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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1823 C79/, no. []
1823 22 Jan Daniel Lynn of Tottenham Court Road, Middx, Shoemaker; John Lynn of Bury St Edmunds, Suff, busbandman; Richard Lynn of the same palce husbandman; and Elizabeth Lynn of Lambs Conduit Street widow sole executrix of the Henry Lynn the younger late of the same place, bricklayer v. Richard Bearer; Esther Bolt; and Rachael Beaver C78/2089, no. 5 [2]
1823 1 Feb Gabriel Hughes of Denbigh, Denb, gentleman & Lucy his wife v. George Everard C78/2089, no. 6 [3]
1823 8 March 4 John Pain the younger of Barton Stacey, Southants yeoman and John Pain the elder of Barton Stacey yeoman v. Robert Tipping; John Hutchinson; Robert Kirby; and Paul Cook C79/297, no. 5 [4]
1823 15 March Sophia Wheeler the wife of Robert Wheeler and Robert Warren Wheeler and Sophia mary Wheeler spinster infants by Alfred Thrale Perkins esq their next friend v. Mary Warner widow; Simeon Warner; Robert Wheeler; John Allen & Mary his wife; Mary Ann Allen spinster; John Collins Allen; Persis Allen; William Warren Allen; and Eliza Allen C78/2090, no. 1 []http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no2090/IMG_1084.htm
1823 9 April 4 William Humphrey v. Thomas Harrison; Robert Smith; and John Caffin C79/297, no. 6 [5]
1823 11 June Joseph Kirkpatrick and William Way assignees of the estate and effecdts of James Dennett a bankrupt v. the said James dennet C78/2090 no. 2 [6]
1823 19 Nov 4 John Hardcastle Haynes of the Island of Jamaica; Robert Haynes of Manor Place Walworth, Surrey, gentleman; and Stephen Gamble of Derby cabinet maker & Ann Sharpe his wife late Ann Sharpe Haynes v. Thomas Joseph Littlefear & Elizabeth Hardcastle his wife; and William Watton Haynes; Ann Rogers; Richard Downing, Chamber Usborne & Mary his wife; Thomas Downing; Kitty Downing; and Sarah Tong C79/310, no. 2 [7]
1823 C78/, no. []