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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1790 1 July William Drury Lowe late William Drury devisee and legatee of Richard Lowe esq v. Thomas Fane & Ann his wife; Stead Lowe; Anne Lowe; Francis Aicken; and Eleanor his wife; Edward Miller Mundy; John Radford; and Evan Lewis C78/1989, no. [2]
1790 15 Jan 30 William Walker gentleman v. John Atkinson C79/282, no. [3]
1790 27 Jan 30 William Hutcheson; Samul Span; Edmund Jones; Philip Jones & Ann his wife formerly Ann Hutcheson spinster the daughter of the said William Hutcheson and one of the legatees in the will in writing and appointment of FrancesHutcheson late wife of the said William Hutcheson; and Hannah Wellington widow v. Peter Hammond; Edmund Hammond; Peter Hammond the younger (later altered to Peter Ashton Hammond); and Francis Hammond (later altered to Francis Thomas Hammond); (later added:) William Buckler; John Dewey Parker; Daniel Richard; William Pellatt; Robert Smith; and Robert Busick C79/249, no. [4]
1790 19 July 30 Elizabeth Talbot, countess dowager of Shrewsbury widow, relict, and administrator with the will annexed of George Talbot, late earl of Shrewsbury v. Charles Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury; Charles lord Dormer; George Talbot since deceased; John Talbot; James Talbot; Thomas Talbot; Francis Talbot; Francis William Talbot; Mary Talbot; and Dame Mary Blount C79/274, no. [5]
1790 19 July 30 Matthew Hawes v. John Wyatt; John Brazier; Frances Wyatt; Elizabeth Ann Ellen Wyatt; Joseph Francis Wyatt; Charles John Wyatt; Stephen Arundell Brazier; Francis Ebawes; and Catherine Ebawes C79/249, no. [6]
1790 20 Oct 31 Richard Pepper Arden esq The Attorney General at the relation of Benjamin Brookman and Moses Alsept the churchwardens of the parish of St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middx, and of Matthew Marshall; William Perry; Willliam Welch; and Charles Kemp the overseers of the poor of the said parish on behalf of themselves and the rest of the inhabitants of the parish v. The Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London; Governors of the Possessions Revenues and Goods of the Hospitals of Edward, King of England the Sixth of Christ, Bridewell, and Saint Thomas the Apostle C79/204, no. 3 [7]
1790 29 Oct 31 William Horniblow v. Thomas Mangleman C79/223, no. [8]
1790 29 Nov 31 Thomas Bird v. Andrew Robinson Bowes and Thomas Bowes C79/257, no. [9]
1790 C79/, no. []