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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1793 C79/, no. []
1793 22 Feb 33 John Motteux; John Durand; Emanuel Philip Bize; Lewis Agassiz; and Samuel Chollett executors of David Chollett; Sir William James baronet; James Harrison; Robert Dallas; and Thomas Cairns C79/1987, no. [2]
1793 7 March 33 Sir Herbert Mackworth baronet; William Miller nephew and heir at law of William miller, an infant, by William Dyer; and John Richards esq v. Thomas Thomas C79/257, no. [3]
1793 7 March 33 Sir Herbert Mackworth baronet; William miller nephew and heir at law of William Miller, an infant by John Richards esq v. Thomas Thomas C79/224, no. [4]
1793 20 July 33 Christian Kidney v. Launay Richard Coussmaker and Elizabeth Kidney C79/287, no. 1 [5]
1793 25 July 33 Richard Pepper Arden esq then Attorney General at the relation of the mayor and commonalty and citizens of the city of London, Governors of Christs Hospital informant and also the said Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens and the Governors of the said Hospital v. The Right Reverend John lord archbishop of Canterbury; the Master, Wardens, and Company of Freemen of the Art or Mystery of Painters otherwise painter stainers within the City of London and the suburbs and liberties thereof; The Master and Wardens and Bretheren and Sisters of the Guild or Fraternity of the Blessed Mary the Virgin of the Mystery of the drapers of the City of London; Thomas Ramsey; John Brettell; and Edward Montagu esqs executors of John Stock citizen and draper of London; Thomas Willett & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Richardson & Martha his wife; Susannah Hill widow and administrator of Charles Hill deceased; and Sarah Hill spinster; the Most Reverend Father in God John, lord Archbishop of Canterbury the President; William Rix esq the treasurer, for the relief of poor widows and children of clergymen; Richard Clarke esq alderman the president; and William Gill esq alderman the treasurer of Christ's Hospital; William Newman esq and alderman; and John Clements esq the deputy of the ward of Farringdon within London; Edward Forster the master of the Mercers Company; John Wells the Master of the Drapers Company; William Bell doctor in divinity vicar of Christ Church London; and Josiah Sarney Master of the Painters Company C79/226, no. [6]
1793 4 Dec 33 C79/344, no. [7]
1793 C79/, no. []