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E1299: procedure for delivery of women from imprisonment. [1]


E1300 A: Lincoln procedure under the statute Acton Burnel. [2]

E1301 A: Thomas son of Roger Scot of Grantham v. Thomas Gamel of Lincoln. Trespass assault. Claim of court based on charter of King Richard, which excepted from the city's immunity ministers of the king. Gamel admitted to being bailiff at the alleged time and thus a minister of the king. He justified his actions as distraint in the process of a suit of debt for 40s, which case is nicely recounted. [3]

M1304 A: Claim of court allocated with citation to charter and prior allocation; allocated with alioquin clause. Robert de Wraggeby v. Andrew le Taverner, John Shony, John de Horkestowe, & Hamo de Dovorria. [4]

E1306 A: Demolition of the prior's embankment in a dispute whether a certain field was the prior's or the common land of Lincoln. Prior of St. Katherine outside Lincoln v. Alan Faukes, Ralph Russel, Peter Blocke, Thomas Perre, John Tece, John de Biry, William de Biry, Robert Welpot, Hugh de Pulham, John le Pelter, Walter Bayhus, Peter atte Kirkestile, Simon de Wymbelthorp, William Cause, Walter son of Gosceline, John son of John Mody, Osbert le Lung, John de Normanton, & Robert Pesemete. [5]

T1306 B: Order to the bailiffs of King's Lynn that they should seize goods worth 280 p.s. from merchants of Hainault, Holland, Zeeland, and Friesland on the complaint of Henry Bere, John son of Simon, Walter de Canewyk, Richard de Severby, Ralph de Firlingham, Walter le Keu, Gilbert de Rothing, Alan de Thoresway, Roger de Buselingthorp, & John de Tumby citizens and merchants of Lincoln and on the letters patent of the mayor and community of Lincoln under their common seal that merchants of those parts seized goods of Henry and the others shipped for Brabant and William earl of Hainault, Holland, and Zeeland has not given satisfaction. [6]

T1306 A: Case of debt in Lincoln city court before the mayor and bailiffs for 7 marks for woad sold and process for execution of judgment: the execution of the judgment was the basis for a trespass case for breach of close and taking of goods. Roger le Waddestere of Lincoln v. Henry Bere of Lincoln, Robert le Keu of Grantham, & Nicholas le Barbur of Lincoln [7].

H1309 A: Inquiry on indictment of Gilbert Sturdy of Lincoln, who was arrested and detained in Lincoln prison for entering the hall of pleas at Lincoln and assaulting John de Blyton mayor, calling him false and perverse and raising the hue on him, whereby the less was the mayor able to hold the pleas and perform his other duties there. Gilbert got sufficient mainpernors to proceed in king's bench. He justified that he had gone to the hall of pleas to deliver a royal writ of peace and had gaged his peace and left the hall, whereon a partisan of the mayor had attacked him. He thus went back to the hall and raised the hue. No verdict. [8]

M1312 A: Taking of specified muniments and tallies in Lincoln. Thomas Brond v. John le Smale & Joan his wife, John de Hadyngton; Master Roger de Croxton. [9]. Difficulty in execution: [10], [11]

T1315 A: Robert de Swalclyve v. Joan Marmyon & Manswer Marmyon together with Thomas le Tanour of Lincoln and John de Morby. Trespass breach of close and taking of grain. Joan pleaded that Robert de Chame son of Thomas de Chame citizen of Lincoln had held a messuage and a contiguous piece of land. He granted the messuage to Master Robert Marmyon rector of Falstow together with the buildings thereon with clear lights entering without obstruction through the windows (evidenced by charter). That Robert Marmyon by custom of Lincoln devised to Joan. Robert de Chame seven years later granted the contiguous piece of land to Robert de Swalcliff. He built a wall in front of Joan's windows; Joan destroyed that wall as she was entitled to do. The plaintiff argued his right to build walls on his own land. Issue of law adjourned then repleatedly. [12]

M1316 A: Wine testers. Giles de Rasen v. Alexander son of John son of Martin de Lincoln, John de Blyton, John de Amcotes, John de Roderham, and Nigel Siftrike. Trespass breach of close and breaking a tun of wine and imprisonment. City claimed its court, but the charter did not cover this kind of case. Defendants justified that they were deputies of the city to test wine in the city and they found a tun of putrid wine and as is the custom broke that tun. [13]


  • H1346 A: Lincolnshire. Quitclaim by William son and heir of John le Harpour de Hesel to Roger son of Roger de Totel of Lincoln cleric concerning two tenements in Lincoln. [14] rcp
  • H1349 A: Lincolnshire. Hugh de Brunne of Lincoln (qui tam) v. Richard Touke and Robert son of Martin le Payntour lately bailiffs of Lincoln. Hugh had brought in the city court before the bailiffs without writ against Henry Sleght for trespass. Henry was convicted for 50s damages, so that he was committed to the bailiffs to be guarded in the city prison until he satisfied both the king and Hugh. But they permitted him to leave the prison. [15]


H1350 A:Lincolnshire. It was presented in E1349 that whereas John Crispyn de Eltham and William Wright de Eltham were captured for divers felonies and robberies and put in the jail of Lincoln castle, in 1348 they burgled the jail and fled to the church of St Paul in the bailley of the castle and then to the brothers of the order of St Augustine, Lincoln, and then at night they fled from there also. Richard de Maundeville parson of Roxby received them into his home at Roxby knowing them to be felons. And John Crispyn and Thomas Crispyn and other divers wrongdoers came with force and arms against the king's peace with armed force in mode of war at Burton Stather to the home of Nicholas Hustwayt and assaulted him and with arrows and fire were set to burn him in his home until Nicholas for fear of death rendered himself to them and made fine with them in 1345. Knowing all this, Richard de Maundevill rector of Roxby received them anyway. Earlier it had also been presented that Maundevill, rector, had raped Cecilia daughter of Geoffrey Horne de Roxby at the woods in Berghton. [16]

  • E1357 A: Lincolnshire. Rex v. John de Siperston bailiff of the city of Lincoln. Prosecution for violating prohibition of city officers supervising the assize of bread and ale from dealing in wine or victuals in gross or retail. [17] rcp






H1494 A: City of Lincoln. Henry Willoughby, knight, recently sheriff of Lincoln v. a number of individuals. Debt. [18]