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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1855 C78/, no. []
1855 13 Jan William Chinnick; John Chinnock; Thomas Moore; Robert Pearcey & Sarah his wife; William Pearcey & Mary his wife; Robert Monifee & Alice his wife; and Mary Snell widow v. Edward Broom; Edward Clarke & Keziah his wife C78/2155, no. 18 [2]
1855 15 Jan William Atherton; John Henry Bolton; George Huntley Gordon; and Georgiana Mary Bessy Gordon; and Huntley Pryce Gordon infants by George Huntley Gordon their father v. Henry Crowther; Robert Whitmore; Jean Antoine Mesmin Negro de Massals & Charlotte Louisa his wife; Charles Antoine; Theodore Francois Joseph Dendon & Elizabeth Emma his wife; Lucy Catherine Sheldon; and Charles Pierre Aime le Normant comte du Hourmelin; and Marie Louise Phillipine Adele du Chastelet widow otherwise Adele Louise Marie Phillipine vicomtesse de la Forges widow C78/2154, no. 9 [3]
1855 17 Jan Attorney General v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Town of Beverley, Yorkshire C78/2154, no. 2 [4]
1855 17 Jan James Wickenden; Richard Wildish; and james Fishenden v. Mary Rayson widow; Thomas Hurley & Ann Hurley his wife; Mary Rayson spinster; John Henry Rayson; Edward Rayson; John Homan the younger; Robert Smith; and George Brindley Acworth vacated by order of 20 June 1855 C78/2154, no. 3 [5]
1855 18 Jan Ann Catherine Jortin widow v. The South Eastern Railway Company C78/2154, no. 4 [6]
1855 20 Jan John Johnson v. John Longworth Clarke; James Cazenove; and Harnwood Walcot Banner C78/2153, no. 10 [7]
1855 23 Jan Russell Gray v. John Smith; George Molineux the younger; George Molineux the elder; Thomas Whitfeld; Thomas Dicker; George Whitfeld; and Charles Snell Paris C78/2154, no. 10 [8]
1855 24 Jan Constantia Tunaley v. William Eaton Mousley and John Hardcastle Mousley C78/2154, no. 5 [9]
1855 25 Jan James Burchett; James Bond; and Richard Bond which said James Burchett was the administrator and sole legal personal representative of Daniel Burchett late of Woking, Surrey, laborer who died around September 1852 and which said James Bond and Richard Bond were the administrators and legal representatives of Elizabeth Bond late of the Windsor Union Workhouse at Old Windsor, Berks, widow who died around December 1852, which said Daniel Burchett and Elizabeth Bond were the only next of kin of William Townley late of Orpington, Kent, deceased C78/2153, no. 13 [10]
1855 27 Jan George Curling Joad an infant by Richard Perceval Daniel his next friend v. Frederick Peter Ripley; Jesse Curling; Thomas Brame Oldfield; William Curling; George Frederick Young; Thomas Oldfield; Frederick Young; Harold Daniell & Harriot Eliza his wife; Josias Nottidge; Harriot Curling Nottidge; and Emily Alicia Nottidge; Richard Gibbon Davey; and George Belsey; George Pheasant Marriott; Charles Joad Marriott & Elizabeth his wife; Charles William Marriott; Frederick Thomas Marriott; Charles Morton & Louisa his wife; Louisa Marriott; George Joad Marriott; Selina Doulty Marriott; Richard Matthew Pearce & Selina his wife; Selina Holloway; Elizabeth Curling Holloway; John Pearce; James Matthew Greaves; and William Holloway C78/2156, no. 4 [11]
1855 29 Jan George Gatton Hardingham & Arabella his wife v. Ann Thomas; John Peter Benson & Mary Milhuish his wife; Ann Benson; Frances Benson; Procter (?) Melhuish Benson; Mary Margaret Benson; Catherine Benson; Elizabeth Benson; Louisa Benson; William John Benson; Thomas George Benson; Grace Susannah Benson; William Walker Palman & Susanna Elizabeth his wife C78/2154, no. 11 [12]
1855 29 Jan John Peter Benson & Mary Melhuish his wife v. George Gatton Hardingham & Arabella his wife; Ann THomas; William Walker Pulman & Susanna Elizabeth his wife; Anne Benson; Frances Benson; Prockter Melhuish Benson; Mary Margaret Benson; Elizabeth BEnson; Catherine Benson; Louisa Benson; William John Benson; Thomas George Benson; Grace Susan Benson Prockter; Thomas Pulman; and William Walker Pulman the younger C78/2154, no. 12 [13]
1855 31 Jan Thomas David King Watts v. Thomas Jessep Hammond; Robert Alexander; Peter Mouiltard (?); and James Jessep Hammond; Robert Alexander; Peter Mouiltard; and James John Dunaway C78/2155, no. 2 [14]
1855 31 Jan William Wright v. Leicester Vernon & Emily his wife; William Chard Bryan Viney; Douglas Vernon; and Leicester Wellesley Compton Vernon; (called Leicester Wellesley Vernon); Sir Henry Fairfax baronet ; and Dorothy English widow; and Wenman Langham Woodford out of the jurisdiction C78/2155, no. 6 [15]
1855 3 Feb Elizabeth Geidler Underwood widow v. William Wing C78/2155, no. 3 [16]
1855 10 Feb Ann Theresa Cockerell; Susan Caroline Cockerell; and Frederica Cockerell the children of Richard Thorne Cockerell by Charles Robert Cockerell their next friend v. Theresa Cockerell; John Edmund Elliot; John Cockerell; and Samuel Pepys Cockerell AND against William Martin; and Charles Edward Newcomen when they come within the jurisdiction C78/2154, no. 13 [17]
1855 10 Feb Timothy Crosby v. William Robinson Bell; Margaret Elizabeth Bell; and Christiana Belson Thomson C78/2154, no. 14 [18]
1855 14 Feb John Robertson v. Robert Henry Anderson C78/2157, no. 7 [19]
1855 16 Feb William Hedger; Charles Hedger; Arthur Hedger; Frederick Hedger; and Alfred Hedger In the matter of the Trustee Act of 1850 and the Charitable Trusts Act of 1853 relating to the Charity called Hedger's Almshouses in Webber Row in the parish of St George the Martyr in the Borough of Southwark C78/2155, no. 15 [20]
1855 20 Feb William Spencer Shove and William Voller In the matter of an Act of Parliamnet of 52 George III entitled "An Act to provide a summary remedy in cases of abuses of trusts for charitable purposes" and of the Trustees Relief Act of 1850 in relation to The Blackheath Chapel Charity founded by Mrs Susanna Grahame deceased by indenture of 14 December 1679 C78/2154, no. 7 [21]
1855 21 Feb Attorney General at the relation of Edward Palmer and Luke Simeon v. Robert Vansittart and Charles Warde C78/2154, no. 15 [22]
1855 27 Feb Richard Lethbridge; John Murch (since deceased) and John Alger v. James Flashman an infant; Samuel Sturgis the assignee in insolvency of William Flashman; George Flashman; John Wakeham & Mary his wife; Thomas Elford & Elizabeth his wife; James Friend; and Ann Flashman C78/2154, no. 16 [23]
1855 5 March Attorney General at the relation of Robert Steward informant v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of Great Yarmouth; Charles Moore; Charles Pearson; Richard Hammond the younger; William Walpole; Richard Hammond the elder; Henry Boulter; Edmund Reeve Palmer; Philip Pullyn Cubitt; Engall Bartram; Benjamin Fenn; Joseph Fiddes; Joseph Baily; John Barker; William Worship; Peter White; William Norton Burroughs; James Jackson; William Henry Bessey; Samuel Nightingale; David Abraham Gourlay; Edward Reynolds; Aldred Charles Cory; Aldred Francis Worship; John Fenn; John Eager Barnby; Robert David Barber; John Fish; Samuel Charles Marsh; James Denny Chapman; SirEdmund Henry Knowles Lacon baronet; James Cherry; Richard Ferrier; Benjamin Jay; Joseph Goulding Plummer; John Caporn Smith; Richard Ferrier the younger; Henry Jay; James Gunton Cannell; Matthew Butcher; George Danby Palmer; Thomas Lettis the younger; John Clarke; Samuel Velzi Moore; William Thomas Clarke; Edward Harbord Lushington Reston; William Hammond; William Harry Palmer; and Stephen Miller C78/2154, no. 18 [24]
1855 5 March Elizabeth Catherine Coard wife of Charles Walton Coard the younger by David Charles Willis her next friend v. Henry Holderness; Charles Walton; Coard the elder; Philip Aldridge Coard; Lazarus George Holderness; and Charles Walton Coard the younger C78/2154, no. 17 [25]
1855 6 March Mary Pound; Edward Bone; David Pound; Charles Pound; Joseph Pound; and James Dolley & Ann his wife v. Henry Vickers and John Philpot C78/2160, no. 9 [26]
1855 10 March 18 William Spencer Shove and William Volley Under the Act of 52 George III entitled "An act to provide a summary remedy in cases of abuses of trusts for charitable purposes" and in the matter of the trustees relief act 1850 and in the matter of trhe Blackheath Chapel Charity founded by Mrs Susanna Grahme deceased in 1629 C79/341, no. 17 [27]
1855 13 March Sir Robert John Harvey knight v. Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams Bulkeley baronet; John Massey Stanley Frederic (called Frederick); John Farre; Dame Mary Massey Hanley; Anne Dowbiggin widow; Edward Thomas Dowbiggin; William Wagstaff; Charles Harrison; Rowland Errington; John Swarbreck; Gregory George Faulkner; George Burrow; Gregory Charles Fletcher Skirrow; Jane Davis spinster; Samuel Moses Elias Davis; Sir Henry Willock (called Willoch) knight; Raikes Currie; Charles Dashwood; Bruce Samuel Thornton; and Charles Otway Mayne; and kensington Lewis; and also Sir William Thomas Stanley Massey Stantley baronet when he come within the jurisdiction C782158/, no. 1 [28]
1855 16 March Robert Colesworth and David Powell v. Richard Leigh Wilson Armstrong; Thomas Jolly the younger; Gustavus Christian Schwabe; Charles Lee; George Thomas Braine; and John Paley the younger C78/2156, no. 5 [29]
1855 16 March Simon Clarke v. John Tipping and George Anderson and Richard Wilson out of the jurisdiction; and Joseph John Monck; Mason Scott; and James Nicholson Richardson the younger; and also James Nicholson Richardson; John Grubb Richardson; Joshua Pim Richardson; Henry Thomas Walsh; Charles Hayes; John Walsh the younger; Samuel Houghton; William Beake; Richard Robinson; James Morris; William Fishbourne of Cartow; William Fishbourne of Holly Mount Queens County; Joseph Fishbourne the younger; Lawrence Kelly; Henry Bruen; Edward Brune; and Daniel O Meardall out of the jurisdiction C78/2157, no. 8 [30]
1855 19 March Thomas Brocklebank v. Henry Johnson; Robert Norris; Jones Gaskell Johnson; Louisa Johnson; Jane Turner Jones; William Brown; and Adam Hodgson C78/2154, no. 19 [31]
1855 19 March Attorney General v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Town of Beverley, Yorkshire C78/2155, no. 1 [32]
1855 23 March George Shaw v. James Neale; The Reverend Thomas Turner and Frederick William Remnant C78/2155, no. 7 [33]
1855 29 March Frederick Gurney and Emma Gurney widow v. George Gurney the elder; Isaac Green & Mary his wife; John Frederick Gurney; Goerge Gurney the younger; Emily Gurney daughter of the said George Gurney the elder; James Gurney son of the said George Gurney the elder; and Thomas Gurney; Edwin Gurney; William Gurney; Ellen Gurney; Crown ___ Densie (?) & Louisa Emma his wife; William George Temple & Sarah Matilda his wife; William James Gurney; Frederick Gurney the younger; James Gurney; Emma Maria Gurney; Mary Anne Gurney; Elizabeth Gurney; Walter Albert Gurney; Minnie Gurney; Arthur Gurney; Emma Green; Louis Jane Green; John Gurney; George Clayton & Sarah his wife; Edward Henry Gurney; Robert Alpe & Francis Frederica his wife; Emily Gurney daughter of the late John Henry Gurney; Thomas Adolphus Gurney; Louisa Gurney; Emma Temple; Frederick James Temple; Charles Temple; George Fisher & Maria Louisa his wife; George Howard; Fisher; Anne Louisa Fisher; Richard Fry and Mary Frances Jeffers C78/2154, no. 20 [34]
1855 4 April James Haywood v. Francis Sandars; John Thompson; David Wheatcroft; Samuel Walker Cox; Charles Sandford; William Owen; Benjamin Smith; and Josiah Timmis Smith AND Charles SAndford and William Own on behalf of themselves and all creditors of Benjamin Smith and Josiah Timmis Smith v. Francis Sandars; John Thompson; James Hawwood; David Wheatcroft; Samuel Walter Cox; Benjamin Smith; Josiah Timmis Smith; Edward Bagnale Dimmack; John Bell Compton; and Thomas Jackson C78/2154, no.21 [35]
1855 20 April John Swarbreck; Gregory George Faulkner; George Burrow Gregory; and Charles Fletcher Shirrow v. Samuel Hargis; James Shipton; and William Cheseldon Brown C78/2156, no. 6 [36]
1855 25 April Mary Anne the wife of Thomas Pollard by John Rich Teeling her next friend v. Bentinek Welbore Doyle; William Hodgson; Thomas Pollard; Charles Adam Woolley; and George Spencer Ridgway C78/2156, no. 7 [37]
1855 27 Aptil John Gordon v John Henning C78/2155, no. 16 [38]
1855 23 May William Rogers v. Charles Hooper & Maria Catherine his wife; Bonamy Dobree; and John Lane; and Richard Michael Jones when they come into the jurisdiction; Thomas Steele & Mary Ann his wife when they come into the jurisdiction; Nicholas Cox; Henry Cox; Charles Crouch; Murray Cox (since deceased); and alsos Ellen Cox and Amelia Jane Elizabeth Cox when they come into the jurisdiction; Wiltshire Cox; and also Arthur James Payne & Emily Walcot his wife; Sidney Somerford Lynche; William Wiltshire Lynch; and Colmer Lynch when they come into the jurisdiction; John Cox Lynch; and Catherine Lynch; and also Elizabeth Williams Pinfold widow when she come within the jurisdiction; and George William Francis Cook; James Millar (since deceased); and also William Smith Cox when he come within the jurisdiction C78/2157, no. 10 [39]
1855 26 May Grace Trevor Charlotte Darvell the wife of the Reverend James Sidney Darvell; Catherine Emily Fleming the wife of the Reverend Fletcher Fleming and Elizabeth Mary Griffith the wife of Thomas Griffith by William Trevor Parkins their next friend; The Reverend John Fleming; Denzil Ibbetson; the said William Trevor Parkins; and the said James Sidney Darvell Fletcher Fleming; and Thomas Griffith v. Mary Trevor Roper; George Boydell; George Edward Trevor Roper; Charles James trevor Roper; and Charles Blayney Trevor Roper C78/2155, no. 8 [40]
1855 26 May Edward John Gregge Hopwood and the Reverend George Heron clerk v. The Right Honorable Edward Geoffrey , earl of Derby; The Right Honorable Charles William, early of Sefton & Mary, countess of Sefton his wife; The Reverend Frank George Hopwood clerk; and Frank Edward Hopwood; Arthur Robert Hopwood; and Charles Augustus Hopwood infants; Hervey Hopwood; and Cecilia Hopwood; Lucy Hopwood; mary Rose Hopwood; Evelyn Hopwood; and Edward Robert Gregg Hopwood; Evelyn Hopwood; and Edward Robert Gregg Hopwood infants C78/2156, no. 8 [41]
1855 30 May David McIntosh v. The Great Western Railway Company; Charles Alexander Saunders; Isambard Kingdom Brunel; and Timothy Tyrrell C78/2157, no. 9 [42]
1855 31 May Archibald James Campbell v. Benjamin Bailey Hooper (called Benjamin Baily Hooper) & Thomasine Catherine his wife; John Ince & Catherine Elizabeth his wife; Wilmot Parker; Thomasine Florence Leys Hooper; Emily Angelina Catherine Leys Hooper; Thomas Ince; Eugene Seys Ince; and John Thomas ince C78/2155, no. 9 [43]
1855 1 June Alexander Honeyman v. Joseph Marryat C78/2155, no. 4 [44]
1855 1 June Robert Pulling and Wellington Pulling v. William Crawshay C78/2155, no. 10 [45]
1855 7 June Evans Crompton v. George Joseph Huber C78/2155, no. 11 [46]
1855 7 June Henry Mason Plaisto and William Orange Marshall v. John Goodeve C78/2157, no. 11 [47]
1855 15 June George Quested and John Pryce Lade v. Henry Seymour Michell & Hester his wife; William Stacey Coast; Margaret Catherine Coast; Hester Heard; Dorothea Lucy COast; Harriett Lade Coast; Michael William Lade Coast; Wastel Brisco & Maria his wife; Harriet the wife of George White; Lucy Mesham; Sarah Houghting; William Bridger called Bridges; and Arthur Gearing Day; and George Whete when he come into the jurisdiction; and Robert Gardner; William Osmond Hammond; Thomas Papillion; and Henry Kingsford C78/2166, no. 18 [48]
1855 21 June James Armstrong and John Hutchinson & Ann his wife v. Thomas Cassop Armstrong and William Richardson C78/2156, no. 9 [49]
1855 22 June William Summerfield v. John Prichard; Robert Rosbottom & Anna his wife; Anna the wife of John Wilson; Charlotte Summerfield; Benjamin Summerfield; and John Wilson when he come within the jurisdiction C78/2164, no. 19 [50]
1855 23 June Henry Palmer and William Knight v. Sir Charles Morgan Robinson Morgan of Tredegar, Monm, baronet; Richard Twining of the Strand, Middx, banker; Ralph Price of William Street, Blackfriars, London, esq; Henry Kemble of Grove Hill, Camberwell, Surrey, esq; and William Samuel Jones of the Crown Office Temple, City of London, esq; trustees of the Society for Equitable Assurances on lives and survivorships; Sarah Maria Palmer; and Sophia Mary Palmer; Margaret Rebecca Palmer; Pearse Rogers Nesbitt; Richard Lewis; Frederick Alfred Crow & Emma his wife; George Tucker Lewis & Jane Francis his wife; and Robert William Palmer; and also Rodney Drake Palmer; and Charles Palmer when they come into the jurisdiction C78/2155, no. 17 [51]
1855 25 June Rebecca Tomson v. Thomas Gulliver Judge and Samuel Page C78/2157, no. 12 [52]
1855 28 June John Buck Lloyd; John Brydon; and Thomas Dakin v. Samuel Holme C78/2156, no. 10 [53]
1855 12 July Mary Pound; Edward Bone; David Pound; Charles Pound; Joseph Pound; and James Dollwy & Ann his wife v. Henry Vickers and John Philpot C78/2160, no. 10 [54]
1855 13 July Moss Davis v. The Honorable William Lionel Felix Tollemache commonly called Lord Huntingtower; The Honorable Frederick James Tollemache (called the Honorable Frederick James Talmash); and the Honorable Algernon Gray Tollemach (called the Honorable Algernon Gray Talmash); and Thomas Dobson C78/2157, no. 13 [55]
1855 14 July Robert Higgin v. Edward Lane; Henry Moore; Joseph Lane; and Charles Lane; and Elizabeth Higgin the younger; Julia Higgin; and Mary Higgin when they come within the jurisdiction; and also Joseph Higgin; Elizabeth Higgin the elder; Jane Higgin; and Ann Brown C78/2156, no. 11 [56]
1855 14 July Bridget Evans widow on behalf of herself and all the creditors of Ann Evans late of Glastyr in the parish of Nevern in the county of Pembroke who contribute to the suit v. John Evans; John Pugh; and Thomas Jones C78/2159, no. 7 [57]
1855 16 July Isabella De Sorbein v. Nathaniel Bland C78/2157, no. 14 [58]
1855 17 July Samuel Ware; Eliza Harriet Ware spinster; Anne Cumberlege spinster; Charles Nathaniel Cumberlege; The Reverend Joshua Caulley & Mary Catherine his wife; and Harry Altham Cumberlege v. The Reverend John Cumberlege; and the Reverend Samuel Francis Cumberlege; and the Attorney General C78/2157, no. 15 [59]
1855 19 July Anna Maria Lucas & Harriet Frances Lucas spinsters v. Sarah Lucas widow (since deceased); Charles Snell Chauncy; Charles Porcher Lang (since deceased); Richard Oliverson (since deceased); Nathaniel Snell Chauncy (since deceased); Emma Lucas; James Lucas; and George Lucas an infant C78/2163, no. 6 [60]
1855 20 July Emma Cathareine Tudlow v. The Dutch Rhenish Railway Company; William James Chaplin; John Christian Janson B__ Donker Curtius; O W Hesteden; J D Landre; F C Filleson; A J Van Costween; C G Schutze Van Housten; Edmund Willem Van Dam Van Isselt; Gerrit Graaf SchimmeGunninele (?); Pieter Arriens; Joan Jacob; Adolf Alexander Baron Van Pallandt; Jan Frederick Hoffmann; Nicholaas Pieter Jacob Rien; Jacob Rau Van Gameren; Isaac Jacobus Rockhussen; GGobert (?) Christiaan Bosch Rietz; Pieter Hendrik Tremp; Willem Hendrick De Hews; Michel Henri Godefroi; Pierre Cesar Laborichere; Daniel Twiss; Charles Holland; Matthew Nzielli; Thomas Borick; William Allcord; Alexander MacGregor; John Abraham Tonne; and Henry Harrison C78/2157, no. 16 [61]
1855 31 July John Biddle Alexander and Thomas Baldock Ross v. George Brame; James Jefferies & Lucy his wife; Sarah Brame; William Brame Wallis; George John Wallis; Catherine Matilda Wallis; Isabella Wallis; Michael George Brett; John Brett; Jane Jackaman; Eliza Chenery; Simon Batley Jackaman; Jeremiah Head; William Henry Alexander; The Reverend Henry Thomas Lumsden clerk; Benjamin Balary Jarrow; George Maton the younger; The Reverend John Dunningham clerk; Charles Chambers Hammond; Charles Colchester; Henry Aldrich; Peter Bartholomew Long; John Footman; William Roewell; Michael Turner; The Reverend James Collett Ebeten clerk; William Charles Formerian; Frederick Alexander; and George Alexander C78/2162, no. 21 [62]
1855 2 Aug Robert Stayner Holford v. William Michael Peacock Yate & Sophia his wife; The Reverend Edward Henry Niblett; The Reverend Honywood Dobyns Yate Scott (called Honywood Dobins Yate Scott); Josiah Tippetts Pau; and Thomas Dunne; and Edward Gwatkin when he come within the jurisdiction; Joseph Bebb; George Browne; and William Lake Woodman C78/2157, no. 17 [63]
1855 6 Aug Joseph Watts v. Charles Shrimpton & Vane his wife; and William Forbes Capel C78/2158, no. 2 [64]
1855 6 Aug John Thompson McCulloch; Eleanor Sarah McCulloch; Henry Alfred McCulloch; and Frances Mary McCulloch all infants by Rebecca Howes widow their next friend v. Margaret Gregory widow; George Derby Waite; James Warin Childe; John James McCulloch; Francis McCulloch; James Thomson McCulloch; Henry George Ward; Adam Duff; Henry Cornfoot; Edward Chaplin & Maria his wife; William Quarles; Robert Bill; Edward Steward; Isaac Nicholson; Margaret Wallis Sir William Lawson baronet; John Lamb; Israel Russell; John Foster Elmslie; Henry John Preston; James Wrigley; Thomas Wrigley; Robert Shum; Rosabella Parlby; William Watson; and William Watson the younger C78/2158, no. 3 [65]
1855 7 Aug Thomas Hatch and Henry Hallier hatch v. Harriet Shelton; William Stragg Ogilvie & Mary Ann his wife; and Harriet Elizabeth Ogilvie C78/2160, no. 1 [66]
1855 6 Nov James Bell v. David Whitbourne C78/2157, no. 18 [67]
1855 7 Nov Thomas North v. Thomas Wakefield; Thomas Bittleston; Edwin Varney; and Samuel Wakefield C78/2161, no. 19 [68]
1855 8 Nov. Martha Pearce widow v. Ann Evitt; George Evitt; Charles Craddock; and Webb Marratt Bennett C78/2157, no. 19 [69]
1855 12 Nov Joseph Carter Wood and James Frederick Nugent Daniel v. Henry Scarth C78/2159, no. 2 [70]
1855 12 Nov John Bartlett; William Francis Cobb; John Chippindale; and William Chippindale v. Henry Wright; Jophn Fell; John Hull Fell; and Henry Chippindale C78/2158, no. 5 [71]
1855 15 Nov John Phillips; George Dunn; and George Merchant; and Elizabeth Lock C78/2158, no. 6 [72]
1855 19 Nov The Reverend Thomas Philpott v. The President, Vice Presidents; Treasurers, and Governors of Saint George's Hospital; John Abel Smith; Susan Kitching; and the Honorable Charles Grantham Scott C78/2158, no. 7 [73]
1855 19 Nov Joseph Davies v. Robert Dunkin; John Davies; Thomas Walters; and Christopher Kelby McAdam (called Christopher McAdam) C78/2158, no. 4 [74]
1855 21 Nov George Simpson v. John Chapman; Henry Simpson; and Thomas Brodrick Simpson C78/2158, no. 26 [75]
1855 23 Nov Charles Asgill Legge; Maurice Frederick Carter & Caroline Francis his wife; George Mutlow Abell & Mary Anne his wife; Margaret Esther Bennett; Joseph Richard Bennett; and Anthony Henry Bennett; Charles John Bennett; and Daniel Edward Bennett infants by Joseph Bennett their father v. Edmund Edmonds & Ann his wife C78/2158, no. 8 [76]
1855 23 Nov James Maclaren and Henry Dawson v. Henry Tibbats stainton; Sarah Ann Stainton; Charlotte Stainton; Caroline Mary Stainton; James Joseph Stainton; Samuel Stainton Brown; Elizabeth Stainton Brown; Henry Stainton Brown; Betty Maclaren; James Joseph Maclaren; Ambrose Maclaren; Ann Clark; William Hogarth & Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Clark; and Dinah Mitchell widow; and William Dawson; Dinah Dawson; Ann Dawson the younger; and William Dawson the younger; John Dawson; Thomas Dawson; and Ann Dawson; Thomas Hopkins Herbertson & Mary his wife; and William Clark when within the jurisdiction C78/2159, no. 11 [77]
1855 26 Nov Ralph Walters v. The Official Manager of the Northern Coal Company; Samuel Dalton; Edward Steward; and Joseph Pease C78/2159, no. 3 [78]
1855 4 Dec James Bedingfield Bryan v. Ellen Miles Wastell; William Butterworth Bayley; Henry Porcher; Martin Tucker Smith; Walter Branscomb (called William Branscomb); John George; John Lambert; and Thomas Hughes C78/2157, no. 21 [79]
1855 5 Dec James Brown Simpson v. Charlotte Morley C78/2158, no. 9 [80]
1855 8 Dec Isabella Williamson petitioner; John Burdon Scott owner; Ex parte Francis Samuel Johnston; and John M. Williamson petitioners; John Bindon Scott owner; Ex parte Thomas Rosslewin petitioner Exemplification of order in the court of the commissioners for sale of incumbered estates in Ireland in the matter of the estate of John Bindon Scott owner C78/2160, no. 2 [81]
1855 5 Dec Mary Elizabeth Hope widow; Clement William Unthank; Octavius Greene; Joseph Maitland the elder; and Joseph Maitland the younger v. George William moore Liddell; Charles Liddell; William Liddell Frankey; Souley Mary Alder; George Alder; John Alder; and William Spencer Norton; and also John Seaman & Georgiana Spencer his wife; John Norton; Valentine Cooper; and James Currie C78/2159, no. 12 [82]
1855 6 Dec William Hope v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of the City of Gloucester; Thomas Stanley; John Aubrey Whitecombe; Charles Church; Charles Clutterbuck; Thomas Evans; Charles Cother; James Goodrich; Edward Bonsor Swann; Richard Hodges Carter; James Taylor; John Dowling; David Mowbray Walker; Josiah Castree; John Burrup; Ralph Fletcher; George Newton Cox Buchanan; Charles Walker; Thomas Holt; William Wahbourn; and Sanuel Jones; and William Edward Phelps C78/2158, no. 10 [83]
1855 11 Dec Mary Brown and Louisa Brown; Caroline Brown; and Amelia Brown infants by the said Mary Brown their stepmother v. Richard Shaw; Charles Lea; William Tomlinson Riley; Alexander Brodie Cockrane; William Pearson; and Henry Kirk Harrison C78/2160, no. 20 [84]
1855 13 Dec Joseph Thompson on behalf of himself and all other share and scrip holders and adventurer copartners in the South Australian Copper Mining Company except the defendants v. Samuel Harrison Armitage; Henry Clarke Duppa; George Tindall; Thomas Greene; James Philees Hatten; Homer Hansfeld; and Alexander Gopsell Pooley called Alexander Gobsell Pooley C78/2158, no. 11 [85]
1855 13 Dec Elizabeth Baker an annuitant named in the will of George Baker v. Alfred Baker C78/2158, no. 12 [86]
1855 13 Dec The Honorable Victoria Catherine Mary Pole Tylney Lond Wellesley commonly called Lad Victoria Long Wellesley v. The Right Honorable William, earl of Mornington; John Butts; Edmund Gough; Henry John Whitfeld; and William John Richardson C78/2159, no. 4 [87]
1855 14 Dec Elizabeth Sarah Wallgrave; and Mary Ann Wallgrave; and Julia Adelaide Wallgrave infants by the said Elizabeth Sarah Walgrave their next friend; and Sarah Elizabeth Paskin; James Atkin Paskin; Alice Mary Paskin; and Catharine Sophia Paskin all infants by William Paskin their next friend v. Henry Virtue Tebbs; John Martin; Charles William Wallegrave; Thomas Graham; and Martin Bladen; Edward Hawke Nixon; and Charles William Wallgrave the younger when within the jurisdiction; and the Attorney General C78/2159, no. 5 [88]
1855 18 Dec Arthur Nettewille Blake v. Robert Honywood C78/2158, no. 13 [89]
1855 18 Dec James Maclaren and Henry Dawson v. Henry Tibbats Stainton; Sarah Anne Stainton; Charlotte Stainton; Caroline Mary Stainton; James Joseph Stainton; Samuel Stainton Brown; Elizabeth Stainton Brown; Henry Stainton Brown; Betty Maclaren; James Joseph maclaren; Ambrose Maclaren; Ann Clark; William Hogarth & Charlotte his wife; Elizabeth Clark; and Dinah Mitchell widow; and William Dawson; Dinah Dawson; Ann Dawson the younger; and William Dawson the younger; John Dawson; Thomas Dawson; and Ann Dawson; Thomas Hopkins Herbertson & Mary his wife; and William Clark when within the jurisdiction C78/2159, no. 13 [90]
1855 21 Dec Attorney General at the relation of Alfred Erasmus Dryden and John Fisher churchwardens of Putney, Surrey and of William Cluff Hulme; and James John Dean overseers of the said parish v. Stephens Lyne Stephens called Stephen Lyne Stephens C78/2158, no. 14 [91]
1855 C78/, no. []