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This project makes available a list of town notables who were displaced or appointed in the time leading up to the Glorious Revolution. The list will identify opponents and partisans of James II who appear in legal cases and other documents both before and after the Glorious Revolution. Those other documents will thus assume their proper context and contribute to a better understanding of the local aspects of the Glorious Revolution.

This page will be segmented as the database becomes too large for one page and as other documents accumulate relevant to the Glorious Revolution.

The researcher primarily responsible for this material is Alan Cooper, indentified in individual entries as "ac".


Removed (27 November 1687) [1] James Cordery, mayor and alderman; John Sanders, Richard Pudsey, James Curtine, Jr., Thomas Sanders, Jonathan Hare, aldermen; Thomas King, Robert Cheney, sheriffs and common council men; Simon Harcourt, Esq., recorder;; Richard Hart, town clerk
Removed (16 December 1687) [2] Thomas Harrison, mayor & alderman, John Blake, Giles Pocock, David Webb, John Thorn, Sen., John Lamdom, John Sanders, aldermen; William Whistler, Thomas Jemmet, Adam Smith, Samuel Johnson, Thomas Hull, William Wilder, Jun., burgesses; Richard Groves, town clerk
Removed (30 August 1685) [3] Anthony Leaver, Sr., alderman; John Wylder, John Riggins, William Maxey, burgesses


Ponsmurr alias Grampound
Removed (21 January 1687) [4] Anthony Moore, Stephen Trezize, Elias Purdue, Joseph Tremaine, capital burgesses
Removed (6 May 1685) [5] Degory Taylor, Nathan Williams, Sr., John Symmons, Charles Suxton, George Miller, capital burgesses -- ac
Removed (28 January 1687) [6] Henry Vincent, Justice of the Peace and capital burgess; Robert Avery, alderman and capital burgess; William Cood, Edward Vincent, Sr., Walter Vincent, Thomas Cloke, James Edwards, Walter Jones, capital burgesses


Election set aside (5 February 1686) [7] John Cheshire, alderman


Removed (16 December 1687) [8] Colonel Bassett, recorder; Henry Raven, mayor; John Blake, John Palmer, Richard Salisbury, aldermen; John Hunt, William Westcombe, John Stephens, Edward Rice, George Fairchild, John Peard, James Rumplander, Sen., James Rumplander, Jun., capital burgesses
Removed (11 March 1685) [9] Arthur Holdesworth, mayor; William Voysey, burgess
Removed (27 November 1687) [10] Thomas Floud, mayor and Justice of the Peace; Edward Roope, burgess and Justice of the Peace; Arthur Holdsworth, Thomas Badaford, Robert Clapp, Nicholas Peyton, burgesses
Removed (28 May 1687) [11] Thomas Gibbon, Esq., deputy recorder
Removed (27 November 1687) [12] John Snell, Esq., mayor and alderman; George Savin, John Cholwell, James Walker, Henry Smith, aldermen; Christopher Coke, sheriff and common council man; John Tandy, receiver and common council man; Humphry Lee, Charles Alden, Thomas Potter, Nathaniel Gest, Malachy Pine, Edward Dally, John Carwethy, William Tope, common council men; Richard Rouse, sword bearer
Removed (12 June 1685) [13] Sir Thomas Put, mayor
Removed (20 November 1687) [14] Sir Courtney Poole, recorder; Sir William Drake, John Pole, Gideon Haidon, Henry Fry, Sebastian Isaac, John Chichester, William Pitt, Thomas Sampson, Edward Ford, Esqs., aldermen and Justices of the Peace
Removed (20 November 1687) [15] Peter Atkins, mayor; Sir Hugh Ackland, Sir Copleston Bampfield, William Coleman, Esq., justices and burgesses; William Hewet, Roger Chamberlain, Richard Blundell, John Fosse, gent., burgesses; William Frost, Tristram Furlong, William Wood, Robert Hoare, Robert Clerke, assistants; Thomas Webber, town clerk
Removed (28 May 1687) [16] Thomas Gibbon, deputy recorder
Removed (27 November 1687) [17] Edward Seymour, recorder


Lyme Regis
Removed (16 December 1687) [18] Andrew Tucker, Solomon Andrews, William Carswell, Thomas Derricott, capital burgesses; John Bray, town clerk
Removed (27 November 1687) [19] William Franklin, mayor; William Bowles, Esq., Justice of the Peace, John Harris, William Chamberlain, Jasper Banister, Lewis Evans, John Snook, Simon Whitcomb, Thomas Hackney, burgesses; Sir Henry Butler, recorder


Removed (5 December 1686) [20] Thomas Langley, mayor


Removed (20 November 1687) [21] Benjamin Hyett, William Jordan, John Smallwood, aldermen; Arnold Aram, William Phelps, John Chapman, George Broad, Nathaniel Castle alias Cooke, Isaac Williams, William Gittoes, Giles Wills, Thomas Mills, Josiah Randle, common council men; Sir WIlliam Gregory, recorder of the city
Removed (20 November 1687) [22] John Mann, mayor; Charles Handcock, alderman; William Jennings, chamberlain and one the of the common council; James Simpson, town clerk and Clerk of the Peace and one of the common council; Charles Wind, one of the common council


Removed (27 November 1687) [23] Samuel Seward, bailiff; Richard Hodges, Thomas Harris, John Aldred, Justices of the Peace and capital burgesses; Thomas Stead, town clerk; Thomas Price, chamberlain; John Tompkins, William Baylis, Jeremy Clarke, Humphry Lawrence, Thomas Jones, Oliver Hacklott, Edward Hayse, capital burgesses


Removed (19 September 1686) [24] Sir Anthony Aucher, mayor
Removed (16 December 1687) [25] Henry Lee, Esq., mayor; Sir William Honywood, Bart., Sir William Rooke, Kt., Joseph Roberts, John Elliott, Doctor of Physic, Thomas Fidge, aldermen; John Hobday, sheriff, Nicholas Hunt, William Powell, Thomas Smith, William Sandford, John Eaton, Richard May, Thomas Best, snr., Thomas Best, jun., Edmund Harris, John Flatman, common council men


Removed (3 April 1685) [26] Josua Partington, alderman; Abraham Partington, bailiff
Removed (14 August 1687) [27] Oliver Lime, deputy mayor; Silvester Richmond, Justice of the Peace


Removed at his own request (11 February 1687) [28] Adlard Keyme, gent., alderman


Removed (25 September 1687) [29] William Pott, master; John Chase, Esq., William Butler, Peter Sambrooke, Dr. John Jones, Edward Hearne, Benjamin Donne, Thomas Warren, John Arrowsmith, Dr. Francis Bernard, William Bradford, Thomas Hall, Thomas Soaper, Henry Sykes, Thomas Elton, James Travis, Charles Watts, Thomas Langham, John Pelling, Sir John Clarke, Thomas Gardiner, Michaell Pearce, Robert Clarke, George Bearcroft, John Holmes, assistants of the company
Armourers & Brasiers
Removed (25 September 1687) [30] John Philips, warden; Anthony Hatch, Edward Collingwood, John Griffith, Sr., William Hall, Robert Rowland, Joseph Titcombe, Henry Hapgood, Robert Haton, William Browne, Miles Robinson, John Scott, George Moor, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [31] Christopher Mills, master; Ralph Neale, William Smalley, wardens; John Sutton, Thomas Doggett, William Boughey, Thomas Phelps, Francis Wiseman, John Hinds, Samuel Deighton, John Nicholls, James Evetts, assistants of the company
Barbers & Surgeons
Removed (25 September 1687) [32] Sir John Lethueilleir, Kt., Thomas Canham, Thomas Page, Richard Cheshire, George Horsenell, Thomas Seale, John Deane, John Darling, Samuel Tatham, Thomas Caister, John Jackson, Thomas Keeling, William Saltmarsh, Bartholomew King, Henry Tong, Nathaniel Galen, John Hardrett, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [33] Henry Tindale, Richard Cole, Edward Tew, wardens; Samuell Neale, Francis Pound, Thomas Hodgkins, Robert Markham, Edward Freeman, Richard Howes, Robert Shaw, Thomas Philips, Thomas Gifford, John Bezer, William Perrey, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [34] Thomas Sisson, warden; Edward Hitchcock, Symon Tomlyn, Edmond Johnson, John Fox, Richard Breamer, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [35] John Hawks, John Cross, wardens; James Hickson, John Freeman, James Reading, Esqs., Ralph Bowes, Richard Hammond, Joseph Lawrence, William Carpenter, William Hart, Nicholas Choune, Ralph Hawkins, Thomas Crane, John Hunt, Edward Buckley, John Bigsby, Anthony Sherecliffe, John May, John Gyde, Robert Carter, Elias Fletcher, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [36] John Lucas, master; Josiah Keeling, warden; Thomas Harris, William Rutlish, John Marriott, John Norton, John Barber, James Pooly, William West, Robert Questead, Ezekiell Fuller, Peter Ashton, Edward Jones, John Springwell, William Sherrard, Thomas Parkins, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [37] William Peacock, warden, Israell Knowles, Henry Wilkins, Thomas Kentish, John Haynes, Joseph Chitty, Thomas Scott, Jasper Rawlins, Humphrey Smith, Samuel Knapp, Richard Heybournes, George Clisby, Edward Stanny, William Mitchell, Edward Winston, assistants of the company
Removed (5 May 1685) [38] Robert Stephenson, assistant of the company -- ac
Removed (25 September 1687) [39] John Midgley, Richard Williams, wardens; Sir Dennis Gawden, Sir Joseph Williamson, Sir Benjamin Ayloffe, Sir Robert Knightley, Sir Edward Waldoe, Sir Edmond Wiseman, Thomas Browne, Francis Dorrington, William Edwards, Paul Wicks, Esqs., James Young, Ralph Knowles, Bryan Bentham, Thomas Mason, John Smith, William Greening, Richard King, William Bearblock, Joell Andrews, Stephen Pitts, Robert Brough, Thomas Apsley, Edward Mills, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [40] Anthony Spencer, master, John Pether, Edward Jones, wardens, William Dynes, Thomas Carpenter, Thomas Humphreys, John Webb, John Smith, William Cleaver, Michaell Lucas, Samuel Staynes, William Sturt, Robert Baynes, Richard Greenway, Thomas Marriott, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [41] James Hudson, master; Allexander Fowler, Gilbert East, wardens; Arthur Bray, Thomas Mason, Robert Warner, William Winbery, Daniel Harris, Edward Beeker, Thomas Gray, Robert Lekee, William Abrooke, Daniel Templeman, Robert Dodd, Thomas Borges, Nicholas Beebey, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [42] William Carter, master; Stephen Chisledine, warden; William Wooton, Nicholas Carter, William Horsey, Thorpe Groome, George Groves, Robert Butcher, Joseph Parsons, William Ives, John Chapman, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [43] John Hawgood, master; Robert Grimes, Edward Folkingham, Thomas Pennington, Thomas Spencer, Henry Panton, Richard Hopkins, John Woodcroft, Philip Mist, George Bonnett, Richard Wise, Hugh Smith, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [44] Anthony Durban, James Dobson, wardens; Sir James Smith, Kt., Sir Francis Clarke, Kt., Sir William Warren, Kt., Sir Robert Adams, Kt., Robert Clarkeson, Esq., Richard Alie, Esq., Thomas Tyther, Ralph Lee, Peter Jones, John Davis, Athur Staveley, Richard Master, Thomas Jenney, John Archer, Henry Robins, Roger Mingay, Thomas Lowfeild, William Bowtell, William Benson, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [45] William Cleeve, Esq., Edward Aston, wardens; Christopher Marshal, Sr., Adam Andrews, Anthony, Rawlins, Esq., John Hiller, Evan Lloyd, Mathew Andrews, John Taylor, Job May, William Wintle, George Peck, Benjamin Noble, William Mandrell, Richard Bourne, Richard Mandrell, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [46] James Copping, Nicholas Caplin, Francis Griffith, Robert Hawkins, wardens; Sir Simon Lewis, John Bathurst, Esq., William Beheathland, Nathaniel Hawes, John Sawyer, Nathaniel Townsend, William Withers, Henry Goodhew, Thomas Jeeve, John Lowe, Benjamin Biddle, Mark Lawne, Thomas Peirsehouse, John Dowley, Thomas Pitcher, Jarvis Wilcox, Francis Bryerwood, Richard Nicholls, Thomas Oneby, Thomas Lockington, Robert Oxwicke, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [47] Henry, assistant of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [48] Thomas Hawgood, master; John White, Thomas Aylward, Henry Warren, Edmond Read, William Walmesley, Mathew Beaver, Nathaniel Stringer, Thomas Watson, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [49] Simon Smith, master; Edward Nourse, Robert Saxton, wardens; George Day, Mathias Goodfellow, Samuel Wing, Joseph Scriven, John Cudworth, Esq., Joseph Chambers, Edward Bayly, John Ryley, William Heywood, William French, William Coolings, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [50] William Ireland, warden: William Ryder, John Oliver, Thomas Hyde, Daniel Davis, Samuell Rainger, Matthias Smith, Richard Woodland, Henry Auger, William Woodroffe, William Price, John Hill, Edward Avery, William Carter, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [51] Sir Thomas Fowle, Kt., Edward Decayne, Richard Lucas, wardens, Nicholas Dawes, William Faithorne, Robert Fowle, John Coggs, John King, Humphrey Stoakes, Bernard Turner, Thomas Heath, Jacob Sheldrake, William Leake, Hugh Hamersley, Richard Hoare, Henry Lamb, Joseph Cozens, Nicholas Collett, assistants of the company
Removed (5 May 1685) [52] John Coldham, assistant of the company -- ac
Removed (25 September 1687) [53] Sir Thomas Chicheley, William Hart, Thomas Horton, Ralph Box, Esq., Stephen Coleman, Jonadab Balaam, wardens; Sir James Edwards, Sir John Moore, Sir Henry Tulse, Sir Benjamin Newland, Thomas Turges, John Bence, Esqrs., Sir Richard Pigott. Kt., Richard Booth, Esq., John Steventon, Thomas Broderick, Percivall Gilburne, William Stonestreete, Ralph Izard, Abraham Jaggard, John Beale, Roger Reeve, Charles Michell, Thomas Cowden, Samuel Wastell, Henry Wagstaffe, John Briscoe, Thomas Short, Richard Johnson, William Pellatt, John Heather, Hugh Stroud, Laurence Weld, William Savage, Thomas Symonds, John Butterfeild, Richard Peirce, Granado Chester, Bernard Mynn, Emanuel Conyers, James Smith, Daniel Brewster, Richard Cotten, James Brace, Thomas Amy, Edmond Bury, Thomas Tompkins, John Sherwood, Richard Beauchamp, John Connisby, William Fownes, Thomas Rogers, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [54] William Nott, Robert Chaplin, Robert Curtis, wardens; Sir Thomas Vernon, Robert Aske, Esq., Richard Winne, Esq., Arthur Baron, Esq., Edward Dearmer, John Athey, Thomas Honilove, Edward Reddish, John Chancey, Randall Bell, Thomas Norwich, John Davenport, William Yate, Bartholomew Ferriman, William Lovell, Thomas Wineup, William Richardson, Richard Morse, Richard Baker, Edward Dechaire, Nicholas Smith, John Martin, Thomas Price, John Singleton, Richard Sills, Henry King, John Richardson, John Pawlin, Robert Buggins, Morrice Mosely, Thomas Yate, Richard Mitton, John Turvin, Edmond Boulsworth, Edmond Boulter, Thomas Bates, John Perris, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [55] William Petty, warden; Robert Hudson, Edward Shaller, Thomas Hall, William Wykes, Christopher Johnson, Edward Norman, Thomas Sanderson, Edward Greenbury, John Vuing, John Forrest, William Wilkins, John Shelley, John Graunt, John Morris, Peter Morris, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [56] John Grice, Master; Richard Ingram, Henry Mudd, Esq., wardens; Sir Robert Geffery, Kt., John Sampson, Esq., William Hinton, Nicholas Wyld, Benjamin Skutt, Thomas Nicholas, Edward Spencer, Thomas Niccolls, Thomas Pattle, John Foster Ironmonger, Thomas Humphrys, George Fewtrell, Charles Thorold, jr., John Beale, Edward Morgan, John Godschall, Thomas Sandys, Francis Hutton, Thomas Harper, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [57] George Newland, master; James Ball, John Rand, wardens, Henry Philipps, William Cleer, Richard Kedge, Hugh Cope, James Goweth, William Fitter, Thomas Hodges, John Cole, Abraham Bartlett, James Goodall, Mathew Williams, Edward Fuller, William Roundthwaite, assistants of the company
Leather Sellers
Removed (25 September 1687) [58] Robert Jenks, master; Thomas Wharton, William Tigh, wardens; John Niccoll, Esq., George Bragg, Richard Brackley, William Rutland, Christopher Sheene, Gawen Corbin, John Smith, Kenelme Smith, Samuel Bennet, Thomas Sowlter, Christopher Clarke, John Moore, John Kempthorne, Zachary Taylor, Thomas Baud, Thomas Emes, Seth Taylor, Richard Taylor, William Speed, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [59] John Thomson, warden; Thomas Shorthose, Abraham Storey, John Shorthose, Nicholas Young, John Martin, William Hammond, Michaell Todd, Jasper Latham, Richard Crooke, Thomas Craven, William Stanborough, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [60] Edward Burrish, John Davenport, wardens; Sir John Chapman, Sir Benjamin Thorowgood, Sir Edward des Bouverie, William Hurt, Oliver Wallis, Walter Lapp, Thomas Langham, Thomas Tyte, Edward Burrish, Edmond Davenport, Sir Edward Deering, Mathew Carleton, Marshall Bridges, Francis Ellaby, Robert Mellish, Henry Saunders, William Robinson, Thomas Twisden, Thomas Hawes, John Davenport, Thomas Blackmore, John Debnam, Nicholas Fownes, William Bridges, William Butler, Thomas Hammond, Edward Allen, Simeon Fineham, assistants of the company
Merchant Tailors
Removed (25 September 1687) [61] Thomas Hatchett, John Page, Thomas Darwin, wardens; Sir William Turner, Sir William Prichard, John Wallis, John Short, Esqs., Richard Cawthorne, Henry Collyer, John Bent, George Day, Abraham Moone, Robert Masters, John Kent, Thomas Pendleton, Joseph Greenhil, Nicholas Heygate, Joseph Broomer, Francis Ellerker, Edward Le Neve, Joseph Smart, Esq., Edward Rigby, Joseph Cox, William Crouch, Henry Berrisford, Henry Lewes, Thomas Barnes, William Barrett, Isaac Lambert, assistants of the company
Painter Stainers
Removed (25 September 1687) [62] Edward Mole, master; Samuel Hedge, Thomas Evans, Paul Audley, Silvanus Morgan, William Stamper, John Sanders, Jeremiah Wright, John Bridge, John Perryn, Henry Asgill, Chudleigh Cranwell, John Inares, Richard Wallis, Edward Pearce, John Fentrill, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [63] William Mathews, warden; William Rawlins, John Bateman; John Leeson, William Jones, Richard Cheslin, James Kelke, Giles Diston, Christopher Raper, William Paxton, Daniel Barton, John Allen, James Towdin, Thomas Taylor, Ralph Benton, Richard Fletcher, Charles Sweetings, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [64] Ambrose Granger, Henry Elsey, wardens, John Blunt, Henry Hodsdon, Edward Vernon, Thomas Townarow, Henry Doogood, Thomas Newborne, John Martin, Thomas Bucknell, William Charles, John Grove, Thomas Butler, Edward Hollingshead, John Weldy, Robert Dyer, Henry Cromwell, Henry Gardiner, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [65] John Cale, Stephen Smart, wardens; Charles Atherton, Esq., Francis Hobbs, Richard Streete, Samuel Tanner, Roger Donne, John Grange, George Woodward, James Dobins, William Baskervile, Thomas Browne, Thomas Dobins, Edward Prigg, John Lingard, William Pressely, John Cock, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [66] William Skippey, master, Urian Arnold, warden, Richard Porter, Richard Bishop, Samuel Bishop, George Spencer, John Archer, Josiah Day, Jeremiah Bayley, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [67] Thomas Fizer, Edward Fisher, wardens; Sir Peter Rich, Kt., Edward Be3nskin, Robert Wareing, Francis Bulfill, William Morgan, John Sawyer, John Webb, Robert Johnson, Robert Stoakes, Henry Petter, Thomas Ohew, John Hall, Cadogan Thomas, Elias Rich, Esq., assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [68] Thomas Sandford, master: Nathaniel Stratton, warden; Richard Yerbury, Thomas Littell, Robert Lutman, John Child, Thomas Hamond, Nathaniel Luddington, Richard Halford, William Gillimore, Champion Ashby, Benjamin Boultby, Thomas Waker, Thomas Ashby, Joshuah Monger, James Cary, assistants to the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [69] John Wing, master; John Brandreth, William Fashion, wardens, James Windus, Thomas Goodwin, Leonard Bates, William Daynes, William Warne, James Needler, Giles Steele, James Clement, Edward Allen, Michaell Bignall, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [70] Sir William Russell, Kt., William Gumbleton, Esq., William Wentworth, Rainsford Waterhouse, Richard Harvy, wardens: Russell Alsopp, Robert Mordant, Roger Kemp, Allexander Myers, William Wilkinson, John Fordham, Robert Brainsby, George Baker, Roger Arkinstall, Rowland Woodyer, William Reeve, Henry Sandys, Francis Burdett, John Reeve, John Carter, Giles Burrows, George Westby, John Poulson, John Sayer, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [71] Roger Norton, master; John Baker, Thomas Bassett, wardens; Henry Herringman, John Bellinger, Robert Scott, Ambrose Isted, Henry Clerke, Robert Clavell, William Phillips, Samuel Hyrick, Adam Felton, Samuell Lounds, Thomas Dring, Benjamin Tooke, Walter Kettleby, William Shrewsbury, assistants of the company
Tallow Chandlers
Removed (25 September 1687) [72] Thomas Harris, Henry Hawkes, Thomas Cole, Richard Cooper, wardens; Nicholas Charleton, Esq., Peter Pickering, Sr., Edward Hitchcock, John Merydale, Bryan Ayliffe, Stephen Harris, William Thatcher, John Syms, Samuel Hammond, Francis Haughton, Peter Pickering, Jr., Henry Wine, Mathew Walker, William Grove, John Hastings, Nathaniel Chandler, William Perkins, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [73] William Burd, John Talbot alias Burges, Edward Bussey, Edward Haimes, William Mace, George Walker, James Wakefield, Nicholas Brightwell, Christopher Keene, Christopher Cock, William Dodson, John Wynde, William Waterman, William Rolstone, assistants of the company
Tylers & Bricklayers
Removed (25 September 1687) [74] Thomas Seagood, master; John Braithwaite, John Punter, Thomas Cuddesden, John White, William Bourne, Sr., Edward Goodman, Thomas Horne, Thomas Townsend, George Harris, John Bridges, John Emery, Thomas Little, John Broomer, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [75] Ezekiell Wright, master; Anthony Wells, William Poynts, wardens; William Scott, Samuel Purchas, Charles Wicks, Giles Denny, William Meakins, Sr., James Towne, William Pepys, Abraham Trunkett, John Cooper, John Reynolds, Andrew Binks, assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [76] Sir Thomas Rawlinson, master, James Supple, Edward Shrawley, Anthony Gregory, wardens, Sir Samuel Dashwood, Sir Peter Rich, Richard Taylor, Esq., Richard Weedon, John Worrall, Richard Kinsey, Henry Baldwin, Michael Wareing, Thomas Collett, John Genew, Philip Stubbs, William Smith, George Twyne, Lewis Wilson, Adam Caine, Samuel Clerke, Thomas Sorrell, Mathias Fowler, Edward Chevall, John Powell, John Gudge, Joseph Rawlinson, Bernard Saltenstall, Thomas Allen, Edward Cooke, Adam Cooke, John Greene, Robert Greene, assistants of the company
Wax Chandlers
Removed (25 September 1687) [77] Roger Davis, warden, Thomas Churchy, Robert Papworth, James Cooke, Jerome Collins, Richard Vokins, Henry Preedy, John Barbour, Joseph Ballard, Duncomb Norris, George Hawson, John Collins, Samuel Woodward, John Gardiner, Jr., assistants of the company
Removed (25 September 1687) [78] Joshua Sabin, George Reeve, bailiffs; Georg Hoard, warden, William Winter, Abraham Beake, William Marriott, George Richards, Joseph Silvester, William Crouch, Edward Gamage, Joseph Presbury, John Looker, William Berry, William Edmonds, Thomas Olding, John Wilkinson, Ralph Tidford, Abraham Smalley, Richard Buckland, John Hall, assistants of the company


Removed (22 April 1687) [79] Thomas Basset, schoolmaster at the Free School
Appointed (22 April 1687) [80] Thomas Wright, schoolmaster at the Free School


Removed (3 July 1686) [81] John Willoughby, John Hows, aldermen
Berwick upon Tweed
Removed (14 January 1687) [82] Ferdinando Foster, Justice of the Peace; Samuell Foster, Robert Rodham, Richard Davison, Joseph Rosden, John Saltonstall, George Wake, Henry Thompson, common council men
Removed (20 November 1687) [83] Samuel Reignolds, William Flawtin, Richard Wheatley, Justices of the Peace and aldermen; Andrew Harvey, Henry Stokes, John Stokes, aldermen; Samuel West, Edward Reignolds, William Thorpe, chief burgesses; Richrad Down, town clerk and assistant; Philip Styles, assistant


Removed (4 December 1687) [84] William Masey, John Rogers, William Simons, town clerk, Robert Baker, William Criddle, John Curry, Robert Reeves, capital burgesses
Removed (13 June 1686) [85] Sir Richard Hart, alderman
Removed at his own request (4 February 1687) [86] John Moore, Esq., alderman and common council man
Removed at his own request (29 April 1687) [87] Henry Combe, common council man


Removed (12 April 1685) [88] Nathaniel Beard, alderman; Humphry Burrows, alderman; John Butler, bailiff and burgess; John Burgesse, bailiff and burgess -- ac
Removed (14 May 1686) [89] Thomas Baddily, deputy mayor; John Burgesse, John Burrowes, William Marsh, capital burgesses
Removed (4 December 1687) [90] Edward Manwering, Esq., mayor; Ralph Sneyd, Thomas Hemings, Esqs., Justices of the Peace and aldermen; William Sneyd of Bourchell, William Sneyd, son of Ralph Sneyd, William Cotton, aldermen; Kilvard Oates, Peter Gilworth, bailiffs; John Hemings, John Jenings, John Ames, George Riveley, John Dunster, Ralph Walker, capital burgesses


Removed (27 June 1685) [91] Edward Owen, Thomas Lawrence, James Naylor, aldermen
Removed (27 November 1687) [92] Septimus Bott, Edward Bradney, George Elliot, Thomas King, aldermen; Catesby Odams, council house man; Basill Fielding, steward; Simon Burton, clerk of the council; Edward Rawson, sheriff


Removed (16 December 1687) [93] John Flower, bailiff and burgess; William Weekes, Samuel Twyford, Thomas Webb, William Gale, Sen., burgesses
Removed (16 December 1687) [94] Charles Savage, Joseph Morrell alias Morwent, Jasper Chapman, John fitz Herbert, Humphry fitz Herbert, Captain Henry Chivers, burgesses
Removed (27 November 1687) [95] George Clement, mayor and alderman; Oliver Shergold, James Harris, John Priaulx, Andrew Bawden, William Clement, William Batt, Thomas Hasket, William Viner, Charles Viner, Thomas Hunt, John Coleman, aldermen; Robert Cutler, Henry March, Paul Batchelor, Daniel Stockwell, Arthur Batt, Walter Pope, Edward Ellington, Richard Hill, James Elly, Benjamin King, John Langley, Edward Edmonds, Edward Thistlethwait, Thomas Goddard, common council men


Removed (17 October 1686) [96] Henry Towneshend, town clerk
Removed (27 November 1687) [97] Thomas Barcroft, mayor; Winter Harris, Adam Powall, ... Rea, aldermen; John Burton, William Gore, Henry Hill, sheriff, George Soly, John Jones, William Baker, Edward Wright, William Barcroft, Edward Myatt, John Elcockes, Richard Ashby, of the 24 council men; Nathaniel Stenton, Richard Smith, Walter Meeke, Thomas Barcroft, Timothy Wood, John Knight, Francis Marshall, of the 48 common council men; Thomas Vernon, register


Removed (27 November 1687) [98] Sir Richard Osbaldeston, Knt., mayor; Sir John Legard, Sir William Caley, Bts., William Osbaldeston, Esq., John Wyvill, Mathew Anlaby, John Knowesley, aldermen; Timothy Ford, Ralph Porter, gent.; Rowland Norton, Esq., recorder
Removed (18 March 1687) [99] William Kitchingman, town clerk
Appointed (18 March 1687) [100] William Whitehead, town clerk