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  • link under the date of the document, not the date of the events recounting (except as directed in the charter column)
  • copy and paste the link from the original site, otherwise you may mis-copy it
  • enter data in the series: description, link, (and, if you choose) translation link (translation link in the series Town, Year, Letter)
  • each document must have a unique name; construct the names in WAALT order: Town + category, Year, Order (Bristol Documents 1370 B)
  • dates are constructed in ascending order: day, month, year (29.12.97 (when the century is otherwise clear) or 29.12.1397)
  • avoid elaborate formating; use
    • triple apostrophes before and after words for bold
    • double brackets before and after a unique page name to create that new page
    • single brackets before and after a full web address to create a link for which only a number appears (to produce a more easily read page)
    • leave a space between entries or else the entries will appear on the same line

If you delete data accidently, (1) right click to get to the "undo" command, (2) if that does not correct the situation, do not save your changes, (3) if you have already saved, contact the administrator to get the information recovered.

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