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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1811 C79/, no. []
1811 16 Feb 51 The Honorable Jane Chambers the wife of George Chambers by William Rodney Chambers esq v. Thomas Collins; Robert Brown; and George Chambers C79/292, no. 1 [2]
1811 23 April Attorney General at the relation of William Manning esq; Timothy Fellowes esq; Matthew Needham esq; and the Reverend Charles Boutell informants and the informants also as complainants v. Abbot Upchur and John Waters C78/2084, no. 1 [3]
1811 2 July 51 William Wood & Frances his wife v. William Downes; John Havard Apperly; Robert Lane; James Carpenter & Alice his wife C79/292, no. 2 [4]
1811 15 July 51 Francis Hooper Wakeman Long; John Rigge; and Frances Catchmayd spinster v. Jasper Leigh Goodwin and Susanna Ann his wife; John Kington; Susanna Bayley widow; and Urania Mary Anne Kington spinster C79/292, no. 3 [5]
1811 14 Nov 52 Samuel Lewin esq v. Samuel Lewin the younger, Percival Lewin; Charles Devereux Lewin; Alexander Stevens & Elizabeth his wife and v. Thomas Halcott & Henrietta his wife and Raimond Boyer; John __?__ & Sophia Inge his wife out of the jurisdiction C79/292, no. 4 [6]
1811 6 Dec Thomas Wykham esq v. Sophia Elizabeth Wykham; Mary Wykham widow; Thomas Hughes; William Marsh Willoughby Bertie & Harriett Mary his wife; William James Wake Golby; The Right Honororable viscountess dowager Wenman; Sir William Henry Ashhurst knight; and Montague earl of Abingdon C78/2084, no. 2 [7]
1811 17 Dec 52 Leonard Bell esq v. Thomas Mitchelton and Robert Bell C79/346, no. [8]
1811 C78/, no. []