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H1295 A: customs collection. [1]


E1314 A: Bailiffs of Ipswich accused of imposing tolls on the men of Hadleigh contrary to the liberty of the archbishop of Canterbury. [2]

H1315 A: Husband, accused of theft, fled Ipswich and thus left his wife unsupported. Wife's father took her back in and was then accused by the husband of taking his wife and goods and chattels. [3]

H1317 A: John de Mevereshanghen, Wodekynus de Revele, & Alan de Revele merchants of the kingdom of Germany of the society of those merchants who have a house in the city of London commonly called the Gildehalle Teutonicorum v. Gilbert Robert and Lawrence Cobbe the king's bailiffs of Ipswich. Trespass. [4]

E1318 A: Taking of 40p.s. at Brentwood from William de Rykethorn who, along with others, was transporting 2000 marks from the king's treasury in London to Ipswich on the king's business. William de Rykethorn v. Stephen de Conesgrave, Richard le Taillour, Richard Huwet, Geoffrey Spicere, Henry le White, Robert Nolot, John Nolet, Roger Algoo, John Ancote, Richard le Herde, Stephen Snowe, John Fraunceys, Adam le Keu, John Rykedon, John Snowe, Phillip Page, Stephen le Bakere, and John Kempe. [5]

E1318 B: Taking goods and burning a ship at the Orwell port. The ship and tackle, worth 30 p.s., was loaded with cloths and woad ash in all worth 310 p.s. from Brabant. Robert de Bokelound of St. Edmund v. William Shakeloke and William Chymeton. [6]



  • E1362 A: Export of grain to Flanders. [7] rcp











  • H1590 A: Mercer apprentice agreement in Ipswich. Oliver Cowper v William Bultor, concering the apprenticeship of Thomas Wildes. [8] rcp