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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1797 C79/, no. []
1797 19 Jan 37 Samuel Manley v. Robert Grubb C79/299, no. 2 [2]
1797 22 May Henry, duke of Newcastle an infant by Anna Maria, duchess of Newcastle widow his mother v. Frances, countess of Lincoln widow; Lady Catherine Pelham Clinton late an infant; George Brydges Brudenell; Martin Whish; Francis Pelham Clinton called lord Thomas Pelham Pelham Clinton; Lady Anna Maria Pelham Clinton; and Lady Charlotte Pelham Pelham Clinton infants by George Mason their guardian; William Henry Clinton; Henry Clinton; Henry Dawkins & Augusta his wife; and Sir Robert Mackreth; and also v. John Jackson since deceased C79/259, no. [3]
1797 23 May 37 Randolph Rowland Roberts an infant v. John Roberts; John Cramer & Martha his wife; Marmaduke Cramer the younger; Thomas Cramer infants by their next friend Elizabeth Roberts; Thomas Roberts; and Multon Lambard C79/268, no. [4]
1797 28 July William Crawford v. Joseph Kaye C78/2080, no. 2 [5]
1797 13 Aug 37 Charles Newby v. Thomas Martyn C79/258, no. [6]
1797 9 Nov 38 Thomas Thrush v. Sir James Pennyman baronet C79/277, no. [7]
1797 C78/, no. []