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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1841 C78/, no. []
1841 13 Jan Attorney General at the relation of Thomas Spencer Hall informant v. Fishmongers Company of London C78/2109, no. 1 [2]
1841 13 Jan Attorney General at the relation of John Hanyid (?), Thelwall David Pisrer, Thomas Spencer Hall, and George Smith informant v. Fishmongers Company of London C78/2110, no. 1 [3]
1841 15 Jan John Nelson Goulty of Brightelmstone, Sussex, clerk sole executor under the will and codicil of Elizabeth Goff late of Brighton and also a legatee or appointee named in such will and codicil on behalf of himself and other the appointees and legatees under the will and codicil v. Joseph Wilson; Samuel Mills; Benjamin Lepard; Alfred Mayor Randall; Joseph Nalder; and William Southwood C78/2140, no. 8 [4]
1841 16 Jan George Edmund Platt & Judith Ann his wife (since deceased) v. John Routh, John Sherman, and John Gillett, Sarah Denison (since deceased), Jeremiah Pickles & Sarah his wife, Thomas Baguley & Mary his wife, John Wilson & Susannah his wife, Robert Ramsden, William Ramsden, James Frith & Rose his wife, and others C78/2110, no. 2 [5]
1841 23 Jan Sir James Scarlett knight Attorney General at the relation of Daniel Humphreys Howlett informant v. The Master and Keepers or Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery or Art of Ironmongers Company, London C78/2117, no. 2 [6]
1841 28 Jan 4 Theophilus Lightfoot v. Elizabeth Windley; Theodore Windley; and Anna Elizabeth Windley C79/338, no. 2 [7]
1841 29 Jan Attorney General at the relation of William Manning the younger; John Mallard; Thomas Manning; Joseph Leycraft; John Dawson; Joseph Manning; John Danton; and Samuel Billson informants v. John Nethercoatand others named C78/2133, no. 2 [8]
1841 20 March The Attorney General v. John Iles and William Whitworth C78/2141, no. 11 [9]
1841 17 April Mary Stewart Beattie, an infant by Duncan Stewart of the city of Chester collector of her majesty's customs her grandfather v. John James Hope Johnstone, George Graham Bell, James Stewart, William Stewart, Adam Johnstone, and Frederick Quin C78/2110, no. 2 [10]
1841 24 June John Bannatyne and Harry George Gordon auditors assignees of John Maberly late of Bread Street Cheapside, London and also of John Street, Berkeley Square, Middlesex and Alexander Brymer Belcher official assignee of said Johnb Maberly v. John Temple Leader, Georgiana Richards, John Mastgerman, Lancelot Holland, William Peters, and Henry Lancelot Holland C78/2110, no. 1 [11]
1841 29 June Marianne viscountess Sidmouth wife of Henry lord viscount Sidmouth v. Henry lord viscount Sidmouth, Joun, Earl of Eldon, William Chisholme, Mary Forster, and Richard Burdon Sandirson C78/2111, no. 1 [12]
1841 2 July 5 Michael Comport and John Hopkins v. Francisw Cobb; Susan Elizabeth Fry; Elizabeth Ann Simmonds the elder; John Boghurst Simmonds; Elizabeth Ann Simmonds; George Simmonds the younger; Henry Simmonds; Thomas Simmonds; William Simmonds; George Simonds; Ann Simmonds; Thomas Simmonds; William Simmonds; Thomas Frey; William Hough Fry; John Grabham & Sarah his wife; Mary Gristock Grabham; Sarah Grabham; Rebecca Grabham; Elizabeth Grabham; Jane Grabham; Martha Ann Grabham; John Grabham; Thomas Grabham; Ellen Grabham; George Wallington Grabham; Charles Grabham; Michael Comport Grabham; Frances Fry; Ann Wynne; John Wynne; Martin Balmer; Charlotte Fry; Emily Fry; Charles Fry; John Pedder and Rebecca the wife of the coplainant Michael Comport. C79/338, no. 3 [13]
1841 6 July Attorney General at the relation of William Crupper, Charles Cawley, and William Ellard v. John Malen, Matthew Jephcott, Thomas Cook, Thomas Hesom, Thomas Hancock, William Dester, and John Cook Trust for the repair of the church of Willoughby, for the poor, for arming and sending soldiers, for repair of bridges and highways, the trust established in 13 Henry VI. C78/2111, no. 2 [14]
1841 24 July Andrew Duncan v. John Chamberlain and Benjamin Skillman C78/2132, no. 1 [15]
1841 24 July Frederick James Ibbetson, infant by Henry Teal his next friend v. Sir Charles Henry Ibbetson baronet, John Thomas Selwin, Dame Alicia Mary Ibbetson, Laura Ibbetson, Sir William Fowle Middleton baronet, Edwin Lascelles, Edward Marke, William Lister, Fenton Scott, Charles Winn, Thomas Whitmore, and Phllip Charlton, and Henry Earl of Harewood C78/2118, no. 3 [16]
1841 3 Aug Joseph Bower, Edwin Walford Simcox, John Simcox, and Thomas Simcox v. Robert Massey C78/2111, no. 3 [17]
1841 3 Aug Joseph Neeld v. Henry, duke of Beaufort and Granville, earl Granville when he should come into the jurisdiction; Fitzroy James Henry Somerset commonly called Lord Fitzroy, James Henry Somerset, John Colmer clerk, and William Coates C78/2120, no. 2 [18]
1841 3 Aug Henry, Duke of Beaufort v. William Tayler, Joseph Neeld, John Cobmer, William Coates, Henry Charles Fitzroy Somerset commonly called Marquis of Worcester, and Fitzroy James Henry Somerset commonly called Lord Fitzroy James Henry Somerset, and Granville, Earl Granville C78/2122, no. 4 [19]
1841 6 Aug Baron Thomson William Andrew Charles de biel infant by William Johnb Blake of no. 62 Portland Place, Middlesex v Andrew Henry Poulett Thomson (since deceased), Charles Poulett Thomson (afterwards Baron Sydenham) and Charles Hammersley C78/2118, no. 4 [20]
1841 16 Nov Alexander Hunter and James Bateman v. Thomas Townsend Aremberg Lord Ventry C78/2111, no. 4 [21]
1841 19 Nov Hannah Maria Trulock v. John Robey the younger Equity of redemption of various copyhold lands C78/2111, no. 5 [22]
1841 25 Nov Thomas Bourke Ricketts & Harriet his wife v. William Francis Bentinch Loftus C78/2140, no. 7 [23]
1841 2 Dec 5 William Hewett & Margaret his wife; Jenkin Rees; Thomas Rees; and William Powell v. Jane Tyler; Thomas Tyler; Morgan Evan & Jane Mary his wife C79/338, no. 4 [24]
1841 C78/, no. []