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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1825 C78/, no. []
1825 6 Mary Weinholt spinster v. Daniel Birkett the younger & his wife; Caroline Christiana Birkett; Sarah Margaret Birkett; Maria Carrow Birkett; Edward Stephenson; Thomas Parker; John _____; Charles James belson Birkett; Hugh Walton; Joseph ____; Thomas Kemble; Henry Rucker; and James Soret [membrane not found, but see Weinholt below C79/312, no. 6] C79/347, no. [2]
1825 5 February 6 William Evans on behalf of himself and other creditors of John Hazledine deceased who contribute to the suit v. Barnabas Spruce; James Glazebrooke; William Hazledine; Robert Hazledine; Thomas Davies; Ann Hazledine widow; William Taylor; John Gollins & Jane his wife re. will 22 Oct 1803, of William Evans par. ?Morvill, Salop, property in trust for Mary Bradley. C79/311, no. 4 [3]
1825 23 April The Most Noble Walter marquis of Ormonde & Anna Maria Catherine his wife v. Thomas Sneyd Kynnersley re. will 4 Dec 1774, of Godfrey Bagnall Clarke [M.P., c.1742-1774] of Sutton, Derbs, and manor-house [Sutton Scarsdale Hall], park, and estates of Sutton-cum-Duckmanton, in trust to convey for the use of his brother Gilbert Clarke. C78/2090, no. 4 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no2090/IMG_1161.htm
1825 26 April 6 John Anderton v. Edward Bootle Wilbraham; Thomas Stonor & Catherinehis wife; and Stephen Tempest & Elizabeth his wife re. indenture 2 Aug 1685, Sir Charles Anderton and wife Margaret of Lostocke, Lancs & Sir Rowland Belasyse, Sir Roger Bradshaigh of Haigh, William Hilton and of Richard Stanley of Garrett within Tildesley. C79/311, no. 5 [4]
1825 31 May 6 Mary Wienholt spinster v. Daniel Birkett the younger & Sarah his wife; Caroline Christiana Birkett; Sarah Margaretta Birkett; Maria Garron Birkett; Edward Stephenson; Thomas Parker; Jon Daniel Birkett; Charles James Nelson Birkett; Hugh Walton; Joseph Fitzwilliam Vandercom; Thomas Kimble; Henry Rucker; and John Sorel re. marriage agreement April 1772, John Weinholt of London, merchant and Sarah Jepson; Daniel Beckett the elder (uncle of Sarah Jepson) of Cannon St., London, drysalter. C79/312, no. [5]
1825 13 June The Right Honorable George Gordon baron Gordon called marquis of Huntley; Sir James Graham of Portland Place, Middx, baronet; and Charles Butler of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq v. Richard Arkwright re. provisions of "An Act for enabling certain Estates in England of the Most Honourable Walter late Marquis of Ormonde, deceased, to be sold, and the Proceeds arising therefrom, after Payment of certain Charges and Incumbrances, to be applied in Reduction of the Charges and Incumbrances affecting the Family and other Estates in Ireland, late of the said Marquis of Ormonde; and for enabling the said last mentioned Estates to be settled, subject to the unliquidated Charges and Incumbrances thereon, to the subsisting Uses and Powers of the Estates in England sold under the Authority of this Act, and with additional Provisions to be inserted in such Settlement " [5 Geo IV] C78/2090, no. 5 [6]
1825 4 July 6 George Foster v George Capes re. sale 1806 of estates in Haxey, Belton and Fosdyke, Lincs on behalf of Robert Foster of Haxey (now deceased) and compt. his brother, by defendant George Capes, their solicitor. C79/313, no. 1 [7]
1825 12 July 6 William Pritchard & Sarah his wife; William Anson Gee Pritchard; Frederick Pritchard; Walter Pritchard; Henry Freeman Pritchard; Sarah Pritchard; and Elizabeth Pritchard infants by the said William Pritchard their father v. Ann Paston Gee re. manor of Beddington descended to Richard Gee, the grandson of Philippa sister of Sir Francis the grandfather of Sir Nicholas Hackett Carew. Richard Gee assumed the name of Carew, but died unmarried in 1816, leaving all his property to his brother's widow Mrs. Anne Paston Gee; rights to mansion house and lands of Beddington Park, Surrey. C79/313, no. 2 [8]
1825 3 Nov Andrew VanSandan v. Peter Moore; Samuel Burrell Moulton Barrett; Sir Rufane Shaw Donkin; Nicholas Dennys; James Jones; Thomas Hamlet;George Magnus; John Mendham; William Newman; Samuel Page; Charles Palmer; Nathaniel William Peach; The Honorable WIlliam Powlett; Aubone Altham Surtees; Richard Wogan Talbot; Charles Tennyson; John WIlkin; The earl of Donoughmore; John Wilks the younger; Emmanuel Aguilar; Robert Walter Alexander; John Braham; George Robert Butcher; WIlliam Jones Brown; David Brandon; Nathan Burt; John Blakeway; Alrexander Cohen; Philip Chobert; Richard John Castel; Henry Chollett; Stephen Combman; William Day; William Tonkin; Daniell Charles Danvers; William Besley Dunsford; Thomas Edwards; John Forster; Mary Ann Denman; William Fairlie; Michael N. Franklin; John Grenside; Aaron Goldsmieth; Charles Green; Charles Stoppe; James Stoppe; John Horlor; Mary Stanes; John Times; James Law Jones; Samuel Rowsell; Thomas Ainger Lack; Maria King; Richard Henry King; Stephen Lushington; John Lack the younger; Richard Lillwall; Nathaniel Lavers; William Moffatt; David McLean; William Mounsey; Thomas Merrick; Peter Mitchell; John McNamara; William Mayhew; Frederick Natuseli; James Overton; David Lopez Pereira; Thomas Palmer; Robert Henley Payne; Timothy Francis Power; Joseph Prestwick; John Pedley; Thomas Parnell; Louisa Pearce; Frederick Rheinwald; Richard Surredge; James Shaw; Charles Long Craser; Paul Starbuck; Arthur Farquhar; George Swaine; Charles Stokes; James Savage; Robert Smith; Henry Turneley; Barnarde VanSandan; Joseph Vernon; Thomas Windus; William Willmott; Henry Noel; Francis Woodburn; William Wills; Lewis Wolfe; WIlliam Richard Walter; Richard Robert Hunt; and many others. re. advertisement 20 April 1824, in many public daily newspapers concerning 'British Annuity Company' and its proposal to lend money by way of annuity on freehold, copyhold and leasehold property. C78/2090, no. 6 [9]
1825 15 Nov Edmund Sexton Gorman Munkhouse of Yverdon in Switzerland esq, & Anna Maria Gorman his wife v. John Adamthwaite re. sale by auction at the King's Head, Appleby, Westmorland by Edmund Sexton Gorman Munkhouse of manor of Waitby near Kirkby Stephen; the written conditions of sale. C78/2090, no. 7 [10]
1825 19 Nov James Curtis and Richard James Lawrence esquires v. William Pettman and Robert Lovelace out of the jurisdiction re. loan £21,287 3s 2d, 31 Jan 1816, by William Pettman of Ham, Kent from complts., secured on farms at Ham and Eastry, Kent. C78/2091, no. 1 [11]
1825 C78/, no. []