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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1848 C78/, no. []
1848 13 Jan William Wilson and John Craven v. William Montagu Short; Michael John Mahony; and John Bright C78/2128, no. 14 [2]
1848 19 Jan Edward Baron Phelmersdale v. Edward Bootle Wilbraham C78/2128, no. 7 [3]
1848 26 Jan Francis Wragg v. George Wragg; Robert Wragg; John Wragg; William Eaton; and George Eaton C78/2130, no. 1 [4]
1848 27 Jan The Company of Proprietors of the Grand Junction Canal v. William Dimes; Thomas Emmett Skidmore; Ambrose Bohan; and William Windall Martin C78/2134, no. 1 [5]
1848 28 Jan Harriet Lacy widow v. James Ingle C78/2127, no. 11 [6]
1848 29 Jan Martin Ware and the Reverend James Ware clerk v. George Tempest Rowland; Jemima Letitia Brine; and Philip Slater Boult (called Philip Boult) and also against Luther Wilson and Philip Slater Fall (out of the jurisdiction) C78/2128, no. 15 [7]
1848 29 Jan James Trotter; Richard Henry Trotter; Thomas Ashton Trotter; Mary Trotter; Ellen Trotter; and Gertrude Trotter infants by Elizabeth Trotter widow their mother v. Joseph Walmesley; Agnes Trotter the elder; Anne Trotter; Maurice Jones & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Trotter; Ellen Trotter; Agnes Trotter the younger; Margaret Trotter; Robert Hughes; and Richard Trotter C78/2128, no. 16 [8]
1848 8 Feb Samuel James; John Black; and John George Bonner v. Peter Leicester; Henry Byron Ayrton Gatliff; Eliza Gibbes widow; Emily Gibbes spinster; Caroline Gibbes spinster; Henry Stocken & Charlotte his wife; Henry Musgrave Musgrave & Sarah Popplewell his wife; Eliza Pullan widow; Richard Popplewell Pullan; Charles Pullan; Thomas Banner; and James Cazenove C78/2130, no. 13 [9]
1848 12 Feb John Stutter and Sarah Godbold widow v. Thomas Goldwyer Muston & Susannah Eliza his wife; Edward Elton & Esther his wife; Martin Lima & Martha his wife; Thomas George Carey Riley; Sir Charles Aldis; and Abel Sparrow Chappell C78/2128, no. 17 [10]
1848 12 Feb Ann Wood widow (late wife of Samuel Wood the younger) v. John Bibby; Joseph Mellard Bibby; Ann Maria Wood; Ellen Stonier, John Stonier; and Joseph Mallard Stonier C78/2131, no. 6 [11]
1848 14 Feb Mr Matins and Mr Jessell of counsel for Richard Seaton Wright and Jonathan Thompson In the matter of of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Act of 1848 relating to the Vale of Neath and South Wales Brewery Joint Stock Company C78/2145, no. 16 [12]
1848 6 March David Vaughan & Elizabeth his wife v. Edward Rogers & Janes his wife since deceased; and George Parry; and William Harries C78/2128, no. 18 [13]
1848 8 March Henry Downs and Edwin Downs v. Edwin Collins; Sarah Downs; and John Henry Downs C78/2136, no. 8 [14]
1848 17 March Alexander Dingwall Fordyce v. Sir Henry Bridges; Catherine Elizabeth Mary Reid; Madeline Curling; Henry Curling; Jane Curling; Isabella Curling; Agnes Catherine Thomson; Mary Louisa Thomson; Emily Harriet Thomson; Gertrude Eliza Thomson; Florence Jessie Thomson; and John Robert Turing; and also William Dingwall Fordyce of Ferguston; George Dingwall Fordyce; John Dingwall Fordyce; Alexander Dingwall Fordyce; James Morrison Dingwall Fordyce the sons of the said Alexander Dingwall Fordyce of Ferguston; Alexander Dingwall; Arthus Dingwall; David Dingwall; James Dingwall; Jessey or Janet Dingwall Fordyce; Theodore Girault & Charlotte his wife; James or James Theodore Girault; Elizabeth Dingwall Fordyce; Alexander Drysdale & Janet his wife; and John Drysdale and Magdalene Drysdale their infant children; Magdalene Dingwall Fordyce; Mary Arbuthnot Dingwall Fordyce; James Bentley & Isabella his wife; William Littlejohn; Isabella Littlejohn; James Bently Littlejohn; Willliam Littlejohn; David Littlejohn; Ruth Littlejohn; The Reverent Thomas Dymock & Ruth his wife; John Dymock and Isabella Dymock; Janet Dingwall Fordyce; Barbara Farquhar; Robert Farquhar; Arthur Farquhar; Angelica Harvey; John Inglis; Harvey Elizabeth Manning Harvey; Arthus Harvey; John Harvey; James Harvey; Patience Harvey; Angelica Harvey; Arthus Harvey the younger; William Harvey; Alexander Harvey and Angelica Elizabeth Harvey; Jean Dingwall Fordyce; Alexander Fraser; John Mathieson Fraser; Alexander or Alexander Gasper Fraser; Emily Fraser; William Thomson Fraser; Arthur Fraser and Alexander Fraser; Alexander Thomson & Jessie his wife; Jean Stewart Turing; Agnes Turing; Agnes Fraser; Barbara Gibson; Andelica Fraser; Arthur Young; George Young; William young; James Hadden Young; and Gaven David Young; Arthur Harvey & Elizabeth his wife; Agnes Doig; Alexander Dingwall Fordyce & Madelene his wife; Mary Dingwall; richard Carruthers & Margaret his wife; Richard James carruthers and George Carruthers; Thomas Blaikie & Agnes his wife; Jessie Blaikie; Helen Blaikie; Agnes Blaikie; Janet Blaikie; Margaret Jopp Blaikie; Anna Thomson Blaikie; thomas Blaikie; and George Thomson Blaikie; John Anderson & Elizabeth his wife; Janet Anderson; Magdalene Anderson; and Alexander Dingwall Anderson; George Thomson & Anna his wife; Hugh Gordon Thomson; Alexander Dingwall Thomson; and caroline Thomson; Jane Stuart; Magdalene Dingwall; Elizabeth Dingwall; George Taylor (minor); Alexander Taylor; William Thomson; Alexander Crombie; and Peter Rose when they come respectively in the jurisdiction; and also v. James Dingwall Fordyce; Arthur Thomas Dingwall Fordyce; Patrick Dingwall; Mary Dingwall; Sophia Dingwall; John Dingwall; Joseph Dingwall; Charles Dingwall; Janet Dingwall; Joseph Rolleston Sterrit & Patience his wife; Elizabeth Anne Duff Stewart Duff (called Eliza Ann Stewart); Henry Curling & Sarah his wife; Agnes Thomson; Charles Thomson; Sir John McLean; Henry William Tancred; and James Archibald Chalmer C78/2132, no. 5 [15]
1848 18 March Ann Scott (wife of John Scott) by John Want her next friend; Susan Scott; Ann Scott the younger; Harriet Lydia Scott; and Charles Turner Scott infants by said John Want their next friend; John Henry Scott; and George Arthur Dye C78/2128, no. 19 [16]
1848 21 March Charles Sayer v. Mary Sayer and Susanna Sayer and Thomas Fonester Bedingfeld & Elizabeth is wife when they come into the jurisdiction; and William Bays the younger and George Sayer Boys when he come within the jurisdiction; Charles Boys; Stephen Bradly the elder (called Stephen Bradley the elder) & Jane his wife; Edward George Boys & Eliza Catharine his wife; Jane Bradly; Ann Bradly; Susan Bradly; and Stephen Bradly the younger (called respectively Anne Bradley; Susan Bradley; and Stephen Bradley the younger); and Harriet Herr Innes (called Harriet Ker Innes) C78/2135, no. 13 [17]
1848 31 March James Thomas Walsh and the Reverend Alfred Pyne clerk v. John Charles Bettesworth Trevanion & Charlotte his wife; Sir William Lewis Salusbury Trelawney; John Hearle Tremayne; Harry Brereton Trelawney; Hugh Charles Trevanion; Edward Coode; Thomas Rhodes; Huntly Bacon; George Samuel Ford Edwards; Sir William Martins; William Holloway; John Foster; George Holgate Foster; William Henry Savage; John Goddard; William Duguid; Adam Aberdeen; Sarah Beecker; James Collier Davis; Lemuel Goddard; Charles Wisbey; William Joshua Tilley; Francis Field Sanderson; Henry Thomas Thomson C78/2145, no. 1 [18]
1848 11 May Edward baron Shelmersdale v. Edward Bootle Wilbraham C78/2128, no.8 [19]
1848 12 May Henry McKellar v. Charles Cansor C78/2127, no. 13 [20]
1848 30 May Martha Morison; Mary Morison; Magdalene Morison; Eleanor Morison; and George Morison infants by Alexander Morison next friend v. Theodore Morison; Eleanor Irvine; Thomas Morice; William Gordon; John Reid; Charles Ross; John Morison; and Edward Ellice C78/2129, no. 7 [21]
1848 9 June Anne Berry v. Attorney General C78/2133, no. 7 [22]
1848 10 June Mary Stephenson Ellerby wife of William Ellerby v. the said William Ellerby of West Barnby in the parish of Lyth, Yorkshire Exemplication of order of the consistory court of York for divorce or separation by reason of cruelty and adultery C782138/, no. 3 [23]
1848 6 July Wyrley Birch v. George Joy; Henry Hall Joy; Elizabeth Joy; John Rose Drewe; Priscilla Wollaston; and George Wollaston; and William Colhoun when he come within the jurisdiction C78/2135, no. 14 [24]
1848 8 July James Jones v. Henry Lloyd C78/2138, no. 4 [25]
1848 12 July Ann Julia Wallis spinster v. Henry Rule Sarel C78/2128, no. 9 [26]
1848 12 July Alexander Heath on behalf of himself and all other creditors of Jacob Cannop an insolvent late of Dorset Square, Middlesex, afterwards of Castle Yard New Windsor , Berks v. William Chadwick; William Parkin; Henry Parkin; Martin Stutely; William Sloane; George Penson; James Whitechurch; and Reuben Lawrence C78/2138, no. 5 [27]
1848 15 July Mary Wright Henniker Wilson the wife of John Wright Henniker Wilson by Sir Charles Wetherell knight her next friend; William Carr Foster; and Nathan Wetherell v. John Wright Henniker Wilson C78/2145, no. 2 [28]
1848 17 July The Reverend John Letts clerk v. The London and Blackwall Railway Company and John Fisher Thennell C78/2129, no. 4 [29]
1848 18 July Frances Brodbelt Stallard Penoyre; John Webb; and William Bealey v. HenryWalker; Henry Walter the younger; William Daviews (called William Davis) and James Spencer C78/2127, no. 12 [30]
1848 31 July Thomas Bray v. Samnuel Laycock; Margaret Leah; Samuel Henry Leah; George Henry Leah; John Dougall Leah; Harrietta Elizabeth Leah; John Vickery & Frances Mary his wife; Joseph Dyson; Richard Robinson & Deborah his wife; Joseph Silverwood; John Carter & Elizabeth his wife; Sarah Oldroyd; Matthew Silverwood; George Gill & Grace his wife; Fanny Sykes; William Naylor & Myrah his wife; Priscilla Manning; Job Townend & Julia his wife; John Allott & Ada his wife; William Wainwright; Richard Taylor & Nanny his wife; and Sarah Hearnley; and Michael Oldroyd if living when he come into the jurisdiction C78/2136, no. 2 [31]
1848 4 Nov Augustus Bozzi Granville v. John Thomas Betts C78/2132, no. 6 [32]
1848 7 Nov William Rice v. Robert Gordon the elder; Robert Gordon the younger; and james Brodie Gordon C78/2129, no. 9 [33]
1848 7 Nov James Knight and William Jones v. Charles Morrall jr; Edward Morrall; Cyrus Morrall; Robert Morrall; Henry Morrall; John Morrall; Thomas Jones; and William Morrall C78/2131, no. 4 [34]
1848 7 Nov Daniel Fitch v. Richard Frend; Richard Minter Mount; Marianne Frend; Jane Frend; Ann Reynolds Frend; George Royle Frend; William Henry Frend; Ann Frend; and Edwin Frend; Augustus De (?) Magan & Sophia Elizabeth his wife; Arthur Phillott & Frances Caroline his wife; Alicia Frend; Henry Tyrwhitt Frend; and Alfred Blackburn Frend C78/2137, no. 6 [35]
1848 10 Nov Mary Stephenson Ellerby wife of William Ellerby v. the said William Ellerby her husband Exemplication of an order of the Consistory Court of York concerning divorce by reason of cruelty and adultery C78/2138, no. 6 [36]
1848 12 Nov William Radcliff v. Frederic Bond; Joseph Joel; and Thomas Ormsby and J. W. Austen when he come into the jurisdiction C78/2128, no. 20 [37]
1848 13 Nov William Saunders and John Taft v. Ernest Scott & Elizabeth his wife; Frederick Hodges; Caroline Hodges; and Rosina Hodges; and George Benjamin Emanuel Hodges C78/2131, no. 7 [38]
1848 15 Nov Charlotte Cowper spinster and Alexander Cowper an infant by the said Charlotte Cowper his sister v. John Taylor; Christopher Wallis and Frederick Silly Parkyn and Alexander Taylor when within the jurisdiction & Lydia his wife and William Cowper when within the jurisdiction C78/2130, no. 14 [39]
1848 C78/, no. []