Stuer; and John Stewer, clerk (H1642): Link[4,395] C33/181, p. 326v
Henry Goldingham, gent Samuel Roll, gent; Frances Lovies, widow; and Theophilus Lovies (H1642): Link[4,396] (T1642): Link[4,397] C33/181, p. 318r, (T1642) 659v
Francis Goldsmith John Goldwell; Edward Wright & Katherine his wife (T1642) Link[4,398] C33/181, p. 652r
John Goldwell; et al, ex parte the son of Edward Bushipp William Say; Edward Walrond; Michael Hutchinson; John Godbold, Serjeant at Law (H1642): Link[4,399] Link[4,400]; [4,401]; [4,402] C33/181, p. 315r, 356v, 387v, 404r
Goning Woodroffe; et al (M1641) Link[4,403] C33/181, p. 106r
Thomas Gooch, gent, executor of Francis Gooch George Bleverhasset (E1642) Link[4,404] C33/181, p. 581r
Edward Good; et al William Laindry (H1642): Link[4,405] C33/181, p. 323v
Wordley Goodale Thomas Bayley; and ___ Loving (H1642): Link[4,406] C33/181, p. 325r
William Goodall, gent; et al, children of Richard Goodall, deceased Elizabeth Goodall, widow, executrix of said Richard Goodall; Richard Goodall, gent; Thomas Goodall; at al (M1641) Link[4,407] (H1642) Link[4,408]; (E1642) [4,409] C33/181, p. 145v, (H1642) 371v, (M1642) 565v
Wortley Goodall, gent Thomas Baylie; and Thomas Leeving (E1642) Link[4,410] C33/181, p. 564v
Edward Gooday William Browne & Grissell his wife, administratrix of John Gooday late her husband; and Jonathan Gooday (H1642): Link[4,411] (E1642): Link[4,412]; [4,413]; [4,414]; [4,415]; (T1642) [4,416] C33/181, p. 361v, (E1642) 569r, 567r, 567v, 569r, (T1642) 621v
John Goodhand, armiger Charles Goodhand (H1642): Link[4,417] C33/181, p. 423r
John Goodhand, armiger William Goodhand; et al (M1641) Link[4,418] C33/181, p. 88r
Katherine Gooding, infant,by Stephen Gooding, her guardian John Payne (E1642) Link[4,419] (T1642) Link[4,420] C33/181, p. 450v, (T1642) 633r
John Goodlad Anne Goodlad, widow; et al (H1642) Link[4,421] (E1642) Link[4,422]; (T1642) [4,423] C33/181, p. 417r, (E1642) 585r, (T1642) 727v
Henry Goodricke Gilbert Corre (M1641) Link[4,424] C33/181, p. 16r
Henry Goodericke Thomas Williamson, armiger; Robert Turner; et al (M1641) Link[4,425] Link[4,426]; (H1642) [4,427]; [4,428]; (E1642) [4,429]; (T1642) [4,430] C33/181, p. 21v, 157v, (H1642) 324r, 392r, (E1642) 563r, (T1642) 742r
John Goodericke Thomas Williamson, armiger; Robert Turner; et al (E1642) Link[4,431] C33/181, p. 559v
William Goodridge, gent Henry Pitt & his wife; and Anna Combes (H1642): Link[4,432] Link[4,433] C33/181, p. 340r, 426v
Anna Goodwin, widow Elizabeth Marshall, widow (M1641) Link[4,434] (H1642) Link[4,435]; [4,436] C33/181, p. 111r; (H1642) 392v
Ewin Goodwin, clerk John Page, gent (M1641) Link[4,437] Link[4,438]; (H1642) [4,439] C33/181, p. 10v, 173r; (H1642) 322r
James Goodwin Charles Bowles & Anne his wife (E1642) Link[4,440] (T1642) Link[4,441] C33/181, p. 502r, (T1642) 638r
Jasper Goodwin, gent Mathew Carlton, armiger; Thomas Carlton; and Edward Goodwin (T1642) Link[4,442] C33/181, p. 729v
Joseph Goodwin Thomas Wood & Edith his wife; and Robert Wood (T1642) Link[4,443] C33/181, p. 719v
William Goodwin & his wife Dorothy Coxe, widow (E1642) Link[4,444] C33/181, p. 521v
William Gore, executor of James Gore Bullen Reymes, armiger (M1641) Link[4,445] C33/181, p. 154r
Henry Goring, gent & his wife Henry Dawtree, knight & his wife (T1642) Link[4,446] C33/181, p. 669r
Henry Goring Thomas Parkes, armiger (E1642) Link[4,447] C33/181, p. 477r
Gorstelowe, clerk Paulett (H1642): Link[4,448] C33/181, p. 418r
Gorton, cleric Andrew White (M1641) Link[4,449] C33/181, p. 50v
George Gorton, clerk Edward White (H1642): Link[4,450] C33/181, p. 382v
Suzanna Gosling; et al John Cross, widow (E1642) Link[4,451] C33/181, p. 444v
Thomas Gosling John Dassett (T1642) Link[4,452] C33/181, p. 692r
William Gosling, gent; et al, inhabitants of Bedingham, Norf Arthur Purser (E1642) Link[4,453] C33/181, p. 568v
Goslyn Helvyn (H1642): Link[4,454] C33/181, p. 365v
Etheldred Gosnell, widow, of Francis Gosnell Henry Gosnell; et al (M1641) Link[4,455] Link[4,456]; (H1642) [4,457] C33/181, p. 20r, 201r, (H1642) 261v
Thomas Gough Thomas Kinaston; William Bateman; and Mary Keniston (H1642): Link[4,458] (E1642): Link[4,459]; [4,460]; (T1642) [4,461] C33/181, p. 361v, (E1642) 441r, 546r, (T1642) 705v
John Gough Mary Gough, widow (T1642) Link[4,462] C33/181, p. 684r
John Gough Thomas William; and Joan Gough, widow (H1642): Link[4,463] C33/181, p. 432v
Phillip Gough & Winifrid his wife Henry Smith (T1642) Link[4,464] C33/181, p. 693v
Gould Wood & his wife (H1642): Link[4,465] bis C33/181, p. 340 bis
Mary Gould; Avarina Gold; and John Gould Robert Toope; and Gabriel Lapp (T1642) Link[4,466] C33/181, p. 721r
Robert Gouldham Robert Bellin (H1642): Link[4,467] C33/181, p. 418r
Governor of the School of Clitheroe Stephen Hamerton (H1642): Link[4,468] C33/181, p. 365v
John Gower Francis Brudnell (M1641) Link[4,469] Link[4,470]; [4,471]; (H1642) [4,472]; [4,473]; [4,474]; [4,475]; [4,476]; (E1642) [4,477]; [4,478]; (T1642) [4,479]  ; C33/181, p. 107v, 217v, 232v, (H1642) 287r, 320r, 388r, 399v, 416v, (E1642) 480v, 513r, (T1642) 600r
Thomas Grantham, armiger Robert Barnes, jr (H1642): Link[4,480] Link[4,481] C33/181, p. 420v, 425v
Thomas Grantham Richard Goland (T1642) Link[4,482] C33/181, p. 651r
Henry Graunt, clerk George Hubbard; (Mary Hayward; and Richard Blunt (M1641) Link[4,483] Link[4,484] bis; (H1642) [4,485]; (E1642) [4,486]; (T1642) [4,487]; [4,488] C33/181, p. 47v, 212v bis, (H1642) 413r, (E1642) 471v, (T1642) 617r, 637r
Thomas Graunt, gent John Haugh (H1642): Link[4,489] C33/181, p. 293v
Thomas Grave John Grave, sr; and John Grave, jr (H1642): Link[4,490] (E1642): Link[4,491] C33/181, p. 312r, (1642) 512v
Francis Gravener Thomas Rudge; Thomas Rudge & Alice his wife; and Edward Tench & his wife (M1641) Link[4,492] (E1642) Link[4,493]; (T1642) [4,494] C78/374, no. 9 [4,495] C33/181, p. 13v, (E1642) 571r, (T1642) 738v
Gilbert Graves /Greaves John Skinner (H1642): Link[4,496] Link[4,497]; [4,498]; [4,499]; [4,500] C33/181, p. 287r, 317v, 367v, 416v, 427r
John Graves Thomas Kingdon (T1642) Link[4,501] C33/181, p. 694v
John Graves, clerk; et al Joan Hallett, widow (T1642) Link[4,502] C33/181, p. 694v
John Gray, armiger Edward Gray, armiger (E1642) Link[4,503] C33/181, p. 535v
Mary Gray, widow John Batty; and Richard Hunt (M1641) Link[4,504] Link[4,505]; [4,506]; [4,507]; [4,508]; [4,509]; [4,510]; [4,511]; [4,512]; [4,513]; [4,514]; [4,515]; (H1642) [4,516]; [4,517]; [4,518]; [4,519]; [4,520]; [4,521]; [4,522]; [4,523]; [4,524] bis; [4,525]; (E1642) [4,526]; [4,527] C33/181, p. 47r, 56r, 65v, 80v, 84r, 121v, 130r, 132v, 146r, 166r, 187r, 225r, (H1642) 249r, 285v, 344r, 352v, 382r, 400r, 406r, 412r, 414r bis, 419r, (E1642) 451v, 522r
Gray, armiger Gray, gent (E1642) Link[4,528] C33/181, p. 493v
Martha Gray, executor of Katherine Palmer William Palmer, armiger (M1641) Link[4,529] Link[4,530]; [4,531]; [4,532]; (H1642) [4,533]; (T1642) [4,534] C33/181, p. 86v, 108v, 201v, 236v, (H1642) 397v, (T1642) 694r
William Greave John Trelawney (T1642) Link[4,535] C33/181, p. 683v
Greene Plumbe; et al (T1642) Link[4,536] C33/181, p. 643v
Greene Mathew Cocke (M1641) Link[4,537] C33/181, p. 101v
Margaret Greene, widow, relict and administratrix of Robert Greene Edward Pitt, armiger; William Pitt, armiger; Simon Trenchfield; and William Pace now deceased (M1641) Link[4,538] ter (H1642) Link[4,539]; [4,540]; (T1642) [4,541] C33/181, p. 188r ter, (H1642) 351v, 392v, (T1642) 668v
Johanna Greene, widow Richard Blenco & his wife (H1642): Link[4,542] Link[4,543]; [4,544] C33/181, p. 254r, 328r, 410r
John Greene John French (H1642): Link[4,545] C33/181, p. 289v
John Greene Frances Hodges, widow (T1642) Link[4,546] C33/181, p. 701r
John Greene, gent Phillip Isaac & his wife (E1642) Link[4,547] C33/181, p. 537v
Lawrence Greene Katherine Barton; (and John Barton) (H1642): Link[4,548]; (E1642) [4,549]; (T1642) [4,550] C33/181, p. 426v, (E1642) 446v, 639r
Nicholas Greene; et al William Blith, gent; and Richard Swanie (E1642) Link[4,551] C33/181, p. 550v
Thomas Greene John Alport, sr; John Alport, jr; and Humfrey Alport (M1641) Link[4,552] (T1642) Link[4,553] C33/181, p. 72r, (T1642) 615r
William Greene & Amia his wife Thomas Cranley & Brigit his wife (M1641) Link[4,554] (H1642) Link[4,555] C33/181, p. 11v, (H1642) 424r
William Greene; et al Edward Wright; et al (T1642) Link[4,556] Link[4,557] C33/181, p. 666v, 687r
William Greenefield by Johanna Greenefield his guardian Jesper Goodwin, sr; and Jesper Goodwin, jr (M1641) Link[4,558] (H1642) Link[4,559] C33/181, p. 106r, (H1642) 392v
Robert Greenestreete Mary Williamson, widow (M1641) Link[4,560] C33/181, p. 186r
John Greenehill William Bullocke (E1642) Link[4,561] C33/181, p. 480v
Richard Greenvile, knight & Lady Mary his wife Sara Compton (M1641) Link[4,562] C33/181, p. 112v
John Gregg & his wife Richard Dagge; Nicholas Dagge; Alice Welsh now the wife of Roger Hawkins, gent (M1641) Link[4,563]; (H1642) [4,564] C33/181, p. 127v, (H1642) 315r
Robert Gregge; Peter Leigh; Charles Farrington; James Clearke; Robert Clearke; Alexander Clearke, infants by said Robert Gregge Richard Grosvenor, armiger (H1642): Link[4,565] C33/181, p. 391r
Dutton Gregory Robert Blackborne (T1642) Link[4,566] C33/181, p. 633r
John Gregory, gent, executor of Richard Donnington Richard Donington; et al, sons of said Richard Donington deceased (M1641) Link[4,567] (H1642) Link[4,568]; [4,569]; (E1642) [4,570]; (T1642) [4,571]; [4,572] C33/181, p. 33v, (H1642) 315v, 430r, (E1642) 476v, (T1642) 611r, 679r
Thomas Gregory Richard Hore (H1642): Link[4,573] C33/181, p. 365v
Robert Gresbrooke John Lisle; and John Greysbrooke (M1641) Link[4,574] C33/181, p. 73r
Alexander Gretton, gent Elizabeth, Lady Romney (M1641) Link[4,575] (H1642) Link[4,576] C33/181, p. 95v, (H1642) 366v
Ambrose Grey; Edward Grey, (and George Grey) infants, by Suzanna Grey, widow, mother, and guardian Henry Grey; et al (H1642): Link[4,577] Link[4,578]; (E1642)[4,579] C78/372, no. 3 [4,580] C33/181, p. 268r, 317v, (E1642) 596v
Ambrose, Edward, and George Grey, infants, by Suzanna Grey Henry Grey (M1641) Link[4,581] Link[4,582] C33/181, p. 88r, 190r
Gilbert Grey & his wife John Basset; and John Bennet; et al (H1642): Link[4,583] (E1642): Link[4,584] C33/181, p. 310r, (E1642) 539r
Grice; et al Grice, widow; et al (H1642): Link[4,585] (T1642): Link[4,586]; [4,587] C33/181, p. 432r, (T1642) 656r, 746r
Barnard Grice Richard Vyner; and Robert Vyner (H1642): Link[4,588] C33/181, p. 392v
Barnard Grice John White (H1642): Link[4,589] C33/181, p. 392v
Henry Grice; Robert Davies & Mary his wife Mary Grice, widow (H1642): Link[4,590] Link[4,591]; (E1642) [4,592] C33/181, p. 440r, 443r, (E1642) 589v
Marah Grice, widow Henry Grice; Robert Davies & Mary his wife (M1641) Link[4,593] Link[4,594]; (E1642) [4,595] C33/181, p. 43r, 145v, (E1642) 542r
Griffin & his wife Trotter (E1642) Link[4,596] C33/181, p. 589v
Robert Griffin & his wife Andrew Partridge (M1641) Link[4,597] Link[4,598]; [4,599]; [4,600] C33/181, p. 109r, 113v, 153r, 216v
Griffith Mostin, knight (M1641) Link[4,601] Link[4,602] C33/181, p. 128v, 194v
Evan Griffith Lewes & Elizabeth his wife; David Lawrence & his wife; Margaret Rees, widow Thomas Lewis; Thomas John Thomas; and Katherine Jones (T1642) Link[4,603] C33/181, p. 609r
George Griffith Richard Berington; and Edward Bateman (T1642) Link[4,604] C33/181, p. 627v
George Griffith Maurice Gardiner; and William Jackson (M1641) Link[4,605] Link[4,606]; [4,607] C33/181, p. 14v, 161v, 218r
George Griffith Maurice Gardiner; and William Jackson (M1641) Link[4,608] Link[4,609] C33/181, p. 3r, 218r
George Griffith Maurice Thompson (H1642): Link[4,610] C33/181, p. 426r
Henry Griffith John Thomas (H1642): Link[4,611] C33/181, p. 413v
John Griffith Troppe /Throppe; et al (H1642): Link[4,612] Link[4,613] C33/181, p. 421v, 425r
John Griffith John ap Hugh & his wife (H1642): Link[4,614] Link[4,615] C33/181, p. 423v, 425r
John Griffith Simon Jones (H1642): Link[4,616] (E1642): Link[4,617] C33/181, p. 423v, (E1642) 490r
Roger Griffith Robert Howlett; William Killicke; and Thomas Steward (H1642): Link[4,618] C33/181, p. 318r
Sarah Griffith Margaret Stainey (H1642): Link[4,619] C33/181, p. 285v
Edward Griffiths John Wood & Elizabeth his wife; and Margaret Evans, widow (T1642) Link[4,620] C33/181, p. 701v
John Griffithes; David Griffithes; Richard Griffithes; Richard Powell; Richard Alnyon; and John Thomas Richard Evans (H1642): Link[4,621] C33/181, p. 344r
Nicholas Griffiths & Margaret his wife John Bridge (M1641) Link[4,622] C33/181, p. 35r
Thomas Griffith; et al Francis Hall (M1641) Link[4,623] (E1642) Link[4,624]; [4,625]; (T1642) [4,626] C33/181, p. 81r, (E1642) 500r, 565v, (T1642) 603v
Thomas Grimshawe Sara Chaw; and Henry Rowland (M1641) Link[4,627] (H1642) Link[4,628] C33/181, p. 228r, (H1642) 259v
Edward Grimston & Anne his wife John Bentley; et al (H1642): Link[4,629] C33/181, p. 427r
Peter Grisbye Joseph Joyce (H1642): Link[4,630] C33/181, p. 340r
Grisdall Wincop (T1642) Link[4,631] C33/181, p. 735v
Robert Grissell John Wells; and William Honor (H1642): Link[4,632] Link[4,633]; [4,634]; [4,635]; [4,636]; [4,637]; (T1642) [4,638] C33/181, p. 275v, 380v, 388r, 411v, 421r, 438v, (T1642) 608r
William Gritley Edmond Knowles (T1642) Link[4,639] C33/181, p. 715r
David Grom, armiger Howell Grom, gent; and John Grom, gent (M1641) Link[4,640] C33/181, p. 10v
Anthony Grosse Haniball Bonithon (H1642): Link[4,641] C33/181, p. 432v
Jonah Grosvenor John Huntbach; et al (E1642) Link[4,642] (T1642) Link[4,643] C33/181, p. 509r, (T1642) 619v
Walter Grosvenor, armiger Henry Richards (E1642) Link[4,644] C33/181, p. 508v
Walter Grosvenor Alice Whitgrave (E1642) Link[4,645] C33/181, p. 589v
Henry Grove & Frances his wife Margaret Barnesley (M1641) Link[4,646] Link[4,647]; [4,648]; (H1642) [4,649]; [4,650]; [4,651]; (E1642) [4,652]; [4,653]; (T1642) [4,654] C33/181, p. 3v, 105v, 139v, (H1642) 252r, 315r, 350r, (E1642) 503r, 526r, (T1642) 673v
Henry Grove & Frances his wife Richard Mills (H1642): Link[4,655] (T1642): Link[4,656]; [4,657] C33/181, p. 360v, (T1642) 733v, 720r
John Grove; et al John Wall (T1642) Link[4,658] C33/181, p. 746v
John Grubbe John Eyles (E1642) Link[4,659] (T1642) Link[4,660]; [4,661] C33/181, p. 490r, (T1642) 657r, 725r
Hugh Grundy Robert Winbowe (E1642) Link[4,662] (T1642) Link[4,663] C33/181, p. 585r, (T1642) 712v
Thomas Grute Nicholas Fortescue (M1641) Link[4,664] (T1642) Link[4,665] C33/181, p. 137v, (T1642) 689v
William Gruyt Roger Prowse; John Gruite; and Thomas Gruite (M1641) Link[4,666] C33/181, p. 71v
George Grymes, knight Edmond Denny; et al (H1642): Link[4,667] C33/181, p. 323r
Charles Guest /Ghest, gent Thomas Somers; John Needler, gent; et al (H1642): Link[4,668] Link[4,669]; (E1642) [4,670] C33/181, p. 291r, 358v, (E1642) 504v
John Guibon, armiger John Newall (H1642): Link[4,671] C33/181, p. 317r
John Guilett Edward Maria Wingfield, armiger (M1641) Link[4,672] Link[4,673]; [4,674]; [4,675]; [4,676]; (H1642) [4,677]; (T1642) [4,678] C33/181, p. 8r, 55r, 135v, 158r, 206r, (H1642) 298r, (T1642) 701v
Alice Guise alias Collett Thomas Widdowes; John Widdowes; and Hugh Hulls (E1642) Link[4,679] C33/181, p. 515v
William Guise, knight; and William Guise, armiger Thomas Higges, armiger; Lord Manery of Collisborne, Gloucs; Andrew Sollars alias Sollace; Thomas Preedon; et al, tenants of said Manery (M1641) Link[4,680] Link[4,681] C33/181, p. 7v, 95v
James Gulston Anna Spendlow, widow (M1641) Link[4,682] C33/181, p. 118r
Richard Gunson Ellen Nicholson; and Michael Furler (H1642): Link[4,683] C33/181, p. 389r
William Gunson Jennett Moore; Thomas and Margaret Leech (E1642) Link[4,684] C33/181, p. 562t
Lewes Gunter, gent James Pritchard, gent; Katherine Lacie, widow; and Phillip Cecill (H1642) Link[4,685] Link[4,686]; (E1642) [4,687]; (T1642) [4,688] C33/181, p. 427v, 346v, (E1642) 580r, (T1642) 655v
Henry Guppie; Christopher Guppie; John Guppie; and Brigit Guppie, infants by John Geare, clerk, their guardian William Gibbs & his wife (E1642) Link[4,689] C33/181, p. 556v
John Gurnell; and Michael Gurnell John Wemington (T1642) Link[4,690] C33/181, p. 603v
Richard Gurney now Lord Mayor of London Henry Jackson; and William Rolfe (M1641) Link[4,691] Link[4,692]; (E1642) [4,693]; [4,694];[4,695] C33/181, p. 75v, 223v, (E1642) 516r, 559r, 592v
Richard Gurney, knight and baronet Richard Fleetwood, knight and baronet; et al (T1642) Link[4,696] C33/181, p. 680r
Richard Gurney, alderman of London; et al Robert Scarfe; et al (T1642) Link[4,697] C33/181, p. 651r
William Gurney Robert Ball, clerk; Julia Poddon, widow (T1642) Link[4,698] C33/181, p. 715v
William Gwatkin; and John Wood William Sarieant; and John Sargeant (E1642) Link[4,699] Link[4,700]; [4,701]; (T1642) [4,702] C33/181, p. 454r, 576r, 556v, (T1642) 724v
William Gwavas Phillip Gwavas; William Hicks; et al (T1642) Link[4,703] Link[4,704]; [4,705] C33/181, p. 631v, 712v, 658r, 715r
Alice Gwillim, widow Thomas Gwillim; Richard Gwillim; Walter Cowarne; et al (T1642) Link[4,706] C33/181, p. 686r
John Gwillim, gent (& his wife) Edmond Ballard; John Ballard; (and Henry Wellington) (M1641) Link[4,707] Link[4,708]; [4,709]; [4,710]; (H1642) [4,711]; (E1642) [4,712]; (T1642) [4,713] C33/181, p. 28r, 49r, 94r, 189v, (H1642) 386v, (E1642) 551r, (T1642) 722v
Thomas Gwilliam, gent George Taylor; and Robert Taylor (M1641) Link[4,714] (T1642) Link[4,715] C33/181, p. 78v, (T1642) 634v
Roger Gwillin Thomas Hinton & his wife (M1641) Link[4,716] C33/181, p. 238v
Robert Gynne Richard Clearke; and Henry Marsh (M1641) Link[4,717] Link[4,718]; (H1642) [4,719]; (E1642) [4,720]; (T1642) [4,721]; [4,722] C78/467, no. 13 [4,723] C33/181, p. 60r, 225r, (H1642) 269r, (E1642) 571v, (T1642) 629r, 731v
David Gwyn William Watkins (T1642) Link[4,724] C33/181, p. 691r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Mathew Hadd Elizabeth Downes, widow, administratrix of John Downes (M1641) Link[4,725] C33/181, p. 75r
Barbara Hadsley /Haddeslie, widow, for herself and ex parte John Hadsley, infant Phillip Hadsley (H1642): Link[4,726] (T1642): Link[4,727] C33/181, p. 280v, (T1642) 623v
Ralph Haigh Oswald Moseley; Samuel Tayler; et al (H1642): Link[4,728] C33/181, p. 325v
Agnes Hale, widow __ Hale (E1642) Link[4,729] C33/181, p. 560v
Agnes Hales, widow Corbet Sibly (T1642) Link[4,730] C33/181, p. 665v
Dennis Hale Rowland Hale, armiger (T1642) Link[4,731] C33/181, p. 602v
John Hale alias Clearke Hanibal Loll (E1642) Link[4,732] C33/181, p. 596r
Richard Hale Joseph Kenton (M1641) Link[4,733] C33/181, p. 39v
Robert Hales; et al Robert Langworthy (M1641) Link[4,734] C33/181, p. 215r
Robert Hale, gent & Anne his wife Harbert Langworth; Henry Wilford, armiger (H1642): Link[4,735] C33/181, p. 346r
Rowland Hale, armiger Dennis Hale (H1642): Link[4,736] (E1642): Link[4,737]; [4,738]; (T1642) [4,739] C33/181, p. 276v, (E1642) 510r, 543v, (T1642) 603r
Anne Hall, widow Thomas Savin; Thomas Hall; and Howell Stevens (H1642) Link[4,740] C33/181, p. 422v
Benedict Hall, armiger Joan Washington; and John Forte (M1641) Link[4,741] (T1642) Link[4,742] C33/181, p. 78r, (T1642) 631v
Edward Hall Edmund Bell (T1642) Link[4,743] C33/181, p. 747r
Elizabeth, Anne, George, and Henry Hall, infants; Rebecca Hall (deceased); and Robert Dixon Peter Jenings; et al (T1642) Link[4,744] C33/181, p. 752r
John Hall William Grace & his wife (M1641) Link[4,745] C33/181, p. 109r
Richard Hall George Dawson; et al (M1641) Link[4,746] C33/181, p. 147r
Richard Hall, professor of sacred theology Edward Hall (M1641) Link[4,747] C33/181, p. 26v
Richard Hall, professor of sacred theology Guy Silcox (M1641) Link[4,748] C33/181, p. 26v
Richard Hall Robert White & Ricarda his wife; Peter Borough; and William Moore (M1641) Link[4,749] C33/181, p. 38r
Thomas Hall Richard Parkin (M1641) Link[4,750] C33/181, p. 23v
William Hall William Wilkinson (M1641) Link[4,751] Link[4,752] C33/181, p. 11v, 194v
Richard Halls George Halls; Thomas Halls; Geoffrey Halls; et al (H1642): Link[4,753] C33/181, p. 284v
James Halsey Stephen Mosier (M1641) Link[4,754] bis (H1642) Link[4,755]; [4,756]; (E1642) [4,757] C33/181, p. 224v bis, (H1642) 273v, 386v, (E1642) 527v
John Halsey & Anna his wife James Abrathat; Samuel Busfield; Basil Foster; and John Ketle (M1641) Link[4,758] C33/181, p. 27r
Robert Halstaffe Johanna Halstaffe, widow; and Robert Quicke (M1641) Link[4,759] C33/181, p. 187v
Francis Halton, armiger Christofer Withings /Witchens; and John Filpott; (and Stephen Knight) (E1642) Link[4,760] Link[4,761]; (T1642) [4,762] C33/181, p. 484r, 553r, (T1642) 684v
John Ham John Reede; George Carkeeke (H1642) Link[4,763] C33/181, p. 367v
Hamersley /Hamersby Berrisford (M1641) Link[4,764] (H1642) Link[4,765] C33/181, p. 49r, (H1642) 257r
Thomas Hamersley, gent Elizabeth Egerton (T1642) Link[4,766] C33/181, p. 738r
Hamersley Whitbread (M1641) Link[4,767] C33/181, p. 35r
William Hamersley, gent Nathaniel Hall, gent; William Hall; et al (T1642) Link[4,768] C33/181, p. 696v
Robert Hamilton, knight & Lady Margery his wife Henry Haggerston, gent; Gilbert Smith; John Smith; et al (AND Henry Haggerston et al v. Robert Hamilton & his wife; Robert Jackson, knight; John Wilkin; and James Fawcett (H1642) Link[4,769] (E1642) Link[4,770]; [4,771] C33/181, p. 408v, (E1642) 480r, 525r
Christopher Hamlin, infant, by Johanna Hamlin, widow, guardian Thomas Hamlin (M1641) Link[4,772] (T1642) Link[4,773]; [4,774] C33/181, p. 224v, (T1642) 692v, 714v
Richard Hammers & Alice his wife, executrix of William Barsby Thomas Armestead (M1641) Link[4,775] C33/181, p. 131r
Edward Hamond, gent James Willmott; and Thomas Bownest, gent (T1642) Link[4,776] C33/181, p. 741v
Manwaring Hamond, gent, by Francis Langston, armiger, his guardian Robert Stapleton, gent & his wife; et al (AND cross suit) (M1641) Link[4,777] Link[4,778]; [4,779]; (H1642) [4,780]; [4,781]; [4,782]; (E1642) [4,783]; [4,784]; (T1642) [4,785]; [4,786]; [4,787] C33/181, p. 11r, 12v, 169r, (H1642) 395r, 400r, 415v, (E1642) 516v, 560r, (T1642) 649r, 705v, 745v
Robert Hampton Thomas Keighlie; John Wright; Giles Vanburgh; and William Vaughan (E1642) Link[4,788] (T1642) Link[4,789]; [4,790] C33/181, p. 573v, (T1642) 614v, 669v
John Hanbridge, gent Robert Dillington, baronet; et al (E1642) Link[4,791] (T1642) Link[4,792] C33/181, p. 567v, (T1642) 673v
Hanbury Wild; et al (H1642) Link[4,793] C33/181, p. 361v
Henry Hanchett, administrator of Henry ___rton Elizabeth Leigh; and Ralph Massey (T1642) Link[4,794] C33/181, p. 626r
Henry Hancocke William Downe; et al (H1642) Link[4,795] C33/181, p. 350v
Nicholas Hancocke alias Stocke Samuel Gregory, clerk (H1642): Link[4,796] Link[4,797] C33/181, p. 270v, 418v
Nicholas Hancocke alias Stocke Edmond Perkin & Agnes his wife; et al (H1642): Link[4,798] Link[4,799] C33/181, p. 274v, 313v
William Hancocke Robert Fleete; and Anne Hancocke (E1642) Link[4,800] C33/181, p. 591v
Francis Hanford, armiger William Russell, baronet; John Jennings; Richard George; Richard Henley; Thomas Thornbury; et al (M1641) Link[4,801] Link[4,802]; [4,803]; [4,804]; [4,805]; [4,806]; (E1642) [4,807] C33/181, p. 35v, 156v, 166v, 167r, 168v, 207r; (E1642) 550r
Hanmer Whitehall (E1642) Link[4,808] C33/181, p. 515v
Thomas Hanmer, knight; et al Richard baker, knight; et al (E1642) Link[4,809] C33/181, p. 443r
George Hannaford Mark Jackson; and Richard Jackson (T1642) Link[4,810] C33/181, p. 690v
Hannam Goodall (M1641) Link[4,811] C33/181, p. 1v
Benjamin Hannam James Hannam (M1641) Link[4,812] (H1642) Link[4,813] C33/181, p. 212v, (H1642) 413r
William Hannam Christopher Hancox; et al (H1642) Link[4,814] (T1642) Link[4,815] C33/181, p. 377v, (T1642) 707v
John Hanson & Elizabeth his wife; Sarah and Judith Oxley, infants, by John Yeaden their guardian John Oxley; and Mary Peasley (E1642) Link[4,816] (T1642) Link[4,817]; [4,818] C33/181, p. 447v, (T1642) 633r, 660r
Thomas Hanson William Freare; Percival Howson; and John Senyor (H1642) Link[4,819] C33/181, p. 394r
William Hanway William Patient alias Pasham & his wife (E1642) Link[4,820] C33/181, p. 591v
Harbert Peaseley (H1642): Link[4,821] (E1642): Link[4,822]; [4,823] C33/181, p. 285v, (E1642) 448v, 527r
Harbert, widow Lord __ Percy Harbert, knight; Langford; and Tomlinson (M1641) Link[4,824] C33/181, p. 224v
Arnold Harbert, knight William Harbert, armiger; Richard Ballard, gent; Abraham Haynes, clerk & his wife; Caleb Whitfield; and Thomas Morgan, knight (H1642): Link[4,825] Link[4,826]; (E1642) [4,827] C33/181, p. 259r, 268r, (E1642) 490r
Percy Harbert, knight and baronet William Price; John ap Edwards (H1642) Link[4,828] C33/181, p. 372v
Charles Harbord, knight, administrator of John Dickenson John Moore (AND Markham, lady Acheson, widow v. Charles Harberd (M1641) Link[4,829] Link[4,830]; (T1641) [4,831] C33/181, p. 51r, 214v, (T1642) 672r
Charles Harbord, knight, executor of Anne Tyan, widow Thomas Seaman, executor of Rachael Bowman, widow, late executrix of Isaac Bowman her husband; Joseph Graves; Rachael Godscall, widow, et al, creditor of said Isaac Bowman (M1641) Link[4,832] Link[4,833] C33/181, p. 50v, 234r
Charles Harbord, knight Edmond Lavington (T1642) Link[4,834] C33/181, p. 621r
Richard Hardacre William Preston; and Elizabeth Preston (T1642) Link[4,835] C33/181, p. 690v
Henry Hardcastle William Wharton; et al (M1641) Link[4,836] C33/181, p. 215r
Phillip Harding Jeremiah Sloper (E1642) Link[4,837] C33/181, p. 565v
Richard Harding & his wife Edmond Leighton; and John Leighton (T1642) Link[4,838] C33/181, p. 747r
Robert Harding; et al Walter Veysey (T1642) Link[4,839] C33/181, p. 674v
Robert Harding Margaret Wheatteley, widow; et al (H1642) Link[4,840] (T1642) Link[4,841] C33/181, p. 419v, (T1642) 749r
Richard Hardres, armiger Anthony Anchor (M1641) Link[4,842] C33/181, p. 107v
Richard Hardres, armiger Francis Butler, armiger (T1642) Link[4,843] C33/181, p. 622r
Richard Hardres, armiger Richard Norwood, gent (H1642): Link[4,844] C33/181, p. 255v
William Hardwick; et al John Herle; James Herle; Anthony Lutterell (AND a cross suit) (M1641) Link[4,845] Link[4,846]; (H1642) [4,847]; [4,848]; (T1642) [4,849] C33/181, p. 94r, 223r, (H1642) 315v, 365r, (T1642) 664v
Humfrey Hare Gilbert Cornewall, knight (T1642) Link[4,850] Link[4,851] C33/181, p. 610r, 637r
Robert Hare George Walker (H1642) Link[4,852] C33/181, p. 433r
Richard Harebread, armiger Thomas Blakeman (M1641) Link[4,853] (E1642) Link[4,854] C33/181, p. 160v, (E1642) 537v
Simon Harecourt, knight & Anna his wife John Woodward; et al (M1641) Link[4,855] C33/181, p. 34r
George Harle; et al Andrew Walker (E1642) Link[4,856] C33/181, p. 570v
Humfrey Harleston, armiger George Marler & Elizabeth his wife (M1641) Link[4,857] C33/181, p. 77r
Jane Harling by guardian; et al James Backhouse; and Tristram Lucas (H1642) Link[4,858] C33/181, p. 426v
Harlowe Andrewes; et al (T1642) Link[4,859] C33/181, p. 659r
Elizabeth Harlow, widow Executor of Pedaell? Harlow, armiger (H1642) Link[4,860] C33/181, p. 429r
Thomas Harmer John Loveland (E1642) Link[4,861] C33/181, p. 584r
Richard Harndon Thomas Haunce (T1642) Link[4,862] C33/181, p. 672v
Randall Harper, gent Henry Jones (M1641) Link[4,863] Link[4,864] C33/181, p. 99v, 137r
James Harrington Isaac Appleton, armiger; et al (AND Isaac Appleton; et al v. James Harrington) (E1642) Link[4,865] (T1642) Link[4,866] C33/181, p. 594r, (T1642) 648r
James Harrington John Sutton; and Emma Sutton (E1642) Link[4,867] Link[4,868]; (T1642) [4,869] C33/181, p. 594v, (T1642) 682r
Joseph Harrington Edward Brewer; Mathew Butcher alias Adams (H1642): Link[4,870] C33/181, p. 314r
Thomas Harrington Master, Fellows, and Scholars of the College of Sidney and St John the Evangelist; Emmanuel College; and Clare Hall in Cambridge; et al (H1642) Link[4,871] C33/181, p. 551v
Thomas Harrington, armiger Suzan Hopkins; and John Hopkins (M1641) Link[4,872] C33/181, p. 122v
Alexander Harris George Houghton & Suzanna his wife; and Richard Bedell (M1641) Link[4,873] C33/181, p. 190r
Charles Harris; and Benjamin Goodwin Mathew Foster; John Woodhall; Owin Rowe; et al (M1641) Link[4,874] [4,875] C33/181, p. 8r, 204v
Charles Harris; et al Thomas Trumplin, sr; and John Owen (H1642) Link[4,876] (E1642) Link[4,877]; (T1642) [4,878] C33/181, p. 406v, (E1642) 570r, (T1642) 675r
Edmond Harris John Hide (M1641) Link[4,879] C33/181, p. 236v
George Harris Thomas Martin (M1641) Link[4,880] Link[4,881]; [4,882]; [4,883] C33/181, p. 25r, 46r, 69r, 99r
George Harris; et al Fabian Phillips (H1642) Link[4,884] C33/181, p. 429r
George Harris, gent; et al David Ramsey (H1642) Link[4,885] (E1642) Link[4,886] bis C33/181, p. 429r, (E1642) 537v bis
Henry Harris Burfield Connard & Eleanor his wife; Jane Davies; Humfrey Davies; and Thomas Hogsflesh (E1642) Link[4,887] Link[4,888]; (T1642) [4,889] C33/181, p. 670r, 504v, (T1642) 623r
Henry Harris, gen Jane Davis; Burfield Coniard & his wife; et al (H1642): Link[4,890] C33/181, p. 314r
Innocent Harris & Elizabeth his wife, executrix of William Barwell Villers Philpott; John Cesar; and Ferdinando Cesar (M1641) Link[4,891] Link[4,892] C33/181, p. 9r, 39v
James Harris Edward Williams & his wife (E1642) Link[4,893] C33/181, p. 532r
John Harris Edward Beaton (M1641) Link[4,894] (E1642) Link[4,895] C33/181, p. 115r, (E1642) 525v
John Harris, professor of sacred theology, warden of the College of Blessed Mary of Winchester by Winchester and the Fellows and Scholars of the same college William Phillips, sr; and John Smith (E1642) Link[4,896] (T1642) Link[4,897] C33/181, p. 548r, (T1642) 735v
John Harris, armiger & Lady Elizabeth his wife Charles Bettesworth; et al (M1641) Link[4,898] (H1642) Link[4,899]; [4,900]; (E1642) [4,901]; [4,902]; (T1642) [4,903]; [4,904] C33/181, p. 29r, (H1642) 268v, 324r, (E1642) 468r, 542r, (T1642) 687r, 741v
John Harris, armiger; et al Roger Polkenhorne (M1641) Link[4,905] C33/181, p. 169r
John Harris; and William Bolt John Partridge (M1641) Link[4,906] (H1642) Link[4,907]; (E1642) [4,908]; (T1642) [4,909]; [4,910]; [4,911] C33/181, p. 236r, (H1642) 431r, (E1642) 462r, (T1642) 630v, 641v, 742v
Leonard Harris Thomas Soutley (M1641) Link[4,912] Link[4,913]; (E1642) [4,914]; (T1642) [4,915] C33/181, p. 1v, 108v, (E1642) 536v, (T1642) 693r
Richard Harris John Banner (T1642) Link[4,916] C33/181, p. 738v
Richard Harris, clerk William Cosens; and Robert Cosens (H1642) Link[4,917] C33/181, p. 426v
Richard Harris Thomas Wilson (M1641) Link[4,918] C33/181, p. 184r
Richard Harris Thomas Wayland; and Henry Garsner (T1642) Link[4,919] C33/181, p. 688r
Thomas Harris Lewis Harris; George Harris; Walter Pritchard; Edward Reynolds; et al (T1642) Link[4,920] C33/181, p. 685v
Thomas Harry Fabian Phillips (T1642) Link[4,921] C33/181, p. 749v
William Harris; et al Elizabeth Thymble (M1641) Link[4,922] C33/181, p. 127v
Elizabeth Harrison, widow John Barrye, clerk; et al (H1642): Link[4,923] C33/181, p. 306v
John Harrison Henry Hodgson (E1642) Link[4,924] C33/181, p. 550v
John Harrison Richard Rattle /Ritle (H1642): Link[4,925] (T1642): Link[4,926] C33/181, p. 282r, (T1642) 695r
Marmaduke Harrison William Trewman, gent (T1642) Link[4,927] C33/181, p. 703v
Richard Harrison Robert Browning (E1642) Link[4,928] C33/181, p. 532r
Richard Harrison Robert Thornton; and Richard Thornton (M1641) Link[4,929] (H1642) Link[4,930] C33/181, p. 120v, (H1642) 315r
Thomas Harrison Thomas, lord Fawconbridge (H1642) Link[4,931] C33/181, p. 374
Thomas Harrison; et al John Pococke (T1642) Link[4,932] bis C33/181, p. 737v bis
William Harrison James Mosse (M1641) Link[4,933]